Chapter 504. Mayanes Orga (1)

"Phew, you're rich," Sephiro said, looking over Kang Oh.

He was right. Kang Oh's lips were curled upwards like a crescent moon.

It was only natural. For three days now, Kang Oh and Sephiro had stolen nine dungeons that originally belonged to the large guilds.

He had stolen each of them from a different large guild. Of course, he had done this by defeating the guardian and winning the Sacred Duel.

There was no one that could beat him or last long enough.


Man Bok began a new business. He was a soul dungeon broker!

Like a real estate agent, Man Bok would manage the soul dungeons, and eventually sell them for a suitable price.

Plenty of people wanted soul dungeons. After all, they were highly customizable, and also offered a substantial monthly reward! 

Some dungeons offered rewards that couldn't be obtained anywhere else. 

Due to the large guilds' iron grip over them, ordinary players hadn't been able to acquire soul dungeons of their own.

However, the Dungeon Liberation Movement changed all that; now, players had plenty of opportunities to own their own soul dungeons. 

Several players tried to obtain their own dungeons through their own efforts or money. 

A smart merchant wouldn't let this opportunity pass by. Thus, Man Bok had decided to start his new business.

The Master of Gold, Wang Seo Rim, had also begun to buy and sell soul dungeons via the Geumsan Store. They were Man Bok's biggest rival. 

The mercenary business, much like the soul dungeon broker business, was booming. Skilled mercenaries or experts were paid a fortune in order to become someone else's proxy for the Sacred Duel.

Videos of X ranker fighting Y ranker in a Sacred Duel were put up on Youtube or Arthtory daily.


Kang Oh left the nine new soul dungeons to Man Bok. However, Man Bok had sold the soul dungeons immediately, giving Kang Oh a huge profit.

But there were some dungeons that Kang Oh wanted to keep due to their incredible rewards.

So why did he sell them?

There were two reasons.

One, he would benefit more from selling them. Kang Oh always had the option of reclaiming the soul dungeon after Man Bok sold it. He could also repeat this process over and over again. 

Second, he was concerned about people's opinions of him. If he acquired most of the soul dungeons, what would happen?

People would figure out that the Dungeon Liberation Movement was meant to benefit him, not others. If that happened, then the large guilds would be justified in attacking Kang Oh.

The public would immediately turn on him, and begin cussing him out.

That's why he had been selling his soul dungeons to Man Bok.

In any case, liberating dungeons was a worthwhile endeavor. 

"Hehehehe." Kang Oh laughed when he saw the gold scrolls that Man Bok had given him. 'How much is this all worth!?'

"You've struck gold." Sephiro looked at him and clicked his tongue.

However, there was a glowing gold scroll in his pocket too. He had also gained quite a fortune by traveling with Kang Oh.

At that moment...

Kang Oh's expression suddenly changed. He placed the gold scroll inside his inventory and stared at Sephiro.

"Let's go."


"Maam Cliff. Helena contacted me. The Mayanes have... finally shown up."

Kang Oh and Sephiro immediately ripped Gainus's scrolls. It allowed them to instantly teleport to Maam Cliff.


Gold powder flew in the wind, and both Kang Oh and Sephiro's forms completely disappeared.

* * *

The landscape completely changed. The next thing they knew, they saw a giant cliff. They had safely arrived in Maam Cliff.

"You're here," the Divine Dragon said. Eder and Helena were beside him.

Cyndia, the Church of Death, and the tough-looking Draco Tribe were behind him.


The magic circle they'd just come out of glowed once more, and then Bart came out.

Kang Oh and Bart nodded to each other. Then, Kang Oh said, "What about the Mayanes?"

"He's on his way. I caught him in my surveillance network." Gainus softly waved his staff, and a video played in the air.

A robe-wearing man was quickly heading towards their location. 

The Mayanes had been caught in the surveillance magic that Gainus had cast all across the Ruman Mountains like a spider's web.

"It's Orga."

The man had purple eyes and a youthful face. It was definitely Orga.

"What about Jigon?" Sephiro asked.

"I don't see him," Gainus said.

"Do you think he came by himself?"

"It looks that way, but it's best that we assume that Jigon could appear at any time."

In other words, don't let down your guard. 

"When will he arrive?" Kang Oh asked.

"He's already here." Gainus looked over the cliff.

A black shadow glimmered above the distant cliff. Mayanes Orga had arrived.

* * *

Mayanes Orga scanned Kang Oh's party with his purple eyes.

"You rats!"

He already knew this was a trap designed to catch him. However, Orga was confident in his ability to destroy the trap, and stomp on anyone in his way. 


That was a characteristic typical of any and all Mayanes.

"This will be your grave!"

Orga threw off his robe.


There were still traces of the wings he'd ripped off on his back. All of a sudden, however, new white wings grew from his back.

Through the God of Creation's power, Orga had created larger and more powerful wings than before. Of course, using this power required the life force of human beings.

But he had plenty of that.

Orga had created a monster that could store life force for him. It looked like a giant worm. Fittingly, it squirmed through the ground surrounding Maam Cliff.

The worm was embedded with transparent stones, which housed the bodies of the scum that once lived in the Rat City, Kabul. 

Through them, Orga was given a constant supply of life force, which allowed him to create a new set of wings. 

Of course, that wasn't all there was to it. With a mighty flap of his wings, Orga flew into the air and raised his hands above his head.

'I'll show the power of the Mayanes!'

At that moment...

A device set up at the top of the mountain went off, and a magic circle suddenly appeared that let off bright light.

