Chapter 326. The Storm Guild's Here

"Phew." Jae Woo passed Mina and Yura a card. The card had his ID picture on it; it was his driver's license.

"You already got your license?" Mina asked.

"You know how the world works nowadays. You can get your license in a flash."

He'd driven plenty of times via virtual reality. When he actually got behind the wheel at driving school, he got used to it after just a few times. Ultimately, he passed his driver's license test in a single try.

"Are you going to buy a car?" Mina asked.

"Of course."

"Are you going to drive me to school now?"

"Who're you again?"

"Wanna die?" Mina glared as if she'd beat the crap out of him. 

Jae Woo just ignored her and spoke to Yura. "When I buy a car, do you want to go for a ride?"

"A ride?" Yura wasn't really feeling it. Was it because she was a homebird?

"Yeah. Let's take mom with us and get something good to eat."

"Alright, sure." Yura beamed.

Man, she really was crazy about delicious food. That's probably why she was training to be a chef.

"Hey." Jae Woo poked Mina.


"I'm going to go look at some cars. Want to come with?"

"Look at?"

"Yeah. I'm not going to buy one today. I'm just going to go around and see if there's anything I like."

"Are you going to pay me?"

"Forget it."

At this point, she'd ask him for money at every turn. 

'Am I your wallet?'

"Eh, I guess I can do it for free this time," Mina said 'kind-heartedly'.


* * *

The Church of Death was visited by Hernandez and Han Seol, Storm's guildmaster and vice-captain respectively. 

"Hello." Hernandez smiled brightly.

Cyndia slightly bowed her head. 

"I saw another quest on the Adventurer Guild's bulletin board. You're looking for other people this time," Hernandez said.

"Jigon and Orga. If you find them, please tell us immediately," Cyndia said.

"Of course. Did you kill Krishan?" Hernandez asked.


"Mm, to kill an immortal being... You must've worked hard."

"I merely followed the Supreme One's decree. There was nothing hard about it," Cyndia said firmly.

"I see. In any case, when can you take us to Despia?"

The Storm Guild had made a deal with the Church of Death. In exchange for Krishan's location, the Church of Death had promised them access to Despia.

"We plan to leave for the Great Temple of Death in three days. You can come with us then," Cyndia said.

"Three days!" Hernandez smiled. 'We're finally going to Despia!'

"However, you cannot bring that many people. Bringing so many people will scare our devotees and make them uncomfortable."

"Then how many people can we bring?" Han Seol asked.

"Twenty should be sufficient."

"That's too few!" Hernandez raised his voice. Han Seol then grabbed his collar and calmed him down.

"I have a question," Han Seol said.


"Are you saying that only twenty of us can go with you?"

If that's the case, then it wouldn't be a problem. The guild's high-rank mages could just set up a transfer magic circle.

"No. Only twenty people can enter the Supreme One's temple and roam across the Goddess's Land."

"I understand. However, I believe twenty people isn't enough," Han Seol said calmly. 

"Is that so?"

"We took considerable losses finding Krishan, so please take that into consideration."


"And if you're willing to do this for us, then we can also help you find Jigon and Orga."

"Then how many people do you want?" Cyndia asked.


They only had about fifty guild members strong enough to survive Despia.

"Fifty is too many." Cyndia disapproved.

"We'll keep our guild members on a tight leash. And if we stir up trouble, then we'll reduce the number of people."


"One more thing. We may need more people while we're there. We'll ask for your permission beforehand."

"So you want permission to add people depending on the situation," Cyndia said.

"That's right."

"I can't make that decision. I'll have to consult with the other priests later."


"Is there anything else?" Cyndia asked. 

Han Seol stared at Hernandez. She was clearly saying, 'I'm done here. What about you, Guildmaster?'.

Hernandez shook his head. Han Seol had done his job for him, so there was no reason for him to get involved.

"In three days, please come to the Guide's Mirror in the Teros Plains."

"The Teros Plains in three days. Understood," Hernandez said.

"Then, if you'll excuse me."


Three days later...

50 members of the Storm Guild entered Despia via the Guide's Mirror.

* * *

After clearing a dungeon, Kang Oh's party returned to Latnia City, but found that the mood was unsettling.

"What do you think happened?" Sephiro looked around and said.

As a religious city, Latnia normally exuded a solemn atmosphere. It was rare for there to be such a commotion.

"I'm not sure." Eder shrugged his shoulders.

Kang Oh's party soon realized why the city was so disorderly. 

"Am I seeing things right?' Sephiro rubbed his eyes and asked.

"I see it too. You're not seeing things," Kang Oh scowled and said.

"Who are they?" Eder asked.

They saw people they'd never seen before in the city from afar. 

The city's inhabitants wore clothes adorned with black rings, the symbol of Deborah, but the newcomers wore various clothes. A few of them carried large flags. The flags showed three whirlwinds clumped together, which was the Storm Guild's insignia.

