Chapter 309. Sephiro and Waryong

A clip introducing the Spider Queen, Benolov, appeared on the screen.

Mt. Croc was her domain, and she would mercilessly kill any player that trespassed into the mountain. Her main weapon was a bow, and if she shot an arrow into the sky, it could hit any target within Mt. Croc. Thus, she was nicknamed the Grim Reaper's Sniper.

"The next monster that our hunters will have to kill is Mt. Croc's Spider Queen, Benolov!" Seong Gook yelled. "I'm sure you're all curious how much she's worth. Let me show you!"


A number appeared above Benolov's body. 

"The reward is 150 million won ($150,000 USD)!"

She was worth more than Galmoss. The increased reward signified how much harder it'd be to kill her. 

Benolov could snipe players at a distance, so getting close was difficult; plus, she controlled countless monster spiders. Not only that, but she was always guarded by two mid-bosses, the Spider Brothers! Kang Oh could somewhat understand why her bounty was worth more than Galmoss's. 

"There's a huge bounty riding on this one too. I wonder who will take this massive reward this time." Seong Gook stared at the contestants. 

Marco, Strong Punch, and Snow Flower remained calm, but their eyes told a different story; they were all confident that they could beat her. Of course, Jae Woo was always confident.

"We'll decide the order now. Like with Galmoss, you simply need to volunteer. If two or more people volunteer, then we'll break the tie by drawing lots."


"Who wants to go first?" Seong Gook asked. However, no one raised their hand.

Considering her notoriety and her difficulty level, there was a high chance that the first batter would fail.

"Mr. Kang Oh, you're not volunteering this time."


Jae Woo was no exception. Benolov wasn't a ghost-type monster like Galmoss, so he didn't have a huge advantage against her either.

"Then let's leave it open for now. Who would like to go second?"

"I'll go second." The Sword Mercenaries' vice-captain, Strong Punch, was the only one to raise his hand.

"Then Mr. Strong Punch will go second. Who would like to go third?" 

The remaining three simultaneously raised their hands.

"We'll decide by drawing lots."

Then, some staff members came in with a black box. 

"Whoever picks the red straw will be third. Ms. Snow Flower will pick first."

Snow Flower came forward and picked a straw from the box. It was red!

"Tch!" Both Jae Woo and Marco clicked their tongues. They'd lost their chance at third place.

"To think you'd pick it on the first try. You're quite lucky. Ms. Snow Flower will go third."

Snow Flower softly waved her hand.

"Anyone want to go fourth?" 

Jae Woo and Marco simultaneously raised their hands. Both of them wanted to avoid going first.

"Then let's pick using straws again. Whoever picks the red straw will be fourth. If you pick the gray straw, then you will have to go first."

"I'll pick first." Marco stepped forward. Unfortunately, he picked the gray straw. "Oh my god!" he cried out. On the other hand, Kang Oh looked relieved.

With this, the order had been decided. Marco would be first, Strong Punch second, Snow Flower third, and Kang Oh fourth!

'I hope I get a chance!' Jae Woo prayed to the heavens.

If he actually got a chance to hunt Benolov, then he'd definitely beat her. After all, the previous contestants' failures would only increase his chance of success!

"Mr. Marco, as you know, I'd like you to complete your hunt within a week. Please let us know the exact time and day of your hunt," Seong Gook said.

"Understood." Marco's despair ridden face had returned to normal. 

Then, he stared at Jae Woo. 'He went first and beat Galmoss, so I should be able to do it too!'

Plus, going first wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If he managed to succeed, then all the glory would be his!

"I wish you luck."

"I don't need luck. I'll beat it using pure skill," Marco said firmly.

"Viewers, please look forward to Mr. Marco's amazing hunt!" 

Seong Gook finished with a closing statement. With this, the shoot was over.

* * *

Once it was over, Jae Woo tried to go home as quickly as possible. However, someone stopped him.

"Excuse me." 

It was Snow Flower, an executive of the Breaker Guild and the only female contestant.


"May I please speak with you?" Snow Flower said.

'Why does she want to talk to me?' 

He decided to hear her out first. 


The two entered an empty waiting room.

"What's the matter?" Jae Woo asked.

"I'd like to first congratulate you."

"Thank you."

"Are you part of a guild right now?"


"Then would you like to join the Breaker Guild?"

So this is what she wanted. She was trying to recruit him to her guild. But it wasn't just any guild; it was one of the 5 great guilds! 

"No, thank you," Jae Woo immediately replied.

"May I know why?"

"Just because." 

Jae Woo liked being alone. Plus, if he joined a guild, a large guild at that, then he'd be forced into a lot of troublesome matters. He also hated large guilds too. 

"Understood." Snow Flower didn't try to persuade him anymore.

"Is that everything?"

"I have something else to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I bought Galmoss's equipment."

"You did? The Reaper of Souls and the Galmoss set? There's no way that..." Jae Woo tilted his head. 

'That's strange.' Man Bok knew about First Hunter, the program that Jae Woo starred in. He also knew who his fellow contestants were.

Even so, Man Bok sold Galmoss's equipment to Snow Flower, who was one of his competitors? He's not the type of person to do that. He couldn't understand why he would do something like this.

"You asked Mr. Man Bok to get rid of the items, yes?"


"I asked him to sell them to me, but he wouldn't. He told me it was because I was competing against you."

'Of course!' 

Kang Oh nodded his head and said, "Then how did you get them?"

"I bought them from the person that Mr. Man Bok sold them to."


