Chapter 470. The World's Most Secure Safe

"Master, what happened!?" Burkan yelled. He was shocked to see him so heavily injured.

"It just happened," Valan said firmly.

"I'll call Saintess Tasla."

Of all the priests here, she was the most skilled in the healing arts.

"Hold off on that..." Valan glanced at Kang Oh. It was clear what he wanted.

Kang Oh pulled out the Evil God's sacred treasures from his inventory: Nemeth's Skull, Jaila's Bronze Knife, and Ilunati's Snake.

Each of them possessed immense power. However, they couldn't be used by anyone other than an Evil God Worshipper.



"How should we deal with the sacred treasures?"

"Store, no, seal them in different locations."


"But where should we store them..." Burkan stroked his chin. However, he couldn't think of any appropriate places to store them.

If Mahakan were still alive, then they would be able to leave one of them with the Rakan Church. But Saru, who'd just been promoted to the position of High Priest, wouldn't be able to handle such a responsibility right now.

Plus, a sacred treasure had been stolen from the Rakan Church before.

"How does this sound?" Kang Oh began.

"Go on."

"We leave one of them with the Church of Death. To be more specific, we ask them to seal one of the sacred treasures."

"The Church of Death, huh..."

"I'm pretty close to them. If I ask them to seal the sacred treasure, they probably won't say no. Plus, Despia is a hidden location, so even the Evil God Worshippers will have trouble finding it."

"It's a good idea," Burkan said. 

"What about the other two?"

"I'll leave one of them with the Divine Dragon, Gainus. As you know, a dragon's treasure house is the world's most secure safe."

"Will a prideful dragon, the Divine Dragon at that, be willing to accept your request?"

"I'm working with Gainus right now, so he won't flat out refuse my request."

They were working together to kill the Mayanes, and he planned to continue working with him in the future too.

"What about the last one?"

"I think it'd be safest in Brother's hands."

"You want to seal it in the Holiseum?"


"So he says." Valan stared at Burkan.

"Understood." Burkan nodded his head. 

He'd been given a heavy burden, but he couldn't reject it. After all, he was the Supreme Commander of the Protectors of the Continent!

"Proceed with your plan." Valan gave his approval.

Kang Oh passed Burkan Jaila's Bronze Knife.

"Good work, Little Brother." Burkan received the knife and softly grabbed Kang Oh's shoulder.

"You too." Kang Oh smiled.

"Master, I need to take care of the aftermath, so if you'll excuse me."


Burkan left, and Kang Oh took Valan to Saintess Tasla. Even with her holy power, she was unable to heal Valan's wound.

"I won't be able to heal it."

In the end, Tasla gave up. Valan received medical treatment from the brigade's healers too, but none of them made any progress.

Meanwhile, large shards of light spilled from Valan's wound. 

Kang Oh's face darkened, though Valan seemed no worse for wear.

"I think I'll have to call Eder," Kang Oh said.


"He's a legendary healer."

Kang Oh and Eder were far more than acquaintances. However, he hadn't heard from Eder ever since he left to study necromancy.

"Do as you please. And don't worry too much. I'm suppressing the Evil God's energy with my own, so I won't die easily."


"Take care of the treasures. The less people know about this, the better."

"I'll keep that in mind."

Then, Kang Oh called Darion over and asked him to take care of Valan. He had a job to do, so he couldn't stick by Valan forever.

"Take care of him."

"I'll do my best," Darion replied. Both his voice and attitude were trustworthy, which was very much unlike him.

'Now then.'

Kang Oh's first destination was Despia. However, he examined Sraka's greatsword first.

[Hell Greatsword]

The greatsword that the Devil's Sword, Sraka, used.

Further information is restricted. 

Rank: SS.

Abilities: Unknown.

Minimum Requirements: Evil God's Disciple.

It was an SS-rank weapon, but most of the information was blacked out, so there was no way of knowing how good the weapon really was.

That wasn't all...

[Would you like to accept a quest that will allow you to class change into the hidden class, Evil God's Disciple?]

The Hell Greatsword was a dangerous weapon that allowed you to become an Evil God's Disciple.

'How do I dispose of this?'

He couldn't sell it. After all, it was the Guardian of the Continent's job to eliminate any threats to the continent, and the Evil God's Disciples were at the top of that list.

At the same time, sealing it away with the sacred treasures felt like a waste. It was an SS-rank weapon for god's sake.

'Hmm. Should I try using Gluttony on it?'

Kang Oh had never used an SS-rank weapon as fodder for Gluttony before. After all, SS-rank items were too precious to use for a momentary power up.

However, he felt like it'd be ok to use the Hell Greatsword. Although it was an SS-rank weapon, he couldn't sell it or use it himself.

'I'll just keep it with me for now.' Kang Oh placed the Hell Greatsword into his inventory and began walking once more.

He headed north, as Cyndia was located in Altein's northern Adventurer Guild.

* * *

Kang Oh had been so busy with his job as Guardian of the Continent, as well as Valan's task, that he'd forgotten all about the Goddess's Quest. 

However, Cyndia had never once forgotten about the Goddess's Quest. It was only natural. After all, the goddess herself had given her this task. Thus, she would put everything she had into fulfilling this task.

At the moment, that's exactly what she was doing.

She was sifting through information that came from the Adventurer Guild's many branches. With the Adventurer Guild's help, they had spread wanted posters all over the continent. As a result, they were getting a ton of information regarding Jigon and Orga.

