Chapter 434. Warrior Kargagon

Kargagon raised his hand into the air, the same hand he'd thrown the javelin with.



After it destroyed the building, the javelin was buried in rubble. However, it suddenly popped out from underneath the debris and returned to Kargagon's outstretched hand.

'That's why he doesn't have any boomerangs.'

Warrior Kargagon had no need for boomerangs. After all, he possessed a javelin that was larger, more powerful, and automatically returned to him.

The Tuslam's hierarchy was straightforward. Regular Tuslam, which Kang Oh had fought in abundance, were at the bottom. The Tuslam Warriors, which were much stronger and more skilled, were above them. The strongest of them, the Tuslam Champion, stood at the top. 

In order to become a Tuslam Warrior, a Tuslam needed to learn a secret move that allowed them to throw even larger weapons and automatically return them. 

This was the Tuslam's secret move, Weapon Bombardment!

Thus, Tuslam Warriors possessed two weapons; one for throwing, and one for melee combat. 

Kargagon was one such example of this.

Anyhow, once he'd sensed Kang Oh's presence, he threw his giant javelin with Weapon Bombardment, forcing the surprised Kang Oh out of his hiding place.

"It's been a while since a trespasser has gotten this far," Kargagon said, and then threw his giant javelin once more.

Weapon Bombardment!


The spinning spear threatened to pierce through Kang Oh's neck.

Kang Oh quickly pulled out Ubist and Akanhoff. His opponent was much stronger than the rest, so he needed to use his two strongest demon swords to deal with him.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh forcefully swung Ubist.


His demon sword made contact with the spear, which spun around like a top, and emitted a shrill 'screech'. Sparks came out too.

"Ugh." Kang Oh was shocked.

The power behind the javelin was incredible. It felt like Ubist would be pushed out of his hand. He immediately placed Akanhoff behind it, and pushed back.


The 'screech' intensified, and Kang Oh's feet slightly sank into the ground.

Fortunately, the force behind the javelin slowly lessened. The javelin also began to spin less violently too.

"Hoh." Karagon stared at him curiously. 'Not bad', his eyes seemed to say.

Then, he opened his hand and pulled his javelin back. As if it were attached to a string like a yoyo, the javelin came right back to his hand.

He then returned the javelin to his back, and walked over to Kang Oh.

Kargagon dragged his Dokkaebi's club across the floor, leaving a lengthy scar across the ground.

"Hoo." Kang Oh caught his breath and slightly calmed down.

[5 seconds have passed.]

[Demon Sword Akanhoff has drained your HP.]

[HP: -1%]

[Akanhoff's Attack Power: +1%]

Kargagon slowly closed the distance between them while Akanhoff's Dangerous Gamble activated.

8 meters, seven meters... three meters, two meters...!

'I'm not interested in waiting.'

Kang Oh made the first move.

Once he got in range, Kang Oh swung Akanhoff.


He etched a white line that divided the heaven and the earth in the air.

Kargagon swung his club upwards.


A metallic 'clang' rang out.

Kargagon's club was made of a Steel King Centipede's exoskeleton, which was renowned for its toughness even within the Great Forest's central region.


Kang Oh was pushed about two steps back. As expected, Kargagon was stronger than him.

The ordinary Tuslam were already stronger than him, so it was obvious that there would be an even greater divide between them.

He'd already anticipated this. There was no reason to panic.

Kang Oh quickly swung Ubist. If he was weaker physically, then he would make up for it with his speed and the number of his attacks.

Kargagon blocked Ubist with his club. It was like he was hitting a wall.

His hand tingled.



Kang Oh and Kargagon repeatedly exchanged attacks.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal on metal repeatedly rang out.

Kang Oh deliberately struck his club with Akanhoff. He planned on breaking his weapon using its Absolute Destruction ability.

However, Kargagon planned to do the same thing. His club had a special ability called 'Destruction', which destroyed his enemy's weapon or armor.

Sometime later...

Something interesting happened.


Kang Oh blocked Karagon's club, dulling Ubist's blade.  

After that, Kang Oh counterattacked with Akanhoff. The two weapons collided, and this time, the club's sharp spikes fell to the ground.

The club possessed the Destruction ability, but Akanhoff possessed Absolute Destruction! 

