Chapter 422. Whispers of the Earth

Dukeram was on one knee, while Kang Oh stood tall with his Devil Trigger deactivated.

It was clear that Kang Oh had come out victorious.


"How could this be!?"

"Mr. Dukeram!"

The Empire Guild members couldn't believe what they were seeing.

All of a sudden, however, Kang Oh pulled out a return scroll from his inventory and ripped it!

"Grr!" Dukeram gritted his teeth, suddenly stood up, and swung Max Cain. However, he couldn't go all the way through.


Sparks danced across his body. His body was partially paralyzed due to the electricity.

In the meantime, Kang Oh completely disappeared, leaving behind silver powder on his way out.

"Tch!" Dukeram stabbed Max Cain, which was cracked all over and dulled, into the ground and clicked his tongue.

'I'll kill you for sure next time!'

* * *

"Haa, haa."

Kang Oh, who'd returned to Altein, placed both of his demon swords into his inventory and checked his remaining HP.

[Warning. HP is critically low.]

[Remaining HP: 2%]

"Hoo, I barely got out of there."

Kang Oh and Dukeram had given it everything they had at the end. He was the one who'd landed the final attack.

He had used Transcendent Blade with Akanhoff and had dealt Dukeram a serious blow. 

Not only did the strike deal significant damage, but Lightning Veil had electrified Dukeram too. The attack, coupled with the paralysis, was why Dukeram had fallen to one knee. 

However, Dukeram truly was monstrous. Kang Oh's final attack hadn't managed to finish him off. Unfortunately, Kang Oh wasn't able to continue the fight after that.

Thus, he was forced to use a return scroll and escape.

In other words, he'd lost.

"Damn it." Kang Oh forcefully punched a nearby wall.


Losing always made him feel dirty!

'I have to get even stronger. I'll definitely beat Dukeram one day!' Kang Oh pledged.

* * *

"We won!"


The final battle between the 2nd and 3rd prince had ended in the 2nd prince's victory.

Dukeram and the Empire Guild's part in annihilating the 4th Corps and Stan had been crucial to their victory.

Ultimately, the 2nd prince, Tehiyon, ascended to the Arabas throne. It had gone exactly as the Empire Guild had wanted.

The 3rd prince, Tehiram, was executed, and the leading members of his faction were either killed or imprisoned.

The Desert Mages and their leader, Asand, were pardoned. After all, they couldn't afford to eliminate one of their two schools of magic.

If the 3rd prince had come out victorious, then he likely would have spared the Insect Mages for the same reason.

The Empire Guild was given a huge territory, and Dukeram was given the position of 2nd Corps Commander.

Aside from that, the Empire Guild's executives were given key positions in the Arabas Kingdom.

The Empire Guild had brainwashed the new ruler, so he was nothing more than a puppet king. In other words, the Empire Guild had actually taken control over the Arabas Kingdom, not the 2nd prince.

"Good work everyone," Dukeram gathered his executives and said. "As you know, this is only the beginning," he added.

"Indeed." Moby Dick chimed in.

"The Arabas Kingdom is only the first of many. Next on our agenda is the Baiyan and Dellas Kingdoms. Eventually, we will invade the free cities on the central part of the continent, and form a true empire," Dukeram said strongly.

Those here imagined a huge empire that controlled the entire continent with Dukeram as its emperor.

"First, we have to ensure that the Arabas Kingdom is under our complete control. Please do as you've been told," Jegal, the brains behind the operation, said.

The Empire Guild had taken several key positions in the Arabas Kingdom. They would use that as the foundation to completely take over the kingdom.

"Excuse me." Ridgeley raised his hand.

"What is it?" Jegal asked.

"How are we going to deal with Kang Oh? That crazy bastard challenged Mr. Dukeram to a fight."

Kang Oh had defeated Ridgeley in the Great Forest, and again in the civil war. He had also stolen his precious Lycan's Ring too. 

Obviously, his heart was filled with vengeance.

"We have to focus on taking full control of the Arabas Kingdom first," Jegal said.

"Then are we just going to let him go scot free?" Ridgeley scowled.

"Now's not the time. However, we'll deal with him eventually," Jegal said firmly.

"Ahem." Ridgeley shut his mouth and nodded his head. He realized that bringing this up anymore would be pointless.

"What if he messes with us again?" the Glacier Squad Captain, Irene, asked.

"Then I'll take care of him," Dukeram responded.

"Excuse me?"

"I'll kill him myself."

After fighting him, Dukeram realized that Kang Oh was not to be underestimated. If that's the case, then the only way they could kill him with certainty is if he went personally.

"So please focus on your assigned tasks. This is a critical stage if we want to fulfill our ambitions."

"Yes, sir!" the executives replied as one.

* * *

In his quest to become stronger, Kang Oh went through the Goddess's Land's most difficult dungeons alone. 

Eventually, he heard someone's voice.

"Future Guardian of the Continent," a soft voice said.

He knew right away that this was the Whispers of the Earth.

By becoming the Guardian of the Continent, Kang Oh was both blessed by the earth, and given the ability to hear the Whispers of the Earth. 

"What's the matter?" Kang Oh asked the empty sky.

"Evil beings are targeting the Great Temple of Rakan. You must stop them."

A quest popped up.

[Guardian of the Continent Quest: Stop the Evil God Worshippers]

The Evil God Worshippers and their demons are advancing on the Great Temple of Rakan in order to reclaim their sacred treasure.

You must stop them no matter the cost!

Their Current Location: Esranca Mountain.