Most of the information was either fake or useless. However, some of it was factual. Thus, Cyndia and the Church of Death were able to find Orga's hideout.

Unfortunately, Orga had realized that something was amiss. He had abandoned his hideout and vanished.

In any case, both Kang Oh and Cyndia were extremely busy, so they hadn't been in touch for quite some time.

"Mr. Kang Oh, have you been well?"

"I've been busy."

"Me too." Cyndia showed him the papers in her hands.

"I have a favor to ask."

"What is it? Does it have anything to do with the Mayanes?"

Kang Oh shook his head. Then, he pulled out Nemeth's Skull from his inventory and pushed it towards her. Creases formed on Cyndia's beautiful face.

"What an unpleasant item. I can sense unimaginably evil energy from it."

"It's the Evil God's sacred treasure, Nemeth's Skull."


Because the Church of Death resided in Despia, they weren't a part of the war with the Evil God Worshippers in the past. However, they, like all the other churches, loathed them. After all, they believed that Jaila was the one true god.

The Evil God's followers believed that even the Primordial Goddess was a fake!

"Why are you showing this to me?" Cyndia tilted her head.

"I'll like to store, no, seal this in the Church of Death." Kang Oh went straight to the point.

"Hmm." Cyndia thought it over. 

In order to win her over, Kang Oh added, "If the Evil God's followers reclaim the sacred treasure, then they'll go around saying that the supreme and primordial goddess, Lady Deborah, is a fake god."

If you wanted to convince a believer, then all you needed to do was show your support for the god they served. For a monk, you would show your devotion to Buddha, and to a Christian, you would speak of Jesus Christ.

"Hoo, this too must be the goddess's will. Alright, we'll take care of this." Cyndia layered several pieces of clean cloth, and then wrapped Nemeth's Skull in it. It was as if she were disposing of something extremely dirty.

"I have one other request."

"Another one?"

"This one is simple. I would like to speak with the Divine Dragon, but I have no way of contacting him..."

Gainus gave those he trusted a mirror that allowed them to communicate with him.

Cyndia possessed one of these mirrors, and Eder, who'd saved his life in the past, had one too.

"Shall I contact him for you?"


Cyndia pulled out a hand mirror from the pouch at her waist. She rubbed the backside of it a few times, and then a person's face appeared in the glass.

A man with long white hair, eyebrows, and beard appeared. He looked just like a hermit.

"What's the matter, Cyndia?" Gainus asked.

"Mr. Kang Oh had something to ask you, Lord Gainus."

"Kang Oh?"

Then, Kang Oh took over. "It's been a while, Divine Dragon."

"It has. What's the matter?"

"May I meet with you first?"


All of a sudden, a glowing gold magic circle appeared in the room.

"This'll take you to my nest. Come over here," Gainus said.

"Thank you." Kang Oh bowed his head and entered the magic circle.


Golden light rose from the magic circle, softly enveloping him in a pillar of gold light.

* * *

[You have entered the Divine Dragon's Nest.]

[Fame has increased significantly.]

A dragon's lair, or the Divine Dragon's Nest, was much different than he'd expected. 

Various vines formed an arch, holding up a purple hemisphere shaped ceiling. 

The ceiling was filled with stars. Mysteriously, the stars gathered together in certain spots, forming different shapes. For example, some of the stars made up a fish, but it twitched like an actual fish. The stars also formed a bird, which seemed to flap its wings through the air. Kang Oh couldn't help but marvel at the sight.

Below the ceiling lay a resplendent lake that seemed to shine upon all of creation like a mirror. There wasn't even a single ripple going across the water.

Gainus, in his human form, stood upon this lake. He was standing on top of the water!

But before he knew it, Kang Oh was standing on top of the lake too. It was quite a mysterious experience.

This was none other than...

The Divine Dragon's Nest!

"What business do you have with me?" Gainus asked.

"I'm going to pull out a certain item. You might find it unpleasant."

"It doesn't matter." 

Kang Oh pulled out Ilunati's Snake. 

"It reeks of Jaila's energy. It's definitely one of the Evil God's sacred treasures." Gainus knew exactly what it was.

"Exactly. Just a short while ago, I killed the Evil God's Disciples and stole the sacred treasures away from them."

"Hoh." Gainus's eyes gleamed. 

'As expected.'

Things were going as planned.

Most dragons were collectors. The Evil God's sacred treasures were items that'd definitely draw their interest.

"I'll give it to you." Kang Oh picked up Ilunati's Snake with both hands and respectfully presented it to him.

"You're just going to give this to me for free?"

"Yes. In exchange, you have to keep a promise."

"Which is?"

"This can never leave your nest."

"So you don't want it to reach the outside world."


"Works for me."

"Me too."

Gainus took the sacred treasure.

"Is that everything?"

"Ah, there's something else."

"Tell me. I'll help you as long it's not too extreme. Ah, you can't ask for my treasure though."

It seemed like Gainus was in a good mood now.

"Please contact Eder for me. I have something to tell him."

"That's easy." Gainus stretched out his hand and a mirror appeared on his palm. "Take this. This mirror will let you contact Eder and vice versa."

"Thank you." 

Kang Oh rubbed the backside of the mirror. Then, a familiar, yet unfamiliar face appeared within the mirror.

It was Eder! 

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