Chapter 428. Red Moon Hunt (1)

Kang Oh suddenly appeared!

The Four Heavenly Kings, who'd lost so many of their troops to the Great Forest's monsters and had decided to retreat, were left speechless by Kang Oh's sudden appearance.

Kang Oh opened up his hands.

Switch Ubist!

Switch Blood!

Darkness flowed from his jet-black greatsword, while ominous, mysterious light glowed from his snow-white blade. 

"Kill him!" Scapi, who got a hold of herself first, yelled bitingly.

Kang Oh's sudden appearance gave the Four Heavenly Kings a second chance. They weren't sure why Kang Oh had come out from there, but if they killed him, then all their problems would be solved.

Contrary to her order, however, Scapi ran away from Kang Oh. She needed a long time to get her trump card ready.

Thus, she'd gotten away from Kang Oh so that she wouldn't be interrupted during the process.

"You bastard!" 

Brutal Blade and Tiger Taboo rushed at him.

"Kang Oh!" Shion slammed his staff onto the ground, his eyes filled with murderous intent. 'You son of a bitch!'

"Nice." Kang Oh smiled as he saw the 'bounties' coming straight for him, and pulled out a bronze hook from his inventory.

The Reaper's Wicked Torture Device!

It was an A-rank item that he'd obtained from one of the Evil God Worshippers.


Ubist's darkness devoured the bronze hook.

[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed the Reaper's Wicked Torture Device.]

[It is an A-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 20 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities are tripled.]

Kang Oh's body expelled energy as dark as the night sky. Brutal Blade was the first one to reach him.

He forcefully swung his katana downwards.

Ghost Slash!

It was a quick, sharp slash that could even cut through ghosts!

Kang Oh swung Blood horizontally.



Brutal Blade's katana was forced back with a metallic 'clang'.

His strength was increased threefold by Gluttony, so Kang Oh's strike contained an overwhelming amount of power.

Kang Oh took a step forward and thrust Ubist.

Brutal Blade urgently backed off and swung his katana diagonally. 


Another 'clang' rang out!

However, he wasn't able to fully deflect Ubist. Kang Oh's jet-black greatsword pierced through Brutal Blade's body.


Shards of black light burst from his body.

Ubist's special ability, Fang Bearing Blade, had activated! 

'A good start.'

Kang Oh followed up by swinging Blood. His snow-white sword came for Brutal Blade's neck like a snake lunging at its prey. 

At that moment...

"Die!" The giant bodied Taboo came over and forcefully swung his mace.

Raging Dragon's Energy!

Taboo's mace, which was coated in golden energy, came flying over, forcing Kang Oh to stop and back off. 


Taboo's mace swept through where he'd just been.

Once his feet touched the floor, Kang Oh rushed back into the fray.

Festival of Blood!

Blood's snow-white blade was covered in blood red energy. It was like the clear sky was filled with the glow of the setting sun.

Kang Oh swung Blood, cleaving right through Taboo.


"Ugh." Taboo didn't even have time to block it. With Gluttony and Festival of Blood in use, Kang Oh was way too fast.

Kang Oh didn't stop there, and swung Blood and Ubist one after another.

He swung his blades five times in a single breath, and Taboo wasn't able to block a single strike.

Not only did he strike at Taboo's weak points, as indicated by his Hyper Intuition, but his speed had been amplified so much that Taboo couldn't respond to them.

Countless shards of light spilled from Taboo's body, which were then sucked into Blood's blade, restoring Kang Oh's HP.

"Shit!" Taboo scowled and backed off.

He'd lost a significant amount of HP from repeated encounters with the Great Forest's monsters. However, Kang Oh had done more damage than all of them combined in just a few seconds.

This didn't make any sense! Kang Oh's attack power was really off the charts.

Kang Oh kept focusing on Taboo, and extended Ubist. However, someone got in his way.

Brutal Blade appeared at Taboo's side, and blocked Ubist for him. Of course, his strength, speed, skill, etc. were all inferior, so he couldn't hold Kang Oh off for long.

Fortunately, he wasn't alone.

They had Shion, who was once the leader of the ruined Hercules Guild and was previously part of the Numbers. 

Setinel's Sage, Shion!

He, who possessed an unhealthy level of hatred for Kang Oh, began casting a spell.

"Bow before the great power of nature!"

Mother Nature's Fury!

A deep green energy flew at Kang Oh like lightning in a zigzag pattern. Its power was considerable.

Kang Oh quickly protected himself with Ubist.

Abyss Blade!

This skill allowed him to cut the immaterial, and also absorbed a spell every 30 seconds!


