Chapter 380. Gold Dragon

For three days, Kang Oh traveled with the 100 Fighters, and searched for a Kalvaidum.

Of course, he heard about Ecle Palace and the mysterious scroll too. However, he wasn't interested in the dungeon. 

Kang Oh believed that the mysterious scroll was just a rumor. After all, if it was real, then it'd be way too overpowered.

Anyhow, Kang Oh watched Dion closely for the past three days. Dion was a skilled dual-wielder, and there was a lot to learn from him.

"Mr. Dion."


"I wanted to ask you about Mad Wind's Sword."

The more you attacked a target, the faster your attacks would become. That was the core of Mad Wind's Sword.

In exchange, the user would take twice as much damage. Also, its MP and Stamina usage was severe.

Dion was at his strongest when he used this skill in tandem with his twin swords.

Kang Oh couldn't help but want it.

"What about it?"

"Is it a secret move?"

"It is."

Like Transcendent Blade, Mad Wind's Sword was a Swordsman secret move. 

"Can I learn it too?"

"Why? You want to learn it?"

"Of course," Kang Oh immediately replied. 'I really want to learn it!'

"I can't teach it to you."


"Yeah. I'm not a Master yet, so I'm not fit to teach anyone. In exchange, I can introduce you to the person who taught it to me."

"Who is it?"

"I can't tell you for free."

Kang Oh pouted. "What do you want?"

"According to Lord Burkan, you're creating dragon equipment and selling it."

"Yes, that's right."

"I'm a weapon collector. But I don't have a weapon made of dragon materials yet."

"Does it just have to be a weapon made using dragon materials?"

"No, it has to be at least S-rank. I won't accept anything less."

"Hmm." Kang Oh stroked his chin. 'A secret move for a piece of dragon equipment, huh.'

"This deal favors you way too much. You're not even going to teach me the technique; you'll just be introducing me to the person who can."

"Whatever then." Dion didn't care either way.

"Ahem. Understood."

Ultimately, Kang Oh accepted his request. Though he could keep pumping out dragon equipment, secret techniques couldn't easily be learnt.

"Bring me the item. Then I'll tell you where he is."


Kang Oh didn't immediately leave for the item. He hadn't yet acquired a Kalvaidum's Heart.

"Enemies are coming," Darion said.



Hundreds of monsters were coming down the mountainside.

"Get ready for battle!"

* * *

Hercules Guild headquarters.

A long haired man bit his fingers atop a ornately decorated chair. He was Setinel's Sage, Shion. 

His class was Sage. A Sage was a higher rank Druid class, much like how a Demonic Swordsman was a higher rank Swordsman class. Shion was the only Druid who'd class changed into a Sage. 


The door opened, and in came a blond haired man. He was Paton, Shion's right-hand man. 

"What did you find?" Shion asked.

"Rumors are being spread about us. However, we can't identify the source," Paton said, looking regretful.

People were saying that the Hercules Guild should be removed from the 5 great guilds.

The other four guilds' leaders were Numbers. However, Shion had dropped out of the Numbers, so they claimed that the Hercules Guild wasn't on the same level as the other four.

"Tch. It must be one of the other four guilds." Shion grimaced.

The other four guilds would love to see the Hercules Guild go. After all, it meant that one of their competitors was gone.

"We can't be shaken by these rumors. Please don't let it bother you."

"I know. But if we don't take proper action and these rumors continue, then we may actually lose our spot amongst the top 5," Shion said.

After all, the smallest of cracks could cause a large dam to collapse!

"Then what should we do?" Paton carefully asked.

"We'll have to show the world our strength."

The Hercules Guild hadn't weakened just because he'd dropped out of the Numbers. They would prove it to the people. That the Hercules Guild had the power and influence that befit one of the 5 great guilds!

"Everyone's been focused on the Ecle Palace lately, right?"


"A scroll that increases a skill/spell's rank. Do you really think it exists?"

"I'm not sure."

"If that overpowered item really does exist, then we have to take possession of it." Shion's eyes burned with greed. If he obtained the scroll, then he'd be able to rejoin the Numbers again.

"Yes, of course."

"Why don't we occupy Ecle Palace right away? That way, we'll be able to find out whether the mysterious scroll really exists, and we'll also show off how strong our guild is."

"If we act, then the other 4 guilds will follow."

"True. But what if we seize it before they can?"

"It's too dangerous. Plus, you know how much harder it is to protect something than to steal it. It'd be a pain if the other guilds form an alliance."


"We should see how things go for now."

"Got it. But when the time is right, we're going to mobilize, so get everyone ready."


"Go on."

Once Paton left, Shion went back to biting his fingers.

* * *

While traveling alongside the 100 Fighters, Kang Oh would occasionally fly into the air and search for a Kalvaidum.

What's the saying again, 'Faith will move a mountain.'?

[You have discovered the Mountain Adapted Kalvaidum, Kalad.]

[It is a named monster.]

Kang Oh, who was flying in the air, spotted a Kalvaidum in the mountains.

"Tasha, it's him!"


Kang Oh flew towards it. 


The hornless rhino-lookalike roared. Whenever it moved, its brown fur would drag against the ground.


Kang Oh dove vertically, closed the distance, and swung both of his demon swords.

Abyss Claw!

Fresh Blood Wave!

The jet-black aura was followed by a surging red blast. Both struck the Kalvaidum head-on.

Bam! Bam!

Then, the Kalvaidum charged.


Thud! Thud! Thud!

Its heavy body caused the ground to shake, but it didn't impede its speed in the slightest.

Festival of Blood!

Blood was coated in blood red energy, and Kang Oh swung his blades in an X.

Tempest Tiger!

Lightning Breath!

