Chapter 377. Hoffman's Request

Kang Oh shined the Magic Lamp on the dark passageway. He soon reached a vast room shrouded in darkness.

"Akite, I'm here!" Kang Oh yelled, and two flames ignited in the dark.


The room brightened, as if a fluorescent light had been turned on, and a giant Bone Dragon's form was revealed.

"Why have you come to bother me... This energy... Lord Gainus? Why do I feel Lord Gainus's energy from you?" Akite's jaw bobbed up and down.

Akite became an undead dragon of his own free will, allowing him to retain his knowledge and intellect. It was obvious that he'd know about the Divine Dragon, also called the Primordial Dragon.

"He and I worked together to kill the ancient Mayanes. Ah, you know them too, right? You're a dragon after all. I heard that the dragons fought them in the past," Kang Oh said.

"The Mayanes! They killed more dragons than any other. It's faint, but I can feel their disgusting energy too."

"I killed them." Kang Oh dragged a finger across his throat.


"Does it sound like I'm lying?"

"No. Good work."

Though Akite was only composed of bones, Kang Oh could tell that he was smiling.

[Closeness with the Bone Dragon, Akite, has increased significantly.]

[The Bone Dragon, Akite, thinks you are less of a pest now.]

'Hoh.' Kang Oh's eyes gleamed.

This was a chance to score some brownie points with this shameless dragon.

"Hoo, hoo. Then let me tell you all the juicy details. I'll tell you about how I met the Divine Dragon too."

"Go on."

"The first Mayanes I killed was Mayanes Diabol."

"Diabol. Diabol the Beast?"

"Yeah, that guy."

Kang Oh began to explain how he'd killed the Mayanes. He also made sure to exaggerate and dramatize some events too!

"He asked me to spare him."

He also added what Akite wanted to hear.

"Those dirty, prideless fools!" Akite roared.

"He actually begged for his life. He's nothing like a dragon," Kang Oh interjected. He made sure to add some flattery in too. 

If Diabol could hear him, he'd go on a rampage. But he wasn't here right now, so he could say whatever he wanted!

"Of course!" Akite pridefully raised his head.

[Closeness with the Bone Dragon, Akite, has increased significantly.]

Kang Oh smiled satisfyingly, and continued his story.

He glamorized the Divine Dragon, Gainus, making him sound like a hero who'd saved the world, while he made Krishan, Jacques, Kragon, etc. sound like the most wicked, dirty, and cowardly villains ever.

"Aah, I wish I could've been born a dragon too. They're such great beings!" Kang Oh praised dragons once more.



"That's right!"

The Bone Dragon, Akite, would chime in and act snobbishly.

[Closeness with the Bone Dragon, Akite, has increased significantly.]

[Closeness with the Bone Dragon, Akite, has increased.]

[Closeness with the Bone Dragon, Akite, has increased.]



Kang Oh smacked his hands together.

"That's everything I have. We've killed four Mayanes so far, which only leaves four left."

"Good job. I like you."

[The Bone Dragon, Akite, thinks that you are an alright human. Henceforth, he will welcome your visits.]

"If someone else comes and offers me more than 1 million gold, I won't give them the soul stone."

At first, Akite had, without a hint of loyalty, stated that he'd pass the soul stone to anyone that offered him more than 1 million gold. 

Kang Oh's lips curled upwards.

However, Akite just had to rain on his parade.

"But 3 million gold might change my mind."

'Damn you, you money grubbing lizard!'

If Eder or Sephiro were here, then they'd say something like 'The guardian takes after its master.'. After all, money was the only thing on Kang Oh's mind!

"Ahem, I got it. Also, could you pass me the soul stone?" Kang Oh stretched out his hand, and a soul stone engraved with a dragon's skull came out of Akite's body.

"Dungeon Management."

Kang Oh looked over the Dungeon Management window.

'Mm, so they did come.'

According to the Dungeon Log, the Storm Guild had visited this place. However, the Saul Graveyard was a high difficulty zone. It seems like they couldn't stay here, so they chose to go someplace else. 

Nothing else out of the ordinary happened besides the Storm Guild's brief visit. 

'I obviously didn't gain any repel points either.'

He couldn't even dream of expanding this dungeon, as he didn't have any repel points.

"Give me my reward."

"Got it."

A giant sphere of light appeared in front of Akite's skull. The orb slowly floated down to Kang Oh.

The light dissipated, revealing the various dragon materials within.

'Let's check just in case. 20 Dragon Scales. For bones, there's one, two... ten. We're good!'

Kang Oh made sure he got exactly what he'd been promised. He had to make sure Akite didn't steal any of them.

'The right number of skin and bones!'

The reward was exact.

'This is my second piece of a dragon's heart.'

Gathering six pieces would form a complete dragon's heart. There were an unlimited amount of applications for a dragon's heart.


He shook the bottle containing the dragon's blood. Apparently, drinking it would increase one's magic stat and maximum MP a ton. If Kang Oh were a mage, then he'd have drunk it down immediately.

"Thanks." Kang Oh grinned. 'My inventory's filled with dragon materials, so it makes me feel full!'

"You're leaving?"


"Come again. But don't come too often."

'To think that Akite would tell me to come back! My silver tongue really put some work in!'

"Yeah, I'll come again. Bye." Kang Oh returned the soul stone, and stood atop the magic circle. "Black Hammer Dwarves' Hideout!"


Light arose from the magic circle, and Kang Oh completely disappeared. Unlike usual, the Bone Dragon, Akite, watched Kang Oh leave and then deactivated the Light magic.

His flames dissipated, and darkness shrouded the room once more.

* * *

Light rose from the Black Hammer Dwarves' magic circle, and Kang Oh appeared from within it. 