Shion's magic was sucked into Ubist's blade like rainwater flowing down the sewers. 

"Surround him!" Shion yelled. As he did so, he cast huge AoE healing and support spells.

Rising Life's Earth!

Bear's Power!

Cheetah's Speed!

Those buffed by Shion's spells tried to surround Kang Oh.

The Killing Ghost Squad and the Tiger King Squads stood at the forefront of the perimeter, while the Poison Scorpion Squad and the Madman Squads stood at the rear.

However, some of the Tiger King squad members were holding mana bombs in their hands.



The Madman Squad manipulated their seven remaining assassination dolls. Those who'd lost their assassination dolls stood in front of the seven members as meat shields.

The Black Scorpion Squad, which all had a tattoo of a scorpion etched on their bodies somewhere, prepared to fire their poison tipped arrows or needles at Kang Oh. 

Kang Oh was at a significant numerical disadvantage. However, Kang Oh didn't think he was at a disadvantage at all. In fact, he wasn't at any sort of disadvantage.

'Mm, what delicious prey.'

Red Moon's players were, after fighting the Great Forest's monsters consecutively, significantly weakened. Several of them would die if he just pushed them over! Red Moon's Four Heavenly Kings weren't in great shape either.

Moreover, Kang Oh still had Demon Sword Akanhoff waiting in the wings.

Not only that, but he wasn't alone.


A giant arrow arced through the air

Whir! Whir!

Six magic circles formed around the arrow, and arrows as thick and large as harpoons poured out of them.


"Damn it, this is... Buster Shot!"

The low HP Red Moon members didn't expect the Buster Shot at all.

"Now then."

Kang Oh's form began to change amidst the shower of arrows.

Devil Trigger!

His face was covered in a horned beast mask, his torso protected by a red breastplate, dark red wings protruded from his back, and a black tail swished around from behind. The Dual Demon had appeared!

"Let's begin the hunt."

* * *

Buster Shot was only the beginning.

Sephiro shot arrow after arrow.

Sun Piercing Arrow!

Earth Shaking Arrow!

None of his arrows missed, piercing the criminals' vitals like their eyes, neck, heart, etc.

Moreover, as a Giant Hunter, his arrows were several times more powerful than a normal Archer's arrows.

The criminals were already heavily injured, so when they were struck by these arrows, they died instantly.



Die, die, die!

'This is nice.'

Sephiro's lips curled upwards, as he saw a system message informing him of his increase in fame. The criminals also gave him a ton of experience.

"Killing Ghost Squad, follow me. We're going to take out Sephiro."

Ultimately, the Killing Ghost Squad's vice-captain, Yaksha, was forced to deal with him. Him and the remaining members of the squad came rushing at Sephiro.


The red wyvern, Waryong, appeared from atop a tree, and unleashed red flames at them.

"It's a wyvern!"

"Kill it!"

The Killing Ghost Squad shot arrows, javelins, and chains at it. However, Waryong was too fast in the air, so they couldn't keep it at bay.


A wall of fire arose, and one of Sephiro's arrows pierced through the wall.

"Dodge it!"

"Be careful!"

Thwock! Thwock!

Those struck by the arrows died instantly.

"Shit! Scatter and approach him! Avoid the flames!" That was the best Yaksha could do.

While Sephiro and Waryong dealt with the Killing Ghost Squad, the Dual Demon completely overpowered Taboo and Brutal Blade.

Swish, slash!

Demon Sword Ubist and Demon Sword Blood mercilessly struck at their weak points.



Kang Oh was too powerful. So much so that two high rankers, Taboo and Brutal Blade, couldn't even scratch him!

"What are you doing!? Attack him!" Taboo yelled.

The Tiger King Squad broke formation and rushed at Kang Oh.

The Black Scorpion Squad threw poison coated daggers or needles at him.

In the meantime, Taboo and Brutal Blade backed off so that they could get a chance to breathe.

At that moment, Kang Oh raised his swords into the air, as if he were stretching out his wings, and then swung downwards as hard as he could.

Abyss Claw!

Fresh Blood Wave!

Boom! Boom!



The two mighty auras cut through the Tiger King Squad.

"Madman Squad, kill him!" Shion yelled murderously.


The seven puppets approached Kang Oh.


Sharp spikes shot out of their mouths. It was quite dangerous when combined with the Black Scorpion's daggers and needles.

However, it was pointless against Kang Oh. He deflected all of them with his dual demon swords.


The assassination dolls simultaneously opened their chest cavities, and shot out nets made of Red King Ant Thread, which was renowned for its toughness.

Kang Oh swung Ubist horizontally.

Tempest Tiger!

The golden aura pushed away the nets, and devoured a doll.