Remaining Time: 3 days.

Difficulty: Hard.

Minimum Requirements: Future Guardian of the Continent.

Rewards: None.

Failure: You lose your right as Guardian of the Continent, and the effects of the Earth's Blessing disappear.


He really didn't like the 'none' written next to rewards.

'As expected. The Guardian of the Continent's work is difficult and profitless.'

He didn't want to be the Guardian of the Continent. However, he couldn't give up on the Earth's Blessing, especially since it doubled his experience and proficiency gain. 

Plus, if he didn't succeed Valan as Guardian of the Continent, then Valan would kill him and take his demon swords.

Thus, he didn't have the luxury of choice. He just had to do it, that's all.

Kang Oh used a return scroll to teleport to Altein. Then, he went over to the Holiseum.

"You're here." That was the first thing Valan said to him. 

"You knew I'd come?"

"I can hear the whispers too."


"This mission involves killing the Evil God Worshippers, so we'll be working together this time."

Just in case the Evil God Worshippers sought to reclaim their final sacred treasure, Valan had remained in Altein.

He had stated that Kang Oh would take over any of the Guardian of the Continent missions in his place.

Fortunately, this mission involved the Evil God Worshippers, so both Kang Oh and Valan could work together to complete it.

"Understood. But where's Brother?" Kang Oh looked for Burkan, as he was nowhere to be found.

"He's at the Great Temple of Rakan. They need to be informed of the impending attack too."

"I see."

Sometime later...

Burkan contacted them.

Apparently, their troops were ready to intercept the Evil God Worshippers, so he wanted them to come on over.

"Let's go," Valan said. 

"Yes." Kang Oh followed behind him.

* * *

Valan, Burkan, Kang Oh, and the Rakan High Priest and Master Monk, Mahakan, had gathered together.

Mahakan, nicknamed the High Priest of Blood and Iron, was garbed in black priest vestments, and was over 2 meters tall.

The Rakan Church's paladins, monks, and priests solemnly stood behind him.

Mahakan's disciples, Nazaran and Saru, stood at the forefront of the monks.

Steel Monk, Nazaran!

Small Sun, Saru!

It was said that they'd become Master Monks like their teacher, and they'd succeed Mahakan as leaders of the Great Temple of Rakan.

This especially held true for Saru. Befitting his title as Small Sun, he was incredibly talented and skilled, had a warm character, and was beloved by several believers.

That's why people claimed that Saru would succeed Mahakan as High Priest, despite Nazaran being his first disciple.

Nazaran wasn't deficient by any means. He was just worse when compared to Saru.

'I'll prove to you that you're wrong.' 

Nazaran pledged to show everyone that he had what it took to succeed Mahakan and lead the Great Temple of Rakan.

"Hoo, aren't you scared?" Saru, who stood beside him, asked.

"Not at all. Are you?" Nazaran asked back.

"I am. Please take a look at those demons and the Evil God Worshippers. If we don't stop them here, then I can't even imagine how many people will suffer at their hands." Saru was staring at the plains.

Hideous demons and figures covered in black robes stood atop the plains.

This was the group of Evil God Worshippers advancing on the Great Temple of Rakan in order to reclaim their sacred treasure.

"They sure brought a ton with them," Valan looked up front and said.

There were more than 10,000 demons with them.

"Indeed," Burkan said.

"They'll prove to be good prey."

'I was disappointed that the Arabas Kingdom's civil war ended, but it was immediately followed by such a huge feast. The Evil God Worshippers have their uses I guess.'

Kang Oh grinned.

"Then let us begin," Mahakan said heavily.

"Yes, let's begin the hunt." Valan drew his sword with his one remaining arm.

Kang Oh drew Blood and Akanhoff, Burkan drew his gladius, and Mahakan clenched his fists. His knuckles were covered in thick calluses.

"Attack!" Mahakan ordered.


A battle cry rang out, causing the trees in the forest to shake and the birds to fly into the air all at once.

Rakan Paladins, Monks, and Priests rushed at the Evil God Worshippers and their demons.

Nazaran, Saru, and Kang Oh stood at the forefront.

"They're followers of a false god!"

"Let's offer them up to Lord Jaila!"


The Evil God Worshippers unleashed horrific spells, and began controlling the demons.

'The most delicious prey is over there!'

Kang Oh threw himself towards the highest difficulty area. 



The horrifying monsters barraged Kang Oh with attacks. They used their teeth, claws, tentacles, poison, black mist or spittle.

Red Butterfly's Dance!

Festival of Blood!

He left behind an afterimage whenever he moved, and Blood was coated in a thick blood red energy.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

He relentlessly swung his dual demon swords.

Akanhoff crushed their teeth, claws, and scales, allowing him to cut through the skin underneath. As a result, shards of light as large as huge snowflakes burst out.  


Demon Sword Blood greedily absorbed all of the shards! His HP, which had been depleted by Festival of Blood, was quickly being replenished.

"You follower of a false god!" An Evil God Worshipper cast a wicked spell at him.

Eternally Burning Curse of Pain!

Jaila's Breath!

Some of the Evil God Worshippers swung their spiked whips or turned into bronze and rushed at him too.

Kang Oh forcefully swung downwards.

Tempest Tiger!

The golden aura flew right through the Evil God Worshippers.


"I want someone even stronger!" Kang Oh roared.

Then, the Evil God's Fourth Disciple, Cannibal Garup, appeared.

"Hehe, I'll take you on."

"Let's go!" 

Kang Oh and Garup clashed. 

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