Chapter 283. The Beast King

The Mayanes were an ancient race, known for their beautiful wings. As such, two large white wings protruded from Diabol's back. However, two demonic red horns lay in-between his golden hair. 

White wings and demonic horns. It was as if an angel and a devil had been fused together, resulting in something both beautiful and ominous. 

Plus, Diabol was incredibly handsome. His upper body was completely laid bare, reminding them of an ancient Greek statue.

"Is this your doing?" Diabol asked. Before they could even reply, Diabol continued. "How? Even the God of Destruction couldn't bypass our immortality..."

He looked upon his creation, Prison Beast Madon, in confusion. Any prison beast within his domain, the forest, was immortal. That's how he'd designed them.

However, his creation lied at his feet, dead. This was neither a dream nor an illusion; it wasn't a lie either, it was the absolute truth.

"How did you kill it!?" Diabol snarled.


Kang Oh's party said nothing; they merely remained alert.

"How many did you kill? No, I can just check." Diabol stroked the horns on his head. The horns allowed him to sense their life energy, as well as command them. 

His body soon shook with rage.

"How dare you!?"

There weren't many prison beasts left. They had rescued most of the humans, his precious energy source. Thus, his strength had been cut in half. 

He welled with anger. Then, he looked northeast, realizing what had just happened. 

"Krishan! Is this your doing!?" Diabol yelled furiously. 

After spending more than a week with Krishan, he had come back to his own territory. She had seduced him. 

Was it just a coincidence? He had spent more than a week with her, but when he came back, most of his creations lay dead at his feet and countless humans had been released. Was it not all connected? 

'No, it has to be. You vixen.'


Diabol gritted his teeth. Krishan had really gotten him good this time. 

He decided to take out his anger on Kang Oh's party. 

"I'll start with you." Diabol extended his hand, summoning a golden trident. "Die!" Diabol then swung his weapon. 

Crescent Moon Sweep!

His trident emanated powerful energy, which he unleashed in a crescent moon shape.

Kang Oh's party reacted immediately.

Tempest Tiger!

Bone Road!

Earth Shaking Arrow!


The battle began with an ear-rupturing 'boom'!

* * *


Diabol gritted his teeth.

His Crescent Moon Sweep was way too weak. If he was at full strength, then he would've killed them instantly!

However, there were too few humans providing him with life energy. Thus, he was much weaker than normal. 

'Hmph. It doesn't matter how much weaker I've gotten. Killing these insects is no problem at all.'

Even so, Diabol was as arrogant as always and remained sure of his victory. 

He spun his trident and then thrust it at Kang Oh! 


"No thanks!" Kang Oh immediately swung Ubist.


His jet-black blade clashed with the golden trident. They were dead even in strength, so neither side was pushed back.

Meanwhile, Eder and Sephiro moved to the left and right, and attacked Diabol.



A javelin-like arrow and a sharp bone spear came flying at Diabol's sides. 

"Hmph!" Diabol swung his trident from side to side, deflecting both of the projectiles. 

Kang Oh seized the opportunity.

"Haahp!" Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Ubist downwards, and Diabol immediately thrust his trident. However, Kang Oh's sword stopped midway; it was a feint.


The trident grazed Kang Oh's cheek. After that, Kang Oh turned his blade, and actually followed through this time.


His blade was followed by a diagonal white line! 

Diabol quickly grabbed onto his trident with both hands and held it askew. 


Ubist struck the spear shaft.

"Huahp!" Diabol forcefully pushed on the spear shaft, forcing Kang Oh back.

Kang Oh got back into position, preparing for Diabol's next attack. However, Diabol didn't attack him again. He suddenly turned around and charged at Eder instead.


Diabol flapped his wings, which doubled his speed. It all happened so fast, but Eder remained calm. He'd spent a lot of time around Kang Oh, after all!  

"Bloom, bone flower!"

Bone Bind!

White bone grew around Diabol's wrists and ankles. 

"How pathetic." Diabol suddenly stopped, and then flew even faster as if he'd been propelled forward by a spring. His violent movements caused the bone to crumble. 

"Grr!" Eder quickly summoned Munra's Bone Shield. However, Diabol was too fast for him. 


He thrust his trident. 

"Summon Eder!" Kang Oh yelled urgently. 

The trident passed through Eder's fading body. 


Although the trident's prongs pierced his robes, Eder was barely able to make it out safely. 

"Eat this!" Eder simultaneously summoned a bone spear and bone mass, and shot them straight at Diabol. 

Sephiro notched an arrow, pulled back as far as he could, and then shot it. 


The powerful arrow flew alongside the bone spear.

Flap, flap, flap!

Diabol's wings weren't for show. He flew into the air, avoiding Sephiro and Eder's attacks, and then swooped down on Sephiro like a hawk.

"Get lost!" Sephiro shot arrows at him in an attempt to ward him off. However, Diabol easily dodged the arrows and instantly closed the distance.


Waryong cried out from within his buxom. 'It's dangerous, daddy!'

"Tch!" Sephiro rolled on the floor.

