Chapter 493. Stealing Dungeons is a Piece of Cake (1)

"I need you to do something for me," Deborah said.

"What is it?" Orgon asked.


One of the God of Creation's sources, which glittered like a star in the night sky, appeared in between the two gods.

"That's..." Orgon narrowed his eyes. It seemed like he knew what it was.

"It's the God of Creation's source. I want you to split it in half."


"I just need you to do it."

Orgon glanced at Kang Oh. "I told you I'd do whatever you asked, so... Fine. I'll do it."

The Blacksmith God stretched out his hand, which was so much larger than the source itself, and softly grasped it. 

"How long will it take?"

"One week should be enough."

"Understood. Also, Kang Oh." 

He could feel the black silhouette's gaze upon him. Kang Oh reverently bowed his head.


"After one week has passed, take the split source from Orgon and finish off the Mayanes."

"I'll do my best," Kang Oh replied, and Deborah nodded her head.


The purple veil gradually disappeared. Once the goddess completely vanished, Kang Oh could once again feel the heat of the temple.

"Come back in exactly 7 days," Orgon said.

"Is there any way for me to come here directly? Climbing Mt. Helver isn't easy."

"I imagine it wouldn't be easy for a weak human like you. Follow me." Orgon turned around. Whenever he stepped on the floor, the ground would resound with a heavy thud.

Kang Oh immediately followed him.

At some point, his eyes widened.


[You have discovered the source of fire, the Sacred Flame.]

[What an amazing discovery.]

[Fame has increased significantly.]

He was faced with a giant tree. The entire tree, including its roots and branches, was composed of shining metal. However, its leaves were made of white flames!

The flames covered the tree like maple leaves.

Orgon pointed at the tree with his finger. Then, one of the metal tree's white, flaming leaves rose into the air and flew in front of Kang Oh.

"It's a leaf of the Sacred Flame. You can use that to teleport here."

"Thank you." Kang Oh carefully grabbed the white flame with both hands. Surprisingly, it wasn't very hot.

"Leave." Orgon waved his hand.

"I'll come back in a week."

"Do what you want."

Kang Oh said his farewells and ripped a return scroll. Silver powder flew through the air, and his form completely vanished.

* * *

Gainus's Nest was as mysterious as always. The arch-shaped entrance was made of brown vines, and the ceiling resembled a purple semi sphere with shining stars that formed various constellations. Most importantly, there was a clear, giant lake in the middle!

Kang Oh, Gainus, and Cyndia were conversing atop the lake. Although they stood above the water, they didn't sink due to Gainus's magic.

"A split source, huh..." Gainus stroked his long, white beard.

"We're preparing the bait, so now we just have to lay the trap."

Once he left the Great Temple of Lava, Kang Oh let Gainus and Cyndia know about the split source, and they decided to meet at one place.

As you can see, they had decided to meet at Gainus's Nest. And right now, they were formulating a plan to lure in the Mayanes.

"Will the Mayanes take the bait?" Cyndia asked.


Kang Oh was certain they would. After all, they wouldn't be able to miss an opportunity like that.

"Then we'll have to let them know. How should we go about this?"

"The sources were originally one, so they're drawn to each other. By strengthening this property with magic, the Mayanes will learn about the split sources," Gainus said.

"Then now we have to figure out where and how we'll set the trap," Cyndia said.

"First, we need information on Jigon and Orga. We'll use that information to determine how we'll lay the trap."

"Leave that to me. They were originally my responsibility, after all."

Gainus drew a circle with his finger. Then, Jigon and Orga appeared like holograms.

"Jigon's the one with jade eyes, and Orga's the one with purple eyes."

Jigon was much taller than Orga, and was also extremely handsome. On the other hand, Orga looked like the next door neighbor's naughty little brother.

"There's a high possibility that they're wingless, as they tore off their own wings. Then again, they have such pride in their wings that they might've regrown them already."

"Is there any difference between a Mayanes with and without wings?" Kang Oh asked.

"They can't fly without their wings. However, it doesn't really interfere with their power or the God of Creation's power either."

"I see." Kang Oh nodded his head.

"Moving on. Orga is extremely skilled in controlling water. He's also capable of using cold energy too."

"So Orga is water and ice," Kang Oh softly muttered. He kept that information firmly in his mind!

"Jigon uses giant flames and powerful light."

"Fire and light... the sun?"

"Right. He's crazy enough to call himself the Sun God."

Kang Oh recalled the Mayanes he'd fought thus far. Krishan used a whip, while Diabol used a spear.

Then what about Jigon and Orga?

"What kind of weapons do they use?" Kang Oh asked.

"Orga uses a bow. Jigon wields a sword made of fire."

After that, Gainus explained everything he knew about Jigon and Orga. With it, Kang Oh was able to paint a detailed picture in his mind. They had to be about as strong as the other Mayanes he'd fought in the past.

"Then where and how will we set the trap?" Cyndia asked.

"Do you have any place in mind?" Kang Oh glanced at Cyndia and Gainus.

"It should be a place without any water or fire around."


The sea, a lake, or the desert was no good. Obviously, a volcanic region wouldn't work either.

"We should pick an unpopulated area, and prevent civilians from getting caught in the crossfire," Cyndia said. It was a response fit for a priest.

