Chapter 32. A Productive Day

Kang Oh examined the helmet left behind by Baramut with shaking hands.

It was an excellent, refined helmet in the shape of a tiger.

[Baramut's Charming Face]

A helmet that is part of the Baramut set that was left behind by the King of the Quiet Lavero Jungle, Baramut.

It is made from a tiger's fur, as well as an unidentifiable alloy. It is both light and tough, a treasure amongst treasures.

The helmet takes the shape of Baramut's face when it was still alive. With its incredibly refined and attractive design, it is likely to give designers inspiration. 

+2 set effect: When you attack an enemy, wind damage is added to it.

+3 set effect: You may use Baramut's Roar once a day.

+4 set effect: If you were to take a fatal blow, a wind shield will nullify the attack.Cooldown: 1 hour

Rank: S

Abilities: Defense +70, Physical +50, Mental +30, Charm +30

Minimum Requirements: Level 120, Physical 450, Wind Resistance 30%.

Minimum requirements can be ignored if player possesses the title, 'King of the Lavero Jungle'.

'This one's S-rank too!'

As it was a part of the Baramut armor set, it, like the armor itself, was amazing.

Kang Oh checked the rest of the armor set, his hands shaking unceasingly.

'Baramut's Courageous Claws' were silver gloves with a tiger pattern.

While the glimmering metal boots were called 'Baramut's Wind Surpassing Boots'.

They were all S-ranked treasures!

Moreover, since he'd defeated Baramut and obtained the King of the Lavero Jungle title, he could equip the armor set right away.

[You have equipped Baramut's Dignity Filled Heart.]

[You have equipped Baramut's Charming Face.]

[You have equipped Baramut's Courageous Claws.]

[You have equipped Baramut's Wind Surpassing Boots]

[You have gathered all the parts of the Baramut set. All set effects are now active.]

[By equipping Baramut's Dignity Filled Heart, the Dignity stat has been created.]

[Dignity is the ability to garner respect from all. The higher the stat, the easier it becomes to make one submit.]

"How does it look, Eder!?"

Kang Oh, who'd equipped the Baramut set, began to boast in front of Eder.

"I-It's quite nice," Eder replied vacantly.

The Baramut set!

Performance was important, but the design was simply amazing.

The silver metal and the tiger pattern served as the base of the design, making it look both unique and charming.

Moreover, tying the demon sword onto his back made him look like some kind of legendary hero.

Kang Oh, satisfied with Eder's reaction, opened his skill window and looked over the skills he'd learned.

[Demonic Swordsmanship]

Demonic Swordsmanship is the Demonic Swordsman's class skill. In other words, the greater the Demonic Swordsmanship, the greater the Demonic Swordsman. 

The higher Demonic Swordsmanship becomes, the more powerful a demon sword's special abilities and the Demonic Swordsman's own class skills become. 

Classification: Passive/Skill

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 97.03%

[Darkness Strike]

Inflicts a devastating blow that uses the power of darkness dwelling within the demon sword.

When you attack or use a combat-related skill, there is a fixed chance that it will activate.

If the Demon Sword Ubist strikes down an enemy with Darkness Strike, then there is a fixed chance that stats will be stolen.

But if Ubist is lost, then those stats return to normal.

Classification: Passive/Skill

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 72.31%


A powerful slash. It inflicts a wound. Striking the wound will result in a critical hit.

Classification: Active/Skill

MP Use: 10

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 88.34%

[Basic Evasion]

The most basic evasion technique. Slightly increases one's evasion.

Classification: Passive/Skill

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 35.51%

[Fleet Footwork]

An efficient way of moving one's feet. Slightly increases one's movement speed.

Classification: Passive/Skill

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 41.62%

[Wisdom of the North Wind]

The wise teachings of the North Wind, Bercy. You can occasionally be guided by the wind.

Increases the power of your wind-related magic or skills. Through your higher understanding of wind, your wind resistance increases.

Proficiency increases if you follow the guidance of the wind, or use wind magic/skills.

Classification: Passive/Magic

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 0%

[Baramut's Roar]

You may reenact the King of the Quiet Lavero Jungle, Baramut's Roar. 

If used, the roar causes Baramut's soul to dwell in the user's body for 30 minutes, and increases the user's strength.

Because it is an inherent feature of the Baramut set, it does not possess a rank or proficiency.

Classification: Active/Skill

MP Use: 0

Cooldown: Once a day

[Tempest Tiger]

Blows a powerful tiger-shaped aura. Wind rages on in tandem with the aura, causing damage on a large scale.

The higher the rank, the wider the range and more destructive the aura becomes. It also increases the intensity of the raging winds as well.

Classification: Active/Skill

MP Use: 500

Cooldown: 2 minutes

Rank: Beginner

Proficiency: 0%

The Demonic Swordman's class skill, Demonic Swordsmanship, was already close to the intermediate level. 

His other skills, befitting a character that had dumped all of his spare stat points into Sense, were rising quickly as well.

But unfortunately, Baramut's Roar was a skill enabled by the armor set, so its proficiency couldn't be improved.

In exchange, he'd gained the aura skill, Tempest Tiger!

Fitting such an incredibly destructive aura skill, it consumed an immense amount of MP 

In other words, he didn't have to kill each and every monster separately, but could gather them in one location and kill them all at once with Tempest Tiger!

