Chapter 282. Diabol Appears

Kang Oh positioned his arm to the side, as if he were skipping stones, and then threw the Fire Bomb. 


The flames violently surged. 


The prison beast shrieked. Brunga's perfect camouflage meant little when its entire body was on fire. It squirmed in an attempt to extinguish the flames. 

It was immortal, not immune to pain. Moreover, its immortality would keep it alive as it burned forever; it was a fate worse than death. 

Anyhow, Brunga's attempts to extinguish the flame left it defenseless. This was Kang Oh and Sephiro's chance to strike. 

Sephiro narrowed his eyes like a hawk swooping down on its prey. He notched and shot an arrow in 3 seconds flat. 

Ting. Whizz!

His arrow left his grasp with a 'ting', followed by a 'whizz' as the arrow flew through the air.

Sun Piercing Arrow!

The arrow spun like a drill, striking Branga's forehead.


A fistful of red shards exploded from the wound. Then, Kang Oh continued where Sephiro had left off.


Demon Sword Ubist cleaved through Branga's back, leaving behind a clear wound.


It hadn't yet extinguished the flames. Kang Oh and Sephiro had attacked while the flames burnt its body. 

Branga's eyes bulged and rolled around. Then, it opened its mouth wide and attacked with its tongue. 

It decided to kill its enemies before dealing with the flames. But that wasn't the best of ideas. 

Branga's best weapon was its camouflage! Since the flames prevented it from camouflaging, it was no longer a threat to them.

Kang Oh easily avoided its scarlet tongue. Of course, he didn't forget to swing his blade while doing so. 

Swish, slash, swish, slash!

Kang Oh repeatedly swung his jet-black sword; it was as if he were drawing a picture. His jet-black blade was a brush, and the chameleon, a blank canvas.

Sephiro mercilessly shot another arrow, forcing Branga to use its last resort.

Spatial Leap!

This allowed the user to teleport across short distances! 

Its tail began to disappear, followed by the rest of its body. However, teleporting without being camouflaged was pointless. After all, Kang Oh quickly spotted it when it reappeared. 

"Over there!"

"There you are!"

Kang Oh and Sephiro bombarded it with attacks once more. 

As he did with Madon, Kang Oh finished the prison beast off. When its HP was depleted, Kang Oh stabbed its heart with Demon Sword Ubist.


Branga's tongue hung loosely as its body fell to the side!

[You have defeated Prison Beast Branga.]

Crack, crack!

The spheres on its back broke, releasing the prisoners. There were 10 of them in total. Kang Oh and Sephiro quickly checked on them. 

"They're alive."

"Yeah. These ones are all alive too."

Fortunately, they'd managed to save all of them. Kang Oh and Sephiro laid them all down in one spot, and waited for Eder to contact them. 

Sometime later…

Eder contacted Kang Oh after he handed over the captives to the Church of Death. Kang Oh immediately summoned Eder back. 

"Summon Eder!"

A Lich's face, which would be terrifying at night, suddenly appeared. 

"Take these guys back." Kang Oh pointed at the people laying on the ground.

"Understood." Eder immediately called the bone centipede and took them away. 

Meanwhile, Kang Oh and Sephiro went looking for more prison beasts. There were still plenty of people to save! They didn't have time to rest.

After Kang Oh's party left...

A sprout rose from the ground. It continued to grow until it became a vine, and eventually became a cluster of flowers.


Small seeds, much like sunflower seeds, popped out from the center of these flowers. However, these seeds had transparent wings.

Flap, flap.

The seeds began to fly northeast! 

* * *

Their rescue operation was a huge success. They had killed several prison beasts like Madon, Buranga, and many others. Overall, they had managed to save more than 100 people! 

At the moment…

Kang Oh's party was targeting Prison Beast Alkaset.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Alkaset's every step was accompanied by a heavy 'thud'. It was more than 20 meters tall, and its body was huge, matching its height.

Overall, it looked like a one-eyed giant. Like a hunchback, however, its back was bent over, and an extremely large sphere prison was embedded there. There had to be a hundred people trapped inside the sphere. 

That was why it was referred to as a walking prison. 

"Attack the legs first and make it fall," Kang Oh said.

"Understood." Eder nodded his head.

"I'll do my own thing. Giant hunting is my area of expertise, after all." Sephiro grinned. 'I'm literally a Giant Hunter!'


Kang Oh's party rushed towards Alkaset.

"Guoh?" Alkaset pulled out a tree from the ground. 


"Scatter!" Kang Oh yelled.

Sephiro and Eder went left and right, while Kang Oh jumped to the side.


The tree smashed the ground, causing twigs and leaves to fall to the floor. 

"Kuooh." Alkaset 'groaned', gripped the tree with both hands, crushed it, and then threw it right at Eder!

"Giant's Arm!" Eder quickly summoned and crossed two giant bones arms in the air. 

Bam! Bam!

Tree and bone clashed, causing bone and bark, leaves, and all sorts of debris to come crashing to the ground. In the midst of all that, Kang Oh attacked Alkaset.

'This'll probably sting.' Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Ubist horizontally. Sparks danced across the jet-black blade.

Lightning Breath!

