Chapter 312. Kang Oh's Eating Journal

Sharp-toothed Sharkrai!

Imperfect kraken, Monju!

Venomous Skeld!

These three guardians protected Moss Cave. They were a shark, octopus, and sea snake respectively!

'I'm adding a monster to the mix!' 

Kang Oh picked a Gnuha, a monster that inhabited Moss Cave. A Gnuha resembled a seal, but it was one-eyed and had a horn on its forehead. It could live on land or sea.

[Adding a Gnuha guardian requires 1,000 gold or 100 repel points. Would you like to proceed?]

"I'm using gold."

He only had about 200 repel points left. However, he needed to use these points someplace else, so he decided to use gold instead.

[You have spent 1,000 gold.]

[Adding a Gnuha guardian.]

[The Gnuha has evolved into Lightning Horn Nuhakan.]

A Gnuha that could discharge lightning, huh... It'd be sure to give quite the electrifying feeling to anyone who goes into the water unaware of it.

Next, Kang Oh picked a Milok, a monster which closely resembled a catfish. 

[Adding a Milok guardian requires 1,500 gold or 150 repel points. Would you like to proceed?]

"Ahem, pay with gold!"

[You have spent 1,500 gold.]

[You have added a Milok guardian.]

[The Milok has evolved into the Group Leading Tyrant, Milkang.]

The catfish-like Milok was level 300. Once it evolved into a guardian, Milkang became his highest level guardian at 350.

He looked over its information, and found out that it always swam around with a group of 10 Miloks. It also had the ability to command them too.

"I'm leaving the treasure box's key with Milkang."

[You have left the treasure box's key with Milkang. If Milkang dies, then the treasure box's key will be dropped.]

If a guardian died, they would respawn after a certain amount of time passed. In Milkang's case, it would respawn after 24 hours had passed.

"Summon Guardians!"

The guardians poked their faces through the surface of the water. Milkang and Nuhakan were originally monsters, so they looked more menacing than the rest. Of course, Sharkrai, Monju, and Skeld would probably make you shake in your boots if you saw them in real life. 

"Your main priority now is protecting the treasure!"

Kuha, kuha!

Nuhakan shrieked, representing the rest of his guardians.

"Go on!" 

They all left, and Kang Oh went back to the Dungeon Management window. He had one last thing to do.

[For one month, the dungeon's monsters give an additional 5% experience and proficiency.]

[100 repel points have been spent.]

[For one month, there is a 5% increased chance that monsters drop more and/or better items.] 

[100 repel points have been spent.]

Soul dungeons had a variety of features. As shown, the dungeon master could make the soul dungeon more beneficial to players.

If faced with two similarly leveled monsters, a player would obviously seek the one that offered more experience, proficiency, and items. He'd decided to expand his dungeon as much as possible, so he'd have to manage basic features like this in the future!

"Good. Then let's start gathering players!"

He planned on taking advantage of his fame as one of the Numbers and the Predator.

* * *

He made a post on Arthtory's message board. 

[Promoting new Youtube channel]

This kind of post was doomed to be buried underneath all of the other posts. However, the poster was Gladiator Oga.


It was well-known that Gladiator Oga was Kang Oh, one of the Numbers.

"It's Kang Oh!"

"Kang Oh posted a message!"

"Kang Oh made a new Youtube channel?"

People were curious, so they clicked on the post, causing it to rack up hits. With so many people clicking on it, the post became HOT, indicating that it was the most clicked post.

Though it was HOT, the contents weren't anything special. There was only one link inside. However, the fact that Kang Oh had posted it made it worth the click.


The link would redirect them to Youtube. It was the world's most popular video-sharing platform.

Jae Woo's channel was called 'Kang Oh's Eating Journal'. There was only one video posted on his channel. It was called 'A Novel Dungeon for People Who Want a Different Experience'.

Not many people were willing to come this far and not watch the video. Wondering what all the fuss is about, they clicked the video.

As soon as the video began, they saw Kang Oh.

"It's Kang Oh!"

"It's really him!"

In his right hand, he held the jet-black Ubist, and in his left, Blood, which radiated red energy. Moreover, he was wearing the tiger-striped silver armor, or the Baramut set. It was proof that this really was Kang Oh!

He wordlessly entered the dungeon. Kang Oh made his way through the dungeon, the walls covered in Luminescent Moss.

Kang Oh encountered monsters like Utankas, Stone Eaters, and Gnuhas, but he killed them all and reached the lake. Then, he pulled some Luminescent Moss off the wall and ate it. Consuming the Luminescent Moss would enable a player to breathe underwater for 10 minutes!

Kang Oh unhesitatingly jumped into the water.

A catfish-like monster came swimming at him, but Kang Oh easily defeated it, as if he were proficient in underwater combat.

He swam deep inside the lake and eventually came to a wrecked ship!

Their hearts began to pound. The first thing that came to mind when you saw a wrecked ship was treasure! 

At that moment…! 

Kang Oh's body was overcast by a shadow.


All of a sudden, the Jaws theme played!

Dun, dun, dun!

