Chapter 369. Bloody Battle with Wukong (1)

The Stone Monkeys weren't really an issue. They weren't even level 300 monsters. However, Wukong did pose a problem. He was strong, even though he wasn't at full strength yet! 


"I need healing over here!"


Punches, throwing rocks, and stomps were aplenty. Of course, Kang Oh wouldn't just sit back and let this continue.


Kang Oh unfurled his red wings and quickly flew towards Wukong's head like an eagle descending on its prey.

"C'mon!" Wukong swung his fist at him. His attack was quick, unbefitting his giant body!

However, Tasha's skill overcame his speed. Kang Oh avoided his fist like a stubborn fly and swung Blood.

Fresh Blood Wave!

A red aura surged from his blade. 

Then, Wukong began gathering energy in his mouth.


Ray of Destruction!

A giant pillar of light shot out of his mouth, tearing through the scarlet aura and creating an explosion. 


It seemed like Kang Oh would plummet to the ground. However...!

The fact that Wukong used Ray of Destruction was widespread knowledge, so Kang Oh had kept it in mind. That's why he'd used Fresh Blood Wave. By using such a flashy move, he'd managed to divert Wukong's attention.

Ultimately, everything went as Kang Oh had planned. He used Darkness Chain in tandem with what little flying time he had left to land on Wukong's head. 

Switch. Ubist!

His snow-white blade, which radiated scarlet light, was replaced by a jet-black greatsword. As if the setting sun was giving way to night, he naturally transitioned from the Red Demon to the Jet-Black Demon.

If he could, he'd use both demon swords at once. However, he couldn't control the power of both demons at the same time.

Anyhow, this was the best place to launch a powerful attack!


His Hyper Intuition confirmed that the crown of the Monkey King's head was his weakness. He wasn't wearing a crown for nothing. It was probably there to hide his weakness. 

Kang Oh unhesitatingly thrust his sword into the weak point. 

Everlasting Darkness!

Tempest Tiger!

He combined an item effect and a skill! A golden-striped spear of darkness struck Wukong dead on! 


Several shards of light, as thick and dark as blood, exploded like firecrackers. 

"Kuhaaahk!" Wukong cried out in agony, and his giant body writhed. That's how powerful Kang Oh's attack had been. It'd also been targeted at Wukong's weakness too.

But this was Wukong they were talking about. It wasn't a mythological beast for nothing!

Wukong remained focused, even while writhing in pain, and grabbed onto Kang Oh with his hand!


He hadn't been expecting this. By the time his Hyper Intuition warned him, it was already too late.

"Uaaahk!" Wukong slammed him into the ground. He was off balance, so it wasn't as strong as it could've been, but it was enough to kill Kang Oh.

However, Kang Oh had acquired a necklace not too long ago.

Moon's Protection!

A barrier that appeared like the full moon formed around him, protecting him from certain death.


There was a giant crater in the ground below him. However, Kang Oh was unscathed. He'd used Moon's Protection, which nullified all damage for 3 seconds, at just the right time.

Wukong raised his fist into the air, intending on attacking Kang Oh again. However, Kang Oh wasn't alone.

The Creator, Bart, extended his hands towards Wukong.

"Eat fire, you stupid ass monkey!"

Flaming Spear + Light's Judgment.

Judgment of Fire!


A giant pillar of flame engulfed Wukong.

"Grr!" The ends of his white fur were burnt black. Wukong gave up on attacking Kang Oh, and threw himself out of the flame pillar.



The twins called each other's names, signaling to each other that they were ready. 

The Sand Mage, Karin, summoned a pyramid beneath Wukong's feet.

Desert's Pyramid!

It was a sealing spell. Because Wukong was so large, it couldn't completely contain him, but she did manage to keep his feet still.

"Law of invisible power!" The Gravity Witch, Soren, unleashed an offensive spell.

Great King Gravity Cannon!

A gray energy cannon struck Wukong head-on. No, it just looked like it did. Wukong had crossed his arms, blocking the cannon and keeping himself free from danger.

"Attack!" Karin yelled. She put everything she had into maintaining the Desert's Pyramid. Because of that, Wukong's movements were limited.

The Harbinger of Death, Viper, appeared from within Wukong's shadow. He had used the Assassin movement skill, Shadow Transfer. 

He didn't aim for Wukong's main body. Instead, he began slashing at Wukong's shadow. However, he knew what he was doing. It didn't look like he was swinging his dagger particularly fast, but whenever he did, shards of light would fall from Wukong's body.

Shadow Hunt!

A secret Assassin technique!

It was a passive skill that allowed Viper to attack one's shadow. Any damage dealt to the shadow was dealt to the shadow's owner as well. 

On the other hand, Mulan's attacks were simple. He simply swung his double-bladed axe as if he were chopping wood.


A refreshing 'smack' rang out, and huge shards of light burst out. 

Sephiro and Dambi's arrows fell from above, and Ares' Warriors' attacks/spells followed. 

However, most of the attacks that followed Mulan's didn't work. Wukong kicked himself out of the Desert's Pyramid and swung his fist, nullifying their barrage of attacks.

"You bastards!" Wukong's fist cleaved through the air.

Monkey King's Fist!

It was no normal punch; it was a fist containing enough power to crack granite as if it were tofu. The fist kept going until it completely crushed its target!

"It's our turn!" Isher yelled, and stood in front with the other tanks.

Legendary Protector's Shield!

Two pairs of wings protruded from his giant shield. Those wings also blocked anything that came their way. 