"Oh, Mr. Kang Oh." The always kind Man Bok stood in front of him. He had a giant wagon with him, which contained items that could only be obtained from Despia's Volcanic Region.

It seemed like he was on his way back. He must've already provided the dwarves with Phamas Beer, cigars, and other necessities in exchange for precious materials. 

"Mr. Man Bok! How have you been?"

"I've been really busy lately."

"I heard you were opening a store in Altein."

"Yes. I thought it best that I oversee everything myself, so I bought a building there."

"When do you plan on opening?"

"In a week."

"Are the goods alright?"

"Yes. Mr. Hoffman and the other blacksmiths worked diligently to create excellent equipment for us." Man Bok grinned.

"Please sell them at a high price."

"I will."

"When the store opens, I'll come for a visit."

"Yes, please do. Ah, and congratulations on rising in the ranks."

"Thank you."

"Then, if you'll excuse me."

"Take care."

Man Bok took his wagon and left via the magic circle.

Kang Oh followed the passageway, and arrived at Randelhoff's room.

"Kang Oh, it's been a while."

"Long time no see."

He was greeted by Randelhoff, whose face was covered in black stones, and Book, who wore an eye patch over one of his eyes.

"Yes, it has. How have you been?"

"Not bad," Randelhoff said.

"What happened? Did someone come and find you?"

Several players were trying to find Despia. If a player managed to find out how to get to Despia, then... They would've gone through the Volcanic Region and found the Black Hammer Dwarves.

"Who'd come to this barren, dangerous land? Mr. Man Bok comes occasionally, giving us some small comforts."

"I see." Kang Oh nodded his head.

'So I'm still in the clear.'

Then again, it wasn't all that easy to find the way to Despia. On the night of the full moon, you had to be consumed by the giant Death Worm, and go through its maze-like body!

"So what'd you come here for today?" Randelhoff asked, as Kang Oh was standing still.

"I brought some more dragon materials. I came here to give them to you."

"Mm, is that so?"

"Yes. Is Hoffman in the smithy?"

"Probably. After all, he eats, sleeps, and swings his hammer in there."


Kang Oh left the Chieftain's room, and headed for the smithy.

The closer he got to the smithy, the clearer the hammer sounds became. It also became hotter too. 

He entered the smithy, and was greeted by the sight of Hoffman and the other blacksmiths pounding away with their hammers.

Kang Oh waited patiently.

'It looks like they're making dragon equipment, so I shouldn't bother them!'

A short while later...

Hoffman put down his hammer and came over.

"I brought some more dragon materials," Kang Oh said.

"The storehouse is this way."

Kang Oh followed Hoffman into the storehouse, which was right next to the smithy. The storehouse was locked, and only two people had the key: Hoffman and Randelhoff!

Kang Oh pulled out the dragon scales, skin, bones, claws, etc., and placed them into the storehouse.

"20 scales, 10 dragon skin, 10 bones, and 5 claws."

"Mm, it's all there."

"Here you go." Kang Oh stared Hoffman in the eye. 'They're precious materials, so keep them safe!'

"Thank you."

"Then, keep up the good work." 

Since he had no further business here, Kang Oh started to walk out. However, Hoffman grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait a second."


"I have something to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I'd like to start creating your demon sword."

"Then?" Kang Oh's eyes gleamed. 'I've been waiting so long for this!'

"Learning the mystery of metal and working with dragon materials day after day has increased my skills."

Hoffman was this close to becoming a Master. Of course, that didn't mean he would automatically become one. If he wanted to become a Master Blacksmith, then he needed to create a masterpiece.

"I'm confident that I can create a blade that can slay Inarius."

"Please forge a powerful blade, one capable of slaying a dragon. I'm counting on you."

"But I'd like you to do me a favor."

"What is it?"

"Normally, I'd ask you what kind of demon sword you'd like. However, I'd like to design the sword this time."

"You want me to leave it to you?"


"I agree, but please keep this in mind."

"What is it?"

"It has to be a demon sword. In other words, please use your special ability as a Black Hammer Dwarf to imbue it with the power of darkness."

"That's the plan."

"I'm counting on you." Kang Oh bowed deeply.

"I have another request."

"Go ahead."

"The mystery of metal is the ability to create alloys. Do you know what alloys are?"


An alloy. By mixing various materials together, an alloy, or a metal with unique characteristics, would be born.

"There's an alloy that involves adamantium. It's called Halium! It's the toughest alloy in the world, while being surprisingly light! I'd like to create the sword out of Halium and the dragon materials."

"Please do. I agreed to leave it all to you."

"However, there are some materials I need to create Halium. Please get those materials for me."

"I'll let Mr. Man Bok know. He should be able to get you what you need in a few days."

Hoffman shook his head. "Please get them for me yourself."

"You want me to do it?"

"A masterpiece can only be created with Orgon's approval. Orgon's heart can only be moved by a genuine heart, superb skill, unwavering focus, and sincerity."

"So you want me to acquire the materials myself to prove my sincerity?"


"In other words, you want me to kill the monsters and get the materials directly from the source. Buying them from the auction house or someone else is out of the question."


"Is that a must?"

'Do you know how the world works nowadays!?'

"Yes." Hoffman's voice was firm, and his eyes were unwavering.

Kang Oh bit his lip.

'I'm busy enough looking for hidden/soul dungeons as it is, so when am I going to find the time to do this!?'

However, he wouldn't be able to dissuade Hoffman. 

'Look at those stiffly closed lips of his!'

"Hoo, I understand."

"Thank you for agreeing to my request. In exchange, I'll build you the finest sword."

"You have to."

No matter what!

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