Chapter 255. Ripped Off

Kang Oh and Sephiro stared at each other. The black, red-spotted wyvern egg lay in between them.

"Ahem, how much do you want for it?" Sephiro asked.

"How much are you willing to pay?" Kang Oh asked back.

"I'm not sure. There's no way of knowing how much this is actually worth, so..." Sephiro trailed off.

"A gryphon egg has been auctioned off before. It sold for about 4,000 gold."

A gryphon was a monster that possessed the body of a lion, and the wings and face of an eagle. It was a mighty beast, one that wouldn't lose to a wyvern.

"Let's go with 5,000 gold on the dot. How about it?"

"Keok. 5,000 gold?" Sephiro was shocked. 'How can an egg cost 5,000 gold!?'

"I told you. The gryphon egg sold for 4,000 gold. Wyverns are on the same level as gryphons. However, this is a mutant wyvern egg."

It was no normal wyvern egg, but a special one. Obviously it'd be worth more than a normal one.

"Mm." Sephiro furrowed his brow. 

Although he wanted to egg, it put too much of a strain on his finances. 5,000 gold was no small sum! He'd obviously need to think about it.

"Then how about this?" Kang Oh said, noticing Sephiro's conundrum.

"What is it?"

"A 10 month installment plan!"

"So I just need to pay you 500 gold a month?" Sephiro looked interested.

Paying 5,000 gold all at once was too much, but 500 gold a month was no problem! This kind of thinking was the problem with installment plans.

"Yes. Just pay me 500 gold on the 1st day of every month."


"I don't really care if you buy the egg or not. I'm fairly certain that I can sell it at the auction house for at least 5,000 gold. But I wanted to offer it to you first since we're friends. I also don't want to pay the 10% commission fee either."

"Alright, you have yourself a deal." 

Ultimately, Sephiro decided to buy the wyvern egg with a 10 month installment plan.

"Good choice. Then..." Kang Oh pulled out a Sabra's Contract from his inventory. Anyone who violated the contract's terms would receive divine punishment!

"Do you really need to use a Sabra's Contract?"

In the past, Kang Oh had essentially forced him into a 'slave' contract. What's worse, that contract was still in effect!

Thus, just seeing a Sabra's Contract made his heart race, and made him recall the day he was forced into the contract. He was also leery of signing a contract with Kang Oh; it made him feel like he was making a deal with the devil.

"Or you could just pay me the 5,000 gold up front."

"If I don't buy it, then..."

"I told you. It doesn't really matter to me either way. I can just sell it at the auction house," Kang Oh said nonchalantly.


"Will you buy it or not?"

"I'll buy it."

Kang Oh nodded his head and began writing the contract.

The former (Kang Oh) will sell the latter (Sephiro) the wyvern egg. The latter will pay the former 500 gold on the 1st day of every month; this will continue for 10 months, for a total of 5,000 gold. 

There was also a provision at the end. If Sephiro violates the contract, then Kang Oh will take the Lasselpino Bow.

"Using the Lasselpino Bow as collateral is a bit..." Sephiro said after looking through the contract.

"Why? Are you going to violate the contract?" 

"No, that's not what concerns me..."

"Then it doesn't matter whether your bow's used as collateral or not. As long as you don't violate the contract, you don't have anything to worry about, sir!"

Kang Oh had definitely called him 'sir'. But it felt like he was being called 'idiot' instead. Thus, he was starting to get suspicious.

"Is it true that the gryphon egg was sold for 4,000 gold?" Sephiro stared at him suspiciously.

"It's true. If you can't trust me, then please look up 'Gryphon Egg' on Arthtory. The poster was bragging about how they sold a gryphon egg for 4,000 gold."

That player had definitely sold the gryphon egg for 4,000 gold.

'Half a year ago, that is.'

Obviously, the market price of a monster egg would be different now than half a year ago.

'Right now, a gryphon egg probably sells for a little more than 2,000 gold. A wyvern egg should be worth around the same amount. This mutant wyvern egg wouldn't go any higher than 4,000 gold.'

However, Kang Oh was attempting to sell the wyvern egg for 5,000 gold. He was clearly trying to rip off his companion.

'So why did you lie to me!?'

Sephiro had lied to Kang Oh; though he'd acquired the Giant Hunter hidden class a long time ago, he kept claiming that he still needed more time. Thus, he was free from Kang Oh for a period of time. Unfortunately, Kang Oh had figured out that he'd been lied to.

'This is your punishment!'

Thus, Kang Oh neither hesitated nor felt any shame in ripping Sephiro off. Anyhow, Kang Oh signed his name and then passed the contract to Sephiro.

"Please sign the contract."

"Mm." Sephiro was as hesitant as ever.

"Isn't it worth investing 500 gold a month to become a Wyvern Rider?"


Ultimately, Sephiro signed his name on the contract. The Sabra's Contract radiated dim light, a sign that the contract was established!

Now there was no going back.

'Even if Sephiro finds out how much a wyvern egg is really worth later on.' Kang Oh smiled wickedly.

* * *

Kang Oh and Sephiro were finished trading.

Sephiro stroked the wyvern egg. He smiled, not knowing that he'd just been ripped off.

"When will it hatch?" Kang Oh asked.

"I'll have to ask the Tamer Guild to find that out..." Sephiro said.

Tamers specialized in hatching monster eggs and raising them.

Sephiro had the ability to raise a wyvern, but he wasn't capable of hatching it. Only a Tamer would be able to hatch this high-rank monster egg. Thus, he'd have to ask the Tamer Guild for help.