Their effects may be similar, but Absolute Destruction was far more effective. Obviously, repeated clashes between the club and Akanhoff would damage the club first.

"Your sword possesses a Destruction ability too, huh. One that exceeds my club's ability." Kargagon narrowed his eyes.

"As I thought, the club does possess a Destruction ability."

After seeing how Ubist's blade had dulled, Kang Oh realized that his club had a Destruction ability.

"Do you know how to counter it too?"


Kargagon's club was enveloped in red energy.

Fighting Spirit Veil!


Kargagon fiercely swung his club, and pushed Kang Oh back. It felt like he'd instantly gone up two or three gears. 

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

He repeatedly wailed on Akanhoff and Ubist. What's interesting is that their weapons no longer made a clanging noise.


Ultimately, Demon Sword Ubist's blade wasn't just dulled, but it actually cracked too. 

Whereas Kargagon's club didn't break, despite repeatedly clashing with Akanhoff.

'As expected!' Kang Oh was amazed.

Demon Sword Akanhoff's Absolute Destruction ability was completely overpowered. He didn't think there would be a way around it!

By enveloping one's weapon in an aura, the weapon wouldn't break.

'I learned something new today.'

Unfortunately, there wasn't a way to put what he learned into practice. Plus, at this rate, Ubist would break.

[5 seconds have passed.]

[Demon Sword Akanhoff has drained your HP.]

[HP: -1%]

[Akanhoff's Attack Power: +1%]

Plus, the longer the fight went on, the more damage he'd take from Akanhoff.

Ultimately, his only option was to finish this battle ASAP.

'Fine.' Kang Oh steeled himself and swung Ubist at the ground.

Tempest Tiger!

The golden tiger struck the ground, causing a pillar of dirt to rise into the air. Kang Oh's form was completely hidden from Kargagon.

Kang Oh used that time to pull out an item from his inventory. It was a hammer made of a Kruger's skull. He'd gotten it off of one of the Tuslam he'd fought over his three days here.

It was an A-rank weapon.


Ubist's darkness consumed the hammer, and Kang Oh's body surged with jet-black energy like outstretched wings.

All of his abilities were increased threefold! 

"Huahp!" Kang Oh kicked off the floor and forcefully swung Ubist downwards.


His blade emitted a heavy 'whoosh' as it cleaved through the air.

Kargagon obviously swung his club at Ubist. After all, his club would cause Ubist to break.


Ubist and the club clashed.



The force behind it was incomparable to before. It was as if someone completely different was swinging the blade!


He pushed the club away, leaving Kargagon completely exposed. He then aimed Akanhoff at those weak spots.

Transcendent Blade!

Even Kargagon wouldn't be able to dodge or block this attack. If he'd been preparing for it beforehand, then he might've had a chance, but not now, when he was completely unprepared.


The force behind his blow was tremendous.

This feeling is why we play games!

The pain must've been immense, as Kargagon grimaced in pain. A shard of light as large as Kang Oh's face burst out.

'Now!' Kang Oh fiercely barraged him with attacks.


Ubist cleaved through Kargagon's side. As a result, a wound was left behind, and a few shards of light fell from the wound.

"Not bad!" Kargagon yelled and counterattacked.

He skillfully swung his club in between both of Kang Oh's demon swords!

His club, which was coated in red energy, unleashed radiant light.

Fighting Spirit Explosion!


It was like Kang Oh's Blood Bomb; the club exploded with powerful energy, creating a shockwave that swept through everything nearby.

If Kang Oh had shielded himself with Ubist just a second later, then he would've taken a ton of damage.

"Mm." Kang Oh was pushed far back.

Kargagon pulled the javelin off his back and forcefully threw it.

Weapon Bombardment!


It gave off the sound of countless angry bees.

Kang Oh pointed Akanhoff at the javelin.


A blue lightning blast erupted from his blade.

Lightning Breath!

A piercing beam of electricity struck the javelin head-on.


The javelin embedded itself into the ground like a baseball that'd been hit by a batter.

However, the Lightning Breath still had energy to spare and made its way to Kargagon.

But Kargagon's appearance had changed. 

His body was covered in red stripes, and a tattoo of a sun appeared around his heart. The red stripes began to radiate faint light.

Great Forebears' Power!

His ancestors' souls dwelled within him, granting him their power.

