Chapter 366. Gathering Allies

Kang Oh only had a week to prepare for the Wukong raid! He had so much to do, but so little time.

'Should I hold off on killing the Basilisks for now? I want to get Blood up to level 30... I need to gather teammates, collect info on Wukong, and work on our teamwork too.'

Kang Oh contacted Ares' Warriors first. Jin Cheol had already given him their leader's character code. With it, he contacted Isher.

- Hello. My name is Kang Oh, the one you'll be hunting Wukong with.

- Yes. The producer already told me.

- Is it possible for us to meet right now?

- Where would you like to meet?

- Altein's Viyoom Inn.

- Understood.

Sometime later...

Kang Oh sat down at a corner table, and a man came over. There was a giant shield hanging from his back.

"Hello. You're Mr. Kang Oh, I assume?"

"Are you Mr. Isher?"

"Yes, that's me."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Kang Oh shook hands with him, and then went straight to the point. "As you know, we'll need 25 people in order to beat Wukong," Kang Oh said.

Wukong had an ability called 'Contempt of the Many'. The more people you brought along with you, the stronger he became.

If you exceeded the standard 25 member raid team, then he would enter what was called 'God of Destruction mode' and became almost invincible.

At the same time, if you didn't bring enough people, then you would be short on tanks, damage dealers, or healers. Thus, a raid team consisting of 25 members had the best shot of taking Wukong down.

"We have thirty people. We can provide you with 24 party members," Isher said.

"Do you have enough tanks, damage dealers, and healers?"

"Of course. We may not look like much, but we're quite a formidable raid team." Isher tapped his chest. However, he didn't inspire much confidence in Kang Oh. 

"Understood. First, I'll bring people that I need. Please fill the rest of the team with your members."


"Ah, and I heard that you don't get any of the loot because GBS has already paid you." He had to make sure.

"Yes, that's right. But if you want to give us anything, we won't refuse."

"I won't give you anything," Kang Oh said decisively. He had to be clear now so that there weren't any hiccups in the future.

"Well, I tried." Isher shrugged his shoulders.

"We have a week before we need to kill Wukong. I'd like to form the team before then, and have about three or four days to practice."

"Mm, I understand."

"Please gather info on Wukong. Let's meet up in a few days and discuss what we've found."


"Let's do our best."

"I'm looking forward to seeing you in action, Mr. Kang Oh."

"I hope that you perform above my expectations."

"Haha, of course."

Once they parted ways, Kang Oh went to Eder's house.

'Eder and Sephiro will definitely help me,' Kang Oh thought. But when he asked, Eder shook his head. 

"I can't."

"Why not!?"

"Can't you tell?" Eder opened his arms. He was asking him to take a look at his clothes.

"Are you going somewhere?"

It looked like he was going somewhere far away. After all, he was wearing a huge backpack.

"Regaining a human body is good and all, but my combat abilities are much weaker now than when I was possessing a Lich's body. Thus, I'm going on a short trip to refine my Necromancy skills."

Several Necromancers lived in a deep swamp that resided in the western grasslands. It was the Mecca of Necromancy, Deathnely! Eder planned on going there in order to strengthen himself. 

"But if you go, what will I do about the Basilisks' petrification? How will we heal ourselves?"

"I already prepared a ton of anti-petrification medicine and gave it to Mr. Sephiro. And a Druid from the Witch's Forest has already agreed to help out, so you don't have to worry about healing either. Good luck killing Wukong. It has nothing to do with me," Eder said firmly.

"C'mon, aren't we friends? My work is your work, and your work is..."

"We aren't friends," Eder said decisively. He didn't even consider it.

"Are you really leaving?"

"I'll return stronger than ever, and I'll be able to do more against any future Mayanes."

When Eder was a Lich, he was strong. After all, he could directly use a powerful boss monster's abilities.

However, Eder's human form specialized more heavily in support than damage dealing. They wouldn't have to worry about dying if he was there healing them. Despite that, he couldn't disagree with him; his combat abilities had taken a nosedive.