Some of the traps had been activated.


Metal, hook-like projectiles came flying at Orga. Meanwhile, fire, wind, lightning etc. came out of the magic circle, each elemental spell on the other's heels.

"Hmph!" Orga shook his index fingers. 


A powerful deluge of water flowed out of his fingertips, sweeping away both the projectiles and the spells.

No, it merely looked that way.

The hooks actually overcame the water pressure, and stuck onto Orga's flesh. A few of the spells made contact too.

The Divine Dragon had put his heart and soul into this trap. It wasn't to be underestimated!

"Keuk." Orga furrowed his brow.

To think they'd damage the wings he'd just made. Orga couldn't help but grit his teeth. 

He was probably feeling as if someone had just scratched his newly bought sports car.

At that moment...

Gainus returned to his true form.

He became a dragon with shining white scales! A white beard lay underneath his chin like a bearded goat!


Gainus fiercely flapped his wings, and his giant body flew into the sky. However, Gainus wasn't the only one flying.

Kang Oh, Bart, Helena, as well as everyone else, were flying in the air too.


A dragon was unmatched when it came to magic. And Gainus's magical talent stood out, even amongst his kin.

It was really easy for him to cast a Flight spell on everyone here.

Plus, it was obvious that they would have to fight Mayanes Orga in the air.

"I'm going first!" Bart yelled excitedly, his body glowing with dim light. It was a side effect of the Flight spell. 


Bart quickly rose into the air like a rocket. He was the fastest among Kang Oh's party.

'A battle in the air! This'll be fun!', or so his eyes seemed to say.

However, Orga had absolutely no intention of fighting them in the air.

Since Orga controlled water, what location would be the most advantageous for him? It would obviously be underwater.

However, there was no water in the Maam Cliff.

'Then I'll just have to make some!'

Orga quickly descended to the ground.

Gainus, who ascended into the air, and Orga, who did the exact opposite, came close to one another instantaneously.

The Divine Dragon cast powerful spells at Orga. If Helena was capable of double casting, then Gainus was capable of triple casting.

Lightning Judgment!

Scarlet Flame!

Glacier Fang!

The mixture of lightning, fire, and ice magic reminded him of the trinity.

"Hmph!" Orga crossed his hands.

Unbreakable Ice Claw!

He swung two giant ice claws that extended from his hands. This ice was special. It was called 'unbreakable' for a reason; it was incredibly tough.



Upon contact with Gainus's magic, the ice broke into pieces. The combined might of Gainus's three spells overpowered the toughness of Orga's ice claws.

Orga reeled from the impact and spat out shards of light. He plummeted to the ground amidst shards of ice. 

However, Orga quickly righted himself and began flying downwards with a mighty flap of his wings.

Bart came flying over, but a Water Cannon kept him at bay.

He could see his target clear as day. The ground!

"Stop him!" Gainus yelled.

The halved source was on the ground, sealed within the mouth of the dragon statue. Gainus and Kang Oh's party mistakenly assumed that that was what he was aiming for.

Kang Oh, the Paladin Order, and the Draco Tribe blocked the way to the dragon statue. However, Orga's primary goal was landing on the ground.


Orga had taken a detour, allowing him to land safely on the ground.


Gainus, Helena, and Bart cast powerful spells that descended from above. 

Orga stood firm and stretched out his hands and wings, forming an X. 

At that moment...

Orga fused his own power with the God of Creation's power.

Great Flood!

Gush! Gush! Gush! Gush!

It happened in the blink of an eye. 

The ground cracked, and a giant torrent of water surged from the cracks like a dragon ascending to the heavens.

The stream of water made contact with their spells, causing them to disappear with an ear ringing sound.



The paladins and the Draco Tribe screamed as they were swept away by the sudden surge of water.

Kang Oh dodged the deluge, and rescued one of the nearby Draco with Darkness Chain.

"Thank you."

"Please be careful. This is only the beginning."

Kang Oh continuously saved his allies using Darkness Chain.

Helena, Bart, Eder, and Gainus did their utmost to save their allies too. Of his companions, Waryong's actions were the most laudable. It would swoop down and snatch up anyone trapped in the water like an eagle.

But in an instant, the once barren Maam Cliff was filled with water, essentially becoming a lake.

The water level gradually rose. It was only natural. Water kept coming out of the cracks, after all.

"Everyone, calm down!" Gainus's voice resounded throughout the cliff. His charisma instantly drew their attention.

"We prepared for underwater combat too. Go!" 

It was as he said. They had prepared for land, air, and underwater combat.

Kang Oh and the rest of his companions glowed with blue light.

Mermaid's Teachings!

This spell, which Gainus had cast on all of them, allowed the user to breathe underwater, granted them wider vision, and allowed them to move more freely. 

As expected of Gainus!

He was a dragon that surpassed even an Archmage!

Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash!

Kang Oh, Bart, Eder, the Knight Order, and the Draco Tribe jumped into the water.

Kang Oh switched to Blood and Sarahoff. A lighter sword would be more effective underwater than a heavy one!

'Over there!' He pointed his sword at Orga.

He only slightly kicked with his feet, but he moved quite far forward. It was due to Mermaid's Teachings.

Kang Oh and his companions shot at Orga like a dozen torpedoes.


Orga's lips curled upwards.


The God of Creation's power was being used once more.

Whir! Whir! Whir!

Several of his creations appeared underwater.

There were monster sharks, monster whales, monster jellyfish, ammonites, monstrous Fishmen, etc.

They all looked like they had come out of a horror movie. 

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