Chapter 424. Overpowered

The Steel Monk's fists were devoid of mercy.

Bam! Bam!

Nazaran's fists would pop the Evil God Worshippers' heads, or pierce holes through the demons' bodies.

However, Nazaran didn't have time to admire his work. 

'More. I have to kill more!'

There was only one thought in his mind. 'I'm going to do better than Saru!'

"That's right. You're better than Saru." A sweet voice whispered in his ear. However, Nazaran didn't notice it. 

He just kept punching again and again.

Unlike Nazaran, Saru looked around and focused on helping and/or saving his brothers and sisters. He didn't even think about how much he was contributing. Saru saw a priestess about to be eaten by a four-armed demon with a giant mouth. 

"You bastard!" Saru leapt into the air and extended his leg.

Flaming Kick!

White flames wrapped around his right foot. It was a sacred flame, one meant to burn away all evil.



Saru's foot struck the demon's head!

The white flame instantly devoured the demon.


The demon screamed in pain, and tried grabbing Saru with its four arms.

However, it couldn't catch Saru, who was as nimble as a cat.

Then, Saru barraged it with attacks. The demon wasn't able to withstand his assault for long, and fell to the ground.

"Are you alright?" Saru examined the priestess's condition.

"Yes, I'm alright." The priestess bowed her head.

"It's dangerous alone, so please follow me. I'll take you to our brothers."

Saru killed all of the demons nearby, and aided his comrades.

"Mr. Saru!"

"Mr. Saru, we'll help you too."

The Rakan Church naturally gathered around him.

"Kill the Evil God's followers while protecting our brothers!" Saru said strongly. 

"Of course!"

"Yes, sir!"

The Rakan Paladins, Monks, and Priests forcefully replied. They swung their weapons more feverishly than before, or performed their tasks.

"Paladins, please form a wall in front. Monks, I need you at the sides and the rear. Priests, please support us from the middle. For Lord Rakan!" Saru yelled.

"For Lord Rakan!"

"For Lord Rakan!"

Morale had shot up.

* * *

Kang Oh was fighting against the Evil God's Fourth Disciple, Garup.

Cannibal Garup!

He possessed a hideous face, rapid regeneration, and a beam that dealt damage proportional to how much damage he'd taken.

Garup couldn't be beaten unless you prevented him from regenerating, or dealt so much damage that his regeneration couldn't keep up. 

Fortunately, Gluttony had increased his abilities twofold, so his destructive power was tremendous.


Mad Wind's Sword!

Kang Oh relentlessly swung Ubist and Akanhoff at Garup, ripping his body to shreds.

Swish! Slash! Swish! Slash!

Whenever he sliced through Garup's body with Akanhoff, several large shards of red light would fall from his body.

Not only was Akanhoff's original attack power exceedingly high, but Damage Amplification and Dangerous Gamble further increased its damage.

Although Garup's body was covered by tough scales, Akanhoff's Absolute Destruction ability crushed them as if they were chinaware. 

Plus, he was hitting him with Ubist too; when compared to Akanhoff's attack power, it was certainly lacking, but it was still an incredibly powerful weapon.

Ubist's ability to ignore the target's defense, 'Fang Bearing Blade' was especially effective, as it would amplify his damage significantly.

"Grr!" Garup scowled. He'd never lost his HP this quickly before.


Sensing danger, Garup violently swung both of his hands.

Rip to Shreds!

His bronze nails flashed and flew at Kang Oh's vitals.

Several white lines, resembling a beast's claws, flew through the air!

This was Rip to Shreds' activation effect.

It was definitely a quick, sharp attack. However, Kang Oh could react to an enemy's attack much faster than anyone else due to his Hyper Intuition.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh swung his demon swords one after another, and deflected Garup's nails.

Clang! Clang!

The force behind them was incredible. However, Garup got the worse end of the deal.

He reeled from the impact, and his arms were pushed into the air.

Kang Oh seized the opportunity.

He crossed his swords like scissors, and pierced Garup's heart.


"Ugh." Garup's body shook.

'T-This is bad!'

Garup, who was nigh immortal due to his Super Regeneration, was in danger of dying. Truly!

At this rate, even he would die.

Ultimately, he only had one choice.


Garup's mouth gathered red energy.

Vengeful Breath!

This was his finisher; it dealt damage proportional to how much damage he'd taken!


A red energy deeper and darker than blood came straight at Kang Oh, who was focused entirely on offense.

Garup had taken a tremendous amount of damage, so Vengeful Breath's power was considerable.

It came straight for Kang Oh like a dragon's breath, threatening to crush anything in its path.

'I did it!' Garup's face brightened. He saw Kang Oh get caught in the Vengeful Breath.


Kang Oh came out of it completely unscathed. His necklace's light slowly diminished.

He knew that Garup's only option was Vengeful Breath. He'd obviously prepared for it.

Once he let loose, Kang Oh activated Moon's Protection, which protected him from all harm for 3 seconds.

"H-How!?" Garup looked at him in disbelief.

"Just did!" Kang Oh swung Akanhoff at him once more.



Garup's HP was teetering on the edge. Then, he turned around and ran away.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Kang Oh widened his eyes, and stabbed him in the back with Ubist.

At that moment...

An oval mirror appeared between the two. Kang Oh's form was reflected in the mirror.


