Chapter 359. Mayanes Kragon (2)

[Unknown Lucky Pickaxe]

A pickaxe that the Master Miner, Gerolph, used in his youth. The pickaxe grants its user mysterious luck.

+ Lucky Day: Noticeably increases the activation rate of any effect or skill with a fixed activation rate. (Skill/Passive)

Rank: S.

Abilities: Attack Power 176, Physical +50.

Minimum Requirements: Level 250, Intermediate-Rank Mining.

Effects like Fang Bearing Blade were super effective against enemies with high defense like Mayanes Kragon. However, its activation rate was extremely low, so he couldn't rely on it. If it did activate often, it would probably break the game's balance.

Thus, Kang Oh sought a way to maximize Fang Bearing Blade's effect.

At first, Kang Oh had searched for an item that would increase the speed of his swing. The more attacks he performed, the more likely Fang Bearing Blade would activate.

Eventually, he discovered this silver pickaxe. Once he saw it, he thought, 'This is it!'.

It only had one ability, despite being S-rank. The pickaxe itself wasn't all that great either. The whole reason it was S-rank was because of its special ability, 'Lucky Day'. It truly was an extraordinary ability. 

Ultimately, Kang Oh bought the silver pickaxe from the auction house, and had brought it out during his fight with Kragon.

'Let's do this!' Kang Oh brought the silver pickaxe to Ubist.


Demon Sword Ubist's darkness munched on the silver pickaxe, leaving no trace of it behind.

[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed the Unknown Lucky Pickaxe.]

[It is an S-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 20 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities triple.]

[You may use two of the consumed item's abilities, but the consumed item only possesses one.]

[Lucky Day has activated.]

Kang Oh's body released darkness everywhere.

To add to that...

A bright light shined from above, affecting both Kang Oh and his teammates. 

Courage Awakening Light!

Cyndia's spell increased the power of an ally's skills or spells.

'I'm overflowing with power!'


Kang Oh kicked off the floor. The sand surged as if a landmine had gone off. At the same time, Kang Oh explosively flew forward as if he had boosters on his back.

"Huahp!" Once he got close enough, he ruthlessly swung his sword at Kragon.

Lucky Day was already making a difference. A jet-black wave shot out of his sword! Darkness Strike, which had a fixed activation rate, had activated.


His sword was akin to a bolt of lightning.

Ruinari attacked simultaneously. He unleashed powerful energy from his palm.

Chi Torpedo!

A bluish chi sphere flew at Kragon's back.

Kragon shielded himself with his wings, which turned into diamond. 


A huge 'boom' rang out, almost loud enough to rupture their eardrums.


Kang Oh realized that his attack had failed based on how his hand felt. Ruinari's Chi Torpedo didn't fare much better.

Kragon rushed forward and swung his diamond fist.

Mountain Crush!

It was an attack powerful enough to make even Gainus go flying! Regardless, Kang Oh took the attack head-on. 

Darkness Strike activated once more. This was the first time Darkness Strike had activated in succession. It was all because of Lucky Day.


Another 'boom' rang out.

Kang Oh and Kragon didn't stop there. Their battle only intensified as time went on, and the scene was filled with sword swings and glimmering fists.

* * *


Kang Oh's sword cleaved through Kragon's left shoulder. Black shards of light burst out.

Fang Bearing Blade!

His attack had ignored Kragon's defense!

Kragon didn't just sit there. He endured the pain, and fiercely swung his diamond fist.


He slammed his fist into Kang Oh's stomach. A huge shard of light fell from the area of impact.

"Get back!" Gainus yelled, and pointed his staff at Kragon.


A thick, powerful stream of water flew out of his staff and devoured Kragon.


Kragon staggered. That's how powerful the spell was. Gainus quickly cast another spell.

Lightning Bolt!

A bolt of lightning fell from the sky!

Sephiro seized the opportunity and shot an arrow.



Waryong spat flames, which coalesced into an arrow. Sephiro unhesitatingly picked up the flaming arrow and shot it.

Fire Dragon's Arrow!

Flames surged around Kragon. However, the flames didn't bother him at all.

Then, Ruinari soared into the air and opened his wings.

Wind God's Fluttering Wings!

A giant golden bird flew towards Kragon. This was Ruinari's most powerful attack! It was more powerful than Sephiro's or even Gainus's attack.


Kragon was pushed back, and shards of light fell from his diamond skin.

"Die!" Kang Oh, who'd briefly retreated after getting hit, charged back in. Then, he struck Kragon's neck with Demon Sword Ubist.


"Ugh." Kang Oh was the one in pain. Shards of light fell from his hands, which were tightly gripping his sword.

Because neither Darkness Strike nor Fang Bearing Blade had activated, he was like an egg being thrown against a rock.

"You worms!" Kragon suddenly stomped his foot. Thud!


The ground began to shake, and cone-shaped ore surged from the ground.

'What is this?' Gainus tilted his head. Kragon had just used a technique he'd never seen before. It was only natural. He'd created this technique after being sealed in here.

Kragon raised his hands into the air.

Falling Shards!

Shards rapidly shot out like machine gun rounds, falling from the sky like giant hail.