A monster shark swam over, matching the music perfectly, and then several other underwater monsters came rushing over.

One, two, three!

At the same time, monsters began swarming him!



The screen went dark.



For a moment, the viewers wondered if they were having issues with their computer or electricity. However, Jae Woo had cut the clip on purpose.

Color returned to the screen and they could see a lakeside.


Kang Oh surfaced from the water.

He came out of the water and stood tall. However, he had a treasure box at his side. It was clear that he'd defeated the monsters protecting the wrecked ship and gotten the treasure box from it!

"If you're bored of fighting on land, then..." Kang Oh finally spoke. "Come here. You'll be able to experience an exciting underwater fight."

He turned around and exited the dungeon, his form becoming fainter by the second. As it did, some tips showed up on the screen.

This dungeon, Moss Cave, is located at the southernmost point of the continent.

To get there, go to the Great Forest's Nuwak Village first. From there, go south until you see the beach. That's where the entrance to Moss Cave will be.

Please be sure to tune into GBS's First Hunter. One of the Numbers, Kang Oh, will star in it!

* * *

His view count rose precipitously, and people were quickly commenting on his video. Jae Woo looked pleased with himself. 

However, many of them complained, asking why he cut the part where he fought the monsters.

'That's because I didn't fight them.'

The underwater monsters he'd faced were his guardians. There was no way they'd attack their master.

In the original video, all it showed was his imposing guardians rushing towards him. That's what he'd asked them to do after all. 

Thus, he had no choice but to cut it there.

Anyhow, people were definitely interested in his dungeon now. There would definitely be some players that would come after seeing this!

He'd eventually reveal that the lake contained southern fish, which would attract fisherman, as well as the fact that the treasure box contained the Potion of Explosive Growth.

This would bring in even more people...

"And they'll give me even more repel points." Jae Woo grinned.

If he used those accumulated repel points to expand the dungeon, then he'd gain a tremendous reward!

'Then I won't be just a landlord anymore. I'll be a true dungeon master!'

Of course, some of the players might try to steal his soul dungeon away from him. However, not many people would be able to break through Teyno's ridiculous defense.

Even if Teynos lost, and that's a big if, Kang Oh would just have to win the sacred duel. After all, fighting was his specialty.

'I've done everything I can for Moss Cave, so all I can do is wait for now.'

He'd have to wait and see how many repel points he gained.

Jae Woo turned off his computer and laid inside his virtual reality capsule.

Log into Arth!

* * *

Kang Oh owned three dungeons: Moss Cave, the Beast's Tower, and the Saul Graveyard! They were located in the Great Forest, the western grasslands, and the Goddess's Land respectively. 

'I'm finished with Moss Cave, so let's head to the Beast's Tower.'

Kang Oh stood atop the intercity transfer gate and yelled, "Lion's Room!"

He was engulfed in bright light, and the scenery instantly changed.

The giant, gallant lion, Violf, whose body was made of shining platinum, said, "It's been a while, Master."

It lazily lied down in the center of the room. 

"How have you been?" Kang Oh approached it and stroked its mane. 

'Man, you're so good-looking!'

"Nothing happened."

"Give me the soul stone."

"Understood." Violf opened its mouth and placed the soul stone in Kang Oh's hand.

"Dungeon Management!"

A Dungeon Management window appeared in front of him like it did in Moss Cave. He immediately checked his repel points. He only had 3.

Kang Oh looked over the logs. He'd gained the points from killing a player with his traps.

A few Dungeon Hunters came by, but he hadn't added any guardians, so he wasn't able to get any repel points from them.

'Will I be able to bring players here too?' Kang Oh was locked in thought. However, he soon shook his head.

The Beast's Tower was located in the west. The races here shunned humans, so not many players came here. It was completely different from the Great Forest, which was visited by many players.

There weren't any villages nearby with an intercity transfer gate either. No, perhaps the only place that would accept humans was the neutral zone, Kasten, where the Mercenary Association was located.

But how many players would really come to the dangerous western grasslands and attempt to clear the Beast's Tower?

'It's impossible until there are villages or cities that have intercity transfer gates here.'

Kang Oh gave up on drawing players here. Still, he couldn't just neglect the Beast's Tower like he'd been doing.

If he couldn't draw in players, then he'd use NPCs!

'Is there any way for me to draw in the non-human species here...'

Kang Oh unconsciously fiddled with the Dungeon Management window as he thought things over. Then, he looked over the list of monsters within the Beast's Tower and had a good idea.

"It's worth a shot!"

Fortunately, he had a ton of influence in the west.

In the past, he'd participated in the huge war, or the fight against the trolls, Evil God Worshippers, and monster army, on the side of the elves, orcs, and other non-human species that opposed them. He'd contributed heavily during the war, so he was given the title of Hero of Kasten!

While other players would find danger at every turn, he would be welcomed wherever he went. He had a way of drawing non-human species into the Beast's Tower using his considerable fame and reputation.

"Violf, I need to go somewhere real quick."

"Take care, Master."

"Yeah, I'll be back." Kang Oh left the Beast's Tower and headed for the neutral zone, Kasten.

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