Chapter 534. Lava Demon Eurasis's Ruins

Twenty dwarves had suddenly appeared. They held a shield in one hand, and a giant hammer in the other.

"Hey, you over there!"

"Concentrate, will you!?"

The dwarves surrounded the giant monster, and bombarded it with attacks.

Their weapons, which were encased in powerful auras, shattered the monster's tough armor.

The monster didn't just sit there and take it. It spewed dark red lava from its mouth, and shot beams from its topaz-like eyes.

Whenever it swung its huge fists, a weighty 'whoosh' could be heard. If it struck the ground, then the ground would shake.

Kang Oh scratched his cheek.

"What the hell is going on?"

Had it heard him muttering? The system suddenly gave him a quest.

[The Struggle for the Ruins]

These ruins are the Lava Tribe's home.

However, the Red Claw Dwarves have their eyes set on these ruins. They are under the control of the Black Nightmare, Inarius.

The Red Claw Dwarves seek the giant heap of Alarcon Ore, which lies in the innermost point of the ruins.

The tribe hopes to present this ore to Inarius in exchange for their freedom.

Alarcon Ore is left behind by deceased members of the Lava Tribe. Alarcon is regarded as their ancestor and companions' most precious keepsake and gift.

You may choose a side and help them.

If you choose the Lava Tribe, then you must find and kill the Red Claw's expedition leader that lies somewhere in the dungeon, and destroy the teleportation crystal.

If you choose the dwarves, then you must kill Eurasis, and obtain the Alarcon Ore.

You will be able to trade with either the Lava Tribe or the Red Claw Dwarves depending on your decision. You will also be rewarded by the faction you choose. 

Difficulty: Hard.

Minimum Requirements: Enter the Lava Demon Eurasis's Ruins.

Failure: None.

[Would you like to accept this quest?]

'It's a faction quest.'

In other words, it allowed the player to choose a side, and then fight the opposing faction.

The quest's rewards would differ depending on which side was chosen, so the player would have to choose wisely.

However, Kang Oh didn't really have to think too hard about it this time.

'The Black Nightmare, Inarius.'

It was the name of the 'lizard' that Kang Oh would have to kill someday.

Inarius was the mortal enemy of the dwarves! In spite of that, the Red Claw Dwarves were working for it.

It seemed like the dwarves sought to steal the Lava Tribe's treasure and present it to Inarius in exchange for their freedom.

'So if I help them, then I'll be giving Inarius all of that treasure.'

He couldn't let that happen!

"I choose the Lava Tribe." Kang Oh chose immediately.

[You have chosen the Lava Tribe.]

[The quest has changed to 'Drive Out the Red Claw Dwarves'.]

[Defeat the dwarves in front of you.]


Now that he thought it, he had already pulled out Ubist and Sarahoff when he saw the giant monster.

Although he didn't need to put them back, his target did change. 

"Haahp!" Kang Oh cried out, and simultaneously threw his demon swords.

Weapon Bombardment!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His jet-black greatsword and purple longsword spun through the air, and struck the backs of two different dwarves.

Boom! Boom!

Upon contact, the power within the weapons was released, resounding with a giant 'boom'.

"Who was it!?"

"Who are you!?"

"Don't get in our way!"

The dwarves stared at Kang Oh and yelled.

"Me? I'm your new nightmare." Kang Oh acted like that line wasn't corny.

He had gotten the idea from Inarius. 

'I'll become an even scarier nightmare!' or something like that.

"What are you talking about!?"

"Take care of him!"

There were twenty dwarves in total. Five of them charged at Kang Oh.

The Black Hammer Dwarves had undergone horrific live experimentation! The Red Claw Dwarves were the beneficiaries of their experiments.

First, they received an ogre's strength!

The Red Claw Dwarves possessed an ogre's muscles, which gave them strength that far surpassed any normal dwarf's.

Second, they possessed a Rikao Snake's skin!