"All of you, die!" Kragon stomped the ground once more.

Ore Explosion!

The cone-shaped ore in the ground exploded. Everything happened instantly. 

Boom, boom, boom!

There was nowhere to run to.

* * *

There were explosions everywhere, and shards came flying at him from every which way, so there was nothing Eder could do. It was already too late to summon a Bone Wall or Bone Shield! The best he could do was lay on the floor, curl up, and protect his head.

However, he felt absolutely no pain. In fact, he was covered by a warm energy, as if someone had wrapped a blanket around him.

'What is this?' Eder slightly raised his head and saw a bizarre sight.

The explosions had violently blown the shards away, making the land look like it'd gone through a winter snowstorm! However, his allies were protected by a purple veil!

The shards had bounced off of this purple veil. It had managed to block the sharp shards that could penetrate any barrier.

'What's going on?,' he couldn't help but ask. However, he soon realized what had happened.

Cyndia was kneeling on the floor and praying! Deborah's symbol, the black ring, floated above her head.

When a god's symbol manifests via the priest's body, then...

'A miracle!'

It was a miracle. A miracle that had protected all of them from danger. 

Of course, a priest couldn't just enact a miracle whenever they wanted. Miracles were very rare, and only occurred when a worshipper genuinely wanted something.


As if realizing that she'd enacted a miracle, Kang Oh, Ruinari, and Gainus moved while protected by the purple veil.

There was no way they knew beforehand. They just moved instinctively. Once they felt like they were safe, they had attacked Kragon.

Was it because he'd used such a powerful, AoE attack? Kragon's body was coated in diamond, but he didn't move. He was completely defenseless.

He was nothing more than a sandbag.

Ruinari was up first. He placed his wing at the center of Kragon's chest.

Wind God's Seal!


An imprint of his hand was left on Kragon's body. It was also accompanied by huge shards of red light! 

This attack was weaker than Wind God's Fluttering Wings, but it was a skill that penetrated an enemy's defense. Of course, Wind God's Seal was only the beginning. He used all sorts of martial art techniques on him thereafter.

Kang Oh was up next.

He pierced through countless shards and leapt into the air. As he fell, he swung downwards. Then, the shards around him slowed as if the world was in slow motion.

Transcendent Blade!

This skill allowed him to attack with transcendent speed and power! 


Kang Oh smashed the diamond coating on Kragon's back, and left behind a huge cut that went all the way down to his butt. Black shards flew in-between the flying diamond powder!

However, he couldn't let it end here.


Kang Oh left behind a wound on Kragon's back. This time, Slash left behind a clear wound. Then, Kang Oh focused entirely on said wound.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Darkness Strike or Fang Bearing Blade would activate every one in three hits. The once unbreakable diamond lost its sheen and kept breaking more and more.

Kang Oh and Ruinari's fierce assault forced Kragon onto one knee.

"Get out of the way. If you don't, you'll get hurt!" Gainus roared, having transformed into his giant dragon form.

Kang Oh and Ruinari immediately retreated.


Gainus took a deep breath, gathering iridescent light in his mouth.

Divine Dragon's Breath!


Silver light, akin to a tsunami, shot straight at Kragon!

The Divine Dragon's Breath reminded him of the Milky Way. Yes, it was powerful, but it was also so beautiful. 

On the other hand, Kragon felt pain so extreme that he thought he'd die. Is this what it'd feel like to have a plane ram into you at full speed? He writhed from the intense pain.

However, Kragon wouldn't die due to his immortality. No, he couldn't die.

"Kuhaaahk!" Kragon screamed from within Divine Dragon's Breath, and began transforming. 

His chest began expanding first. Then, his chest seemed to open from the left and the right, and minerals like diamonds started popping out of the space in-between.

By the time the Divine Dragon's Breath was over, a giant building stood before them. It was a giant fortress, almost the size of the Divine Dragon himself.

There were several minerals used in its creation, such as steel or diamond, so the wall was a variety of colors. There were giant cannons attached everywhere, and there were countless structures nearby the fortress that were made up of various colored minerals.

The Immovable Fortress!

It was his title, as well as his trump card. 

"He's created an immovable fortress. I'll attack him from the outside, so the rest of you go inside and finish off Kragon," Gainus yelled.

"Yes," they replied immediately.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fortress's cannons shot giant steel cannon balls at them.

"Get out of the way!" Kang Oh yelled. His allies began to scatter, and Gainus flew into the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Whenever the cannon balls hit the floor, the ground shook as if there'd been an earthquake. Kang Oh laid flat on the ground like a cockroach, stood up, and then laid back down. It was complete chaos.

At that moment...

Three giant fireballs fell from the sky. It was the work of Gainus in his dragon form.

The nearby mineral structures fused together, forming a giant shield.

The fireballs battered the shield.

Gainus didn't stop casting spells. When Kragon extinguished the flames, he'd create a whirlwind. When the whirlwind dissipated, then lightning would fall from the sky.

Kragon was forced to focus entirely on Gainus. He counterattacked using the cannons attached to his shoulders.

The rest of Kang Oh's party used that opportunity to infiltrate the fortress.  

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