Chapter 423. Evil God's Disciples

The Evil God's Fourth Disciple, Cannibal Garup, was, as his title suggests, a demon that enjoyed eating people.

He opened his mouth, revealing the sharp serrated teeth within. However, his teeth were made of bronze.

His arms were covered in tough scales, and black fur covered the areas in between.

Garup's large, long nails were made of bronze and were definitely a lethal weapon, one designed to kill humans.

He rushed at Kang Oh and swung his sharp nails.

In response, Kang Oh swung Akanhoff. 



Akanhoff's purple blade clashed with Garup's bronze nails. 

However, his bronze nails were completely unscathed, and Kang Oh's sword hand stung. 

'They're tough.'

Akanhoff's special ability, Absolute Destruction, would destroy its target faster or slower depending on how tough it was.

If his nails were this tough, then he didn't need to go out of his way to destroy them. He'd rather attack Garup's body instead.


Garup swung his left arm once more.

Sword Parry!

Kang Oh parried Garup's nails with his longsword. 

Then, he stabbed his right chest with Blood.


The heart was on the opposite side, or it should've been, but red shards of light burst out. 

Garup widened his eyes.

"How did you know?"

Unlike normal people, Garup's heart was on his right side. Although this was his first time meeting Kang Oh, his first attack had gone straight for his heart!

'What do you mean? My Hyper Intuition told me.'

His Hyper Intuition had pointed out the right side of his chest as a weak point.

Kang Oh remained silent, and continuously swung his swords.

However, the stab wound Blood had left behind instantly closed up!

'Super Regeneration!'

Now he knew what Garup's special ability was.

There were two methods of dealing with enemies with such rapid regeneration.

Seal their regeneration, or deal damage that exceeds what they can heal.

Kang Oh didn't possess a healing debuff, so he chose the latter.

Mad Wind's Sword!

His two demon swords clashed with Garup's bronze nails again and again.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

At some point, Garup was unable to withstand Kang Oh's assault.

After all, Mad Wind's Sword was a secret move that progressively increased the speed of one's attacks.

Swish, slash, swish, slash!

In an instant, Kang Oh tore through Garup's body! Shards of light burst from his body like firecrackers.

However, Garup's regeneration was far greater than he expected. 

Slash left behind a wound at the area of impact. However, Garup's regeneration instantly mended the wound.

At the same time, Garup gathered red energy in his mouth.

Vengeful Breath!

It was a skill that dealt damage proportional to how much damage he'd taken.


Powerful energy, reminiscent of a dragon's breath, shot out of his mouth.

He'd taken a significant amount of damage, so its power was tremendous.

"Ugh." Kang Oh crossed his demon swords and protected himself. It was already too late to dodge it.

Vengeful Breath slammed into his twin swords and pushed him back, leaving a lengthy indentation in the ground. Shards of light flew everywhere.

Still, Kang Oh managed to protect his vitals, so he didn't take too much damage.

Kang Oh quickly got back into position.

"Haha, I'll eat your head last. Watch as I eat your body piece by piece." Garup laughed. His mouth was so oddly shaped that it looked like he came straight out of a horror movie.

Kang Oh switched Blood with Ubist. Then, he pulled out a mass-produced sword from his inventory.


All of his abilities were increased twofold! 

"This will be your grave." Kang Oh rushed at him like a mad beast.

* * *

Nazaran's fist unleashed powerful energy. 

Sacred Fist!

The cross-shaped energy flew towards a pudgy, pig-faced demon.


The demon gave off a burnt smell as it fell backwards.

Nazaran leapt into the air and repeatedly swung his fists.

Chi Torpedo!

Spheres of chi shot out of his fists, bombarding the demons and Evil God Worshippers from above.

Bam, bam, bam!

It truly was like a bombardment; the ground was upturned, and both the Evil God Worshippers and the demons flew everywhere.

'How's that!?' Nazaran landed on the floor, boastfully opened his arms, and stared at Saru. 'This is my power!' or so he seemed to say.

