Chapter 321. It's Not Here!

Disaster Bringing Arrogance!

This skill, in exchange for most of her HP, would destroy everything within a certain radius! This was Mayanes Krishan's most powerful attack.

'This won't work. I have to do something!' Kang Oh stopped running and turned around.

The green energy blast was consuming everything in its path like a giant tsunami. They wouldn't be able to get away in time. At this rate, only a few of them would be left standing.

"Everyone, do whatever it takes to survive!" Kang Oh yelled desperately.

"Supreme One, please grant me the power to protect your faithful servants!" Cyndia prayed within Muhawk's arms.

Heavenly Shield!

"Indomitable Spirit!"

"God's Shield!"

"I won't die!"

Various skills were used all across the battlefield.

"Arise, arise, arise!" 

Eder constructed a bone tower. In Sephiro's case, he chose to run as fast as he could with Waryong in tow.

"Hoo." Kang Oh raised Ubist into the air, holding it in a dual-handed grip. 

Everlasting Darkness!

Kang Oh unleashed a giant black pillar from his blade. He even added a Tempest Tiger to the mix! 

The pillar of darkness and golden energy mixed together.

In the past, Kang Oh had combined Everlasting Darkness (an item effect) and Tempest Tiger (a skill) together to defeat the Wyvern King, Draka. 

Just like last time, he needed a single, powerful attack!

Kang Oh vertically swung Demon Sword Ubist.


The black and golden pillar crashed against the green tsunami. They were so powerful that neither side easily overcame the other.


Kang Oh used every ounce of strength he had and swung his blade all the way. The gold/black pillar pierced through the green blast. It was only natural. A concentrated beam would beat a wider range, less concentrated attack!

Krishan didn't just sit back and watch this happen.


She too gave it everything she had. Because of how concentrated Kang Oh's Everlasting Darkness/Tempest Tiger was, she realized that his attack would overcome hers. Thus, she gathered all the energy she had into a single point.

Now, the two blasts were dead even. However, Kang Oh's blast weakened first. The darkness being emitted by his jet-black blade was gradually lessening.

'Damn it.'

Ultimately, his gold/black pillar completely disappeared, unable to withstand the might of Krishan's green blast.


'I won!' Krishan laughed heartily, and unleashed the green energy everywhere.


The green blast swept through everything, whether it be people, the Croot, Eder's bone tower, etc.

"Oh goddess!"

Some closed their eyes, while others kept their eyes open and fought back against the incoming blast.




The paladins took some damage, but they were still alive. Anyone inside of Cyndia's barrier was completely unscathed! Eder's bone tower had crumbled slightly, but he was fine.

The clash with Kang Oh's Everlasting Darkness/Tempest Tiger had weakened Krishan's attack significantly. Krishan didn't have any strength to spare either.

Ultimately, Kang Oh had managed to block Krishan's final attack.

"Haa, haa." Kang Oh breathed haggardly and plopped onto the floor. He had no strength left in his body; it was as if he'd used Transcendent Blade repeatedly.

"I'm sick and tired of you!" Krishan was furious that her attack had failed. She charged at Kang Oh, eyes filled with killing intent. 

'I'm killing you no matter what!' she pledged.

Kang Oh kept his eyes closed and didn't fight back. He hadn't given up; he planned on reviving and then finishing her off.

But all those people he'd saved wouldn't just let him die.



A blazing arrow flew through the sky and pierced Krishan's body. It was Sephiro's Fire Dragon's Arrow. 

"Undead, sacrifice yourselves!" 

The few undead that were still 'alive' threw themselves at Krishan.

"Protect Mr. Kang Oh!" Muhawk yelled.

"Out of my way!"

"Save Mr. Kang Oh!"

The paladins pushed through the Croots and formed a wall in front of Kang Oh, even if they had to take some damage in the process.

"Get out of my way, you worms!" Krishan mercilessly swung her trident, and pushed away both the undead and the paladins.

The undead were defeated easily, but not the paladins. Krishan had weakened significantly by using Disaster Bringing Arrogance. Thus, she couldn't get through them by just swinging her trident.

"If dying all at once is what you want, then I'll grant your wish!" Krishan thrust her trident, unleashing a beam of light.



The ray of light struck the paladins' barricade. 


"Stay strong!"

A few of the paladins fell. However, the wall stood firm. 

"Be healed by the goddess's breath!" Cyndia clasped her hands together and cast an AoE Heal. Muhawk was right beside her, whacking any approaching Croot away.

Eder shot a Bone Spear at Krishan's wing.

The Mayanes were incredibly proud of their wings, so they hated it when anyone messed with them. Knowing this, he'd deliberately aimed for the wing to draw her attention away from Kang Oh, at least a little.

Sephiro did the same. A fiercely spinning arrow went straight through her right wing.

However, her attention remained fixed on Kang Oh. Even though her wings were being torn apart, she was only worried about breaking through the barricade and killing Kang Oh.

"Children, what are you doing!?" Krishan shouted, and the Croots began to approach the paladins and Kang Oh's party.

