Chapter 374. First Hunter's Final Shoot

GBS's First Hunter conference room.

When Kang Oh died, his live stream ended. Thus, the staff members believed that Kang Oh had failed.

Ring! Ring!

All of a sudden, Jin Cheol's phone began to ring. He checked the caller, and then immediately picked up.

"Mr. Jae Woo."

- Yes, Producer?

"How unfortunate."

- Hmm? What is?

"You failed the Wukong raid."

- Who said that?

"Excuse me?"

- We beat him.

"You beat him!?" Jin Cheol raised his voice, allowing the other staff members to hear him.

- Yes. We beat him.

"Hoh, really?"

- Yes.

"How exactly? I watched you die. Did Mr. Bart finish him off?" Jin Cheol asked urgently.

- I'll send you the clip, so you can see it for yourself.

Viper and Bart had been filming the raid too. Procuring the footage from one of them, and then passing it onto Jin Cheol would be proof of his success. 

"I-I understand. Anyway, good work. I'm shocked that you really did it."

- 500 million.

"Yes, of course."

- I'll be hanging up now.


Once Jin Cheol ended the call, the staff members began swarming him.

"Did he beat Wukong?" the veteran writer, Yoon Mi, asked.

"So he says."

"Wow, no way!"


"In that situation?"


Jin Cheol clapped, drawing everyone's attention to him.

"Be patient. He's going to send us proof."


Sometime later...

Jae Woo sent Jin Cheol Bart's footage. Jin Cheol immediately played the footage on the council room's largest monitor.

They saw the red-furred Wukong destroying the Incarnation of Greed. It was definitely showing what happened after Kang Oh died.

Sometime later...

"What did I just watch?"

"Oh my gosh."

The staff members gaped.

A never before seen demonic beast came out of nowhere and devoured Wukong! It was an absolutely shocking turn of events. Moreover, that demonic beast even consumed Bart and Viper too! The clip ended with their deaths. 

"He wasn't lying. Wukong was killed, but where did the demonic beast come from? Why did it suddenly appear?"

"Can you really say that Kang Oh beat it?"

"I'm not so sure."

Jin Cheol looked at a particular message.

[I'm the demonic beast in the clip.]

"He's saying that he's the demonic beast," Jin Cheol smiled and said.

"Eh!? Really?"

"So he says."

"I thought the Black Beast was just a title. To think he could actually transform into one, after death at that!"

"But why did he kill Bart and Viper too?"

"Not sure."

"In any case, this is amazing footage. Let's go for double digit viewership ratings!" Jin Cheol said resolutely.

Kang Oh had done what even the 5 great guilds hadn't accomplished; kill the mythological beast, Wukong. He had even transformed into a demonic beast in the process! 

What kind of reaction would people have to this? Jin Cheol was excited just imagining how they'd react.

* * *

A few days later...

Today was the final shoot.

"Did you really beat him?"


Marco and Snow Flower stared at Kang Oh and asked. They had watched Kang Oh's live stream, and had seen Kang Oh die. Thus, they assumed that he had failed the raid.

However, GBS's staff members later informed them that Kang Oh had succeeded, which had shocked them to the core.

Once she saw Kang Oh fail, Snow Flower immediately started to prepare for the Wukong raid. She had even formed a raid team with the Black Lion, Raon, at its helm. But out of the blue, GBS had informed her that Kang Oh had actually succeeded.

She obviously didn't believe him. Even now, she still wasn't convinced. 

However, Wukong couldn't be found anywhere. He would always, without fail, appear once every day and cause mayhem in the Great Forest.

In their curiosity, some players entered the Stone Monkey's Hideout, only to hide it completely empty.

In any case, it was confirmed that Wukong was dead.

"Yes, I beat him." The helmeted Jae Woo nodded his head.

"How?" Snow Flower immediately asked.

"They'll show the clip a little later. You can see for yourself."


Jae Woo passed through Marco and Snow Flower.

Sometime later...

Bright lights shined on the studio, and First Hunter's final shoot had begun.

"Hello, viewers. This is Jeon Seong Gook." As always, Seong Gook started the shoot enthusiastically.

"First Hunter has finally come to an end. Our hunters have killed Galmoss, Benolov, the Tower of Trials' Doppelganger, and Swift Diak."

Seong Gook caught his breath and briefly paused. 

"As you know, the final monster was the God of Destruction and Slaughter, Wukong. By the time you see this program, the news will probably be out. That Wukong, who'd routinely go out and slaughter people, is completely gone! Now then, it's time to formally introduce the player who managed to kill that annoying pest. It's none other than Mr. Kang Oh!"

Jin Cheol politely pointed his hands at Kang Oh. He was First Hunter's main protagonist, or perhaps its hero/champion!

Clap, clap, clap.

The staff clapped enthusiastically. Jae Woo softly waved his hand.

"You've killed Galmoss, Swift Diak, and now Wukong. You went first, but you succeeded anyway. You're amazing. I'm absolutely speechless. Truly!" 

"I heard that this hunt was harder than the rest. Is that true?" Seong Gook asked.

"Yes, it was the hardest." Jae Woo nodded his head.

"You got a game over halfway through too?"


"But you still beat Wukong?"


