Chapter 571. Deathnely

Deathnely was located within the Death Swamp.

Countless poisonous creatures lived in the swamp area, and it was always clouded by a thick mist. It was a frightening place that didn't let go of visitors that easily.

However, Eder had spent so much time in this place that he treated it like his front yard.

Because of that, Kang Oh, Asu, Sephiro, and Nile were able to reach Deathnely with ease.


Deathnely was a mysterious city. Most of the houses were towers; the city was basically jam packed with tall buildings.

Befitting a city for Necromancers, there were countless undead such as Death Knights, Ghouls, Zombies, and Skeletons roaming across the streets. There were plenty of people walking around in robes too.

"Just think of each tower as a Necromancer's personal laboratory. The larger the tower, the greater the Necromancer's influence. That, that, and that. You see those?" Eder pointed at the three tallest towers.

"Deathnely's three high-ranking Necromancers live in those towers. Let's visit my laboratory first."

Eder led Kang Oh's party through Deathnely. Asu, Nile, Sephiro, and Waryong looked around...

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