Chapter 541. The Freedom Alliance vs. the Imperial Army (2)

Kang Oh remained on Mokomoko Island, and continuously cut the approaching waves. However, he hadn't learnt Divide the Sea yet, nor did he feel any closer to learning it. 

It had already been 2 weeks.

"Hoo." Kang Oh entered Sven's house completely soaked.

"It seems like you didn't get any closer today." Sven passed him a towel.

"I swung my sword fast, slow, forcefully, and softly, but I didn't get a feeling of 'this is it' from any of them."

'If I want to cut the sea, then how am I supposed to swing my sword?'

Sven kept his mouth shut and passed him a cup of warm tea. He didn't have anything to say, but he was basically telling him to keep at it.


The feeling of warm tea going down his throat was great.

"I need to be completely focused on my sword, so much so that I lose my feeling of self, but it's not as easy as it sounds."

As he cleaved the waves, Kang Oh constantly recalled Valan's words. He had said that he concentrated so hard that it was as if he wasn't even there.

It felt like that was where the answer lied.

Sven slightly raised his lips. Kang Oh was going in the right direction, even though he hadn't told him how to get there.

He wanted to give him a piece of advice so badly that his lips tingled.

However, he felt as though Kang Oh learning it by himself would be far more beneficial to him than spoon-feeding him, so he kept his mouth shut.

"I haven't seen boats coming here for a while now."

Citin Port would periodically send supplies to Mokomoko Island. However, it had been more than a week since a boat had last come.

"There must be some circumstances behind it. As I told you, Citin Port, as well as the entire eastern region, has been taken over by the Arabas Empire."

Kang Oh knew about Empire's war of conquest. He had kept himself up to date with current events via the community sites and the media.

However, he had no plans of joining the war, at least not right now. Plus, the Arabas Empire hadn't gotten their hands on Mokomoko Island yet.

'I'll join the battle once I've learned Divide the Sea.'

Divide the Sea was suitable for mass destruction. His spine throbbed at the thought of annihilating several members of the Empire Guild with Divide the Sea.

"It's only been a little more than 50 years since the fall of the Altein Empire, yet they haven't learned anything." Sven groaned.

Arabas was foolishly trying to become the 2nd Altein Empire.

"Empire, no, Arabas won't become a 2nd Altein. I won't let that come to pass."

What if Empire controlled the entire continent? That would make things difficult for Kang Oh.

They wouldn't let him go unpunished, but even if they did, he wouldn't be free to do as pleased.

It was clear as day what Empire would do once they united the continent. The continent would become a hierarchical society divided between those that were part of Empire, and those who weren't!

They wouldn't stop there; they would rule over others, suppress them, steal from them, etc. 

They would do everything!

'I can't let that happen.'

There were plenty of virtual reality games. However, there weren't any games that were as perfect as Arth.

It was a game that he could profit off of for 3 to 5 more years. If he was lucky, then he'd be able to play it for another 10 years.

'You're not taking what's mine!'

He would destroy their dreams and aspirations! 

"Thank you for the tea. I'll go back out there now."

"Good luck."

Kang Oh left Sven's house.

There was a parasol and two long chairs set up on the beach. Sara, Tasha, and Rudy were resting underneath the shade. 

Rudy was sleeping with its head stuck in a comfy cushion.

'You guys sure have it good, don't you?'

While Kang Oh was training, Sara, Tasha, and Rudy had nothing to do. Thus, he told them to rest on their own.

And here they were, shamelessly resting while Kang Oh was hard at work.

'Damn it.'

Kang Oh's stomach hurt, but he didn't interrupt their rest and headed for the shore.

Switch Ubist!

Kang Oh held Ubist and stood in front of a wave.

"Hoo. Let's do this!"


Kang Oh swung his jet-black greatsword vertically. The wave was cut in two, but that was all. It wasn't on the level of cutting the sea yet.


Kang Oh began to concentrate. But sometime later, he heard a whisper in his ear.

"Guardian of the Continent, there is something I need you to do."

It was the Whispers of the Earth.

'It's been quiet for a while.'

He thought it was about time that he got a Guardian of the Continent Quest.

"The war is severely polluting the land."


A quest popped up.

[Guardian of the Continent Quest: Save the Continent!]

A huge war has broken out.

It is a tragedy brought about by humanity's endless greed!

Countless living beings are dying every day. The world is filled with bodies, resentment, hatred, and screams. 

This has resulted in evil energy that has polluted the land.

If the war continues, then the evil energy will pollute some areas beyond repair.

(Remaining Time: 99 Days, 23 Hours, 59 Minutes)

Difficulty: Unknown.

Reward: None.

Failure: You lose your status as Guardian of the Continent, and the effects of the Earth's Blessing disappear. The formation of dead, uninhabitable land. 

[You cannot refuse a Guardian of the Continent Quest.]

[The quest has been accepted.]


'You want me to end the war in 100 days!? Stupid Guardian of the Continent Quest. You give me a hard ass quest, yet you give me nothing in return.'

"Hmm." Kang Oh stroked his chin.

A way to end the war in 100 days... There were only two things he could think of.

First, the Freedom Alliance and the Arabas Empire could sign a ceasefire agreement. However, this plan had a 0% chance of succeeding.

How could he possibly manage to convince the Empire Guild's higher ups, who are dead set on controlling the entire continent, to a ceasefire?

The second option was for the Freedom Alliance to defeat the Arabas Empire within 100 days!