A golden aura shot out of Demon Sword Ubist, while a blast of blue lightning erupted from Demon Sword Blood.

Boom! Boom!

The Kalvaidum reeled from the impact, but it didn't stop its charge.


Right before it rammed into Kang Oh with its massive body...!

Moon's Protection!

A moon shaped barrier wrapped around Kang Oh.


Upon impact, it sounded as though an egg had been cracked. However, the barrier was completely unscathed. To block any and all damage for 3 seconds. What a truly amazing item effect.

With its charge ending in failure, the Kalvaidum opened its mouth and gathered white flames.

As soon as Moon's Protection ended, Kang Oh used Abyss Shield. His Abyss Shield and Draka set kept him from taking much fire damage.

Right when the flames ended...


Kang Oh pushed through the flames, and unleashed a vicious assault in his Dual Demon form.

Slash! Cut! Thrust! Transcendent Blade! Cut! Thrust! Cut!

Kang Oh repeatedly left wound after wound on the monster's body. He wasn't swinging his swords haphazardly; he did his very best to aim for its weak spots. 


Red shards of light burst from its body like firecrackers. Eventually, black shards came out too.  Demon Sword Ubist had activated 'Fang Bearing Blade'!

30 seconds later, Demon Sword Blood returned to its original form. The snow-white blade endlessly absorbed the shards of light, causing more and more stars to appear on its length.

Kang Oh quickly replenished the HP he'd spent on Festival of Blood.


The Kalvaidum tried to head-butt him. Contrary to how heavy it looked, the Kalvaidum's attack was extremely quick and dangerous.

His Hyper Intuition had already warned him of danger, so he reacted to it quickly. 


Kalad's head slammed into the floor, causing the ground to split apart. It was as though the land had suffered a long drought. 

What power! But it was pointless if it didn't hit.

It seemed smart enough to know that this wasn't working, as it shot white flames at Kang Oh once more. However, Kang Oh thrust Ubist into its mouth first.

Everlasting Darkness!


The massive darkness devoured Kalad. It was so powerful that Kalad's body floated about 2 centimeters off the ground, and then fell to its side.


It was as if a trolley had fallen over.

Kang Oh kicked off the floor, leapt into the sky, and landed on its downed body.

"Give me your heart!" He raised both demon swords simultaneously, and then stabbed Kalad.

Stab! Stab!

His jet-black and snow-white blades pierced through its heart area. Kang Oh twisted his swords, causing red shards of light to explode out of the wound.


The dying Kalad let out a sorrowful cry. It also left behind the heart he wanted too.

'I have the Death Eagles' eggs and a Kalvaidum's Heart, so all I need is a Kaitan's Horn and Draxek Powder.'

Kang Oh placed the heart into his inventory and ripped a return scroll.

* * *

A 5-story store opened for business on south main street. The sign depicted a golden dragon biting a black hammer.

Gold Dragon!

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that this was the most popular store as of late.

Beginners, intermediate players, and rankers all came to this place at least once. There were plenty of regulars that came every day too. Plenty of people came over from other cities as well. 

It was only natural. Gold Dragon was the only store in all of Arth that sold dragon equipment! Not only that, but they were S-rank or above. They didn't even sell AA-rank goods.

Moreover, they spared no expense on the interior of the store, and they provided friendly service to anyone and everyone.

Of course, that was why the goods were so expensive. The cheapest item cost 10,000 gold. In real money terms, it cost 50 million won ($50,000 USD).

It was the equivalent of a luxury goods store in a fantasy world.

'Looks like business is good.' 

Kang Oh felt happy seeing so many people crowding the store. He was, of course, wearing shabby clothes and a helmet that covered his face.

If the store did good, then he'd make more money.

"Welcome," a female worker said brightly. She must've been trained well, as she treated him with respect despite how shabby his clothes were. "Please take your time to look around. If you need something, please let me know."

"Yes. Is Mr. Man Bok in?" Kang Oh asked.

"The president is on the 5th floor. Shall I give him a message for you?"


"Who is this from?"

"Tell him it's his partner."

"Excuse me?"

"He'll understand if you tell him that."

"Understood." The female employee smiled and touched her earring. It was a communication earring, something Kang Oh had once used in the past.

"Yes, someone claiming to be your partner wants to meet with you. Yes, yes. I understand." She then kindly pointed towards the stairs.

"Please follow me. I'll take you there."

"Thank you."

Sometime later...

Kang Oh met Man Bok in his office on the 5th floor.

"As I thought, it was you, Mr. Kang Oh."

"Is business going well?"

"As you can see." Man Bok beamed.

"That's nice to hear. I came here to ask you a favor."

"A favor? What is it?"

"I need an S-rank weapon made of dragon materials."

He needed it in exchange for information on Mad Wind's Sword.

"The quality doesn't matter?"

"No. Just give me the worst item you have. You see, I'm trading it for information."

"Information, huh... What kind of information?'

"Information that'll allow me to learn a Swordsman's secret technique."

"It seems worth the price of a sword."

"I feel like I'm losing out, but it's harder for me to obtain a secret technique than dragon equipment. That's why I accepted."

"It was a good decision. I have just the thing in storage." Man Bok went through a door in his office, and came out sometime later.

He came out holding a magnificent sword of gold and silver.

"Please take this. It's an S-rank weapon, but Mr. Hoffman called it a failure. He asked that we not sell this if at all possible."

Kang Oh took the weapon and looked it over. In his opinion, it definitely wasn't a failure.

'It's kind of a waste to give this to Dion.'

But what could he do? This was a Swordsman secret technique, after all.

"I'll use it well." Kang Oh left the store and returned to the Phamas Mountains. 

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