However, Saru wasn't concerned with him in the least. He was completely focused on dealing with the Evil God Worshippers.

Nazaran focused on his hands, while Saru focused on his feet.

Saru's kick struck an Evil God Worshipper's head.


The Evil God Worshipper's head was crushed and red shards of light burst out, as if a watermelon had just exploded.

He smoothly turned his body around, and launched another kick.


The Evil God Worshipper's body flew into the air, and plummeted to the ground. That was the end of him.

Saru leapt into the air, and swung his heel downwards at a demon.

Crushing Downward Strike!


The four armed, goat-headed demon fell to the floor.

Then, flying monsters came rushing at them. This time, Saru used a jump kick.

Bam! Bam!

Those struck by his feet exploded as if they'd been implanted with a bomb.

That's just how powerful his kicks were.

'Mm.' Nazaran couldn't help but be astonished by Saru's skill. 

Saru truly was amazing. Still, he couldn't let Saru take his future position as High Priest.

'I'm his first disciple.' Nazaran kicked off the floor. He had to kill more enemies than Saru did.

No matter what!

* * *

The Invincible Gladiator, Burkan!

The High Priest of Blood and Iron, Mahakan!

Both of them were Masters. Their enemies were absolutely no match for them.

Thus, the Evil God's Disciples took them on.

"Come on, you heretics!" the Evil God's Third Disciple, Slaughter Lubatchi yelled. 

Lubatchi, whose body was covered in tattoos of people writhing in pain, took on Mahakan.

The third disciple specialized in destruction! 

He was capable of ripping people in half with his bare hands, and boasted the greatest physical strength amongst the disciples.

"Followers of the Evil God, return to the void!" Mahakan's cry resounded throughout the battlefield.

Mahakan was the one who'd taught Nazaran and Saru how to properly throw a punch or kick! He was a true fighter, one who was proficient in both his hands and feet.

He instantly closed the distance, and the two's fists crashed against each other.


Mahakan was pushed back.

In terms of raw strength, Lubatchi was stronger. However, strength wasn't everything in a fight.

Chi Torpedo!

Flaming Kick!

Sacred Fist!

Mahakan used all sorts of Fighter skills against Lubatchi.

While he was busy dealing with Lubatchi, Burkan faced another one of the Evil God's Disciples. 

"Are you my opponent?" Burkan asked.

A woman wearing a black dress stood before him; she was extremely beautiful, but gave off a decadent feel.

"That's right." Her voice was so sweet.

This was the Evil God's Second Disciple, Bewitching Sora!

She specialized in the Evil God's wicked spells and illusions.

"I won't go easy on you just because you're a woman." Burkan narrowed his eyes and pointed his gladius at her.

Sora smiled and opened her black book. Then, a tremendous amount of dark energy flowed from the book.

'I can't let her do that.' 

Burkan immediately rushed at her and swung his gladius.

Fighting Spirit's Aura!

Red energy surged from his blade like a roaring fire, and cleaved through the wicked energy.

However, Sora was nowhere to be found amidst the dissipating black energy.


An evil spirit came flying at him from behind.

Curse that Inflicts Horrible Pain!

Burkan quickly turned his body and swung his gladius upwards.

Mana Slash!

The diagonal line split the evil spirit in two.

However, the evil spirit was only the beginning.

Sora continuously cast spell after spell.

Jaila's Bronze Harpoon!

Flaming Earth that Melts Skin!

Poison Mist that Inflicts Horrible Pain!

Bronze spears rained down at him from above, and black flames that smelt of sulfur surged from the ground. Green poisonous mist spread everywhere too.



"Lord Rakan!"

Sora wasn't just aiming at Burkan. 

The nearby paladins and monks choked and fell to the floor, or were run through by the spears.

"You witch!" Burkan pierced through the wicked spells and swung his sword.


A demonic shield appeared before her, blocking Burkan's strike.

Pain Eating Shield!

"Hmph, this won't stop me!" Burkan instantly swung his sword thrice.

Clang! Clang! Bam!

It only took three strikes for him to break through the shield.

