Chapter 233. The Lich Falls

Bart, known as the Genius Gamer and the Crazy Highschooler, possessed the Creator class. A Creator could learn other classes' spells/skills, as long as they met certain conditions.

Of course, a Creator couldn't gain proficiency in these skills/spells; in exchange, they could freely mix and match these abilities to create something new. 

A talented Creator could go even further, and fuse three or four skills/spells together. At the moment, Bart could fuse a maximum of three abilities together.

"Hoo!" Bart extended his hands.

This was his most powerful attack, one created by selecting three abilities from countless others and fusing them together. He fused Light of Judgment, Darkness Wave, and Chi Torpedo to create… Chaos Sphere!


He unleashed an orb of light and darkness from his hand. The slightest touch would cause the unstable mixture of opposing elements to explode. 


Their ears rang from the noise! Kang Oh believed it to be the largest and loudest explosion he'd seen thus far. The power was no joke either. A portion of the Bone Golem's body had been destroyed, revealing Eclipse's emaciated form underneath.

"Guaaahk!" Eclipse wailed.

Then, Numbers rank 4, the Witch of Annihilation, Helena, took center stage. She was just a plain old mage. 

Most mages focused on a single element. For example, Grano specialized in water magic. 

Studying magic holistically was almost impossible, as it was divided into so many different categories. Thus, most mages had no choice but to specialize. However, Helena's goal was to master all types of magic. She didn't have a 'primary' element. 

Her finisher was simple; she would cast every elemental spell at her disposal while Overload was active. 


Ice Fang!

Crumbling Earth!

Monster Bird's Wind!


She fired five separate elemental spells one after the other; however, it was as if these spells were cast by five different mages that specialized in each element. 

Bam, bam, bam!

The Bone Golem collapsed, and Eclipse was swept away by her spells.

"Guaaaaaahk! I... won't die!" Eclipse was shrouded in a black barrier. 

Shield that Defies Death!

Eclipse had cast its final defensive spell.

"Showtime." The last batter, Kang Oh, came up to bat.

[It's showtime.]

[For 10 seconds, all skills, magic, and item effects double in power.]

Kang Oh swung Ubist diagonally.

Tempest Tiger!

A tiger-shaped golden aura rammed into Eclipse's barrier.


The shield bent, but it didn't break. Kang Oh didn't stop there. He pointed his sword right at Eclipse.

Lightning Breath!


Mighty lightning, which burned everything in its path, flew straight at Eclipse. 


Upon contact, hundreds of sparks bounced off the barrier, spreading outwards. In the midst of all the sparks and electricity, there was definitely a... Crack! The barrier was definitely breaking.

Kang Oh raised his demon sword and swung downwards.

Transcendent Blade!


Everlasting Darkness!

When he fought the Wyvern King, Draka, Kang Oh had combined the skill, Tempest Tiger, with the item effect, Everlasting Darkness, to great effect. This time, he chose to use his most powerful skill, Transcendent Blade, in tandem with Everlasting Darkness.


Demon Sword Ubist unleashed a massive amount of darkness, which violently spun and crashed into Eclipse's barrier.


Using Transcendent Blade in tandem with Everlasting Darkness didn't seem to make much of a difference. But there was definitely a difference. It was its power! Everlasting Darkness's power had transcended its limitations. 

As a result, its power had proven fatal to Eclipse! The barrier disappeared instantly. As if engulfing Eclipse wasn't enough, the massive blast completely destroyed the wall behind him. It was like a black hole had swallowed everything in its path. 

* * *

[You are the first to defeat the Ruler of Andura Temple and the Immortal Monarch, Lich Eclipse.]

[As a reward, Eclipse will drop its highest rank items.]

[You have accomplished a great feat.]

[Fame and combat-related side stats have increased.]

[Proficiency in all skills/magic has increased.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have stolen stats from the raid boss.]

[All stats +1]

[The Lich, Eclipse, will respawn in 100 days.]

The flames in the Bone Dragons' eyes went out. At the same time, the Bone Dragons crumbled into pieces. 

"Haa, haa."


The hunting team looked at each other in disbelief. 

"D-Did we win?"

"Am I dreaming? Hey, can someone pinch my cheek... Hey! That hurts!"

"We won!"

"Yeah, we won!"

The team danced around and joyfully cheered. They were really going at it.


Plum came running over and hugged Helena. Helena was smiling, despite how exhausted she looked. 

"Uwaaaaah!" Rohan raised both of his hands and roared. 

"Haa, we really won." Viper still couldn't believe it.

"It was fun," Bart smiled and said, directing it at Kang Oh.

"Indeed." Kang Oh grinned.

"Mr. Kang Oh." Eder came over sporting a joyous expression. Though he looked happy, his body was in terrible shape. He was lucky to have survived his battle with the Bone Dragons.

"Good work."

"Hehe, it was worth it." Eder grinned. His eyes were completely focused on Lich Eclipse's corpse.

"That's true." Kang Oh nodded his head. From the beginning, he'd done this all so that Eder could possess a new body.

'I wonder how much stronger he'll become.'

Eder in a Lich's body. He was excited to see what he'd do in it.



