Chapter 232. Bone Dragons

A Giant Bone Golem made of lumps of flesh and bone. It had a large body and a height of more than 10 meters; it didn't have a head, but thick arms and legs were attached to its square-shaped body.

"I won't die!" Eclipse's body was hidden by the golem, and his voice could be heard from within. 


The Bone Golem forcefully stomped on the floor. Then, a black ring, centered around its foot, began to spread outwards.

Dull Sword!

The curse, which reduced one's attack power, spread far and wide. 

"Dispel the curse!" Plum's voice echoed through the room. 

Primitive Vitality!

Light's Blessing!

Yericka and the healers cast spells that dispelled curses.

"Munra's Mysterious Bones!" Eclipse's voice rang out. 

Munra's Mysterious Blade!

Munra's Mysterious Shield!

The Giant Bone Golem now wielded a sword and shield made of bone.


It swung its sword downwards.


A few of the team, which were in the vicinity of its attack, moved quickly.


The strange characters inscribed on the blade glowed with purple light. Then, the purple light spread through the ground and went everywhere.

"This is dangerous!"

"Get out of the way!"

Those in the way of the purple blast began using their emergency skills or threw their bodies out of the way.


However, the purple blast swept through one of the healers, and they instantly died.

"Attack!" Plum's voice rang out.


The hunting team began attacking the Giant Bone Golem.

The Storm Fighter, Rohan, used Chi Torpedo! 

The Wind Tracker, Dambi, used an Explosive Shot! 

The rest of the team unleashed their skills/spells too. However, most of their attacks were blocked by its shield. The attacks that couldn't be blocked by the shield didn't do much. Only a few bones or pieces of flesh came off, that's all.

"It's pointless!" Eclipse's voice echoed. Then, Eclipse swung its bone sword once more.


A purple blast, shaped like a crescent moon, flew through the air. 

"Danger!" someone desperately yelled.

Fortunately, Bart took center stage. 


He fused the Priest spell, 'Holy Shield', and the 'Earth Wall' spell, creating...

Holy Wall!

A luminous wall surged from the ground. 


The Holy Wall completely nullified the purple blast. Then, Helena raised her jeweled staff into the air. 

"Agra's Fire!"


After completing her chant, scarlet flames violently burned the Bone Golem's body. 

Roar! Roar!

Overload amplified her spell power, so Ignite completely engulfed the Bone Golem's body in mere seconds. But Helena didn't stop there. She swung her staff from the left to the right. 


The fierce fire transformed into a massive explosion. What a fantastic fire show! Her spell was so powerful that the Bone Golem's flesh and bones were burnt black. 

"It worked!"

"We got this!"

Their teammates' faces brightened. 


The Bone Golem's shield, or more specifically, the characters inscribed upon it, glowed with blue light. Then, the flames were extinguished. 

Munra's Mysterious Shield reduced the power of spells.


The team faltered. 'Helena's attack hadn't worked, so what good would they be!?' That's what they were thinking at the moment.

"Don't stop attacking!" Plum yelled as if scolding them.

They only had 8 minutes before the Bone Dragons got here. It was too early to give up. Their only hope was to keep attacking!

* * *

There were countless tombstones, sculptures, and bronze statues in the eastern cemetery. All of sudden, the floor shook as if there was an earthquake, and the ground split open. 


A foot made of giant white bone came out of the cracked earth.

Rattle, clatter.

The Bone Dragon's head excited the crevice, accompanied by the sound of bones noisily rubbing against each other. Green fire blazed within its empty eye sockets. Its wings were completely devoid of skin or flesh, and that held true for its body, its legs, and its tail as well. The Bone Dragon's entire body exited the chasm.

It opened its mouth wide. The Bone Dragon appeared to be roaring. Since it was entirely made of bone, it couldn't actually make a noise.

It turned its head towards the temple, and began to make its way towards it!

Thud. Thud. Thud.

The same incident occurred in the western cemetery as well.

Two Bone Dragons had spawned!

It'd already been 30 minutes since the hunting team fought Eclipse!

At that moment...

Kang Oh entered the Sun Tower's magic circle and joined the hunting team. He could've joined up with them earlier, but he chose to replenish all of his HP, MP, and Stamina first. 

He approached Plum. 

"You're here... Good work," Plum said.

"The situation doesn't look good." Kang Oh furrowed his brow.

Golems possessed extremely high defense, but the Bone Golem was equipped with Munra's Mysterious Shield. Thus, it wasn't easy for them to pierce through its defenses. But the bigger problem was...

"The Bone Dragons must've spawned by now. We only have 5 minutes left," Plum said restlessly.

"We can't keep going like this," Kang Oh muttered. He didn't think they'd be able to break through the Bone Golem and kill Eclipse by just randomly attacking it. 

'We have to concentrate fire on a single area.' Kang Oh checked how long he'd have to wait before his skills and item effects were back up. 'I need 4 minutes and 40 seconds before I can use Showtime, Everlasting Darkness, and Lightning Breath again.'

If that's the case, then...

"Mr. Bart, Mr. Rohan, Ms. Dambi, and Mr. Viper, please come over here!" Kang Oh yelled. Then, he approached Helena, who couldn't move due to Mana Link.