"That insignia belongs to... the Storm Guild," Sephiro said. There was no way he would mistake them for someone else; it was the insignia of one of the 5 great guilds after all.

"The Storm Guild?" Eder asked.

"Yes. It's one of the top 5 adventurer organizations." Sephiro explained so that an NPC like Eder could understand.

"I see."

Kang Oh scowled for quite some time. 'So the Storm Guild made it here, huh.'

Thus far, Kang Oh's party had monopolized the Goddess's Land. However, they suddenly had a competitor on their hands!

"I'll be going now." Kang Oh had urgent business to take care of. "Ah, and let's not hunt for a few days," Kang Oh added.

Sephiro widened his eyes. "What's the occasion?" 

"I have something I need to do."

"Understood." Eder nodded his head.

"Then, if you'll excuse me." Kang Oh left.

* * *


Kang Oh, renowned as a member of the Numbers and the Predator, posted another video on his channel, 'Kang Oh's Eating Journal'.

[Exploring the Land that Borders Hell, Despia!]

It was an extraordinary title. To think he'd explored the Land that Borders Hell, Despia!

Those who'd subscribed to his channel after watching his video on the Moss Cave were the first to see it. 

A world with a black ceiling! Beads embedded the ceiling, casting light upon the primeval forest underneath.



A screaming Giant Kruger! It was a more advanced type of Kruger, which was known as the Tyrant of the Great Forest!

However, the Giant Kruger was only the beginning. 

There were the marching Calamity Ants, which ate everything in their path like a black tsunami! 

There was also a pack of wolves that, unaware of the danger, entered an area filled with colorful mushrooms. However, they soon frothed at the mouth and emitted light. These were Illusion Mushrooms. Illusion Mushrooms possessed one of the ten most lethal poisons in the world; to be more specific, they released spores that induced madness! 

Poison Spiders, which also possessed poison that ranked amongst the top ten most lethal in the world, fell from the trees. However, these spiders were soon ripped apart by carnivorous plants with serrated teeth! 

These plant-type monsters were venus fly traps, otherwise known as Verkillers. They were around level 500, but there was an entire colony of them! 

The video showed countless other dangerous areas and monsters. If you encountered them by coincidence, then you'd die.

Anyone who played Arth knew that this place was incredibly dangerous. And that this level of danger proved that it was indeed Despia. 

- Is this really Despia?

- Ooh, it's really Despia!

- It was so scary I wet myself.

- Mr. Kang Oh, I'm a huge fan of yours!

- As expected of the Numbers! He was exploring Despia this entire time?

- Holy crap.

- Mr. Kang Oh, how do you get there?

- Give me money and I'll tell you how to get to Despia.

- It's a scam! Don't trust that guy!

- Kang Oh, Kang Oh!

"Hoo." Kang Oh took a deep breath as he looked over the sudden deluge of posts.

Kang Oh had prepared this video beforehand. He knew that someone else would eventually make it to Despia, so he had been saving it for the right moment. 

Back then, he didn't have any competitors, so there was no reason to show the video. However, things had changed. The Storm Guild had shown up, so he had to profit off his videos ASAP. 

"Let's add some more wood to the fire." There were bags under his eyes. He'd been editing videos of him clearing Despia's dungeons all night long.

Jae Woo uploaded five more videos, one after another. They were all videos of him clearing dungeons in the Goddess's Land.

And today...

[Predator Kang Oh's Despia Exploration!]

[The Land that Borders Hell, Despia, has been revealed!]

[An introduction to the most dangerous place in Arth!]

All of the gaming networks began relaying the news. At the same time, Jae Woo kept getting called. 


"Mr. Jae Woo." It was GBS Producer, Park Jin Cheol.


"Ahem, it's quite unfortunate. If you'd have told me that you had some footage, then I would've bought it from you for a high price."

"I was going to sell it later. Spreading clips of Despia will just make people want to come here even more. However, the Storm Guild forced my hand. That's why I had to upload some videos on Youtube ASAP."

If the Storm Guild sold footage of Despia before him, then it'd be troublesome for him. The price of his footage would drop.

Thus, he had no choice but to make the first move. Forget negotiations or a third party, he needed to upload the videos ASAP, and Youtube would be the fastest way of getting the videos out there.

"I heard that the Storm Guild has arrived in Despia. The gaming networks are all trying to contact them right now."

"The Storm Guild just got here, but I've been here for quite some time."

"What are you saying?"

"The videos I posted on Youtube are just a teaser."

He had plenty of content left. For example, the fight against the Great Lava Spirit, Magnium, the fight against the Ruler of the Snowy Fields, Travium, and even his fight against Mayanes Diabol. 

Jae Woo had recorded countless videos of his adventures. 

"Shall we meet? I'll call you when I'm near your house," Jin Cheol said anxiously.

"Sure." Jae Woo grinned. 

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