But then...

A jet-black demon appeared behind her. 

Their protection had given him a chance to recuperate. Batura's Roar, which increased his Stamina regeneration, and Eder's secret medicine really helped.

Once he was ready, Kang Oh used Abyss Transfer.

Whizz, whizz, whizz!

Krishan's vine hair detected him first and automatically attacked him. However, Krishan reacted too slowly. 

Kang Oh's swing was way quicker. No, it had to be. 

Transcendent Blade!

Demon Sword Ubist passed right between her wing bones!


He cut through her nape, the spine, and even her lower body, which was nothing but vines at this point. 

Bam, bam, bam!

Hitting all those vitals caused red shards of light to burst forth like a gun salute!


Krishan instantly lost all strength in her body. Demon Sword Ubist had dropped her HP to 0.

"I'll get my revenge next time!" Even now, Krishan stared at him murderously with her jade eyes.

"There won't be a next time," Kang Oh said firmly.

Krishan twisted her lips. 

'She's smiling?'

He might've seen wrong, but it looked like she was trying to smile. But with no energy left, her lips simply twisted in a strange way. 

[You have defeated the Arrogant Flower, Mayanes Krishan.]

[You have cast judgment on an unforgivable criminal, who not only insulted the gods but also attempted to supplant them.] 

[Several gods have learned your name.]

[Fame has increased significantly. You will become more well-known to people of faith in particular.]

[Several churches will welcome you. You can accrue contribution points more easily now, and also accept quests from the churches.] 

[You have completed the Goddess's Quest 2: Kill Mayanes Krishan. Please report this to the Church of Death.]

"I did it!" Kang Oh raised his blade into the sky from above her corpse.



The remaining paladins raised their swords, axes, hammers, etc. towards Kang Oh.

They finally defeated Krishan!

* * *

[You have defeated an extremely powerful foe while Gluttony was active.]

[Stats have been stolen.]

[Physical +3]

[You have defeated a member of an extremely powerful ancient race.]

[Combat-related side stats have increased significantly.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

It was worth putting all that effort into killing her. He'd leveled up four times at once! With it, he was now level 371.

"Good work."

"Good job!"

Eder and Sephiro came over and hugged him, but Kang Oh wanted to push them away. 

'Hey, don't cling onto me! I have a girlfriend!'

However, that was only the beginning. The paladins, who'd been raising their weapons, followed suit.


They had instantly formed a giant 'hamburger'. Plus, Kang Oh was all the way at the bottom! 

"Hey, hey! I'm going to die!" Kang Oh exaggerated. Gluttony and his various buffs were still active, so that kind of weight wouldn't kill him. Not by a long shot.

Anyhow, the joy of victory persisted for quite some time. Or it would've if they didn't hear Cyndia's desperate cry. 

"It's gone!"

"What do you mean?" Muhawk, who was delightfully watching the human hamburger, asked.

"The God of Creation's sources are gone!" 

That was completely unexpected.

Why did they kill Krishan in the first place? To regain the two sources that she possessed! However, the sources were nowhere to be found!

"Please get out of my way!" Kang Oh suddenly stood up, pushing the people on top of him away.

He approached Krishan's corpse. She had left behind Mayanes Diabol's golden trident, but the God of Creation's sources, which resembled stars in the night sky, were nowhere to be found. 

'What's going on?' Kang Oh looked around Krishan's body once more.

Only then did the others realize how serious matters were, and began looking for the sources. However, they couldn't find them either! 

"Did someone steal it..." Kang Oh looked around. However, everyone had been here following Krishan's death, so that wouldn't make any sense.

"Do you think someone stole it?" Sephiro said carefully.

"Without getting discovered? We're in the middle of the snowy plains." Kang Oh shook his head. That was unlikely. 

"The cave! Let's go inside the cave." Cyndia ran into the cave. Muhawk and Kang Oh followed her.

All that was there was a flower bud, the dried out husks of paladins and monsters, and debris. The sources weren't here.

Kang Oh, Muhawk, and Cyndia returned empty-handed.

Eder, who'd been thinking with his arms crossed, said, "If that's the case, then perhaps Krishan never had the sources to begin with."

Kang Oh suddenly thought of something, looked around, and said, "Did anyone see her use the God of Creation's power?"

She hadn't created any monsters, nor did she use Photon Bomb or Spatial Leap. 

Everyone shook their heads. Krishan had only used her own strength during the fight.

"Damn it!" Kang Oh thought back to the moment Krishan 'smiled'. 'That's why she smiled before she died!'

She smiled because she'd hid the other sources someplace else!

"Then where do you think the God of Creation's sources are? And how did she move them in time? Why exactly did she even move them in the first place?" Sephiro asked several questions. 

'Why did this happen!?'

"Let's ask the person involved!" Kang Oh picked up the golden trident and stabbed Krishan's corpse. "Isn't that right, Eder?"


It was Eder's time to shine. They needed a Necromancer that could manipulate death and souls. 

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