Chapter 41. Demon Kang Oh (2)

The Tempest Tiger dashed towards Caraco.

Caraco responded by thrusting its spear at the oncoming tiger-shaped aura.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The tiger-shaped aura and Caraco's lightning clashed as if they were two waves crashing against one another.

Meanwhile, the wind continued to rage.


With Gluttony and Devil Trigger strengthening him, the wind had become more violent and intense than before.

As strong as it was, the wind couldn’t simply be called ‘whips’ any longer...

The gales of wind entwined, twisting and gathering into three small tornadoes.

The three tornadoes surrounded and pressured the raid boss.


Caraco discharged lightning from its entire body.

The lightning struck the tornadoes.

The two forces of nature were forced into a power struggle.

At that moment, Kang Oh moved.

'Let's make this short and sweet!'

He only had 1 minute left of Gluttony.

In other words, the overpowered buff that tripled his abilities would end soon.

This was his chance, as Gluttony was still active and Caraco was busy dealing with the tornadoes.


Kang Oh rushed towards Caraco and swung his sword as if he were in a trance.

First up, Slash!

A white line passed Caraco.

Normally, Slash had a cooldown of 10 seconds.

However, Kunta's Ring reduced all of his skills' cooldown by half, so it was only 5 seconds now.

'5, 4...'

Kang Oh counted down the seconds while swinging his sword in an X.

His Abyss Aura followed the cross-slash.


Once Slash was ready, Kang Oh swung his blade upwards from below.


Followed by Darkness Strike!

Darkness Strike finally activated when it hadn't done so throughout his fight.


Following the white line, the wave of the black beast assaulted Caraco.

The more it screamed, the more intense Kang Oh's attacks became.

"I won't die!"

Caraco desperately counterattacked.

They continued their intense clash.

Its lightning was destructive, while its spear was quick and fatal.

Thus, it wasn't possible to avoid all of Caraco's attacks.

Kang Oh's HP dropped below 30%.

"But I'm still going to win!"

Kang Oh possessed the Demon Sword Ubist.

A sword that could even cleave through lightning!

Each time his sword cut its body, it was like Caraco's very existence was being cut.

That's how the desperate struggle between the two continued.

He would use Slash and Abyss Aura whenever they were off cooldown.

[You have completed the spontaneous quest, Slash 1.]

[As a reward, proficiency in Slash increases exponentially.]

[Slash has reached the intermediate level. Now Slash is more powerful than before.]

'Good. I'm finishing this in 10 seconds.'

Gluttony would only last for 10 more seconds.


Kang Oh gripped his blade with both hands, and slashed the center of Caraco's body.


By leveling up, the white line that Slash left behind was both thicker and larger than before.

Of course, the damage was greater as well!

"Uaaaahk!" Caraco yelled and counterattacked.

In his opinion, it was Caraco's last-ditch effort. That's why it seemed to be so desperate.

Kang Oh ceased his assault so that he could avoid the sudden shower of attacks, and blocked its spear with his sword.

The clash between sword and spear!


The lightning spear slammed against the demon sword repeatedly, as if he were trying to burn it.

'It's weak.'

Kang Oh ascertained the lightning spear's strength and conjured an Abyss Shield.

The darkness devoured all of the lightning, sparks, and the balls of fire that came at him.

'I can't use Tempest Tiger.'

Tempest Tiger would remain on cooldown for quite some time.

If that's the case...

"Just die already!"

Kang Oh leapt up, aiming for its neck.

Though it dodged his attack by a hair's breadth, there was still the Abyss Aura that followed it.


It hit the mark!

Caraco staggered and its two front legs bent.

Kang Oh flowed naturally to his next attack.

Another one!

He struck its chin.

Due to the pressure towards its head, Caraco was in a confused state, and fell to the floor completely.

However, while it fell, it aimed for Kang Oh's neck with its last remaining good wing.

"You really are persistent!"

Kang Oh used Abyss Transfer, avoiding its attack.

Then, he appeared right above it!

