Chapter 468. Annihilate the Evil God Worshippers! (3)

"What the hell are you..." Valan yelled, seeing Kang Oh's back turned as he flew up the altar. 

However, his sword moved before his mouth. He needed to stop Sraka, who swung his sword at Kang Oh's exposed back.


Valan and Sraka's blades clashed, emitting a weighty 'clang'. He had successfully warded off Sraka's attack.

It was as Kang Oh expected. Valan was trying to keep him safe.

If that's the case, then Kang Oh would be safe even if he turned his back to Sraka. Of course, Valan wanted him to stay put. That's why he'd questioned his actions at first, but was forced to fight off Sraka.

Sraka's expression was concealed by his bronze mask. However, someone as skilled as Valan could read a person based on their breathing and the small changes in their movements.

'He's panicking.'

From an outside view, Sraka seemed like a barbarian who simply overpowered his opponent's with superior strength. However, he was no bear, he was a fox.

Yet he was panicking?

Someone as astute as Valan knew exactly why. It was because Kang Oh had suddenly flown up to the altar.

'There's a reason he can't let Kang Oh go up the altar.'

He knew what Kang Oh was planning. To be more specific, Kang Oh's plan was to force Amak into harm's way.

'It's not a bad plan.'

They had to take out Amak anyway. Plus, they could use Amak to distract Sraka. They were using the exact same strategy back at him.

Sraka glanced at Valan, and then rushed after Kang Oh. However, Kang Oh's demon form gave him wings, so he was already out of his reach. 

Even Sraka would have a hard time following him at this point. He still had the option of attacking him from afar, but Valan was right on his tail, so he wouldn't get the chance.

In the end, Kang Oh reached the top of the altar first, and Sraka and Valan came afterwards.   

The detached force fought against the Evil God Worshippers, even though Kang Oh, Valan, and Sraka were absent.

"We have to hold out no matter what."

"For Jaila!"

It was harder to break through them than anticipated. They showed why religious fanatics were dangerous opponents to face in battle.

However, the tides of battle turned when Helena and Bart began showing what they were made of.

* * *

The top of the altar looked different than he'd expected. Kang Oh thought that Amak would be conducting the ritual.

However, Amak was laying on a cot as if he were dead. He was just sticks and bones.

'Amak wasn't in good condition after all!'

A few of Kang Oh's questions were answered. Why was it that Sraka was guarding the altar on his own? Where were the other disciples? It all made sense. Amak wasn't in top-top condition, so he couldn't revive the other disciples.

He also understood why the Evil God Worshippers so desperately protected the altar. They had no other place to go.

'This is good news!'

If Amak wasn't in good shape, then it'd be easier to kill him! Kang Oh folded his wings and plummeted to the altar.

"Protect the High Priest!"

"Get lost."

There were two Evil God Worshippers protecting the High Priest. They specialized in defensive magic.

Jaila's Bronze Barrier!


They instantly created a shining bronze barrier!

Kang Oh quickly swung Blood and Sarahoff. However, it was so tough that he didn't even leave a scratch. What's worse, his hands stung from striking the barrier.

'It'll be hard to break the barrier like this. If that's the case, then...'

Switch Ubist!

Kang Oh stashed Blood away and grabbed his jet-black greatsword in its place. He transformed into a jet-black demon with icy horns protruding from his beast mask.

He then pulled out an item from his inventory. It was called Duvalok's Mighty Gloves. 

Kang Oh had bought this item in preparation for the final battle! He immediately used Gluttony on it.

[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed Duvalok's Mighty Gloves.]

[It is an AA-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 30 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities are tripled.]

[You may use Duvalok's Mighty Strength.]

[Duvalok's Mighty Strength: Imbues you with the power of Beast Duvalok. Increases physical damage by 70%.]

All of his abilities were tripled, and Duvalok's Mighty Strength increased his physical damage by 70% to boot.

Kang Oh was a tiger with incredible destructive power. And now, that tiger had gained wings. 

"Huahp!" Kang Oh forcefully swung his twin swords with his overwhelming power.


His blades cleaved through the air, emitting a heavier sound than normal.


Upon contact, the barrier...!


The barrier was cleaved in two. It was as though a raw egg had been split in half.



They were shocked. Jaila's Bronze Barrier was one of their greatest barrier spells, so its defensive capabilities were tremendous.

However, Kang Oh had cut right through it in a single strike. This didn't make any sense. They couldn't understand how he'd done it.

But Kang Oh had expected this. Kang Oh, a stat monster, had all of his stats tripled by Gluttony; that, coupled with Sarahoff's Absolute Destruction and Duvalok's Mighty Strength, had increased his destructive power exponentially!

'This is my chance!' 

Kang Oh aimed for Amak. If he killed Amak, the source of all their troubles, then this battle would be over!

"Not going to happen!"


The Evil God Worshippers crossed their arms. Evil energy surged from their hands.

Bronze Wall!

Shadow Spider's Ambush!

A bronze wall surrounded Amak's body, and sharp energy in the shape of a spider popped out of Kang Oh's shadow. However, that wasn't enough to stop Kang Oh.

First, he absorbed the shadow spider with Ubist. Magic was nothing more than food for Ubist, after all. Then, he broke through the bronze wall with Sarahoff.