"What is it?" Viper came first.

"I'm here."

"What's the matter?"

Then, Bart and the rest of them arrived.

"We have to concentrate fire on a single point if we want to get through its defense," Kang Oh said.

"How?" Helena asked.

"We use our most powerful moves all at once in 4 minutes."

"Why 4 minutes?"

"My skills and item effects are still on cooldown. They'll be ready by then. And... It's right before the Bone Dragons get here."

"I see." Helena agreed with his plan. The others did as well.

"Save your skills and spells until then. And focus on replenishing your HP and MP," Kang Oh said, and they all nodded their heads. "We only have one shot at this!"

* * *


The ground and the temple's walls began to shake.

"I-It's a dragon!"

"This is bad. The Bone Dragons have shown up!"

The team briefly sported vacant expressions, as if they'd been hit in the face with a hammer. There were two Bone Dragons walking through the entrance.

"They shouldn't be here already." Plum was briefly taken aback herself. The Bone Dragons had come way too early.

'Did we not count down properly? If not, then...' Kang Oh stared at the Bone Golem. 

Perhaps destroying the life vessel, or forcing Eclipse into Bone Golem mode caused the Bone Dragons to come even faster. Whatever the case, the Bone Dragons were here, and Kang Oh still needed a little bit more time.

"Ms. Plum," Kang Oh called.


"Take the team and hold off the Bone Dragons. Your objective is buying as much time as possible," Kang Oh said.

"Then who'll handle Eclipse?"

"Me, Helena, Bart, Rohan, Dambi, and Viper will take him down," Kang Oh said, staring straight into her eyes.

"Mm, I believe in you."

"Helena, Bart, Rohan, Dambi, and Viper. We're taking on Eclipse," Kang Oh yelled.

"The rest of you, follow me. We're engaging the Bone Dragons. We just need to hold on for just a little longer, so everyone do your best!" Plum said.

"Yes ma'am!"


"We can do this!"

The two teams split off from one another.

Helena split off from the five mages as well. She had enough MP to use her most powerful attack, so she had no reason to keep them here.

"We'll keep Eclipse busy for now. When I give the signal, give it everything you got," Kang Oh said.


Kang Oh, Rohan, and Viper took the Bone Golem head-on while Helena, Bart, and Dambi remained a certain distance away from it.

A sense of anxiety washed over the battlefield. 

* * *

Green smoke came out of the two Bone Dragons' mouths.

"Dragon Breath!"


The team quickly hid behind pillars or piles of undead bodies. Eder hid within a hole in the ground, and held the square shield over his head.


Poison Breath of Resentment!

The green smoke swept through everything in sight.



Not everyone could dodge the dragons' breath. Five of them melted away immediately.


A Bone Dragon strode forward. It swung its tail, smashing through a heap of undead bodies.


A team member, who'd just barely survived the breath by hiding behind the pile, was flung into the air by its tail. Then, the other Bone Dragon rushed over and head-butted her.  


She quickly fell to the floor, unable to move her body any longer. 

"Healing! I need healing!" Plum popped out of the pillar and yelled.

The poisonous mist still remained, so the team's HP was quickly going down. Yericka swung her staff.

Primitive Vitality!

Rapid Growth!

Nature's Blessing!

With her actions and her actions alone, she managed to keep her teammates' HP from dropping any further.

"Detoxification! Scatter! If you're going to die, then at least buy some more time before you go!" Though her HP was rather low, she kept commanding her team.

Honorable One's Command!

A ring of light appeared behind her.

"C'mon, you lizard!" Eder stood in front. He was undead, so he didn't take much damage from the poison mist. 

"Kill me first!"

"You stupid lizard!"

His teammates bravely stood before the Bone Dragon, but they didn't last long. After all, one Bone Dragon was hard enough, but two? They were way too strong! The players were quickly being killed.

Plum looked over in Kang Oh's direction. Kang Oh and their elites were still fighting Eclipse.

'Please hurry!'

Do something!

* * *

'4, 3, 2, 1!'


Kang Oh rushed at the Bone Golem's sword.

"Embrace death!" Eclipse said. It'd regained its confidence with the appearance of the Bone Dragons. At the same time, it swung its blade at Kang Oh.


"Now!" Kang Oh yelled. He'd drawn its attention on purpose. The moment it attacked was when its defense was weakest.

Helena, Bart, Rohan, Viper, and Dambi moved simultaneously. 


The Wind Tracker, Dambi, was the first to unleash her most powerful attack.

Arrow Hell!

Her arrow violently shook in the air, and divided into two. That wasn't the end of it. Two became four, four became eight, and so on. Hundreds of arrows came flying at the Bone Golem!

Then, Rohan leapt high into the air and threw a punch. "Meteor Fist!"


A vibrant sphere of light flew from his fist. It was as though a meteor was falling upon the Bone Golem!


Meteor Fist struck the Bone Golem.

After that, Viper, who'd exited the shadows, swung his two daggers relentlessly.

Harbinger of Death!

Wherever he slashed, shards of black light would burst out. He continuously landed critical hit after critical hit that ignored the Bone Golem's defenses!

All that was left was...

Bart, Helena, and Kang Oh!

The three Numbers unleashed their most powerful attacks. 

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