Chapter 572. To the Underworld!

As a reward for completing the Goddess of Death's task, Kang Oh and Eder were given a single opportunity to venture into the underworld.

Sephiro was also given this rare opportunity, though he wasn't here at the moment.

"Eder, you're the hope of all Necromancers! Promise me that you'll come back and record everything that you've learned! Do you understand?" Thalesman tightly grabbed Eder's hand.

"Understood." Eder nodded his head.

"Is there anything you know about the underworld?" Kang Oh asked.

A high-ranking Necromancer was capable of calling the souls of the dead. He must have learnt something from those souls.

"The living know basically nothing about the underworld. A huge river flows through it, which washes away the deceased's memories."


If this was all the Necromancer of Knowledge knew, then there must be almost no information on the underworld.


The Goddess of Death's priests should know more about the underworld.

Kang Oh thought of Cyndia.

If he wanted access to the underworld, then he would have to talk to her first. He might as well ask her about the underworld while he's at it.

Kang Oh, Eder, and Asu left Thalesman's tower, and then met up with Sephiro...

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