They were covered in snakeskin, which was not only tough, light, and soft, but also extremely resistant to fire.

Third, they received a Covantus's blood.

The blood of a Covantus, or a rhinoceros that lived in the north, flowed through their veins. This blood had incredible regenerative properties.

They were also given other modifications, such as a Falcao's eyes, a Ruma Rabbit's hearing, etc. A Falcao was considered the fiercest hawk in existence.

In summary, the Red Claw Dwarves' entire bodies were modified!

All they had left was their physical appearance and their skill with their hands.

Inarius considered these dwarves a success, while it considered the Black Hammer Dwarves a failure.

They were obviously strong; they far exceeded a typical dwarf in every single way!


The frontmost dwarf swung its hammer downwards. It was fast, and it let out a threatening 'whoosh'.

Kang Oh quickly backed off.


The hammer hit the ground, leaving behind a huge crater and a thin crack.

What incredible power!

But then, the dwarf withdrew its hammer, positioned its shield in front of it, and charged.

It moved and responded quickly.

Kang Oh kicked off the floor and flew over the dwarf's head. 

Then, two other dwarves rushed at him. They aimed for his upper and lower body respectively.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

His Hyper Intuition warned him of danger; it was to the extent that he felt cold all over. That's how powerful their attacks were.


Swish! Swish! Swish!

His demon swords flew from the sides, and struck the dwarves. 

Bam! Bam!

The dwarves fell to the ground, and Kang Oh retrieved his twin demon swords.

Kang Oh's previous opponent turned around and aimed for his back. But Kang Oh had eyes on the back of his head, his Hyper Intuition!

He timed it just right, and moved to the side.


The heavy hammer grazed him. 

Kang Oh could see a weak point.


Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Ubist at its neck. However, he didn't like what he was feeling. It felt as though his sword was stuck in thick gum.

Sure enough, the dwarf counterattacked as if it were uninjured.

Kang Oh dodged it by folding his body in half. 


The dwarves he thought he'd killed stood back up.

'They're not ordinary dwarves, huh.'

He tightly gripped his demon swords.

'Let's go!'

Kang Oh began to go on a rampage.

* * *


Sarahoff's purple blade, which was encased in blue energy, passed through a Red Claw Dwarf's neck.

Though the dwarf possessed Rikao Skin, Kang Oh's sword passed right through it. Red shards of light spurt out like a fountain of blood.

'Now I get it.'

Razor sharp attacks were effective against their skin. He couldn't give them time to heal either, due to their vast regenerative abilities.

Switch Blood!

Kang Oh replaced Ubist with Blood.

A weighty blade like Ubist wasn't suitable for extremely quick, sharp attacks. If he really put forth the effort, then he could, but he had Blood, so there wasn't any point to using Ubist.

Mad Wind's Sword!

His twin demon swords ripped the dwarf to shreds. 

Darkness Strike also acted halfway through too.

Two waves, resembling a bat and a bird in flight, devoured the Red Claw Dwarf.

[You have defeated a Red Claw Dwarf Warrior.]

[Closeness with the Lava Tribe has increased slightly.]

[The Red Claw Dwarves are Inarius's subordinates.]

[Hostility from the Red Claw Dwarves and Dragon Inarius has increased.]

Killing a Red Claw Dwarf increased Inarius's hostility towards him as well! That was exactly what he wanted. He had no intention of playing nice with such an evil lizard.

'And that makes three.'

Kang Oh had already killed three dwarves. Now, there were only two left!


"W-We need reinforcements!"


His opponents yelled.

"Got it."

"Five of you, go over there and help them. The ten of us are plenty against this thing."

Some of their troops, which had previously been fighting the monster, rushed towards Kang Oh.

Now he had to fight against seven of them!

"You bastard!"


Kang Oh was attacked on all sides.

The dwarves in front and back of him rushed in with their rectangular metal shields. It seemed like they planned on sandwiching him. The shields were the bread, and Kang Oh was the contents within.

