Chapter 505. Mayanes Orga (2)

The two-headed monster shark, which looked to be about 5 meters long, fiercely charged at Kang Oh. 

Kang Oh swung Sarahoff downwards.

It felt different underwater. The water resistance made his swing heavier and much slower than usual. 



As the shark approached him, the water current sped up, making it difficult for him to stay upright. He still wasn't accustomed to underwater combat.

Ultimately, his body wobbled around as it pleased. 

He couldn't swing his sword as he wished, nor could he dodge the monster shark's attack.


The shark's twin heads bit both his upper and lower body simultaneously. Its serrated, saw-like teeth pierced through Kang Oh's flesh, causing shards of light to spill into the water.

Kang Oh bit his lip.

The monster shark's attack hurt quite a bit. In other words, he took a substantial amount of damage.

However, there was a silver lining. The shark was a sitting duck. 

Blood and Sarahoff simultaneously pierced its body.

Though the shark's skin was extremely tough, Kang Oh's attack power was too much for it to handle.

Then, the shark angrily shook its heads left and right. Shards of light burst from Kang Oh's body once more.

Tempest Tiger!

His purple longsword, which was embedded in the shark's flesh, unleashed golden energy.


The golden energy made a mess of the shark's insides. After that, the shark foamed at the mouth, and Kang Oh was able to escape from its grasp.

Kang Oh kicked at the water, allowing him to regain balance, and then swung Blood.


The snow-white blade cut through half of the twin-headed shark. The resulting shards of light were absorbed by his sword, restoring his lost HP.


The monster shark fiercely waved his tail around, propelling itself towards Kang Oh once more. However, the same trick wouldn't work twice. Rather than attack, which he knew would miss, he kicked at the water, causing him to rise and avoid its attack. 

After that, he extended both of his demon swords simultaneously and pierced its back.

Stab! Stab!

The shark opened both of its mouths and shook.

'I'm starting to get the hang of this.'

Rather than go against the current, Kang Oh went with the flow and got in close. Then, he pulled out his blades and stabbed it once more.

Stab! Stab!

The shark turned around and counterattacked. However, Kang Oh's blade was faster. 

Transcendent Blade!


His purple longsword separated the upper and lower halves of its body.

[You have defeated a Twin-Headed Great White Shark.]

Kang Oh quickly took a look around.

The Draco Tribe, which possessed draconic faces and scales, fought the monsters with their sharp claws. They fought well, so they must've already been trained in underwater combat.

On the other hand, the Church of Death's paladins hadn't accomplished much. Not only were they not accustomed to underwater combat, but their heavy armor made it even more difficult to move underwater.

But they didn't seem to be in much danger due to the efforts of Cyndia and the Church of Death's priests.

Bart was a genius, no two ways about it. He was doing well underwater.

He gracefully swam through the water like a seal, and overwhelmed the underwater monsters with all sorts of Fusion skills. He even looked a little excited.

Eder was doing well. Rather than summon his Bone Minotaur and Bone Saber-Toothed Tiger, he transformed the fallen underwater monsters into undead. 

He created Skeleton Sharks, Rotten Krakens, and Zombie Fishmen! By outfitting them with bone armor and casting all sorts of curses on them, they became quite useful.

'Orga is... over there.'

Perhaps it was because they were underwater, but no one could approach Orga, whose wings were folded. It was because of the powerful water elemental spells he was using.

Water Cannon!


Bubble Bombardment!

The bubbles he unleashed, which were about as large as a forearm, presented the greatest threat. They flew at them like kicked soccer balls, making them akin to torpedoes.

Upon contact, you would take damage from the force of impact, as well as the bubble exploding. They had incredible destructive power.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

However, Orga stubbornly aimed for Gainus, who was in the air and above the water. It made it difficult for the Divine Dragon to enter the water. In exchange, he shot magic at him from above and watched the situation unfold.

As an archer, Sephiro's abilities were limited in underwater combat. Thus, he shot his arrows on land, outside of the water, aiming for any monsters that came up to the surface.

Waryong hung from the cliff, and would snatch any monster that came up to the water's surface.

Helena stood beside Gainus and supported him. It was only because of her skill that she was even capable of supporting one such as him.


All of a sudden, a monster kraken shot a slimy tentacle at Kang Oh.


His Hyper Intuition warned him, and he instinctively moved.


He swung Blood, cleaving through the tentacle. Then, the rest of its tentacles came flying at him.

Kang Oh swung as gracefully as a seal, allowing him to dodge the monster's attack and cut through its tentacles.

'Hmm. This seems doable.'

Underwater combat was easier than he expected. 

* * *

'Doable? Bullshit it is!'

Thinking that underwater combat was easy was a huge miscalculation.

To put it into perspective, a normal-sized fan blowing on you would feel cool and refreshing, but a huge, industrial fan wouldn't. You wouldn't be able to keep yourself steady.

That accurately depicted the situation he was in. Fighting against the monster sharks or krakens was like fighting while a normal-sized fan was blowing on him. 

However, Orga suddenly unleashed strong currents of water everywhere.


Not only were they unable to balance themselves, but they were swept away as well.

Kang Oh used Darkness Chain on a protruding rock in the ground, anchoring himself so that he wasn't swept away.