"I'd like to know how you beat Wukong, but we have some other business to get to first," Seong Gook said, and Jin Cheol brought out two bags containing 250 million won ($250,000 USD) each.

"Good job."

"It was really tough this time."

If Wukong respawned, he probably wouldn't be able to beat him a second time. For the moment, that is. 

Jae Woo was satisfied by the weight of the bags, but he also felt bitter. 200 million of this wasn't his. It was decided that 40% of it would go to the seven players that helped him.

"As always, we'll provide you with bodyguards and an escort." Jin Cheol pointed at the bodyguards standing in the corner.

"Yes. Please take care of me." Jae Woo passed the money bags to the bodyguards and returned to his seat.

"Usually, we'd continue our interview with Mr. Kang Oh here, but today's show is a little special. We'll be showing some of the highlights of Mr. Kang Oh's Wukong raid. Please take a look at the screen!"

Drum roll!

Solemn music played in the background as Kang Oh's team fought fiercely against Wukong.

The highlight progressed quickly, starting with Wukong picking off his team one by one. It then showed the raid team's counterattack, as well as Wukong countering back by equipping his gauntlets and showing his true strength.  

Eventually, it reached the climax!

Snow Flower, Marco, and Strong Punch's eyes widened. Kang Oh's live stream had ended, so they hadn't been able to see this part; the part where Wukong dies.


A demonic beast appeared out of nowhere and devoured Wukong. Then, the video came to an abrupt end. 

"Holy crap."

Snow Flower, Marco, and Strong Punch were absolutely speechless. That was a completely unexpected ending. They thought Bart had finished off Wukong.

Seong Gook clapped, bringing everyone's attention back to him.

"You must've been surprised by the demonic beast. Apparently, that demonic beast is Mr. Kang Oh. Isn't that right?"

"Yes. I can't tell you the details, but it's related to my class."

"Is it a special ability that you can use after you die?"

Jae Woo just smiled.

"Now that we're on the subject, let's ask a few questions. What was it like fighting Wukong in person?"

"He's one of the three strongest monsters I've ever fought." That was no exaggeration.

"What exactly made him tough to beat?"

Seong Gook began to ask him various questions. As always, Jae Woo kept his answers brief without giving much away.

"Mr. Bart, who is also part of the Numbers, joined you for this raid. Are you two close?"

"We don't hate each other."

"Have you fought Mr. Bart before?"

"Who do you think won?"

"I'm not sure. But it seems like you two have fought before."

Maybe it was because this was the last show. Seong Gook asked a crazy amount of questions, all of which were directed at Jae Woo.

"Then let's hear what the other contestants have to say. First, Ms. Snow Flower. You were after Mr. Kang Oh, but you didn't get a chance to perform."


"Are you really disappointed?"

"Yes, I truly am. Our guildmaster was going to join the raid too."

"Ah, the Black Lion, Raon."

"Yes. I wanted people to see how strong our guildmaster was, but I suppose it'll have to wait until next time."

"That's unfortunate. It was a chance to see another one of the Numbers after Mr. Bart... Ugh, Mr. Kang Oh shouldn't have killed Wukong!"

"It can't be helped." Snow Flower shrugged her shoulders. However, she couldn't completely hide her disappointment.

After that, Seong Gook spoke with Marco and Strong Punch for quite some time.

"Do you have anything to say to Mr. Kang Oh?"

"Greedy," Marco smiled cheerfully and said. But he also gave Kang Oh a thumbs up, as if he acknowledged Kang Oh's skill.

"Mr. Strong Punch, you're the only one who didn't win any money. What do we do? You go home with nothing."

"It just goes to show that my skills are lacking. It also shows that I'm not proactive enough. If I get another chance like this, then I'll show you something completely different," Strong Punch said firmly.

"I'll be rooting for you!" Seong Gook clenched his fists.

"Now then, I'd like to speak with you all some more, but time waits for no one. Thank you for all your hard work. No matter what anyone says, you all are the best hunters. I guarantee it. So if we're renewed for another season, please come back. Please don't leave me out either."

Seong Gook wanted to get hired again.

'I'll come on as much as you want, as long as there's a lot of money involved.' Jae Woo grinned.

There were some hiccups along the way, but Jae Woo had undeniably made a ton of money off First Hunter.

"Now, let's wrap things up. Let's all say goodbye together. Everyone, take care!" Seong Gook enthusiastically waved his hands, and the contestants said their goodbyes in their own way.

With this, the final shoot of First Hunter was over. Now, all that was left was for the rest of the episodes to be broadcasted.

The first episode, or the pilot, went well. If that's the case, then how high would the viewership be for the final episode?

They would just have to wait and see.

* * *

"Let's go." Kang Oh led the pack.

Sephiro, Helena, Dambi, Plum, and Yericka followed him. Yericka was a Druid that acted as their substitute healer, since Eder had gone on a trip to become stronger.

[Entering ???.]

A Basilisk, a formidable monster that was over level 600, greeted them.

'Five more until I'm finished with the spontaneous quest.'

If he completed the spontaneous quest, then Devil Trigger would rise to high-rank.

Kang Oh had low expectations.

'Will I be able to use Devil Trigger with two demon swords when it hits high-rank?'

Kang Oh was imagining himself holding both Demon Sword Ubist and Demon Sword Blood, and transforming into a red/black demon. 

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