The lightning blast exploded when it hit Alkaset's leg. 


"Kuha!" Alkaset tried stomping Kang Oh with its uninjured leg. 

What an idiot. It wouldn't be able to maintain its balance with its injured leg. To make matters worse, its back was bent over.


Alkaset's butt slammed onto the floor.


Sephiro shot an arrow. However, this particular arrow was different from the ones he normally used. It was barbed at the sides, and was coated in poison that'd make the wound itch. 

This was an anti-giant arrow, or 'Giant Killer'. 


The arrow pierced the back of its neck.

"Guooh?' Alkaset furrowed its brow and tried to pull the arrow out. It really itched! 

However, the arrow wouldn't come out easily, and the slightest pull caused it intense pain; it was because of the barbs that burrowed into its flesh. 

"Kuaah!" Alkaset scratched its neck and then angrily pulled out the arrow. It had decided to endure the pain!


Tons of red shards gushed out of the wound.

Sephiro smiled wickedly like a demon, and then shot his next arrow. This arrow was also a 'Giant Killer'.


The second arrow made contact.

"Kurahaa!" Alkaset suddenly stood up, picked up a nearby tree, and threw it at Sephiro.


It'd thrown it so hard that the tree splintered into pieces once it touched the ground. However, Sephiro had already left the premises.

"Uwaaah!" Alkaset's eye rolled around, searching for Sephiro. 


Kang Oh rushed at it and swung Demon Sword Ubist.

Tempest Tiger!

It swung its fist, but it was already too late. 


The golden aura struck its testicles.

"Ugh." Alkaset's face contorted with pain. It grabbed its jewels with one hand, and stretched out its other, intent on grabbing Kang Oh.

Then, Eder shot a bone mass at it, like a catapult launching a giant boulder. Bone Mass itself wasn't a destructive spell. Right before it made contact...

"Explode!" Eder clenched his fist.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Alkaset was caught in a huge explosion.

At the same time...!

Sephiro's third Giant Killer made contact, and Kang Oh stabbed the top of its foot. Then, Alkaset's body turned red. It pulled out a tree with both hands and swung it in a mad frenzy. 


This skill would increase the user's strength in proportion to how angry they were!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

It would unleash a shockwave with every swing of the tree. 

"Ugh." Kang Oh shielded himself with Ubist and retreated. 

Alkaset was going crazy, and the shockwaves were extremely powerful. 

"Tch! Take this!"


Sephiro and Eder tried attacking it from afar, but the tree deflected all of the arrows and bones.

'It deflects all attacks from the outside. If that's the case, then... I have go into the eye of the storm.' 

Kang Oh used Devil Trigger, becoming a demon clad in black.

Abyss Transfer!

Kang Oh sank into the ground and disappeared.

A short while later...

Kang Oh reappeared above Alkaset's head and then used Everlasting Darkness.


A pillar of darkness struck the top of its head.


Alkaset fell forward. However, it wasn't yet time to finish it off.

"Focus fire!" Kang Oh yelled, and Eder and Sephiro immediately complied. 

Abyss Claw!

Sun Piercing Arrow!

Bone Scythe!

All sorts of attacks came flying at it.

Sometime later...


Kang Oh plunged his sword into its neck. It didn't rise again.

The prison sphere cracked, releasing all those that had been trapped within. Alkaset had imprisoned 100 people. Saving and transporting them was a difficult task.

Fortunately, Eder's white bone centipede could carry a maximum of 150 people if he lengthened it as much as possible.

"Go on."


Once Eder left, Sephiro said, "The prison beasts seem a lot weaker than I expected."

Killing the prison beasts was too easy. So much so that it was kind of suspicious.

Kang Oh nodded his head. Sephiro was right. It was way too easy, wasn't it?

"Doesn't it feel like we'll be ambushed?" Sephiro said concernedly.

"Ambushed, huh..."

"We have to be careful."



Contrary to their expectations, their rescue operation went off without a hitch. As a result, Kang Oh's party managed to save 1,000 people in the span of a week. Now, there weren't that many people left. 

However, Kang Oh and Sephiro didn't look happy.

"Why haven't we seen Diabol yet?" Sephiro asked.

The more life force he drains, the more powerful Diabol becomes. However, he hadn't made an appearance yet, even though they had saved 1,000 people already. 

"Perhaps he's sleeping?" Eder said jokingly. 

"Perhaps... He's not here." Kang Oh wasn't joking. He'd come to this conclusion after considering all the facts.

"He's not here?" Eder asked, surprised.

"I'm not entirely sure. It's just a hypothesis of mine."

He wasn't sure of anything yet. But if Diabol really wasn't here right now, then… this was their best chance of weakening him as much as possible. 

"Let's hurry and save as many people as we can."


* * *

Their rescue operation went on for some time. 

But at some point…

There was a rip in space, and a man appeared before Kang Oh's party. It was Mayanes Diabol, the one they'd seen in Malak's memories. 

He saw Madon's corpse and furrowed his brow. 

"What exactly..." He narrowed his eyes at Kang Oh's party. "Did you do?"

His voice was as creepy as a grim reaper's.


Diabol unleashed his power. 

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