Of course, he wouldn't know exactly how powerful it was until he used it himself.

'We'll try using it little-by-little.'

Kang Oh was finished examining his unexpected profit.

Now it was time for him to find and then take all of the riches that Baramut had accumulated.

He also planned on taking all the items of value within Bercy's home as well.

'Though it probably won't be as good as the Baramut set.'

His unexpected profit was much too large.

Unless Baramut had accrued around 1,000 gold or there was a piece of SS-rank Mage equipment in Bercy's home, then there wouldn't be much to get excited about.  

'Still, I won't leave a single coin here.'

Kang Oh searched the cave.

He soon found a space covered with cloth.

It was the place where Baramut had left its wealth.

There were heaps of gold, gemstones, and materials within.

'It's only about 300 gold, huh.'

Kang Oh eyeballed the amount of gold, his expression calm.

As he'd expected, since he'd received such a honey-sweet reward already, the sight of a sugary reward didn't do much for him.

In other words, he was full.

Of course, the fact that he was full didn't mean he would just forgo collecting all of the riches and materials right before his eyes.

'Hmm. There are some strange materials here too.'

Kang Oh collected all of the gold and materials.

Black steel (more valuable than regular steel), a small pearl and a single diamond, mysterious patterned fabric, etc. Kang Oh collected them all and placed them into his inventory.

Having collected everything that Baramut had stashed away, Kang Oh headed for Bercy's home.

There, he found sellable magic equipment and devices.

Kang Oh lifted what looked like the staff that Bercy had used when she was alive, 'Gentle Breeze's Lullaby' and examined its info.

"I should sell this later."

It was an A-rank, level 300 restricted staff.

He could keep it stored for now, but when other users reached level 300, he could sell it then for a good price.

Kang Oh placed the staff into his inventory and removed the heaviest looking book on the bookshelf.

The cover read, <The North Wind's Intermediate Grimoire>. It was written by Bercy. 

He examined the info and found that he could learn two different spells from it: Northerly Wind and Cold Snow, as well as Piercing Gale. 

"This'll make me some money."

Sense was the stat that ruled over 'skills', while Magic ruled over 'spells'. 

'Skills' were learned through textbooks while 'spells' were learned through grimoires.

But normally, grimoires were more expensive than skill textbooks.

Plus, Bercy's grimoire taught not one, but two spells, so it would prove to be even more expensive.

"Is there anything else..."

Kang Oh perused the other books on the shelf, but there wasn't anything else there that was worthwhile.

He looked through the room one more time just in case he missed something but didn't find anything else.

"Shall we get going?" Kang Oh told Eder.

Eder hadn't gone empty-handed.

His hands were filled with rare books that Bercy had treasured.

Informational books or stories like <Jungle Recipes>, <The Jungle's Mysterious Medicinal Herbs>, and <Wind that Pushes the Clouds>.

Obviously, they weren't books worth any value. If they were, Kang Oh would've taken them out of his hands right away.

They were just books that Eder wanted to read.

"But how do we get out of here? I don't see any Weasel Beads or wind magic scrolls," Eder asked.

"It's ok. I’ve learned a wind technique."

Kang Oh and Eder left Bercy and Baramut's residence, passed through the Quiet Lavero Jungle and finally arrived at the cave where the portal had first opened.


Kang Oh swung his sword.

He felt a large amount of MP leave him like an ebbing tide.

Activate Tempest Tiger!

The tiger-shape aura spewed golden light from his jet-black blade, projecting in every direction.

This was followed by a violent, raging wind that struck the walls like a whip.


The wind began to make an imprint on the wall as if a snake had crawled along it.

Above all, the golden light tiger swept everything away like a bulldozer.

The rocks on the ground were crushed, and the gemstones on the cave's ceiling cracked. Finally, there was a head-on collision between the wall and the aura.


A deafening roar resounded throughout, and a hole was made in the wall.


Kang Oh's spine throbbed at the overwhelmingly destructive capabilities of the skill.

Tempest Tiger!

There was a reason it cost 500 MP. It was just that powerful.

"Ooooh," Eder groaned from beside him.

If Eder were swept away by that tiger and wind, then he'd be broken into pieces.

It was horrifying just thinking about it.

'How could you give him such an amazing ability. Jeez!'

Eder decided to be more careful so that he didn't grate on Kang Oh's nerves in the future.

In any case, a portal opened before Kang Oh and Eder that sucked in the wind.

They entered the portal and immediately returned to Altein.

There was a full moon above the nightless city, Altein. 

"See you tomorrow."


Kang Oh and Eder parted ways.

Eder walked back to his mansion.

The sole remaining Kang Oh looked back at his day.

"Hoo. I sure made a lot."

He'd gotten 600 gold from those idiots, Halt and Itar, and 300 gold from Baramut.

Aside from that, if he sold all of the gemstones and materials, as well as the staff and grimoire Bercy had left behind, he'd gain, at least 500 gold.

Above all, the value of the Baramut set, as well as the stats he'd received, couldn't be valued!

The Baramut armor set, as well as the 200 stat bonus, was worth much more than 1,000 gold.

Thus, Kang Oh had, in a single time, seriously made a ton of money.

"I wish every day was like today."

He couldn't help but smile.

It truly was a productive day.

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