Chapter 358. Mayanes Kragon (1)

Once he passed through the mirror, Kang Oh found himself above a lake, so he had no other choice but to...

"Huh?" Kang Oh hadn't fallen into the water. He was actually standing on top of it. The rest of his party stood atop the water too. 

"What's going on?" Intrigued, Sephiro tapped the surface of the water with his toes. Whenever he did so, the water would ripple, but his toes wouldn't push through the water.

"Water Walk is a basic spell. It is for me, at least," Gainus said. His spell had kept Kang Oh's party from sinking into the water. 

"Thank you." Eder bowed his head.

Some of the medicine in his bag would lose effectiveness when exposed to water. If not for Gainus, some of his medicine would be unusable.

"Don't thank me. I completely forgot that this place was a lake."

"I did too." Ruinari scratched his head with his wing-shaped hands.

"No one fell through, so it's fine. Let's go." Gainus pointed his staff forward. He was pointing at a sand island.

* * *

Kang Oh's party walked on water, and eventually reached the sand island.

'What fine sand.' 

His feet could feel the fine texture of the sand.

At that moment...!

A white-winged being flew over and landed in front of Kang Oh's party. It was Mayanes Kragon!

"Gainus!" Kragon said violently.

He was more than 3 meters tall, and bulging muscles covered his brown skin. He had a sharp jaw and large lips. However, two 'tusks' protruded from his mouth like a warthog.

"Kragon!" Gainus's wrinkled face darkened.

"How dare you appear before me!?" Kragon's eyes flared with anger, and even his black hair glowed with red light.

"How dare I!? How dare you say that to me? You, who killed countless of my brothers and sisters!?" Gainus's eyes burned with rage. 

"Shut up, you worthless lizard. You're just a coward who curries favor with the false gods!"

As always, the Mayanes believed that the God of Creation, Maya, was the one true god. The rest of them were false gods. To them, dragons were 'worthless lizards', exactly as he'd described.

However, that worthless lizard and the false gods defeated him, resulting in his death. After he was revived, he had lost once more, and was sealed in here.

It was truly humiliating! One of the individuals who'd humiliated him stood right before him; the Divine Dragon, Gainus!

Gainus didn't want to speak with him anymore. It'd be a waste of time. Instead, he opted for action rather than words.


Suddenly, a giant fireball shot from his staff.

Fire Ghost!

It was a powerful fire spell that'd chase after its target until they burned!

"Hmph!" Kragon snorted and swung his fist at the fireball. His fist shined and turned to diamond. 


His diamond fist pierced through, and the giant fireball disappeared. 

"You stupid lizard! Your magic won't work on me!" Kragon roared.

However, Gainus didn't pay him any mind. He just kept casting spell after spell.

Thousand Chain Lightning!

Fire Explosion!

Ground Flip!

Blade Wind Storm!

Bam, bam, bam!

The area where Kragon stood was scorched. But by the time the dust settled, Kang Oh could see Kragon. Kragon had turned his entire body into diamond and was completely unscathed! What's worse, he had transformed his wings into diamond too.

"This is nothing to me." Kragon mocked. 

The veins on Gainus's forehead popped out. He had told them to stay calm and keep up their guard, but he welled with rage. Kragon had killed several of his friends. In other words, he was his mortal enemy!

However, Kang Oh intervened before Gainus could go on a rampage and haphazardly cast spells. 

"Lord Gainus, your orders!" 

Kang Oh had chosen a good time to intervene. He was reminding Gainus that he wasn't alone, and that he should think about the team. Gainus was the team leader, so he needed to perform his role properly.

"Cyndia, God's Blessing! Everyone else, take Eder's medicine."


Cyndia clasped her hands in prayer. A bright light wrapped around her form.

Goddess's Blessing!

Kang Oh's party briefly glowed. Kang Oh closed the system message, which indicated that his abilities had risen by 10%, and ate the red drug from his belt.

[You have consumed Eder's Energy Egg.]

[Physical +50]

[Stamina has increased significantly.]

[Duration Time: 10 minutes]


While Kang Oh and his party were eating Eder's medicine, Kragon pointed one of his right hand's fingers at Gainus.


Diamond shards fiercely flew from his fingertip.

Shards of Mysterious Light!

Gainus couldn't afford to cast a barrier. In the past, he'd done just that, but the shards had ripped right through! Thus, he used Teleportation instead.

It was the right decision. 

Once the shards made contact with the sand, they emitted intense light. These shards had a strange ability that allowed them to pass through any barrier and harm the person within.

If Gainus had forgotten his previous experience with him, and had purely relied on his barrier, then he would've taken a ton of damage.

Kragon didn't really care that his attack had missed. He just flew over to where Gainus had reappeared.

Mountain Crush!

Kragon's raised right fist turned to diamond, and began emitting brown light.

Gainus decided to match fire with fire.

Giant's Fist!

A huge fist appeared above the old man's head, and slammed into Kragon.


Kragon flew quite a bit back. Gainus did the same. He rolled onto the sandy beach a few times and eventually fell into the lake.

"Haha, look at you." Kragon quickly stood up and laughed at Gainus's drenched state. 

Then, two shadows appeared at his sides. It was Kang Oh and Ruinari!

"Hahp!" A white line followed Demon Sword Ubist's path.


Ruinari unleashed a giant, feather-shaped golden aura from his hand.

Wind God's Push!

"Who are you supposed to be?" Kragon's body shined. He had immediately transformed into diamond.