Kang Oh kicked off the floor, and leapt into the middle of their formation.

Swish, slash, swish!

His twin swords danced through the air. It was a dance that brought death to anyone they came in contact to!

In an instant, several criminals were killed.

The assassination dolls weren't much help either. The Madman Squad didn't have the time to install any more traps inside, and they didn't have enough of them either.

If they wanted to fight Kang Oh, then they had to, at minimum, bring the Four Heavenly Kings.

Taboo, whose HP was somewhat restored via Shion's healing spell, rushed at Kang Oh once more.

"You bastard!"


'You're no match for me.'

Kang Oh softly swung his sword.

Lightning Breath!

Since Festival of Blood had ended, Blood unleashed a mighty electric blast from its snow-white blade.

Taboo gritted his teeth and swung his mace upwards.


Like a salmon swimming up a waterfall, Taboo's mace surged with energy that clashed with Kang Oh's Lightning Breath.


This resulted in a massive explosion and a shockwave that swept through everything in its path.

Brutal Blade, who'd been healed by Shion and was waiting patiently for his opportunity, quietly approached Kang Oh from behind.


He thrust his katana, but against Kang Oh and his Hyper Intuition, sneak attacks were pointless.

Kang Oh turned around, smoothly avoided his attack, and counterattacked.


He sliced through Brutal Blade's chest, forcing him to quickly step back.


All of a sudden, the ground cracked open, and out came thick green vines. This was Shion's work.

Kang Oh quickly swung his twin swords and split the vines apart.

At that moment...

A nearby Tiger King squad member threw a mana bomb at him.

Abyss Shield!

A jet-black barrier surrounded him.

Bam! Bam!

The contact resulted in a massive explosion.

It was much stronger than he'd expected. Shards of light spilled from his body.

"Come out, my alter egos!" Shion slammed his staff onto the ground.

The nearby trees gained eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and their branches transformed into two arms and two legs.

Thud! Thud!

Shion had summoned five plant monsters. They approached Kang Oh as if surrounding him, and swung their arms like whips.


A long scar was left on the ground. However, Kang Oh was nowhere to be found.

He had used Abyss Transfer.

'Here I am!' Kang Oh reappeared behind Shion.

"Shion, behind you!" Brutal Blade urgently yelled, and Shion cast a barrier.

Mother Nature's Protection!

However, Kang Oh was much, much faster.

Transcendent Blade!


Demon Sword Ubist pierced through his back and his heart.


Several shards of red light shot into the air. Kang Oh pulled Ubist out, forcing Shion to one knee.


"Stop him!"

Taboo and Brutal Blade rushed over to save Shion. However, they wouldn't make it there unless they could move at supersonic speeds.

Everlasting Darkness!

Ubist unleashed a pillar of darkness, which devoured Shion whole.

That was the end for him.

* * *

The Poison Scorpion, Scapi.

There was a giant incense burner in front of her.

This incense burner was her trump card!

However, using this trump card required quite a bit of preparation time.

A dangerous monster was sealed within the incense burner, and breaking the seal was quite a lengthy process. 

The seal had finally been released.

"Come out!" Scapi opened her arms.


The lid opened like a blooming flower, and a seven colored snake slithered out.

Snake King, Croik.

It was a snake among snakes, one that possessed the greatest venom of its species!

There were ten fatal poisons in Arth, but Croik's poison was among the top three. Several people believed it to possess the greatest poison in Arth.

The Croik possessed such lethal poison, not to mention that it was extremely rare, so it was really expensive to get your hands on its poison.

Scapi had cut out the middleman; rather than procure Croik's poison, she had procured the Croik itself. Not only that, but it was a fully grown Croik. This was her trump card.

"Come here!" Scapi fearlessly extended her hand towards it.


Its tongue darted in and out, and its yellow eyes flashed, as if saying 'How dare you!?'. It bit the hand that approached it.

Her hand adopted the Croik's seven colors. This was the property of Croik's poison.

Once her hand felt numb, she transformed into a Poison Human. Her skin was colored bronze like last time.

A Poison Human could absorb poison and use its strength as their own. The stronger the poison, the more powerful the user becomes.

'If I absorb the Croik's poison, which is one of the greatest poisons in the world, then... I can gain power close to a Master.' Scapi's lips curled upwards.


Once she began to absorb its poison, the Croik began to tremble.

However, the Croik's poison was so lethal that it was called the Snake King. Obviously, it would take a while before she could fully absorb its poison.

'Please hold out until I get there. Please!'

She thought of Taboo, Brutal Blade, and Shion, who were fighting against Kang Oh, and gripped the Croik even tighter.  

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