The surviving players gathered around Helena. Even Yericka hadn't been able to avoid death, so there were only ten of them left. The team had almost been annihilated by the Bone Dragons. 

"Good work everyone. Let's collect all of the loot now," Kang Oh said.

"How are we dividing it up?" Helena asked.

"Some of our teammates have died, so let's collect the loot and bring it to the Witch's Forest's headquarters."


"Now then, let's take everything here." Kang Oh grinned.

A short while later...

Eder collected Eclipse's corpse. The seven items it'd left behind were placed in Helena's inventory. The Bone Dragons dropped items too; the S-rank material, Dragon Bone.

"There's a hidden room over here." Kang Oh found a room on the side with his Hyper Intuition. 

"Wow!" The team couldn't contain their astonishment.

Gold coins and bars, as well as precious magical/non-magical materials were piled up inside. As expected, the best part of a dungeon was its treasure! Kang Oh's lips curled upwards.

"Oh my!" Helena's eyes gleamed.

There was a bookshelf on the wall, which contained several books. She took every single one of them with her. The Blue Knight, Plum, collected all of the magical/non-magical materials, as well as the money.

"I'll see you at guild headquarters." Plum ripped a return scroll. Once she disappeared, the others followed suit. 


Wind blew from the crumbled wall. They'd cleaned the room out so thoroughly that even dust didn't blow in the wind.

* * *

The Witch's Forest's headquarters.

The hunting team's 26 members gathered here. Most of the Witch's Forest's guild members came here to watch the exchange too. 

Once the time was right, they began to pass out the loot.

"Hello, we'll begin dividing up the loot," Plum said.



The team members exclaimed. 

"10,000 gold came out of Eclipse's secret room. Our guild would like to buy the materials and then divvy up the gold. How does that sound?" Plum said.

"In favor."

"Sounds good."

"I'm ok with that."

The Witch's Forest obviously didn't have any problems with that, and neither did Kang Oh or Bart's party.

"According to my calculations, the materials are worth about 10,000 gold. I've based this on the list of materials and their market price, so please take a look."

Kang Oh took a close look at the paper Plum handed him. There was nothing wrong with the list.

"We have 20,000 gold in total. We'll auction off the items that Eclipse dropped, as well as the Dragon Bone. After that, we'll divvy up the gold based on your share."

"What do we do if no one wants the items?" Viper asked.

"We'll sell them at the auction house and distribute the money later."


"We'll have the auction an hour from now. We've left the items in our gallery, so please take a look at them beforehand. And just so you know, anyone can take part in the auction. If you're going to call a friend, then please keep it to three people maximum."

With this, Plum was finished with her explanation. People began to file out one or two at a time to inspect the items. Kang Oh waited for them to leave and met with Asu.

"Hehe, good job." Asu beamed. Her smile made his exhaustion fade away.

"I didn't do much." Kang Oh smiled back. 

"Who is this? Is she who I think she is..." Eder interrupted them.

"Yep." Kang Oh looked at him triumphantly. 'Sup, you bachelor!'

"Is she your little sister?" Eder asked, his eyes completely blank.

"Huh? Can't you tell? She's my girlfriend," Kang Oh said.

"Pfft." Eder laughed.

"Why are you laughing?"

"That's the funniest thing I've heard lately." Eder looked like he wanted to escape reality.

"Could you introduce yourself?" Kang Oh tightly grabbed her hand.

"Um, I'm Oppa's girlfriend, Asu. You're Mr. Eder, right?" Asu slightly bowed her head.



"That's impossible! To think that someone as horrible as you can have a girlfriend. Something's gone wrong here." Eder looked at him in complete disbelief. "Something's gone wrong!"

'Oh, god! Even Kang Oh of all people has a girlfriend, so why am I still single!?' Eder, who'd been a bachelor his entire life, screamed.

* * *

The auction started.

The first item up for grabs was a book called Immortal. This item started a quest that allowed you to become a Lich. Helena was a book collector, so she bought the item. 

Next up was...

'Huh? What is this?' Kang Oh went pop-eyed. He couldn't believe what was happening.

The mage's robes, shoes, and gloves were part of the Immortal Monarch's armor set, which increased the power of necromancy by one whole rank!

Equipping the Sun Ring and the Moon Ring together increased the power of one's magic, and also decreased the amount of MP consumed. They were treasures among treasures. They were items that any mage would want to have!

The best item here, however, was the SS-rank weapon, the 'Immortal Monarch, Eclipse's Scythe'. 

However, all of these items had been sold to one person, no, to one undead. Eder had bought them all! He even bought the Dragon Bone and had paid for all the equipment up front.

Kang Oh couldn't help but gape at his reckless spending.


"What is it?"

"Where did you get all that money?"

"I earned it."


"I made it by working with Mr. Man Bok."

While Kang Oh was training for Valan's trial, which involved him going through every battlefield and hunting ground he could find, Eder had been traveling across the continent and doing business with Man Bok. 

He used the information that only he had to make a fortune.

"How... exactly?"

"That's a secret. Anyhow, you don't need to pay me a wage anymore. Who cares about 3 gold?" Eder grinned.

"Ah, hey Eder. No, I mean, Mr. Eder!" Kang Oh suddenly became polite!

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