Chapter 370. Bloody Battle with Wukong (2)

"Get out of here!" Wukong, who was carrying a giant tree branch with both hands, yelled. He was talking to the Stone Monkeys, not Kang Oh or his raid team. 


The monkeys turned around, showing their red butts, and climbed up the branches. They had understood his warning. If they stayed here, then they might get hit by Wukong's 'club'. 

Ukii-kii! Gya-gya-gyahk!

In exchange, the Stone Monkeys screamed even more enthusiastically than before. They were probably saying, 'Good luck, King!', or something like that.


Wukong leapt into the air, and landed in the middle of the room. Of course, he was still holding the branch with both hands. 


Green leaves fell from the branch. 

"Kuhahk!" Wukong swung the club as if he were sweeping the ground.

Kang Oh and his team were somewhat prepared for this, so they reacted immediately. 

An intense battle had begun.

They wanted to say that Wukong's fists were a joke. After all, they had no idea that one of the Agrashi tree's branches could be used as such as a deadly weapon!

Boom! Whack! Whack!

Wukong repeatedly swung his club, and the Agrashi tree, not the raid team, cried out first.


Wood and leaves fell from the branch, filling the ground like a green snowstorm. It was as if the tree was bleeding, as their noses were assaulted by the smell of the forest.

Of course, the tree wasn't the only one screaming.


"Oh god!"

"Ah, seriously!"

Normally, powerful AoE attacks were slow, giving players a chance to react to them. However, Wukong's club swept through everything like a typhoon.

Right now, there were only four people that could fight back: Kang Oh, Bart, Viper, and Mulan! They were the team's four strongest, and they dealt damage to Wukong however they could while dodging his club.

However, the rest of their team was a problem.

There was no place...

'To hide!' Sephiro rolled on the floor, avoiding the club. Then, he came up with a good idea. 

There was always a way out! 

"Everyone, climb the branches and get in-between the monkeys! If we're going to die, then we're taking them with us!"

The Stone Monkey's Hideout was at the top of the tree; it was a vast, smooth floor.

The tree's branches went everywhere, and the monkeys were watching from atop them. It was similar to a coliseum; the monkeys were the spectators, and they were the gladiators. However, Sephiro wanted them to get into the spectator stands. It was quite a good idea.

"It's worth a shot!" The Wind Tracker, Dambi, immediately tried it out. She leapt a few times, landing on a branch that the monkeys were watching from.

Kiik! Kiik!

'How dare you!' The Stone Monkeys made rocks and threw them at her. But it was nothing compared to Wukong.

Mine Arrow!

Once her arrow touched the floor, shrapnel flew everywhere, giving her space to land. As soon as she landed, she turned around and kicked the monkeys.


It was quite the sight; with a single kick, several monkeys had fallen off the branch.

"Let's go!" 

The others followed her lead, taking refuge in the branches too. 


The Stone Monkeys put up a fierce resistance, but they weren't nearly skilled enough.

No one was left in the ring with Wukong besides Kang Oh, Bart, Viper, and Mulan.

The fact that their entire team had left the ring wasn't good news for the four. It meant that Wukong would completely focus his attacks on them.

"You four rats! I'll kill you soon. Especially you!" Wukong stared at Kang Oh, and swept the floor with his club. Kang Oh and Mulan quickly leapt into the air.

Wukong shot a Ray of Destruction from his mouth, as if waiting for this very moment. There was nowhere for them to run. But still, they wouldn't go down without a fight.

'Now!' Kang Oh waited for the right moment, and then shot a Tempest Tiger. His body was blown in the opposite direction of his aura attack. 


He managed to avoid a direct hit. However, the Ray of Destruction had blown him back, causing him to land face first into the ground.

Mulan wasn't so lucky. He took the Ray of Destruction head-on. Boom! He sank deep into the floor.


Bart and Viper remained calm, even as Kang Oh and Mulan were taken down. Wukong had exposed himself the moment he shot a Ray of Destruction, and you can bet they took notice of it.

Yellow letters were engraved on Bart's dagger. It was an SS-rank weapon called Kunta's Legend!

Kunta was a genius. He was once a legendary Archmage and a Master Swordsman! 

It was a weapon with an overpowered ability; not only did it significantly increase the power of the user's skills/spells, but it also reduced the MP consumption by a huge margin.

Was there a weapon more suitable for Bart, who used several skills/spells, and could combine them to great effect?

Anyhow, this was a golden opportunity to launch one huge attack. A small, weak attack wouldn't do in this situation.

'I'll combine three of them!' Bart bit his dagger and stretched out his hands.

'Force light and darkness to mix...'

Light's Judgment + Darkness Wave + Chi Torpedo!

This was Bart's most powerful attack. He'd used it against Kang Oh before.

Chaos Sphere!


The Chaos Sphere struck Wukong's heel. 

At that moment...


The collision resulted in a massive explosion! 

Wukong's giant body flew into the air, turned halfway, and then landed on the ground. That's how powerful the explosion had been.

'My turn.' Viper jumped on top of Wukong's stomach. A dark, lightning-like energy surged from his dagger, making it longer than most longswords.

Grim Reaper's Sacrificial Blade!

Viper slashed, stabbed, and sliced.


He was most confident in the application of this skill. 

Swish! Slash! Swish!

Whenever he slashed, shards of light engraved with skulls would burst out. It was because of Grim Reaper's Sacrificial Blade. These shards signified that he did more damage than a normal hit, a critical hit, or an attack that nullified the target's defense.