"At the moment, we have no way of returning to Altein. If we leave, there's no way of coming back," Sephiro added.

"Shall I set up a transfer magic circle?"

Hearing of his plight, Eder decided to step up. If he set up a transfer magic circle, then Sephiro would be able to return to Altein and come right back.

"Where are you going to set it up?" Kang Oh asked.

"Where do you think? Right here."

The cylindrical space, which was known as Saharamant! There was no other place to put it. There weren't any monsters or traps here either.

"You can't right now! We need to find out whether this is really a safe place or not."

Saharamant. There weren't any monsters here, nor was there any immediate danger. 

However, they might encounter some unforeseen issues in the future. After all, this cylindrical space was also part of Despia! Thus, it would be wiser to postpone setting up the magic circle until they were sure it was safe.

"That's fine with you, right?" Kang Oh stared at Sephiro.

"Yes. It's not an urgent matter. Of course, I'd like to see this egg hatch as soon as possible," Sephiro said, continuing to stroke the egg.

"Understood. Then I'll set up the magic circle later."

"Mm. I have a favor to ask you, Eder, Mr. Sephiro," Kang Oh said.

"What is it?" Eder asked.

"I've almost maxed Devil Trigger's assimilation rate, so I'll need to undergo the Trial of the Demon Sword again."

His maximum assimilation rate was 200%, but before he knew it, he'd gotten up to 190%. It was time for him to undergo the demon sword's trial again.

"So while you're taking the trial, you want us to be ready just in case?" Sephiro asked.

"Yes. Please do what you did when I first obtained Demon Sword Blood," Kang Oh said.

Back when he'd first obtained Blood, Kang Oh had undergone the Trial of the Demon Sword right in front of Eder and Sephiro.

"You want us to be ready, and attack if something seems off about you?" Eder thought back to that time and asked.


"Hehe. Leave it to us."

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to kill you."

This would give them a legal opportunity to beat up Kang Oh and kill him if need be!

Eder and Sephiro were ready to see blood. Their eyes seemed to say, 'Just give me a reason! I'll kill you right then and there!'.

"Uh-huh. I'm counting on you," Kang Oh said.

Then, Eder placed Eclipse's Scythe right above Kang Oh's head.

Sephiro notched a giant arrow onto the Lasselpino Bow and drew it, aiming right for Kang Oh's forehead.

Kang Oh lifted Demon Sword Blood.

Devil Trigger!

Kang Oh assumed his Blood Red Demon form, and outstretched his red bat wings. 

"Tasha," Kang Oh said.

"What?" the girl who'd one day become Blood, Tasha, said.

"I'm going to undergo Demon Sword Blood's trial soon."

He'd gotten quite close to Tasha. After all, he'd been with her for quite some time now.

Kang Oh also wanted to free her from the confines of the demon sword if at all possible. Of course, he didn't want to free her completely; he just wanted her to have a break and let her see the world, like a soldier going home for vacation.

"Good luck..."

"Go easy on me!" Kang Oh said.

"Blood. I don't like being called that, but when I become Blood, my consciousness dims and my dormant demon blood takes over. All that's left is a desire to destroy. So I can't go easy on you, sorry," Tasha said decisively.


Time continued to pass.

At some point, his assimilation rate reached 200%.

[Demon Sword Blood's assimilation rate has reached 200%.]

[Demon Sword Blood's trial has begun.]

* * *

Parmarl Underground Labyrinth.

Blood appeared, its body entirely formed of blood, yet retaining a human shape. Its surroundings gave off a strong stench of blood.

Blood charged at him and began its violent assault.

Kang Oh fought it head-on.

Unlike Ubist's trial, which restricted his abilities, sealed his skills and equipment, blinded him, etc., Blood didn't limit him in any way. Thus, Kang Oh fought it in perfect condition. 

'It's stronger than last time.'

Demon Sword Blood had its own level, and Kang Oh had increased its level a ton. That must be why Blood was so much stronger than it had been the first time.

Red Fist!

Fresh Blood Wave!

Blood Spike! Blood Spear!

Hatred Buster!

Blood Bomb!

Blood continuously used its most destructive attacks. However, Kang Oh had also gotten stronger since last time! Moreover, his equipment was way better, and he had more skills/item effects than before.

'Let's start with Gluttony.' Kang Oh dodged Blood's attacks, pulled out a mass-produced BB-rank sword, and fed it to Ubist.


All of his abilities were doubled!

"Let's go."

Kang Oh went at it at full power.

He used Darkness Chain, Fire Bomb, Lightning Breath, High-Rank Slash, Tempest Tiger, Everlasting Darkness, and even Transcendent Blade!

The match had been decided instantly.

Since he'd fought countless monsters, boss monsters, and even raid bosses, Kang Oh's strength was the real deal! Even the Great Forest's Demon, Blood, couldn't stand up to him.

In the end, Blood fell to its knees.

[The Trial of the Demon Sword has ended.]

[Blood's assimilation rate has been reset.]

[Proficiency in Devil Trigger has increased significantly.]

The environment instantly changed. He saw Sephiro and Eder, who were ready to attack with their bow and scythe whenever necessary.

"Alrighty then. Please put those away. It's over now." Kang Oh extended both hands, as if telling them to calm down.



Sephiro and Eder looked so disappointed that Kang Oh had succeeded. They also kept their weapons where they were.

"I told you to get this stuff out of the way," Kang Oh glared at them and said. 'Move your weapons. Wanna die?'


Only then did Eder and Sephiro remove their weapons. 

Kang Oh had safely completed the Trial of the Demon Sword.   

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