"So don't be surprised when I go out there wearing the Galmoss set and the Reaper of Souls."


He hadn't expected that. It wasn't good news. The Reaper of Souls in the hands of Snow Flower, widely considered the best swordswoman in Arth? Things would become more difficult from now on.

'So this is where you'd say that a tiger sprouted wings.'

Moreover, she would be hunting Benolov before him. Perhaps he wouldn't get a chance to hunt her. After all, Snow Flower had obtained the Reaper of Souls!

Well, it was all water under the bridge now. 

"Understood." That's all he had to say.

"That's everything."

"I see. I have nothing else to say either."

"Then, if you'll excuse me."


* * *

It was time for Kang Oh to start exploring the Goddess's Land again. He didn't worry about First Hunter, as he wasn't sure whether he'd get the opportunity to hunt Benolov or not.

Cyndia, who'd been tasked with finding Mayanes Krishan, hadn't contacted him either, so he could hold off on the goddess's quest for now.

Plus, he didn't have any stupid tasks as the Guardian of the Continent. Which meant that this was his chance to explore the Goddess's Land!

However, Kang Oh wasn't alone this time. Eder and Sephiro had come along.

Some time ago, Sephiro had finished his quest to nurture Waryong.


The red wyvern, Waryong, rubbed its head against Sephiro's leg. Because of the quest, Waryong had grown so much that it couldn't fit in Sephiro's buxom anymore.

It was about the size of a large dog. Of course, when he considered how large an adult wyvern was, it still needed a lot more time to grow.

Waryong's wings had gotten stronger too, so if it flapped its wings a few times, it could float in the air. However, it wasn't yet capable of flying in the air.

Its fire breath wasn't as weak anymore either; at least, he couldn't say that it was weaker than a lighter anymore.

"Where are we going today?" Sephiro stroked Waryong's head and asked.

Kang Oh looked over the map. "The Tower of the Full Moon, the Terranogi Underground Ruins, and Metnome Cave."

"Three places?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"Ugh, I joined up too soon. I should've rested some more." Sephiro complained, but Kang Oh completely ignored him.

"Let's go!"

A dense forest existed in the south, and several towers stood amidst the forest. The tower shaped like a triangular pyramid was the Tower of the Full Moon. 

[Entering the dungeon, Tower of the Full Moon.]

As soon they entered, the monsters inside attacked them.


They were werewolves. Their actual name was Oga Wolves. 

Oga Wolves were powerful level 400 monsters. Their claws were sharp enough to cut through steel like paper, their speed was like a hummingbird's, and their combat senses were extraordinary.


They only saw three Oga Wolves thus far. The Oga Wolves screamed and rushed at them.

Then, Waryong opened its mouth.


Its chest expanded and then deflated, spewing red fire at the Oga Wolves. 

Fire Breath!


What a sudden fire show! The fire was incomparably larger and hotter than before. However, it wasn't strong enough to get the Oga Wolves to back down.

The werewolves pushed through the flames, and two of them attacked Kang Oh, who was furthest in front. The remaining Oga Wolves rushed towards Waryong.

"Not going to happen!" Waryong's master, Sephiro, widened his eyes. 'How dare you attack my kid!?' He loaded a long, thick javelin-like arrow onto his silver bow and let it fly.

Earth Shaking Arrow!

The Oga Wolf attempted to swing its paw and deflect the arrow, but upon impact, the arrow unleashed a powerful shockwave. The shockwave was powerful enough to make it go flying. 

"Waryong!" Sephiro yelled.


Waryong unleashed another flame blast. However, something strange happened. The flames transformed into an arrow!

Fire Dragon's Arrow!

This was the reward for completing his pet quest. He and his pet could use a combination attack now.

Sephiro grabbed a hold of the flaming arrow. It wasn't hot at all, and he could use it just like a regular arrow. 

He drew the bowstring and... fire!


The flaming arrow flew through the air like a red comet.


Its power was tremendous.

The Oga Wolf, who'd been forced back by the Earth Shaking arrow, wasn't able to properly respond to Sephiro's next attack. Thus, its entire body caught on fire.

Kuhang, Kuheong!

It cried out in pain.

Satisfied with the arrow's power, Sephiro smiled and notched a normal arrow.


The aflame Oga Wolf gave it confidence, so Waryong opened its mouth once more. At the same time, Sephiro shot an arrow.

Sun Piercing Arrow!


An arrow pierced the burning Oga Wolf!


As if it'd had enough, the Oga Wolf, despite being burned and shot at, charged at Sephiro with tremendous speed. It swung its leg at him with its sharp claws.

Steel Cut!


With the sound of a paper book being ripped apart, a sharp threatening energy came flying at Sephiro. 

"Tch." Sephiro rolled onto the floor, avoiding its attack.

The Oga Wolf stepped forward, ready to attack him again. However, it suddenly felt pain in its other foot. 


Waryong had bitten its foot. Its bite was just as strong as an adult wyvern's.

Sephiro shot another arrow while it was distracted.


The arrow struck its chest, causing it to shake.


Then, Waryong flapped its wings and tackled the Oga Wolf.


Which ultimately forced the Oga Wolf back.

"Die!" Sephiro followed it up with another arrow, which hit it right in the crown.


Giant shards of light burst out.

Sephiro and Waryong didn't stop there. They continued to bombard it with arrows and fire. The two of them made quite the pair!


By the time he and Waryong had killed the Oga Wolf, Kang Oh and Eder had already finished killing the other two.

Tap, tap, tap!

Kang Oh's party began climbing up the tower. 

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