Chapter 390. Burglary (2)

"Let's go." Kang Oh, who'd killed all of the Hwarang guild members here, went into the hidden dungeon with Asu and Sephiro in tow.

[You have entered the hidden dungeon, Adelia's Resting Place.]

Sometime later...

Once they made their way through the entire hidden dungeon, they found themselves in front of the dungeon's master.

Adelia was a beautiful, six-winged woman. Her eyes were covered by eye-patches, and she had pointy ears and flowing golden hair.

Of course, they couldn't let her beautiful looks deceive them. Each of Adelia's wings possessed a unique and dangerous ability.

"Visitors?" Adelia said calmly.

"That's right. Are you this dungeon's guardian?" Kang Oh asked politely.

"Indeed. I am Adelia. I was given the sacred duty of managing this dungeon by the great Dungeon Master." Adelia slightly bowed her head.

'Dungeon Master.'

His guardians had mentioned him before. Apparently, the 'Dungeon Master' created the soul dungeons. However, this individual had disappeared without a trace, so no one knew where he was at the moment. 

"My name is Kang Oh. These are my companions, Sephiro and Asu."

"It's a pleasure." Adelia smiled.

"I'd like to become the soul dungeon's owner," Kang Oh said.

"If you wish to become the soul dungeon's owner, then bring me a Divine Feather."

"A Divine Feather?" Sephiro tilted his head. 'What is that?'

"It's one of Lady Gracius's feathers. Her wings are greater than any other. And once a year, she flies through the air and drops one of her feathers."

"Gracius..." Kang Oh had seen the Protector of Life, Gracius, before. She lived in the Temple of Life, which resided within the flying city, Grand Lotus.

Thus, he could go there and ask Gracius for a feather. If not, he could ask Man Bok to procure one for him.

However, there was an easier way.

"I apologize, but I'm going to take it by force." Kang Oh drew his demon swords.

"That can also serve as proof that you're qualified." Adelia remained calm, despite Kang Oh's change in attitude.


Adelia stretched out her six wings. Each of these wings allowed her to use a different ability: gravity, vibration, explosion, wind, luck, and death. 


Her gravity wing glowed. Then, the gravity around Kang Oh changed.


It completely missed him. Kang Oh had already left the area. His Hyper Intuition had warned him of the danger beforehand, so he had quickly gotten out of the way.


Sephiro's arrow flew through the air.

Adelia's explosion wing glowed.


The arrow was caught in an explosion, breaking it into pieces.

Asu rushed forward.

This time, Adelia's wind wing glowed.


A whirlwind rose from the ground.

Asu bit her lip and threw herself to the side.


Adelia forcefully flapped her vibration wing. A shockwave rippled outwards.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh swung Ubist diagonally.

Tempest Tiger!

A giant tiger flew straight at Adelia, ripping right through the shockwave.

This time, Adelia's luck wing began to shine.

All of a sudden, the ceiling crumbled and rocks fell over her head. However, none of the debris so much as touched her. 


Tempest Tiger struck the debris instead of her, creating a huge dust cloud.

At that moment...

He didn't feel a chill; he actually shivered. Kang Oh immediately threw himself out of the way.

A hole suddenly appeared where he'd been standing.

Hole of Death!

Anyone who falls into this hole dies no matter what. That was the power of Adelia's death wing.

Asu suddenly knelt to the floor.


Gravity Shackles!

With the power of her gravity wing, Adelia increased the gravity around Asu. She couldn't move a muscle.


All of a sudden, a giant whirlwind appeared, which devoured both Sephiro and Waryong.

Whirlwind Prison!

Waryong spewed its flames, while Sephiro shot arrows. However, they couldn't get out of the prison.

Asu, Sephiro, and Waryong wouldn't be able to move for at least 2 minutes.


Adelia walked through the dust cloud, her six wings outstretched.

"It's not too late. Leave and bring me a Divine Feather," Adelia said mercifully.

"Why?" Kang Oh asked.

"You saw my power." Adelia pointed at Asu, who was being pushed down by gravity, and Sephiro, who was trapped in the whirlwind.

Adelia hated killing, so she was giving them a chance to leave.

"I saw. I'll finish this in 5 minutes." Kang Oh was clearly provoking her. However, it was also the truth.

Adelia's six heterogeneous wings were powerful, no doubt about that. However, Adelia left herself wide open. At least in Kang Oh's opinion, that is.

"If you can't beat me within 5 minutes, then leave." Kang Oh's provocation had no effect on her.

"Fine by me." Kang Oh grinned. His black and red demon swords wrapped him in their energy.

Devil Trigger!

Demonic horns jutted out of his head, dark red wings protruded from his back, and his body was covered in bone armor as red as blood. As always, a beautiful tail swished behind him. The Dual Demon had appeared!

That wasn't all.

Kang Oh pulled out a BB-rank mass-produced steel sword from his inventory.


All of his abilities were increased twofold! 

Kang Oh emitted an ominous and dangerous dark red energy. 

Adelia's expression stiffened. She realized that Kang Oh wasn't the same as before.


Kang Oh kicked off the floor and charged right at her.

Adelia fought him using the power of her six wings.

Dual Demon Kang Oh!

Six-winged Adelia!

It was like the battle between an angel and a demon. 

* * *

Once Gravity Shackles and Whirlwind Prison's time was up, Asu, Sephiro, and Waryong were able to move again. 

They got ready to attack Adelia, but there was no reason to get involved.


The demon was clearly winning the battle.

"Hoo, Mr. Kang Oh really is crazy strong," Sephiro muttered, looking upon Kang Oh's transformed state.


Waryong nodded its head.

