Chapter 577. Please Give me a Demon Sword!

Max and Bargo lived in the same era.

However, Max got famous first. It was said that he was so skilled that he even surpassed the skill of the greatest Dwarven Blacksmiths.

Bargo couldn't accept that.

How could a mere human be greater than the dwarves, which were blessed by the Blacksmith God himself!?

Bargo visited Max and bet on who could make the better sword. They agreed that the loser wouldn't make another sword ever again.

Unfortunately, Bargo was handily defeated.

After that, Bargo stopped making swords. Instead, he put his heart and soul into making spears in order to surpass Max.

Bargo and Max competed again later. That time, he just barely won.

That was when Max and Bargo became renowned for their peerless swords and spears.

Even after that, Max and Bargo didn't stop competing. They repeatedly won and lost against each other.

This relationship continued on through their death. They continuously battled for supremacy even in the underworld.

Then, Sun Lei, an Elvish Blacksmith from an earlier era, joined in on their competition.

They had already mastered their craft, so it was impossible for them to determine whose weapons were better.

That's why they grabbed any souls that passed by and asked them to judge their weapons. They were quite...

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