He gripped his sword with both hands and fell, the tip of his sword pointing to the ground.

Gravity forced him and his sword down quickly.

"This is the end!"


Caraco arduously raised its head.

It gathered energy into its forehead to use its Lightning Cannon. The crystal gathered lightning and began emitting sparks.

However, the crystal cracked.

The lightning that he'd so desperately gathered into the crystal dispersed.

At that moment...

Kang Oh's demon sword went right through it.


The tip of his blade was embedded in the crystal.


Caraco's crystal broke into pieces.

Like an atom without its nucleus, Caraco began to release all of its gathered lightning energy.


It seemed as though it couldn't accept its defeat and subsequent death.

"Life is filled with impossibilities. Rest in peace."

Kang Oh deactivated Devil Trigger. Gluttony had ended as well.

"How vex..."

Caraco wasn't able to finish and closed its eyes.

[The raid boss, Lightning Hunter Caraco, has been defeated for the first time.]

[As a reward, it will drop its highest rank items.]

[You managed to defeat the raid boss Caraco with so few members. It is an incredible achievement! Fame has increased significantly.]

[You have acquired the title, Lightning Hunter.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have reached level 100.]

He'd finally reached level 100!

"Let's see what it dropped."

Caraco had dropped seven items nearby.

It was only natural that a raid boss would drop so many items.

Not only that!

'They're all mine!'

Eder's portion was obviously his portion.

And because of the contract, Sephiro couldn't take any of the items.

In other words, he could take it all!


He was so pleased that he couldn't contain his smile. 

* * *

"Mr. Kang Oh!"

Eder flew over.

Sephiro too, quickly rushed over.

He didn't really care either way; Kang Oh just examined all the items Caraco had left behind.

'This one looks the most expensive.'

Kang Oh lifted the giant golden spear.

It was none other than the spear that Caraco had used against him!

When Caraco had used it, it was more than 5 meters long, but its size had decreased enough so that a player could use it.


[Caracuni's Golden Spear]

A weapon that represents the Lightning Hunter Caraco.

The spear is made of an alloy born from the mixture of gold and another unknown material.

This alloy is known as Caracuni's Gold.

Caracuni's Gold has no lightning resistance, so whenever lightning magic or skills are used, there is no decreased strength in the ability.

Thus, it is the best alloy for lightning magicians or those who wield lightning.

It is a precious spear that consists of Caracuni's Gold from the spear shaft to the spear tip.

+ Lightning Handling Spear: Increases lightning resistance, and increases the effect of lightning skills or magic. Increases the likelihood of the lightning element's additional effects to proc.

+ Lightning Calling Spear: There is a fixed chance that whoever this spear attacks is struck by lightning. 

+ Lightning Wearing Spear: By gathering lightning into it, the spear can become a weapon that is 99% akin to lightning. When it does, it deals both physical and magic damage.

Rank: S

Abilities: Attack Power +254, Magic Attack Power +223, Penetration +41, Physical +44, Magic +42

Minimum Requirements: Level 150, 50% lightning resistance. Minimum requirements can be ignored if the player possesses the title, 'Lightning Hunter'.

"Oh dear god!"

Kang Oh smiled widely. 

'An S-rank spear with a level 150 requirement. It does both physical and magical damage, and all of its abilities are great; none of them are throwaways!

A spear-user could use it, or a Mage could use it instead of a staff.

In other words, a masterpiece!

He could sell it for a high price.

"That spear, may I take a look at it?"

"Of course."

Kang Oh passed him the spear and he lifted the grimoire.

Since he'd benefitted so heavily from Bercy's grimoire, he had high hopes as he appraised the new grimoire.

It was a grimoire that allowed a player to learn the Judgement's Lightning that Caraco had used.

'I should go to the magic tower and figure out how much this is worth.'

Kang Oh stashed the grimoire into his inventory.

"Holy crap."

From beside him, Sephiro examined the Caracuni Golden Spear in shock. 

'Holy crap is right. Yes indeed.'

