Chapter 570. Purifying Water

It had been 100 days since the end of the war between the Alliance and the Empire, as well as the Empire Guild's dissolution.

Kang Oh walked the path of a game tycoon. He had 50 soul dungeons in his possession.

He bought some of them, and also discovered some himself. Some of his acquisitions had come at the large guilds' expense. 

The value of the 'Kang Oh' brand was tremendous. Kang Oh was a superstar both in-game and in the real world!

Kang Oh had shot a few advertisements during the week, raking in a ton of money. Plus, he'd signed some contracts with huge corporations.

He had also opened a new shop called Kang Man with Man Bok. Their business, which focused on dragon materials and brokering soul dungeons, had expanded so much that it even threatened the Geum San Store's number 1 spot.

Of course, there was no way Kang Oh would be satisfied with the number 2 spot. Someday, he'd become the richest in the game too!

It wouldn't be easy though.

The Master of Gold, Wang Seo Rim.

Wang Seo Rim was a talented merchant. Their business acumen was legendary; so much so that they may prove to be a more difficult opponent than Dukeram.

Still, Kang Oh had Man Bok at his side. As long as he had him, he had a fair shot. 


'I'm a walking middle-sized company!'

However, Kang...

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