Diabol flew low and thrust his trident.

Crescent Moon Sweep!

"Ugh!" Sephiro's face grimaced in pain. The trident's energy blast had hit him. 


Diabol turned around and then came for Sephiro once more. 

This time, however, Kang Oh stood in front of Sephiro. 

Diabol flew low and stabbed several times. Kang Oh swung his sword just once, his blade moving with both power and precision! 


Once was enough. To block Diabol's assault, that is.

Diabol soared into the air, and then slowly landed on the ground. 

"I admit it. You're pretty strong, but you're still just bugs!" Diabol snarled.

Golden fur began to cover Diabol's feet, arms, and upper body. His face transformed into that of an animal, and a long tail protruded from his butt region. 

The Beast King!

This was Diabol's battle mode. 

* * *

Combat a transformation with a transformation of your own. Once Diabol began his transformation, Kang Oh used Devil Trigger.

His face was covered by a beast mask, his jet-black tail glimmered like the night sky, and his body was covered in darkness. The Jet-Black Demon had arrived! 

Diabol stared at Kang Oh. Kang Oh had no reason to look away. 

In the midst of all this tension... Kang Oh, Diabol, Eder, and Sephiro moved simultaneously.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh charged at Diabol head-on, while Sephiro and Eder supported him from behind.

Eder slammed the butt of his scythe onto the floor!

AoE Curse: Age!

A purple concentric circle spread outwards. However, it didn't seem to have much of an effect on Diabol. 

Sephiro notched an arrow and then took aim. He was essentially saying, 'Leave yourself open and you'll be sure to regret it!'.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh got in close and swung downwards.

Darkness Strike!

A jet-black wave flew at Diabol.

Diabol didn't just sit there and take it. He assumed a javelin throwing posture, and then stretched his arm out.


His trident unleashed a flash of light, which crashed against the jet-black wave head-on.

It proved to be a bit stronger than Kang Oh's attack. The light overcame the darkness, piercing a hole through the wave and coming straight for Kang Oh. 

"Ugh!" It was too late to dodge it. Kang Oh quickly used Abyss Shield.

However, the flash of light managed to pierce through the shield as well, and struck Kang Oh's body. Kang Oh crumpled as white shards of light flew through the air. 

"Mr. Kang Oh!" Eder and Sephiro yelled, and began attacking Diabol once more. 

"Hmph!" Diabol snorted. A bull's face appeared behind him, which just as quickly disappeared. 

Bull Charge!


Diabol fiercely charged. Neither Sephiro's arrows nor Eder's weak bone attacks could stop him. 

In an instant, Diabol had appeared right in front of Kang Oh! Diabol pushed his shoulder forward, intent on plowing right through him. 

Danger! Considering how cold he felt, getting hit by this would kill him instantly.

'It's too late to use Abyss Transfer or dodge to the side. If that's the case, then...' Kang Oh decided not to dodge or retreat. He would take it head-on.

He made a split-second decision and immediately followed through! 

Transcendent Blade!

The world began to slow. Diabol was no exception. Only Kang Oh could move normally in this slowed world. 

Kang Oh swung his blade. 


Demon Sword Ubist cleaved through Diabol. However, Diabol didn't stop, and he rammed into Kang Oh. 



The two screamed simultaneously. Kang Oh and Diabol were flung away in two separate directions.

Diabol stood up first. Kang Oh wasn't able to stand up immediately. Not only had he used Transcendent Blade, which strained his body, but he'd taken more damage than Diabol as well.


Eder quickly formed a bone fence around Kang Oh. At the same time, sharp bones arose beneath Diabol's feet, keeping him busy. Sephiro shot an arrow at him as well.

"It's no use!" Diabol swung his trident in a wide arc. The rising bone broke into pieces, and the arrow bounced off the spear shaft.

He didn't stop there. Diabol thrust his trident at the bone fence.


He unleashed a flash of light.

"No!" Eder yelled desperately. But it was too late; Diabol had already attacked.


The bone fence couldn't hope to withstand Flash's might; the bones shattered, and the entire area was razed. 

"Mr. Kang Oh!" Eder said regretfully.

At that moment...

Kang Oh appeared behind Diabol. Before the light had hit him, Kang Oh had stood up and gotten out using Abyss Transfer. 


His demon sword descended like a bolt of lightning. Diabol gritted his teeth, turned his body, and swung his trident.

Bear Sole Sweep!

The image of a bear briefly appeared behind him. 


Sword versus spear!

Kang Oh was pushed back. Diabol's strength was no joke. 

"Die!" Diabol swung his trident downwards. The three prongs emanated fierce energy. 

Lion Claw!

Kang Oh quickly shielded himself with Demon Sword Ubist.


Kang Oh was pushed really far back. 

'He's strong!'

Kang Oh's party had saved so many people, severely weakening Diabol. Despite that, he was still overwhelmingly powerful.

Ultimately, Kang Oh pulled out Maurelion's War Sword from his inventory. He needed more power if he wanted to beat this guy. 

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