"Right!?" Asu beamed from beside him. 'As expected of Oppa!'

"He loves money a little too much. Plus, he sometimes acts like a gangster, and forces me to work too much like a company president. He likes doing bad stuff, but his skill is undeniable."

"Excuse me!?" Asu glared at him.

"What is it? Did I say something wrong?" Sephiro stared right into her eyes. His eyes were completely unwavering. Why? Because he was saying the irrefutable truth!

"No, you're right. That's him in a nutshell." Asu had to acknowledge it.

"I suppose he can be reasonable. At his core, he's not a bad person," Sephiro said.

There were some really bad people in the world. The type of people that stomped on others for the sake of their own pleasure and ambitions! When compared to people like that, Kang Oh was just bad enough.

"You're right." Asu nodded her head.

While the two were discussing Kang Oh's pros/cons, Kang Oh completely gained the upper hand against Adelia.

Adelia's abilities were astounding.

However, she couldn't match up to Kang Oh. After all, he was using his Hyper Intuition in tandem with Gluttony, Devil Trigger, Festival of Blood, Transcendent Blade, and Mad Wind's Sword.

Moreover, Kang Oh's experience, abilities, and senses were far greater than Adelia's.

Adelia fought till the bitter end, but she couldn't prevent her defeat.

Ultimately, Demon Sword Ubist reached her neck.

"I lost," Adelia proclaimed and folded her wings.

"Please give me the soul stone," Kang Oh retracted his sword and said.

"Understood." Her chest glowed with light, and the soul stone popped out of it.


Kang Oh snatched the soul stone and gripped it tightly.

[You have grabbed an owned soul stone.]

[A Sacred Duel will now begin to determine the dungeon's master.]

[The victor can only be determined in a one-on-one fight. No one else can help you.]

[Summoning Faussman's Laboratory's master.]






[The soul dungeon's master has appeared!]

A bright pillar of light surged into the air, and a man walked out of it. He wore light black armor, and steel gloves on his hands. 

This was Hwarang's guildmaster, Muhorang. He was a Fighter, and he was a middle ranker in the 500s.

[The Sacred Duel has begun.]

[If your opponent's HP reaches 0 or they surrender, then you win.]

[You have one hour to complete the fight. If you cannot defeat the dungeon's master within 1 hour, then the duel will end in your defeat.]

[All skill, spell, and item effect cooldowns have been reset. They are only reset during the Sacred Duel. They will go back on cooldown once the Sacred Duel ends.]

A ring of light appeared on the ground. Sephiro and Asu, who weren't part of the one-on-one fight, were pushed out of the ring.

"It is you. Numbers Kang Oh," Muhorang said after looking him over.

"C'mon," Kang Oh curtly said. 'I'm a busy guy. Let's finish this quickly.'

"Why are you attacking our guild? Are you aiming for our soul dungeon? Do you have any idea what'll happen? When the war's over, our guild and the Hercules Guild won't let you go scot free." Muhorang snarled.

At that moment...

Demon Sword Blood was colored blood red.

Festival of Blood!

At the same time...

Transcendent Blade!

Demon Sword Ubist flashed.

"Keok!" Muhorang widened his eyes, seeing the jet-black blade embedded in his heart. Huge shards of light burst from the wound.

"You crazy bastard!" Muhorang counterattacked. A powerful energy surged from his fist.

Tiger Strike!

Kang Oh immediately bent back. A roaring tiger grazed the bangs of his hair.

He immediately swung Blood upwards.


A white line followed his blood red sword! His blade cleaved right through the center of Muhorang's body.

"Uaahk!" Muhorang screamed and swung both his fists.

Explosive Fist!

Bam, bam, bam!

Every punch created a small explosion.

Moon's Protection.

Kang Oh's necklace glowed, and his body was surrounded by a full moon shaped barrier.

Muhorang stopped punching, and opened his arms wide. His steel gloves began to accumulate purple energy.

Rapid Charge!

His gloves would increase his abilities proportional to how much energy he gathered.

He was finished charging by the time Kang Oh's barrier faded. Muhorang gritted his teeth, and swung his fist again.

True Fist of Ruin!

This was his most powerful skill. His body unleashed yellow energy everywhere like an avalanche.

Kang Oh crossed his swords in an X, and then softly swung them. 

Mad Wind's Sword!

His sixth swing was accompanied by a Darkness Strike. A jet-black beast shot out of Ubist, and Blood likewise unleashed a shining, scarlet bat-shaped wave.

Bam! Bam!

He had poked holes through Fist of Ruin's yellow energy.

"No way!" Muhorang widened his eyes. To think he'd be able to block his Fist of Ruin after he'd strengthened it with Rapid Charge!

Kang Oh continuously swung his blades, and sliced through Muhorang's body.

Swish, slash, swish, slash, swish!

"I'll get you for this!" Muhorang said before he died.


Once his blade went through Muhorang's body, he fell to the floor.

Kang Oh looked down at the ashen Muhorang, and slowly lowered his swords.

[You have defeated the dungeon's master in a Sacred Duel.]

[You are now the master of the soul dungeon, Faussman's Laboratory.]

[As punishment for losing the Sacred Duel, Muhorang and the Hwarang Guild cannot enter Faussman's Laboratory for a week.]

Kang Oh turned around.


"It's nice to meet you, my new master." Adelia bowed her head.

"Take care of the dungeon. And please activate the magic circle too."


Kang Oh stared at Asu and Sephiro. 

"Let's go." 

Then, he stepped onto the transfer magic circle.

'I'll take them all.'

His housebreaking had only just begun. There was still a ton of delicious food left. 

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