"It should also be large enough for me to revert to my true form and go crazy..."

Gainus's true form was that of a giant, majestic dragon!

"I have a place in mind." Gainus snapped his fingers.


"Maam Cliff."

"Maam Cliff?" Cyndia tilted her head. Since she had lived in the Goddess's Land all her life, she was unfamiliar with the continent's geography.

On the other hand, Kang Oh knew exactly what he was talking about.

"The one in the west?"

He was especially knowledgeable regarding the west, as he'd spend a long time there working as a mercenary.


"That sounds good."

"This is what it looks like." Gainus twirled his finger around. Then, an image of Maam Cliff appeared in the air.

Maam Cliff. It was nicknamed the 'The Prison that Holds the Devil'. 

It was like a deep, giant well. Essentially, it was a cliff shaped like a giant donut or ring with a pit in the middle of it.

Cyndia seemed to understand after getting a look at it. 

"It looks alright."

"Now we've decided where we'll set the trap."

Kang Oh, Cyndia, and Gainus all looked satisfied.

After that, they continued their discussion in order to form a concrete plan to kill the Mayanes.

* * *

Gainus, Cyndia, and the Church of Death headed for Maam Hill in order to set the trap. 

On the other hand, Kang Oh would come in a week with the split sources in hand. In the meantime, he was free.

He called Eder and Sephiro, and explained what he'd discussed with Cyndia and Gainus with them.

"We're finally continuing the goddess's mission."

Only by accepting the goddess's mission was Eder able to avoid her divine punishment and return to his original body.

Therefore, completing this mission successfully was his main priority. If he failed the goddess's mission, then he may once again be cursed by the Goddess of Death.

"I'm looking forward to it too." Sephiro beamed.

He was in the same position as Kang Oh. If he completed the goddess's task, then he would be rewarded handsomely. Thus, he would complete the quest no matter what.

"Anyhow, if I give the split source to Gainus in a week's time, then he, Cyndia, and the Church of Death will take care of the preparations," Kang Oh said.

"Then we don't have to wait in Maam Cliff?" Sephiro asked.

"No. I negotiated with Gainus."


"I told him that I'm the only one who can kill the Mayanes, so it's in everyone's best interest if I get stronger. And I also told him to call me only when the Mayanes appear."

Gainus's magical prowess was tremendous. It would be easy for him to summon Kang Oh wherever he may be.

"That's just like you."

"Just because we've laid the bait doesn't mean they'll bite immediately. In other words, we don't know when they'll show up, so staying there would be a waste of time."

Time was worth more than money, after all.

"Indeed." Sephiro nodded his head.

"So what are we going to do now?" Eder asked.

"Isn't it obvious? We do what we always do." Kang Oh grinned.

"Do what we always do?" Eder tilted his head. 'And what is that?'

"Look for dungeons."

* * *

The scramble for soul dungeons was over.

Why, you ask?

The owners were mostly well established by now.


Most of the soul dungeons were owned by the 4 great guilds, as well as the large guilds. Small guilds or independent players weren't powerful enough to claim a soul dungeon for themselves, and didn't have enough manpower to keep them safe either.

"The Lash Guild got their hands on Alaka Cave. The hell is this? The large guilds are taking everything."

"I'm sick of them. Ptoo!"

"It's the same here as in real life. The rich only get richer."

The player base lamented over the state of the soul dungeons. The previous era, when people were fighting over soul dungeons, was like the United States' western expansion. It was a time filled with opportunity.

However, these opportunities slowly diminished, and like real life, where the huge conglomerates absorbed everything, the large guilds had mostly taken control of the soul dungeons.

Then again, this happening was inevitable. After all, independent players and small/intermediate sized guilds had no power. Without power, they couldn't keep their soul dungeons from the larger, more powerful guilds.


Some players were singularly powerful enough that their power trumped an entire organization.

"Only members of the Lash Guild can enter Alaka Cave. Get lost!"

The entrance to the cave was shaped like a toad's open mouth. Players wearing gargoyle armbands stood in front of Kang Oh.

There was more than one guard too. Twelve members of the Lash Guild stood before Kang Oh, wearing murderous expressions.

Lash was a large guild, which had risen to rank 12, and was known for their misdeeds. Then again, they were just like other large guilds in that regard.

"So he says." Kang Oh glanced at his companions. Sephiro, Eder, Tasha, Sara, and Waryong stood beside him.

Eder, Tasha, and Sara nonchalantly looked at him as if saying, 'Do what you want.'. Waryong just yawned.

Only Sephiro seemed uncomfortable with the idea. 'Stop stirring up trouble with large guilds, will you!?', Sephiro's gaze seemed to say.

'No thanks.'

Kang Oh turned his head and stared at the members of the Lash Guild. 

"If large guilds like Lash have taken over a majority of the soul dungeons, then how am I supposed to make a living?"

Kang Oh's lips twisted strangely. He really disliked it when weaklings gathered together and acted like they were all that. No, 'hate' would be more accurate.

"If you're weak, then you get trampled underfoot. That's how it works. If you don't want to die, then get lost," a guard yelled maliciously. This was apparently how he always spoke.

"If you're weak, then you get trampled underfoot, huh... Go ahead and try."

Kang Oh smiled like the devil himself.

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