Kang Oh struck his diamond coated flesh, causing his blade to shake. 

It wasn't the only thing that was shaking; he was too. But it was worse than that. Shards of light fell from his wrists! Kang Oh had been the attacker, yet he was the one who'd taken damage.

But now wasn't the time to be panicking.

'He's exactly as Gainus described.'

Gainus had stated that Kragon's tough body was both the greatest weapon, and the greatest shield. Thus, he advised that they refrain from any sloppy attacks.

Ruinari's attack didn't work either. With his body covered in diamond, Kragon was like a firm, unyielding rock that wouldn't waver in the wind.

"Get lost."

Kang Oh and Ruinari's turn had passed. Kragon swung his arms to the left and right, as if he were swapping away bugs. He had aimed for both Kang Oh and Ruinari simultaneously.

Kang Oh bent over, dodging the attack, and then backed off. Ruinari nimbly soared into the air, went around in a circle, and landed on the ground.

"Hmm." Kang Oh slightly bit his lip.

'To think that Slash wouldn't even leave a mark.'

Slash left behind a wound. However, if the opponent's defense was too high, then it wouldn't even leave a mark.

The Bug Monarch's armor had been tough too, but Slash had managed to leave a small mark. However, Slash hadn't even left a mark on Kragon's diamond skin. It was exactly as Gainus had said; among the Mayanes, Kragon had the highest defensive ability.

'Moreover, he can transform quickly.'

Attacking before he could transform would prove difficult. Unless he used Transcendent Blade, there was no way for him to attack before he transformed.

However, Kang Oh and Ruinari didn't stop their attacks. The other members of their party didn't either. Attack! 


Sephiro's arrow hit Kragon's shoulder. However, it couldn't pierce through Kragon's diamond skin. Because his arrows were thicker and longer than normal arrows, his attack power was superior to most archers.

'As expected.'

Sephiro had anticipated this, so he pulled out an arrow he'd prepared just for Kragon. The arrowhead was made of diamond too.

How much did it cost? It was obviously really expensive, so he could only procure ten of them. They were arrows he'd have to use and then recollect.

"Hueup." He notched the diamond arrow, pulled it back as far as he could, and the arrow flew at blistering speed.

Spinning Arrow!

The diamond arrow violently spun through the air, and let out a mysterious light like a prism.

The arrowhead struck Kragon's diamond skin. Unlike last time, the arrow didn't just bounce off; Sephiro had gotten his money's worth.


A sound akin to a blade being sharpened rang out. The diamond arrowhead and Kragon's diamond skin radiated light, and emitted sparks.

Kragon furrowed his brow for the first time. It had hurt him quite a bit.

"How dare you!?" Kragon violently swung his fists, pushing away both Kang Oh and Ruinari. Then, he pointed all of his fingers at Sephiro.

Shards of Mysterious Light!


A barrage of diamond shards flew towards Sephiro, as well as those nearby him; Waryong, Eder, and Cyndia were in danger too. Not only that, but Kragon had shot at least two times more than he had against Gainus.

"Get out of the way!" Sephiro yelled urgently. He then carried Waryong under his armpit, and threw himself out of the way.

Eder wasn't as nimble as a Giant Hunter like Sephiro. Thus, he summoned a Bone Wall instead.

Muhawk stood in front of Cyndia and raised his shield. Beautiful red light extended from his shield like the glow of the setting sun. 

Protector's Shield!

This was Muhawk's greatest defensive skill. If the shards managed to pierce through this technique, then he had no answer for them.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The diamond shards ripped through the Bone Wall like paper. While doing so, the shards themselves radiated bright light.

In an instant, the area became an inferno. Like an eruption of lava, sand pillars surged from the ground.

"Ugh." Sephiro furrowed his brow. Contact with the shard's light had damaged him quite a bit.

However, he was in much better shape than the rest. After all, he'd gotten out of the way.

The problem was Eder, Cyndia, and Muhawk. The barrage came at them head-on. The three gritted their teeth.

At that moment...

Gainus, who'd gotten out of the water, quickly swung his staff.

Urgent Summon!

Golden magic circles appeared beneath Eder, Cyndia, and Muhawk's feet! They were sucked into the golden circles, but by then, one of the shard's had pierced Eder's body, and the shards had battered against Muhawk's shield as well. 

"Haa, haa." Eder, who reappeared beside Gainus, sighed in relief. Cyndia and Muhawk did the same. 

Eder quickly pulled out the shard in his thigh, and treated himself using medicinal herbs and bandages. Cyndia cast a healing spell.

"Die!" Kang Oh forcefully swung downwards. Caring little for his attack, Kragon merely raised one of his diamond coated arms to block it.


A 'bam', not a 'clang' rang out. Diamond, which had turned to dust, glimmered as it flew through the air.

"What?" Kragon widened his eyes. 

Kang Oh grinned as black shards of light fell from Kragon's arm. 

Fang Bearing Blade!

Demon Sword Ubist's overpowered ability had activated. At this exact moment no less!

'As expected, Fang Bearing Blade can break through his armor!' Kang Oh swung his sword horizontally.

Kragon swung his diamond fist downwards.


Kang Oh was flung into the air.

"Haha!" Kragon laughed as he saw Kang Oh roll onto the floor, covered in sand. 'That's where inferior species like you belong!'

Kang Oh immediately stood up. However, there was a silver pickaxe in his hand.  

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