Chapter 305. Roaming Galmoss (2)

Although the Reaper of Souls was considered overpowered, it did possess a clear weakness. The fact that it could bypass anything meant that everything would go through it too. In other words, it couldn't be used for defense! 

Thus, Galmoss had several weak points. However, there weren't many players that could take advantage of this due to Galmoss's tremendous attack power. Even the best tanks were killed within 3 seconds!

Let's assume you manage to get a hit in, but it counterattacks simultaneously. You might've done some damage, but you'd get hit by the Reaper of Souls. No one could withstand a direct hit from its blade.

Thus, aiming for its weak points was risky.

At the same time, Kang Oh had to draw its attention, which meant attacking it too. If he didn't, then it'd turn its attention to his teammates and rip them to shreds!

Ultimately, only a player that had the willingness and the courage to take such a risk was capable of fighting against Galmoss.

'Someone like me.' Kang Oh unhesitatingly aimed for a weak point.


Demon Sword Ubist cleaved through its shoulder, and red shards of light leaked from in-between. Abyss Blade was capable of hurting Galmoss too.


The Reaper of Souls flew at him horizontally.

Kang Oh quickly reacted to it. He couldn't afford to be careless. If he reacted a second too late, then it was game over for him.

He took two steps back. Kang Oh just barely dodged the blade, only a finger's length separating him and the tip of Galmoss's sword.

He then acted like he was swinging his demon sword. In response, Galmoss swung its blade once more.

Kang Oh stopped his blade halfway. He turned his body and then stepped forward as if he'd slipped. The Reaper of Souls passed by his side.


Ubist pushed through Galmoss's armor. It felt like he'd just dunked his sword into a vat of gooey tar.

'No!' Kang Oh didn't go all the way through, and pulled his sword out. He'd made a good decision. What if he hadn't withdrawn his sword?

Then he wouldn't have been able to dodge Galmoss's next attack.

"Hoo." Kang Oh retreated and caught his breath. Galmoss, who floated about 30 meters from the ground, straightened its back and walked forward.


"Bestow pain upon the soul!"

"Pierce through!"

"Mysterious gate!"

Eder, Karin, and Soren cast their spells.

Soul Burn! 

Snaring Sand Spear! 

The purple fire and sand spear mixed together, making a sound akin to a musical instrument, and resulted in a gray spear. It didn't do much damage, but it did manage to distract the boss.

Meanwhile, an oval purple ring appeared behind Kang Oh.

Acceleration Gate!

Kang Oh stepped back. Once he passed through the gate, he rushed forward as quickly as an arrow.

He dodged the diagonal swing of Galmoss's blade, got in range, and sliced through its side.


Huge shards of red light fell to the floor.

Then, Darion, who'd been waiting for the right moment, rushed at it from behind.

Blade Honed with Fighting Spirit!

The red sunset blade sliced through its back.

Galmoss was completely defenseless, so he could get another attack in. However, Darion retreated immediately.

'Wait for your opportunity and attack when it's safe. Never attack twice!' Kang Oh had told him. 'You're my backup. If it hits me or I can't keep it in place, then you have to take over. You can't let yourself get taken out before me!' 

Because of that, Darion knew what his role was. He was the off-tank, so he couldn't afford to put himself in danger! Thus, he only chose to attack once.

'In exchange, I'll make the best out of it.' Darion's eyes gleamed as he waited for his next opportunity. It seemed like he'd get another opportunity soon.

After all, Kang Oh and his other teammates were fighting well against that formidable beast!

* * *

There were five official members of Blue Sky: Marco, Yassen, Sarah, Kun, and Liman. Those five were gathered at Marco's house, and were watching Kang Oh's hunt in real-time.

"They'll probably fail, right?" the greasy-looking Yassen said.

"They have to," Marco said. 

If Kang Oh's party failed, then his party would be up next. Thus, Kang Oh had to fail.

"They fight well," Kun said. His head was shaved like a member of the army. 

"It's what you'd expect. He's part of the Numbers, after all," Yassen said.

"Now we know Kang Oh's skills are the real deal. His teammates fight well too," Kun said.

"The girls are Karin and Soren," Sarah, the only woman in their group, said.

"Who are they?" Yassen asked.

"The pigtailed girl is Soren. She uses gravity magic. The one with the bell staff is Karin. As you can see, she uses sand magic," Sarah said.

"They must be close to level 400. They're not high rankers, are they?"

"Probably not."

"What do you know about the other two?" Kun asked.

"I dunno who they are. They look like a gladiator and necromancer, but they're not exceptional," Yassen said.

"No, they're fighting well," Kassen refuted.

"Sure, let's go with that." Yassen shrugged his shoulders.

"Stop worrying about Kang Oh's party. Focus on Galmoss and find out everything you can," Marco said. 

"Ok, boss."

The members of Blue Sky began to focus entirely on Galmoss.

Sometime later...

"Galmoss has entered the 2nd phase," Liman, who hadn't said anything thus far, yelled. 

"Now it'll become a bit interesting," Sarah said, and everyone nodded. 

* * *

Four gray swords appeared above Galmoss's head.

"It's the 2nd phase!" Kang Oh yelled.

Galmoss's 2nd phase was really simple. It started to use skills! That was it.

Ghost-Possessed Swords!

Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

The four swords flew at Eder, Darion, Soren and Karin.

Throughout the 1st phase, Kang Oh had kept its attention fixed on him, so the rest of his team had had it easy. However, they couldn't relax anymore. From now on, Galmoss would shoot ghost-possessed swords at them whenever it could.