He could see Amak once more!

But then...

Someone else interfered. It was Sraka, who'd climbed up the altar while fighting Valan.


He released a tremendous murderous intent, suffocating Kang Oh. He was basically saying, 'Don't you dare move!'.

It didn't work at all.

'Let's see which one of us goes first. Will it be you or me?'

Kang Oh aimed for Amak. The High Priest was necessary in order to conduct Jaila's ritual. They couldn't afford to lose him.

"You crazy bastard!" Sraka immediately launched evil energy his way.

Sword of Death!

However, Valan stepped forth and stopped him.

Divide the Sea!

The giant blasts crashed against each other. Obviously, Kang Oh had remained unscathed.

"Stop him!" Sraka fiercely yelled, and moved to intercept him. 

The Evil God Worshippers threw themselves at Kang Oh and blocked his way.

"Out of my way!" Kang Oh strongly swung his twin demon swords.

Abyss Claw!

Yuki-Onna's Breath!

Two disparate auras flew towards them. However, both of them were powerful enough to deal with the two guards.



"L-Lord Jaila!"

The two of them fell from the high altar.

Then, Kang Oh swung Sarahoff at Amak. However, Sraka quickly closed in and thrust his sword.


His Hyper Intuition was sending him a harsh warning.

Kang Oh stopped his attack and focused entirely on dodging Sraka's blade. Since Gluttony was active, he should be able to dodge his attack.

Sraka's greatsword passed by Kang Oh.


Valan's attack didn't miss.

Swish! Stab!

Huge shards of light burst from Sraka's back. If he hadn't pulled back, then he would've been cut in half.

Valan and Kang Oh stared at each other, neither side looking disappointing at all.

'Let's go!'

'Yes, sir!'

The two quickly signaled to each other, and then performed their respective tasks.

Kang Oh aimed for Amak while Valan kept Sraka busy.

'Damn it!'

Sraka was going crazy. He had to stop Kang Oh from killing Amak, but he also had to deal with Valan.

He crazily swung his greatsword, but in the process, he left himself open. It was a tiny weak point.

If it were anyone besides Valan or Kang Oh, then it would have gone unnoticed. However, Sraka was unfortunately fighting against one of the two. Valan's blade came right for that small exposed weak point.

Sraka's body began to accrue wounds one or two at a time.

'I can't win at this rate!'

He couldn't see himself winning this. Ultimately, Sraka decided to gamble everything on this. This gamble was his only way of turning things around!

But for the time being, he continued his struggle.    

He occasionally fought back as hard as he could, but it didn't work. If it had, then he would have no need for this dangerous gamble.

'C'mon, c'mon!'

Sraka was waiting for the moment that Valan tried to finish him off.


The problem was that he might die before his gamble paid off. That's how gambles worked, after all.


Valan's blade pierced his heart. Although Sraka had been showing weak points all this time, he'd never once exposed a vital area like his heart.

Was it on purpose? No. He couldn't withstand Valan's assault any longer.

Sraka was truly holding on by a thread. Despite that, he lunged forward.


Valan's sword went even deeper. In exchange, it would be that much harder to pull out!

"Die!" Sraka's used everything he had left, and swung his greatsword at Valan's neck.

Valan quickly withdrew his sword. Or tried to for that matter. However, it was completely stuck. If that's the case, then... he let go of his sword and backed off.


He had dodged it by a hair's breadth. Sraka's sword merely grazed Valan's body. His gamble hadn't paid off. No, it only appeared that way.

However, Sraka had been aiming for something else.

By stabbing Sraka, Valan only had two choices. Either let himself be killed, or let go of his sword and back off!

Valan had obviously chosen the latter. And it was at this moment that...

'This is where you die!'

Sraka attacked twice.

A slash and a thrust!

The slash was nothing more than a feint. His true attack was the thrust!

His greatsword flew towards the defenseless Valan!

Sword of Death!

His sword was filled to the brim with Jaila's energy!


Sraka's sword pierced Valan's chest.


The Evil God's energy seeped into Valan's body. Valan grimaced. The pain was too much. It felt as though ants were crawling over his body and eating him piece by piece.

However, he hadn't died. Sraka, who was critically wounded, hadn't had enough strength to finish him off.

If Sraka was in prime condition, then Valan would've died right then and there.

"Master Valan!" Kang Oh yelled in shock.

But Valan was the same as ever.

"Kill... him!" he opened his eyes and said clearly.

"Uhaaahp!" Kang Oh raised Sarahoff into the air and forcefully swung it.

Transcendent Blade!

His blade flashed. When the flash of light disappeared, Sraka's severed head flew through the air.

[You have defeated the Evil Grandmaster, the Devil's Sword, Sraka.]

[The Evil God's Sword and the worst Grandmaster in history, responsible for the deaths of countless innocent lives, has finally returned to his rightful place.]

[You have achieved a feat worthy of recognition in the annals of history.]

[You have defeated an opponent that should be impossible to overcome.]

[Fame has increased significantly.]

[Main Stats +10]

[Combat-related Side Stats +20]

[You have acquired the title, Immortal Hero.]

[You have received an unimaginable amount of experience and proficiency.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[Proficiency in High-Rank Demonic Swordsmanship has reached 99%. Achieve a grand feat and become a Master!]

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