Kang Oh agreed with him. The Caracuni Golden Spear was that good.

He examined the huge crystal whilst smiling.

[Caraco's Powerful Lightning Crystal]

Caraco gathered the power of lightning into this crystal. This crystal can contain an incredible amount of lightning.

A skilled jeweler would be able to make it into an incredible accessory.

Material rank: AA


Kang Oh stashed the jewel into his inventory and went on to the next item.

[All-Enduring Bundle of Feathers]

A bundle of Caraco's feathers, one who lived in the lightning clouds.

A material that is incredibly attuned to lightning, fire, and moisture.

Not only that, it is also incredibly tough while still being light. Its uses are endless.

Material rank: AA

"Damn. Another material."

Kang Oh liked equipment much more than materials.

Right when he was about to place the feathers into his inventory, Sephiro quickly yelled, "Mr. Kang Oh! Please let me see those."


Sephiro placed the bundle of feathers atop his Lasselpino Bow. Once he did, the bow began to quiver.

Sephiro looked passionately at Kang Oh.

"Mr. Kang Oh!"

His eyes were filled with greed!

"I'm not giving them to you," Kang Oh refused.

"Then sell it to me instead."

"I'm going to auction it off, so buy it there."

The bundle of feathers came from his first raid boss kill.

In other words, he was the first one to obtain them.

If that's the case, it would be better if he auctioned them off.

Since there would be plenty of master craftsman who'd like to test out a new material and would buy it for a hefty price.

Sephiro grimaced.

He needed the feathers.

Since it would increase the performance of the Lasselpino Bow!

However, if it reached the auction house, there was a chance he wouldn't be able to buy it.

'I can't let that happen!'

He had to settle things here and now.

Sephiro sported a professional smile and pointed towards the dead Caraco.

"I helped take this guy down. I even made it so it couldn't fly. I did all that!"

He wanted Kang Oh to recognize his contributions.

Obviously, it didn't work at all.

"Yeah, sure. Good job."

Kang Oh somewhat bowed his head and avoided Sephiro's gaze.

Sephiro was definitely trying to sweet talk him. After all, it wasn't against the contract!

"What do I have to do for you to give me those feathers?" Sephiro asked earnestly.

"Do you really need these that much?"

Kang Oh shook the bundle of feathers.

"Yes, I need them!"

"Then give me all the rights to the broadcasting of this raid, as well as all the information pertaining to it."

Information would always translate into money.

And information pertaining to a raid boss that dropped an S-rank spear would definitely translate into money.

Moreover, he had footage of him defeating Caraco.

If he showed this to Jin Cheol, wouldn't he ask him to sign a contract with him immediately?

"Alright," Sephiro replied immediately.

Kang Oh passed him the bundle of feathers.

"Now I just need a horn!"

Sephiro's face was filled with joy.

'Was the Lasselpino Bow an upgradeable weapon?'

Kang Oh recalled that the Lasselpino Bow was part of an upgradeable class of weapons. 

'Well, who cares if he can upgrade it or not. It's none of my business.'

Kang Oh examined the remaining items.

He lifted a soul that looked like yellow candy.

It was an A-rank soul that would increase his main stats by +2, as well as imparting him with a 5% increased lightning resistance.

Kang Oh swallowed Caraco's Soul in one go.

[Main stats +2]

[Lightning resistance has increased by 5%.]

Next, he examined the boots and armor that Caraco had dropped.

They were A-rank equipment that had a level 150 requirement. However, they were much worse than the Baramut armor set.

'This'll go to the auction house.'

Kang Oh finished appraising all of the items.

He was done here.

"Let's go back!"


Kang Oh, Sephiro, and Eder returned to Altein.

"You have nine times left. Nine!"

Sephiro left.

"I think I'll have to return to my mansion to rest."

Eder, back in his blacked and wounded skeleton body, left as well.

"Let's go see Grano."

The sole remaining member, Kang Oh, began walking towards the Mage's Tower. 

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