Ubist pierced through the mirror. Then, shards of light burst from Kang Oh's body.

'Damn it, I didn't think he'd have this up his sleeve!' 

Kang Oh believed that this was Garup's ace in the hole. However, that was a misunderstanding.


A man appeared beside Garup. He was completely dried up like a husk.

It was the Evil God's First Disciple, Amak! He had dispelled his invisibility, and had stepped in to save Garup.

"High Priest!" Garup's face brightened.


Amak drew a circle with Jaila's Knife, creating a portal that led somewhere else.

"Thank you."

"You think I'll just let you go!?" Kang Oh leapt into the air.

Amak quickly summoned mirrors that surrounded Kang Oh.

Mirror Seal!

Kang Oh couldn't break through the mirrors.

After all, he'd already experienced what would happen if he did; they would reflect the damage right back at him.

Having such high attack power was a problem at times like this. Getting your damage reflected would hurt like crazy.

"Tch." Kang Oh clicked his tongue. There was nothing he could do.

Garup used that opportunity to escape through the portal.

Mirror Seal only lasted 5 seconds. Once 5 seconds had passed, the mirrors disappeared.

Both Garup and Amak were nowhere to be found. Amak had turned invisible again.

"I lost them." Kang Oh's face was filled with disappointment. If he'd have managed to kill Garup, then he would've been rewarded with a considerable amount of experience and proficiency.

[5 seconds have passed.]

[Demon Sword Akanhoff has drained your HP.]

[HP: -1%]

[Akanhoff's Attack Power: +1%]

Kang Oh stashed Akanhoff and pulled out Blood.

Gluttony was still active, so he needed to keep it out.

At the same time, he couldn't keep using Akanhoff without Blood.

'I guess I'll go for the next best thing.'


Kang Oh forcefully kicked off the floor and killed any demon or Evil God Worshipper in his way.

* * *

Meanwhile, the High Priest of Blood and Iron, Mahakan, was fighting against Lubatchi.

"Kuha!" Lubatchi let out a fierce cry. His fist contained boiling energy, like that of exploding lava. 

Mahakan decided to back off, rather than take it head-on.


Lubatchi hit the floor, creating a giant crater in the ground, and causing land fragments to go flying everywhere. 


Mahakan's fist glowed with light.

Sacred Fist!

Cross-shaped energy came flying at Lubatchi.

Lubatchi clasped his hands together, raised them into the air, and then slammed them into the ground.


Another 'bam' resounded throughout the battlefield. His blow upturned the earth, creating a makeshift shield that protected him from the Sacred Fist.


Lubatchi leapt into the air. He jumped more than 10 meters into the air, and descended onto Mahakan like a shooting star.

Mahakan crossed his arms and protected himself. Rakan's divine energy encased his body.


Once he hit the floor, a giant crater formed in the ground, and a powerful shockwave spread everywhere.

The shockwave pushed Mahakan back.

Lubatchi walked out of the crater he'd just created.

Slaughter Lubatchi!

He was like a bulldozer; a bulldozer that pushed through everything with pure power!

"Hahaha." Lubatchi's eyes turned red, and his body began to swell.


The already ferocious beast only got worse.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His fists echoed with a 'bang' and upturned the earth. However, Mahakan's face didn't change at all. 

He calmly searched for Lubatchi's weak points, and punched his face.


"Kuhaahk!" Enraged, Lubatchi became even crazier.

Whenever he did, Mahakan stood like a firm mountain, and responded to his attacks calmly like the coldest ice.

When did the tides begin to turn?

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Lubatchi's body was being hit again and again by Mahakan's punches and kicks.

"Kuha, die! Die! I said die!" Lubatchi struggled against him.

But the more he did, the easier it was for Mahakan to hit him. Ultimately, Lubatchi's knees fell to the floor.

Despite that, Mahakan kept up his guard.


He stretched out his fist, coated in sacred energy, to land the finishing blow.

At that moment...

Black mist rose from the ground and into the heavens, devouring both Lubatchi and Mahakan.

Wicked Mist!

Sensing that Lubatchi was in danger, the Evil God's Second Disciple, Bewitching Sora, had cast this spell to save him.

She was currently fighting the Invincible Gladiator, Burkan, but their battle was a battle of hide and seek.

Sora kept attacking him with evil spells while hiding herself from him!

That's when Sora had cast a spell to aid Lubatchi. However, Burkan didn't miss that opportunity.

Transcendent Blade!

It wasn't just your ordinary Transcendent Blade. It was a Master Transcendent Blade!

Burkan's sword flashed, but by the time she noticed, her body was already cleaved in half.

"Ugh." Her pale face grimaced in pain, but she overcame the pain and cast another spell.

Ant's Revenge!

The shards of light that spilled from her body transformed into small black ants and attacked Burkan.

His vision was filled with ants!

Burkan unhesitatingly swung his gladius horizontally.

Fighting Spirit's Aura!

The powerful energy cut right through the ants.

However, Sora had disappeared again. Lubatchi was gone too.

Sora had cast a teleportation spell, transporting both her and Lubatchi away.

Mahakan approached him. 

"They escaped."

"Let's follow them and finish them off."


Mahakan and Burkan searched the battlefield. However, they couldn't find Lubatchi or Sora anywhere.  

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