Kang Oh scratched his head. "Haa, I'm in a pickle. How long will you be gone?"

"I'm not sure. But I'll come back immediately if Lord Gainus contacts me, or I've heard word that another Mayanes has been found."

"Mm, I got it. Have a good trip."

He needed Eder right away. But in the long run, letting him go would be far more beneficial.

"Take care then! Ah, you can use my house as you like."

"Alright, thanks."

Eder left. Kang Oh felt like a needle that lost its thread. After all, they'd been together for so long now.


Kang Oh softly slapped his cheek, and got himself back on track. He contacted Sephiro next. Thankfully, he was willing to help him.

'Next up is...'

Kang Oh visited the Witch's Forest and asked Helena if she wanted to join. She'd be a huge help!


"No thank you," Helena said decisively.

"I'll give you another bottle of Dragon's Blood next month. I'll also give you some of the loot too."

"No thank you. You said it was broadcasted, right? I don't want to be on camera."

"Mm. Is there any way..."


"Understood. But you're still helping out with the Basilisks, right?"

"Yes. I agreed to help you in exchange for the Dragon's Blood."

"We'll get back to that after I kill Wukong. I think I'll be really busy preparing for the raid. Then, I'll be going now."

"Ah, that's right. You haven't forgotten about our wager, have you?"

"Our wager? Are you referring to Ared's grimoire?"

The Illusion Master, Aerd. His arcane magic, 'Illusionary Projection' was detailed in three different books. Thus, it could only be learnt by having all three volumes.

Kang Oh found the first book, and Helena found the second. They agreed that whoever found the final volume would receive the full set.


"I haven't forgotten. Have you found a clue that pertains to the whereabouts of the final volume?"

"Perhaps." Helena raised her glasses. Kang Oh couldn't read anything from her expression.

"Then, if you'll excuse me."

Once he left Helena's room, the Wind Tracker, Dambi, approached him. She was a pointy-eared beauty with silver hair. 

"I heard that you were going to hunt Wukong."


"May I come with you?"

"I'd really appreciate it if you came along." Kang Oh beamed.

"Please bring me along."

"Understood. We'll be hunting Wukong in a week. We'll work on our teamwork before then."

"I understand. What about the Basilisks?"

"I'm postponing it until I've dealt with Wukong."

Honestly, hunting the Basilisks was really tough. It'd be hard to kill nineteen Basilisks within a week. Thus, he would focus entirely on Wukong for now, and deal with the Basilisks later.

"Ok." Dambi nodded her head.

"I'll be in touch with you."

"Take care."

Kang Oh left the Witch's Forest and messaged Bart. He needed as many skilled players as possible.

- Mr. Bart.

- I told you, I'm busy.

- Tch. Understood.

- What's the matter? If you're asking me for help with the Basilisks, then my answer hasn't changed.

- It's Wukong this time.

- That stupid monkey that lives in the Great Forest?

There were only a handful of monsters that'd defeated Bart before. In fact, there were only three. Wukong was one of them.

- Yes.

- When are you hunting him?

'Look at this. He's volunteering.'

- In exactly one week.

- One week. It'll be tight.

Kang Oh waited for Bart's next message.

- One spot for me. No, I'll bring along two of my friends, so leave three spots empty.

- You got it.

- We can discuss my share later, so please don't message me anymore today!

Honoring his request, Kang Oh closed the message window.

"Hoo. What a relief."

Bart was likely referring to the Storm Fighter, Rohan, and the Harbinger of Death, Viper. They were both high rankers, so they'd be a huge help.

Kang Oh returned to Altein, and headed for the Holiseum.

"Do it yourself."

Kang Oh asked if Burkan was willing to help him, but he refused outright. Since he knew he'd refuse, Kang Oh nodded his head.

"And remember to settle your debt, you debtor!"

In order to pay Akite 1 million gold, Kang Oh had borrowed 600,000 gold from Burkan. In exchange, he had to pay him back 800,000 gold within a year.

"You said I had a year to pay you back."

"There'll be hell to pay if you don't pay me back on time!"