However, this was also a difficult task. After all, the Arabas Empire's military might was tremendous.

Still, it had a much higher chance of working than the 1st option. It was also more in line with Kang Oh's style.

'When a kid's being bad, you gotta punish them.' Kang Oh grinned.

"I guess I'll have to learn Divide the Sea later."

Kang Oh withdrew his sword, left the sea, and headed straight for Tasha, Sara, and Rudy.

"It's time to get to work."

* * *

Kang Oh looked for Burkan, who led the Eagle Corps.

His fame was pretty much a free pass ticket. As soon as he revealed his name, he was led straight to Burkan.


"Oh, Little Brother." Burkan was happy to see him.

"You got caught up in something troublesome."

"It's really not. It's my duty as a gladiator to protect our freedom," Burkan said firmly.

To be honest, Valan had forced him to do something extremely bothersome.

What is that, you ask?

It was a task given by Rakan, which would allow him to break his limitations! 

However, leading a corps let him weasel himself out of it. Hurray!

"I came here to help you."



"Thanks." Burkan beamed.

Kang Oh was just as strong as him. He'd be a huge help.

"How are things going?" Kang Oh asked.

"We've been engaging Dalton's 2nd Corps in regional wars."

"I've already heard about that. So what's the score so far?"

"6 to 4."

"Who's winning?'

"The Empire is winning. We have more troops, but the quality of their troops is a little higher. So we've been taking some heavy casualties."

"I see." Kang Oh nodded his head.

At that moment...

A man entered the tent. It was Dion, a gladiator who specialized in the use of dual gladiuses. Now, all he needed to do was achieve a great feat and he'd become a Master.

"Mr. Dion!"

"Oh, it's you."

"It's been a while."

"Yeah, it has."

"What's going on?" Burkan asked.

"I have an urgent report from our scouts. The 2nd Corps' Gray Sand Squad is headed for Madrick City."

The Gray Sand Squad was made up of the 2nd Corps' finest troops. The only ones who could deal with them were Dion and the 100 Fighters, or the Sword Mercenaries.

However, the Sword Mercenaries were currently away doing a different assignment.

"Take the 100 Fighters to Madrick. We can't let them take the city!"

"Yes, sir."

"You go too." Burkan stared at Kang Oh.

"Can I kill them all?" Kang Oh grinned.

"Don't let down your guard. Their commander is strong."

"How strong?"

"He's as strong as Dion."

"So a Fake Master could take care of him."


"Leave it to me!" Kang Oh hit his chest.

"Let's go." Dion left in a hurry, and Kang Oh followed him.

A short while later...


Dion and the 100 Fighters' horses galloped across the land. Kang Oh's black horse rode amongst them too.

* * *

Madrick City was called the 'Uphill Flower'. It was constructed above a hill, and was renowned for its beauty.

The city was filled with buildings of all sizes and colors, which made it look like a single flower.

This is where the Gray Sand Squad appeared. This organization was made up of Arabas troops that had proven themselves in battle. There were a total of 5,000 of them!

Clang, clang, clang, clang!


"Get inside!"

The residents of Madrick locked their doors and held their breath.

Madrick's soldiers, which stood atop the castle walls, looked grim. They didn't have enough soldiers to stop the Gray Sand Squad, nor were the castle walls high enough to mount a proper defense. Plus, the main gate wasn't thick enough.

"What about our reinforcements?" the garrison captain asked.

"The 100 Fighters are on their way," his subordinate replied.

"Really? What a relief."

The garrison captain's face slightly relaxed.



"S-Save me."

Before they even arrived, the Gray Sand Squad defeated the garrison, and took over the city's ramparts.

Their commander, Darcun, did especially well. He leapt onto the ramparts and killed dozens of the city's troops.

"We've killed all of their troops," Darcun's subordinate said.

"Good. Now we just wait for the 100 Fighters!"

"Yes, sir!"

Their goal wasn't Madrick. They sought to lower the 100 Fighters' numbers. After all, they were the Eagle Corps' bravest and most powerful fighting force.

"I'm in your care," Darcun said.

"Leave it to me," an old man, whose face was half covered by his robes, replied. His voice was extremely dreary and unpleasant to listen to.

Darcun slightly furrowed his brow.

However, he quickly relaxed his face.

The old man was incredibly ill-tempered. He didn't want to face the old man's wrath.

* * *

Less than thirty minutes after the Gray Sand Squad had captured the city's walls, the 100 Fighters arrived.

The 100 Fighters was originally made up of 100 elite gladiators. But when they joined the Eagle Corps, several elites joined their group, swelling their numbers to 5,000 troops.

"Tch, we're too late." Dion saw the Gray Sand Squad's flags atop the castle walls and clicked his tongue.

"What do we do?" a gladiator asked.

"Lord Burkan's orders were clear. Do not let them take Madrick. We'll have to recapture the city."


"Fortunately, the ramparts are low, so we'll be able to climb them. Kang Oh."


"I'm counting on you."

"Leave it to me."

Kang Oh pulled out Ubist and Blood.

"Let's go!"

Dion wasn't the type to stay idle; he was the type to charge right in. His leadership reflected that too.

"Charge! Reclaim Madrick City!"


5,000 soldiers cried out, and charged at Madrick.

At the same time...!

Whoosh! Bam!

A dark red winged demon with a horned beast mask shot into the air and descended on the castle walls.

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