It was as if these skull engraved shards of light were an invitation to the Grim Reaper himself.

Wukong quickly got a hold of himself, and swung his fist at Viper.


Viper's body went flying.


Wukong snarled and raised his upper body. 'How long has it been since someone forced me into the air!? How distasteful!'

Wukong immediately picked up the tree branch. Most of the leaves had fallen off, so it had become an ideal club. He immediately aimed for Bart, who'd caused the explosion that forced him into the air.


The club bent like a fishing rod and then struck the ground. 


His attack was powerful enough to crack the floor. However, Bart had used the Archer skill, Absolute Evasion, to avoid his attack.

Wukong swung the club downwards. Bart didn't even think about it; he just threw his body out of the way.


Wukong missed once more.

Then, Mulan, who'd been buried in the ground, rushed forward. However, he looked completely different. Silver fur covered his face and body. His mouth had become sharper, his ears were erect, and he bared his teeth, showing scarlet gums and two giant fangs!

This was why he was called the Wolf Warrior!

It was because he could transform into a werewolf. Transforming into a werewolf was similar to Kang Oh using Gluttony. All of his abilities were greatly enhanced.


He howled and then leapt into the air! Mulan instantly closed the distance, and forcefully swung his axe downwards.

Wolf's Hunt!

His axe released a yellow and gold wolf at Wukong. 

Bam, bam, bam!

"Who are you!?" Wukong horizontally swung his club at Mulan.


Mulan didn't fall back. He snarled like an actual wolf, and also swung his axe horizontally.

Giant's Axe!

His axe became gigantic, and split the tree branch in two.

"Grr!" Wukong threw away half the branch, and raised the other half into the air. 

Kang Oh suddenly reappeared above Wukong's head via Abyss Transfer. He was aiming for the top of his head, the weakness that was covered by his crown.

Lightning Breath!

The blue electric blast came down upon Wukong's head like a spear of lightning, but Wukong quickly blocked it with his club. 


The club was scorched and caught on fire.

"Tch. A tree branch isn't good enough." Wukong threw the branch away and suddenly stomped on the floor.


Bright light shined from his foot print, and something shot up into the air.

"This is where things get serious." Bart, who always looked relaxed, actually looked serious for once.

As someone who'd fought Wukong before and lost, Bart knew that Wukong hadn't shown anything yet. Now he would show what he was truly made of. Wukong had drawn his weapons.

"Mm." Wukong had summoned a pair of black and white metal gauntlets.

Click! Click!

Once he equipped them, his arms looked like robot arms, not monkey arms.

"Haha." Wukong smashed his fists together and laughed in satisfaction.

* * *

"Everyone, prepare for battle! Join the battle again," Kang Oh yelled.

Now that Wukong had armed himself, the four of them couldn't afford to fight by themselves anymore. They needed their entire team.

Kang Oh's teammates quickly returned to the battlefield, and stood a certain distance away from each other.

Kii, kii, kii!

The Stone Monkeys, who'd been chased away, made their way down, and began shrieking again. 'You can do it, King!'

"He's coming!" Mulan, who was at the forefront, yelled. Wukong had indeed taken a step forward.

"Attack!" Isher yelled.

The mages and archers unleashed long-range attacks. Sephiro's Giant Killer completely stood out.

Wukong extended his white gauntlet and drew a circle. Then, a spiral-shaped white cloud appeared, shrouding Wukong's body!

Whizz, whizz, whizz!

They couldn't tell whether their spells or arrows hit Wukong or not. He could create a cloud and control it however he wished!

"Mages, cast wind magic and blow the cloud away!" Isher yelled.


Ares' Warriors' mages called a fierce wind. The Sand Mage, Karin, created a sandstorm. Despite that, the cloud wouldn't go away. Well, it didn't expand, so it didn't get any worse.

At that moment...

A black silhouette appeared from within the cloud. It was clearly Wukong.

"Attack!" Isher immediately yelled.

However, Wukong hadn't come out of the cloud.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Black ropes came out instead. The ropes extended like a long snake, and tried to wrap around them.

"It's the ability of the black gauntlet!" Bart yelled.

The white gauntlet's ability was to control clouds, while the black gauntlet was filled with several annoying abilities. For example, the black gauntlet could make his silhouette appear amidst the cloud, shoot ropes at them, etc. Abilities that were a pain in the ass to deal with.

Fortunately, no one was caught by the ropes and dragged into the cloud. After all, they had prior knowledge of the white and black gauntlets.


As soon as Wukong pierced through the cloud, the situation became tense once more. They could still see Wukong's silhouette in the cloud, so they couldn't know for sure if it was the real one or not. Unfortunately, the real one had actually come out.

"Stop him!" Isher yelled urgently.

Kang Oh, Bart, Viper, etc. thought this was their chance, so they relentlessly attacked him. In spite of that, Wukong kept charging, aiming for the mages that were keeping the cloud from expanding! 

He specifically aimed for the female mage wearing brown robes; she was the sole wind specialist on their team. 

"Die!" He raised his black gauntlet, which radiated intense light.

Explosion Fist!

He created a massive explosion. His target, the female mage, died right then and there. The mages nearby didn't remain unscathed, and fell flat on the floor.


Wukong didn't stop there. His next target was Karin, the one who'd created the sandstorm! She was a primary target too.


Wukong immediately swung his fist at her. 

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