"Huahp!" Kargagon swung downwards, cleaving the Lightning Breath in two.

'Time's not on my side.' Kang Oh rushed forward.

His body was surrounded by jet-black energy, as if someone had spilled ink on him.

Devil Trigger!

Kang Oh got right in front of him, his transformation already complete.

A beast mask covered his face, gaining eyes like red rubies, and a tail akin to the night sky protruded from behind. The Jet-Black Demon had arrived!


"That's my line!"

Kang Oh and Kargagon fiercely clashed blades.

They were like the raging waves that resulted from a typhoon. The two were fierce and brutal.

It was only natural that each and every one of their attacks would deal tremendous damage to the other. 

Despite that, neither of them could hit the other properly. They dodged each other's attacks by a hair's breadth.

It was like a tug of war. Neither side could get an edge.

'Damn it.'


Both sides were restless. They knew that this tug of war wouldn't last forever.

However, both of them knew that time wasn't on their side.

Akanhoff was making Kang Oh restless. Every 5 seconds, Akanhoff would drain his HP, so the longer this battle lasted, the worse it would get for him!

On the other hand, Kargagon wouldn't be able to put up a fight without his forebears' power. Plus, he couldn't maintain this skill for very long.

'It's time to end this!'


Ultimately, the two came to the same conclusion. 'Let's end this!'

Kargagon's club unleashed powerful blue energy from either end like an invisible tsunami.

Power of the Ancients!

Demon Sword Ubist unleashed a massive amount of darkness, which was akin to the sight of a river at night.

Everlasting Darkness!


It was difficult to tell whose attack was greater. The black and blue energies mixed together.

The intertwined energies looked like a part of Van Gogh's The Starry Night. It was that beautiful of a sight.

However, the two energies were as dangerous as they were beautiful.


Their clash resulted in a massive explosion.

The nearby ruins, towers, statues, etc. crumbled, and the clouds in the sky dispersed.

A shockwave rippled outwards, destroying everything in its path.

Kang Oh and Kargagon weren't an exception. The two were caught in the resulting shockwave, and their forms were hidden by the dust cloud.

"What is this?"

"What happened?"

The Tuslam gathered, shocked by the sudden dust cloud.

"Disperse the dust cloud!"

"Got it."

The Tuslam used their respective skills, and began clearing the dust cloud. Then, they saw the completely destroyed ruins.

"It's Kargagon!" someone yelled. He had pointed at Kargagon's fallen form. His chest was rising and falling, making it clear that he wasn't dead yet.

His ancestors' souls had protected him till the very end.


All of a sudden, space itself opened up, as if a zipper had been pulled down, revealing the Jet-Black Demon.

Kang Oh had used Moon's Protection to save himself, and had then used Abyss Transfer to approach Kargagon.

"It's my win!" Kang Oh stared down at Kargagon and simultaneously raised Ubist and Akanhoff.


"Stop him!"

The nearby Tuslam quickly pulled out their boomerangs.

However, Kang Oh's blades were much faster.

Stab! Stab!

His twin swords stabbed Kargagon's fallen body, causing it to momentarily twitch, and then stop moving entirely.

[You have defeated Tuslam's Descendent, Warrior Kargagon.]

[You have defeated a powerful opponent. You have received additional experience and proficiency.]

[Fame and a portion of your combat-related side stats have increased.]

[You have leveled up.]

There was a shining metal object beside the ashen Kargagon.

'That's...!' Kang Oh quickly snatched it, and then crazily swung his twin demon swords at the approaching boomerangs.

Bam, bam, bam, bam!


Switch Blood!

Akanhoff had gone into his inventory, and out came Blood.

Because he was wielding both Ubist and Blood, he transformed into the Dual Demon. He gained horns, dark red wings, and blood red armor.


Demon's Roar!

His roar, which brought fear to the hearts of his enemies, caused the Tuslam to cover their ears.



"Got it!"

It was obvious what he wanted.

With a mighty flap of his wings, Kang Oh soared into the air. 

"Stop him!"

"Throw your boomerangs!"

The Tuslam, who'd belatedly gotten a hold of themselves, threw their boomerangs at him.

However, Kang Oh had already ripped a return scroll. Kang Oh disappeared, leaving glimmering powder in his wake. 

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