Meanwhile, the dwarves on the left and right gathered red energy around their hammers.

Aura of Fury!

The remaining dwarves stayed far away. They pulled hand axes off their belts and waited for their opportunity.

Then, Sarahoff released a massive cold wave.

Ring of Frost!

The approaching dwarves' hammer and shields froze first. Then, their beards and a portion of their bodies were frozen.

The dwarves widened their eyes, and their teeth chattered. 'It's cold!'

Kang Oh's lips twitched.

'Ring of Frost truly is amazing.'

There wasn't anything it couldn't freeze. After all, Sara was a Yuki-Onna that possessed the Ice Soul's power! 

Now it was Blood's turn, the sword that held the Great Forest's Demon.

Blood Emperor!

The blood red energy that surrounded his snow-white blade spread to the floor, and then rippled outwards.

Crack, crack, crack!

The red energy ate away at the ice. 

Countless shards of light fell from their bodies, which the red energy greedily consumed.

Kang Oh's HP was quickly restored, and stars shone on the length of Blood's blade. There were a total of seven of them!

"Throw them!"

"Save our brothers!"

The three faraway dwarves threw their hand axes. Their proficiency in Throw Projectile seemed pretty high. The axes flew with great speed and power.

'I'm taking you all down at once!'

Blood Storm!

Blood red energy thrashed around him. It was instantaneous. A red whirlwind swept through his nearby enemies, and also devoured the incoming hand axes.

"Damn it!"


Since their hand axes had failed, the three dwarves rushed in with their shields. They would save their comrades and attack Kang Oh simultaneously.


Mad Wind's Sword!

Kang Oh feverishly swung his demon swords. However, he wasn't swinging them randomly. His movements were extremely sharp.

None of his attacks were imprecise. He dealt so much damage that it far surpassed the healing abilities of the remodeled dwarves.

[You have defeated a Red Claw Dwarf.]

[You have defeated a Red Claw...]


[Closeness with the Lava Tribe has increased slightly.]

[Hostility from the Red Claw Dwarves and Dragon Inarius has increased.]

Four of the dwarves had died. That was their destiny as soon as Kang Oh had joined hands with the Lava Tribe.

"We can't stop him!"

"Aah, Orgon!"

The remaining dwarves soon joined them.



Kang Oh cleaved the last one in half.

Then, Kunta's Ring radiated dim light, triggering a spontaneous quest.

[Slash Master]

There is nothing that can stop you, who is pursuing the path to greatness. The leader of the expedition team, Gainof, cannot stop you either. He, unlike his brothers, was given dragon skin by Inarius.

Cut through Gainof's dragon skin! (0/1)

Difficulty: Spontaneous.

Reward: Master-Rank Slash, Slash gains a unique ability.

Failure: Slash does not gain a unique ability.

His proficiency in Slash was sitting at 98%. Now, he only needed to raise it another 2% in order to master it.

However, getting that 2% was a problem. After all, proficiency rose at a snail's pace.

That's when Kunta's Ring had come in with a spontaneous quest!


'It'll add a unique ability too!'

When a basic skill or spell gains an ability it didn't originally have, it becomes a unique skill or spell.

If he completed the spontaneous quest, then Slash would become a unique skill.

'Thanks!' Kang Oh kissed Kunta's Ring.


The monster approached him. Like a gorilla, it had extremely long arms and a huge body, and wore rock armor that seeped lava out of the cracks.

He didn't sense any hostility whatsoever. It was because Kang Oh had helped it take out the dwarves.

"Um... Hello?" Kang Oh awkwardly waved his hand.

'Can I speak with it? It looks like a monster from the outside.'

However, the monster's body suddenly released a ton of steam.

"W-What's going on?" Kang Oh instinctively stepped back. Then, his eyes widened and he gaped.


The chest armor opened up, revealing the cockpit inside. Then, the 'true' Lava Tribe member came out.

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