Fortunately, the gray swords didn't have the Reaper of Soul's overpowered ability; they couldn't bypass objects. 



Thus, Soren and Karin could deflect the swords with their staffs. Darion did the same with his sword. 

"Munra's Shield!" Eder summoned a shield and blocked the sword that way. 

Meanwhile, Galmoss etched a bizarre pattern in the air with its sword. Then, Kang Oh got as far away from it as he could. 

Cold Wave!

All of a sudden, a cold wind began to blow; it was so cold that it made their teeth chatter.

[You have been exposed to Cold Wave.]

[Your movements will gradually slow.]

[If your temperature drops any further, then you will start losing HP.]

"Take the red drug that Eder gave you!" Kang Oh pulled the red egg off his belt and swallowed it.

[You have consumed Eder's Fire Egg.]

[You have begun to run a fever.]

[You are no longer slowed by the cold.]

[Your temperature does not decrease.]

[Duration Time: 10 minutes]

People already knew about Galmoss's Cold Wave. Thus, Eder had created the Fire Egg as a countermeasure.

However, this was just the beginning. 

Ghost-possessed swords flew through the air once more, but this time, five of them had been summoned, and one of the gray blades flew towards Kang Oh. If you were far enough away from Galmoss, then you would become the target of its ghost-possessed swords. 


Kang Oh and his teammates deflected the gray blades with their respective weapons.


Galmoss swung its blade downwards.

Cross Slash!

It unleashed a cross-shaped blade of energy from its sword. Kang Oh couldn't afford to dodge it since Eder was right behind him. 


Tempest Tiger!

He unleashed a giant tiger from his blade. The Tempest Tiger dashed towards its target, leaving a golden trail behind it.


Tempest Tiger clashed with Cross Slash. 

Kang Oh's skill was superior.

The Tempest Tiger went straight through the Cross Slash and flew towards Galmoss. Then, Galmoss swung its sword again. It was using another Cross Slash!


Tempest Tiger clashed with another Cross Slash. This time, the two skills were dead even and they dissipated simultaneously.

"Mysterious power that exists, but cannot be seen!" Soren pointed her staff at Galmoss.

Gravity Cannon!

She shot two concentric circles, which consisted of gravitational force, right at it. The inner circle was red, while the outer surrounding circle was gray.

The gravity cannon sucked the floor's dirt and rocks as it passed.


The gravity cannon hit it dead on. Its vacuum force was tremendous, so Galmoss couldn't escape it so easily.

"Karin!" Soren yelled. Her voice was basically saying, 'Now!'.

"Desert's signpost that whispers of death..." Karen, who'd been casting ever since Soren had unleashed her gravity cannon, had finally completed her incantation.

Pyramid of Death!

A sand pyramid surged from the ground and engulfed Galmoss whole. This spell trapped one's opponent and also drained their life force away! This was her most powerful spell.

"Even you won't be able to get out of this one!" Karin said confidently.

It was only natural. The Pyramid of Death wasn't just a sand pyramid. It layered several types of sealing spells on top of each other, allowing her to seal even a ghost like Galmoss.

She was absolutely sure it wouldn't be able to escape. However, she was quickly proved wrong. 


The pyramid began to break, and immense energy surged from within. At the same time, gray blades flew through the cracks.

"Be careful!" Kang Oh yelled, but it happened so suddenly that some of his teammates were unable to respond in time.



Soren and Karin reacted too late. The gray blades had pierced Soren's shoulder and Karin's thigh.

"Are you alright?" Eder quickly came over, applied ointment over their wounds, and wrapped them with bandages.

First Aid!

But it wasn't just any first aid. It was first aid performed by a Master Healer! They instantly recovered their lost HP.

"Thank you." Soren bowed her head, whereas Karin was in no state to be thanking him.

Galmoss leisurely began floating out of the pyramid, which was halfway destroyed already.

"How!?" Karin was shocked. 'You monster! How in the world did you break through the pyramid!?'

If Galmoss was capable of speech, then it'd say something like 'I broke it using brute strength!'.

It then approached Kang Oh and swung its sword.

Avalanche of Despair!

This was the skill it'd used to destroy the pyramid. Befitting its name, it unleashed an immense wave of energy that came at you like an avalanche.

"Aah." Karin's face was filled with despair. 'We were wrong.'

"Damn it." Darion bit his lip. Eder and Soren began casting spells, trying to do something, anything, to stop the attack, but they were too late.

And Kang Oh...

'It has too much range for me to dodge it. If that's the case, then...' he thought briefly, and then immediately acted. 

Everlasting Darkness!

A massive amount of darkness gathered around his jet-black blade. From afar, it looked like Kang Oh was holding a giant black pillar.

"Huaaahp!" Kang Oh screamed and swung downwards.

The avalanche-like wave was cleaved in two. Seeing that, Karin was reminded of the legend of Moses and how he'd parted the sea. It was like a miracle.

Honestly, in terms of pure power, Avalanche of Despair was one level, no, perhaps two levels stronger than his Everlasting Darkness.

While Everlasting Darkness was focused at one point like a beam, Avalanche of Despair's power was spread out over a wide area. That's why he'd been able to slice through the avalanche.

Kang Oh didn't let down his guard. By cutting through the avalanche, the darkness gathered around his blade had dimmed, but it hadn't been extinguished; he swung his blade at Galmoss with whatever power his blade had left!


Kang Oh vertically cleaved through Galmoss's armor, starting from its breastplate, all the way down to the groin area.


Countless shards of light flew through the air like cherry blossoms. Now, it was time for the 3rd phase. 

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