Sora widened her eyes. He'd broken the shield faster than she'd anticipated.

Burkan wasn't lying when he said he wouldn't go easy on her. He immediately cleaved through her with his blade.


A fistful of shards of red light fell from her body.

However, Burkan couldn't attack her anymore. Sora transformed into black smoke and disappeared.

Burkan quickly looked around, and chased after her once she reappeared.

* * *

"Lord Rakan!"

"Oh lord!"

The Rakan Paladins, Monks, and Priests did their damndest to stop the demons and the Evil God Worshippers. 

"You heretics!"

"Follow the true god!"

The Evil God Worshippers fought like hell. After all, there was a reason they couldn't back down. 

They needed to reclaim the sacred treasure that the Great Temple of Rakan possessed!

Thus, it was only natural that the battle between these two forces was both intense and bloody.

A paladin, who'd been half eaten by a demon, swung his mace and crushed the demon's head. An Evil God Worshipper, who had a hole blown in his chest via a monk's fist, bit into the monk's neck, killing them both.


The priests did everything in their power to heal their brothers and sisters. Eventually, they got caught in the crossfire; they were either hit by an Evil God Worshipper's spell or curse, or the demons ate them.

"Aah, oh lord!"

"Glory to Rakan!"

However, Valan was relaxed this whole time; it was like he was taking a stroll through the park. 

Whenever he swung his sword, he would kill a great number of Evil God Worshippers and demons. 

"T-Thank you!"

"Valan! Valan! Valan!"

Just his presence, the presence of a Grandmaster, raised the troops' morale.

Who could possibly stop him!?

However, the demons parted, and out came a man wearing a bronze mask with a greatsword strapped to his back.

The Devil's Sword, Sraka!

How exactly had he come back to life? Valan had given up an arm to kill him last time!

"We meet again," Sraka said.

"They revived you again? How? They shouldn't have enough souls to bring you back," Valan said expressionlessly.

Jaila's sacred treasure, Ilunati's Snake, was capable of reviving the dead. In exchange, it required several people's lives as fuel.

In order to revive a Grandmaster like Sraka, it would require at least 10,000 sacrifices.

If the Evil God Worshippers had killed that many people, then he would've known about it by now. However, he hadn't heard anything at all.

How exactly had they revived him?

"Lord Jaila's miraculous knife," Sraka said curtly.


There were already countless souls contained within Jaila's Knife.

"Now then. If you have no other questions, let's move on to killing each other again." Sraka drew his greatsword. "It won't end like last time."

"Is that so?"

The Guardian of the Continent, Valan!

The Devil's Sword, Sraka!

The two Grandmasters clashed once more.

* * *

The Evil God's First Disciple, Divine Punishment Amak, accompanied the demons.

He held the Ilunati's Snake and Jaila's Knife in either hand, but his loose black robes concealed them. 

'This way.' Amak slowly walked in a certain direction, guided by Jaila's Knife. 

Sometime later...

'It's him.' He found his target and smiled wickedly. 


The Steel Monk, Nazaran, who bravely swung his fists and destroyed the demons!

Jaila's Knife shook when pointed at him.

The sacred treasure possessed the ability to sense one's deepest, darkest ambitions.

The more violently it shook, the greater the individual's ambition.

'We can't afford to fail.'

Amak's body dimmed more and more. He then quietly approached Nazaran.

"Die, you dirty bastards!" Nazaran kept swinging his fists, intent on killing more demons and Evil God Worshippers than his fellow priest, Saru.

At that moment...


All of a sudden, a thin hand stabbed his back with a knife.

"Ugh!" Nazaran cried out, feeling the sudden pain in his back.

Things had gone as planned, so Amak quickly withdrew Jaila's Knife, and disappeared while remaining invisible.

"W-What?" Nazaran turned around, only to see nothing there. He stroked the area where he'd felt the pain, but that too had disappeared.

'Was it just me?'

Nazaran tilted his head and went back to killing demons. He had no idea that a seed had been planted inside his body. 

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