"You'll get your money, I promise. By the way, where's Dion?" Kang Oh planned on hiring Dion and his most elite gladiators.

"Dion? He went on a military expedition."

"Huh? A military expedition?"

"Yeah. Something big is happening in the Phamas Mountains, so he and the 100 Fighters went there."

"Tch. Seems like everyone's leaving lately. What about Darion?"

He'd take the next best thing. 

"Darion went with them."

"Phew, he's not here when I need him most." Kang Oh said goodbye and then left the Holiseum.

Finally, he contacted Soren and Karin. They happily accepted his request.

'Let's see here... Me, Bart, two of Bart's friends, Sephiro, Soren, Karin, and Dambi make eight.'

Kang Oh sent Isher a message.

- I've recruited eight others including me.

- Then you need seventeen more people.

That would make a total of twenty-five.

- Yes.

- We'll need to discuss how we'll fill those remaining seventeen spots. Shall we meet now?

- Understood.

Kang Oh and Isher met once more. The two spoke about various matters, and they picked seventeen of the most skilled members of Ares' Warriors. 

* * *

Kang Oh and Isher parted ways, and Kang Oh came to the only city in the Goddess's Land, Latnia City. He could see members of the Storm Guild here. They noticed Kang Oh too, but they acted like they hadn't seen him.

Kang Oh left the city and headed for his third soul dungeon, the Saul Graveyard! However, he didn't have any business with Akite. He did, however, have business with the powerful undead that resided in the Saul Graveyard!

Blood was currently at level 29. If he leveled it up to 30, then it'd gain a new ability.

'I'm definitely getting you to level 30!' Kang Oh's eyes gleamed, and he grabbed a Fire Bomb with his off-hand.


A Rag Golem, which was several corpses stitched together, approached him. He then threw the Fire Bomb.


The battle began with surging flames. 

Kang Oh engaged the Rag Golem, but that was only the start. He fought countless undead within the Saul Graveyard.

He fought Hellfire Zombies; zombies that were engulfed in hellfire, the very flame that could burn the soul. He also fought Radioactive Zombies, which dealt damage to him just for getting close, Mana Enlightened Skeleton Mages, Dullahan Masters, and Elite Death Knights. 

However, Kang Oh wasn't completely overpowering them. After all, the Saul Graveyard was filled with level 500 undead monsters.

Kang Oh used all sorts of tricks and skills to kill the undead. But there was one monster here that'd be difficult even for him.

A horse engulfed in blue fire! It was said that it devoured memories, and only left nightmares behind. It was called a Tehorus. And the figure riding it was a Chaos Knight!

[You have discovered the Chaos Knight, Jerome.]

[It is a named monster.]

Death Knights commanded a legion of undead, while Ruin Knights possessed incredibly high combat abilities.

A Chaos Knight was a monster that combined the skills of both, with the weaknesses of neither.

It was between level 550 and 600.

The Chaos Knight was clearly on a different level! Aside from Akite, it was the most powerful monster here!

"Hoo." Kang Oh took a deep breath and used Devil Trigger. Red wings unfurled from behind his back.

'I'm not going to use Ubist. I'll beat it with Blood!'

His priority was to get Blood to level 30 no matter what.

"Tasha! Can you fly me above its head and then drop me?"

"Be careful. That thing oozes danger."

"Don't worry about me!"


Kang Oh flew into the air, and fell right on top of its head.


The Tehorus's blue flames intensified, and the Chaos Knight, Jerome, swung its dark purple sword at Kang Oh.

Red Butterfly's Dance!

His evasion was doubled! When combined with Tasha's skillful flying, the Chaos Knight's attack couldn't hope to succeed.

Kang oh seized the opportunity. He landed on the floor, and then cleaved right through it. He'd successfully ambushed it!

Red shards of light grazed Kang Oh's cheeks, which were then sucked into Blood. However, this was only the beginning.

The Chaos Knight, Jerome, and its steed, the Tehorus, emitted a cold killing intent.



The red-winged demon and the undead knight on horseback clashed head-on. 

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