Eder had wrapped his arms around Kang Oh's waist. It was like a mother monkey was cradling its child.

Healers and Necromancers possessed low physical abilities, so Eder's arms shook as he grabbed onto Kang Oh's belt.

Although the Draco Tribe were adept at underwater combat, and had great physical strength, strong bodies, and dragon scales, they too had difficulty coping. They stuck their claws into the floor, doing everything they could to prevent themselves from getting swept away.

Meanwhile, the Paladin Order grouped together. With the help of the priests' protective barriers, they were somehow able to hold on.

Amidst all of this, the underwater monsters went on a rampage as if they were on amusement park rides!

The once relaxed battle had suddenly become complete chaos. Obviously, they incurred some casualties along the way.

One of the young Draco Warriors was skewered by a Fishman's trident. The Fishman looked like a moray eel. 


The paladin that'd been swept away by the current wasn't seen ever again.

Orga smirked. 'Lowly beings.'

He'd only revealed a small portion of his power, yet the insects couldn't deal with it.

'As expected, the only one I have to be careful of is that damn lizard.'

Orga didn't turn his gaze away from the white dragon. He couldn't afford to let down his guard. Gainus's magic was certainly dangerous.

'But I'll still win in the end.'

His body brimmed with life force; life force that he could use to fuel the God of Creation's power. Because of that, Orga was confident that he could defeat anyone. That was exactly why he had come here, despite knowing that it was a trap.

'Now then, let's give them a big one!'

Orga extended his left hand, and a bow formed in his hand. The top of the bow was gold, while the bottom was black.

It was called the Bow of Anger! 

This bow was Orga's favorite weapon.

Orga forcefully drew the bowstring without even notching an arrow. But once he drew the bowstring,  swirling white energy appeared.

Aim, fire!

He let loose a vortex, which drew in water and steadily increased in size as it traveled. Eventually, it made its way outside of the water and transformed into a comet. 

It was one of Orga's trump cards.

Ocean's Fury!

How powerful was it, you ask?

In his prime, he had used this technique to destroy a small mountain range.

Although he wasn't as strong as he used to be, it would at least kill a dragon if they got hit by it.

Had Gainus sensed its incredible power? 

Rather than cast a spell, he immediately opened his mouth.

Divine Dragon's Breath!

He unleashed a stream of silver energy, which sparkled as if stars were contained within it.

A Breath was the most powerful attack a dragon could use!


The two mighty energies mixed together above the water.


The Divine Dragon's Breath was more powerful than the Ocean's Fury.

Ocean's Fury popped like a balloon that had too much air put into it. 

The Divine Dragon's Breath didn't stop though. It passed through the water and came for Orga. 

'Damn!' Orga crossed his arms.

Unbreakable Ice Wall!


Water Barrier!

A tough ice barrier formed in front of him, and countless underwater monsters appeared in between him and the barrier. They were essentially meat shields. 

Finally, Orga surrounded himself with a Water Barrier.


The Divine Dragon's Breath tore a hole right through the middle of the ice wall. Next up were the underwater monsters, which were fried to a crisp. 

However, Orga didn't take much damage. The Divine Dragon's Breath had run out of power when it destroyed Orga's final water barrier.

'Hahaha.' Orga grinned. 


He was suddenly surrounded by magic circles. More specifically, they were underneath him.

It was another one of Gainus's traps!

'What?' Orga widened his eyes. 

Gainus had been waiting for this moment. The moment that Orga used every single one of his defensive abilities.

'Damn it!'

Orga flapped his wings as hard as he could. They served the same purpose as a whale's tail. The wings pushed away a large volume of water, and propelled him through the lake like a rocket.

At that moment...!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Ten of Gainus's traps went off simultaneously!

Orga had already pushed everyone away by creating a strong current, so he was the only one in the blast zone. 

Its power was tremendous.

The force was so great that the surface of the water swelled, and water burst into the air like a volcanic cone.

Orga was in the midst of that, his body and wings in tatters.


Gainus wouldn't let this golden opportunity go. He extended his neck and bit Orga!

However, Orga didn't die from that. 

Since he had the God of Creation's power, he was immortal. The only thing that could kill him was Kang Oh and Demon Sword Ubist.

However, Kang Oh wasn't in any situation to be killing him. Although he hadn't been directly caught in the blast, the shockwave was strong enough to affect the entire lake.

Kang Oh was unable to steady himself, and was swept away by the current.

Well, it shouldn't be a problem if Gainus takes care of Orga... No, it couldn't be that easy.

All of a sudden, a flame pillar surged over Gainus's head.


"Lord Gainus!" Helena, who stood beside him, urgently cast a spell.

Mana's Protection!

Water Barrier!

Water rose from the lake, protecting Gainus's body, and on top of that lay a purple protective barrier.

Gainus also avoided the flame pillar and threw himself into the water.


Helena's shields were immediately destroyed. And all of a sudden, countless flame pillars burned Gainus's back.

It was a complete shock.

To think fire magic would be able to burn through a dragon's skin and scales! After all, dragons possessed incredible resistance to all magic. But this was no ordinary fire. It was the flame of the sun.

'No way.'

One of the Mayanes called himself the Sun God.

Helena raised her head. She saw outstretched white wings, the symbol of the Mayanes. There stood the jade-eyed Mayanes, Jigon.  

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