The wings shook upon contact with Wukong's fist. Wukong relentlessly punched the wings. Ultimately, the wings dwindled to nothing. 

However, Wukong's ridiculously powerful attack had dwindled to nothing too.

"Next!" Isher was replaced by other tanks, who used Taunt and defensive skills, to protect themselves and keep Wukong focused on them.

"Hurry up and take out the rest of the monkeys. Keep healing and offering support!" Isher kept issuing commands, as he was experienced in leading raid teams.


"I'm going."

The members of Ares' Warriors responded in kind.

This was how a raid team was normally constructed. The tanks, damage dealers, and support had gotten into a good rhythm.


Wukong was no ordinary boss.

* * *

Normal boss monsters had a set attack pattern, and switched things up after they lost a certain amount of HP or a certain amount of time had elapsed. However, Wukong didn't have a set attack pattern, and made decisions based on the situation he was in.

Like right now!


Wukong jumped over the tank line, landing right in front of Sephiro and Dambi.


"Run away!"

Kang Oh and Isher yelled simultaneously.


Wukong roared, raised his leg, and stomped on the ground.

"Tch!" Sephiro instinctively carried Waryong under his armpit, and used Absolute Evasion.

Green wings protruded from Dambi's shoulders. It was a survival skill much like Absolute Evasion called Wind Escape.


Wukong's stomp shook the tree and created a shockwave. Sephiro and Dambi were safe, but their formation had been completely ruined.

"Tanks, stay on top of him. Everyone else, retreat and get back into formation!" Isher yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Uha!" Wukong formed a giant boulder in the air and threw it.

"Sacred Shield!" Seeing the boulder coming towards her, the Priest cast a spell to protect herself. 

Fortunately, the barrier protected her. However, it couldn't protect her from Wukong, who was fast approaching.


He swung his fist downwards.

The Priest threw herself out of the way. That was the best she could do. However, it wasn't enough. The fist was too fast, her companions were too far away, and she was too slow.


That was game over for her.

"That's two." Wukong grinned.

Two of their party members had already died! There were twenty-three of them left.

After that, Wukong went on a rampage. It was absolute chaos, as he didn't let them reform their ranks. 

Wukong focused on the healers or those who specialized in support. After all, they were the easiest to take out.

"Fan out and fight individually! We knew this would happen! Don't panic!" Isher screamed.

Wukong's strength was well-known, and this wasn't the first time he'd broken a raid team's formation. That's why the team had distanced themselves ever since the battle had begun.

"Get lost!"

"I'm not going to die!"

The players started getting used to Wukong's movements. Of course, they still incurred casualties. Before they knew it, they had lost three people in total.

Wukong was definitely a boss that possessed incredible destructive power. After all, you need not look any further than the dead members of Ares' Warriors, which was a seasoned raid team.

However, they were putting up quite a fight.

Kang Oh and Viper used Abyss/Shadow Transfer to continuously chase Wukong around and attack him wherever he went. Wukong would attack them too, but they were like cockroaches that wouldn't die.

The Wolf Warrior, Mulan, was so straightforward. He would chase after Wukong, attack him, and dodge his resulting attack. Rinse and repeat. However, none of his moves were without purpose, so he was both strong and unrelenting.

Range had no meaning for Bart. If Wukong was far, then he'd use a long-range attack. If he were close, then he'd use a short-range attack. He would skillfully use one or the other depending on the situation.

As expected of the best multi-classer, no, jack of all trades character!

Soren and Karin stayed close to each other, but protected each other using Accelerating Gate, Sand Golem, or Sand Wall. They also repeatedly cast offensive spells, such as Giant's Stomp, Shining Sand Spear, Sand Bind, Gravity Ball, etc.

Sephiro and Dambi's classes were more suited to fighting individually, so they did their jobs well.

The Ares' Warriors put everything they had into every attack, every arrow, and every spell.

At some point, Wukong stopped attacking. An Archer was the fourth casualty on their list.

He suddenly plucked one of the Agrashi trees' giant branches and picked it up with both hands.

As an Agrashi tree grows indefinitely, its branches are thicker than most logs. But for someone as large as Wukong, it was the perfect sized club. Of course, it was a club with plenty of leaves too. 

"I'll kill you all!"

* * *

The Breaker Guild's headquarters.

Snow Flower and the guild's executives were watching Kang Oh's hunt.

A Giant Mysterious Crystal, which could be bought at the Guild Store, allowed players to view one's live broadcast while in-game. It was extremely expensive; a guild could only acquire it if they were at a certain level. Only the top 20 guilds could possibly afford it.

"They've already lost four people," one of the executives said.

"Ares' Warriors are no match for Wukong," Snow Flower said coldly. She was well aware of how strong Wukong was. Ares' Warriors were pretty good, but they weren't good enough to beat Wukong.

At that moment...

There was one chair within the council chambers that was more elaborate than all the others! The man who sat upon it said, "Numbers don't matter."

His appearance was unique. He had the body of a man, but the face of a lion. 

Of course, he was an extremely renowned player! He was the Black Lion, Raon, who was also known as the Lion King. 

He was ranked 3rd amongst Arth's playerbase, and was the only player that hadn't lost to Dukeram in a duel! Raon was also a man of incredible charisma. 

"Watch Kang Oh, Bart, Viper, and Mulan carefully. They're the key to beating Wukong." His voice contained overwhelming strength. 

"Yes, sir!" the executives replied simultaneously.

Raon crossed his arms and watched the crystal's footage. 

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