Chapter 227. Recruitment

Kang Oh came to Eder's mansion.

"Eder, I'm here!"

"Welcome. Please come in," Eder said. 


"How did things go with Lord Valan?" Eder asked.

"It went well."


"Let's go to Despia!"

* * *

"Going to Despia is good and all, but you'll prove to be a problem." Kang Oh pointed at Eder, who brought them tea.


'What's wrong with me?'

Kang Oh took a tip of his tea and said, "Do you know what kind of place Despia is?"

"An extremely dangerous place."

"Yeah. Do you really think you'll be able to survive there?"

Eder was using the body of a level 150 boss monster, the Immortal King, Arumode, which he'd remodeled for his own personal use. Although he'd improved his equipment, the body just wasn't strong enough to get him through Despia. 

"Can't you just go by yourself and then summon me when you get to Deborah's Temple?"

"Hoh. You want me to do all the hard work and lug your body all the way there?" Kang Oh furrowed his brow.

"You can't?" Eder asked, bright-eyed. 

"I can't."

"Then what do we do?" Eder asked.

"Isn't it obvious? You need a new body." Kang Oh went straight to the point. 

"But I like this body."

"Use that for your everyday life, but use your new body during battle," Kang Oh said clearly. 

"Then what do you have planned for me?"

"A Lich, the highest rank undead monster!"

Lich. It was an undead, high rank mage!

Liches possessed a 'life vessel'; so long as the life vessel remained intact, a Lich could never truly die. Thus, a Lich's life vessel must be destroyed before even attempting to hunt it. 

"A Lich, huh..."

"Why, you're not interested?"

"That's not it. I'll become much stronger in a Lich's body. However... whether or not we're able to defeat a Lich is another matter entirely."

Eder had extensively studied necromancy, so he knew how formidable Liches were. 

"It won't be easy. It's a Lich after all! But I don't think you'll be able to survive Despia in anything less."

If Eder didn't do his part, then he'd just slow Kang Oh down. He couldn't let that happen. That's why he proposed killing a Lich, despite knowing how difficult it'd be. 


"We'll be going for the Ruler of the Andura Temple, Eclipse. He's about level 400."

"No matter how strong you are, it's undoable with just the two of us," Eder said outright.

"Obviously. To hunt a Lich, you need at least two teams. One team to keep the Lich distracted, and another to destroy its life vessel."

"You're well informed. But we don't have the manpower."

"We have to find some people."

First, Kang Oh sent a message to Sephiro, who was the weakest of the lot.

'I gotta recruit him first.'


- Mr. Sephiro.

- I'm busy. If it's not urgent, then please ask me later.

- It's urgent.

- What is it?

- I need to procure Eder a new body. So I was wondering if you'd help me.

- I can't.

- Why?

- I've just begun a really important link quest that has a time limit. So I can't help you right now.

- What quest?

'Are you lying to me?' Kang Oh disbelievingly sent him another message. 

- If I complete the link quest, then I'll receive a hidden class as a reward.

'A hidden class, huh...' It didn't seem like he was lying.

- Tch, I understand. Make sure you get that hidden class.

- Yes. I'm busy right now, so please don't message me for the time being.

"Tch, tch." Kang Oh clicked his tongue.

"What's the matter?" Eder asked.

"Mr. Sephiro's busy, so he can't help us."

"Mm, we're not starting off well."

Eder looked anxious. 'Can we really hunt a Lich?'

"It's too early to give up." Kang Oh stood up. "Let's go."


"To the Holiseum, and the Tower!"

Kang Oh still had some options. 

* * *

"The 100 Fighters? They went on an expedition to the east. I don't know when they'll be back either," Burkan said.

"Ugh. Do you have any other gladiator squads?"

"Nope. Why?"

"I need to kill a powerful monster, so I wanted some reinforcements."

"Do you want Darion to come with you?"

"He's not strong enough."

"Hmm, it must be really dangerous. Good luck." Burkan patted his shoulder.

Kang Oh stared at him pitifully. "Um, Brother..."

'Would you mind helping me out instead...'

"No," Burkan said firmly.


"It's a pain in the ass."

"Ah, c'mon!" Kang Oh kept nagging at him, but he wouldn't budge. "How stingy. I'm the one who got the ball rolling between you and Ms. Dora!"

"I'll be sure to call you if we get married." Burkan grinned.

"I'm fine! I won't go!"

Kang Oh left the Holiseum without looking back.

"Mr. Grano." Kang Oh clasped Grano's hands.

"You've been coming to see me quite often lately," Grano said softly.

"I'd like to hire some skilled and trustworthy Battle Mages. Is there any way I can?"

Grano shook his head. "You need contribution points to hire the Tower's Battle Mages… But you don't have any, do you Mr. Kang Oh?"

"I can't buy their help?"

'I can pay whatever you want!'

"Even the largest merchant groups can't buy our help," Grano said whilst maintaining his smile.

"I was just joking around. Anyhow, how do I help the Tower exactly?"

"Either complete quests that the mages here give you, or complete the Lord of the Tower's large-scale quest."

"Is there anything I can do to raise my contribution points right away?"

"Donating the grimoire you showed me last time will probably do it."

"Ahem. I can't do that. I'm already using it as collateral." 

As soon as he brought up the arcane grimoire, Kang Oh thought of the Blood Witch, Helena. 

'It'd be amazing if I could get her help with this... I guess it's worth a shot.'

Kang Oh decided to visit the Witch's Forest next. 

"Is that so?" Grano smiled.

"It'll be hard to procure any Battle Mages. Ah, by the way, please take this..." Kang Oh pulled out Draka's Horn from his inventory.

"Hoh, this is?"

"It's a material that's capable of controlling the weather. I thought it'd help you with your research."

"That's quite interesting. Are you selling it to me?"

"No. You can just have it. You're always looking out for me, so... This is a gift." 

Kang Oh decided to have a friendlier relationship with Grano and by extension, the Tower, from now on.

'The Tower is really useful.'

That's why he'd donated Draka's Horn. He also planned on taking some quests later that would increase his contribution points. 

"Thank you." Grano placed the horn into his subspace.

After that, Kang Oh and Grano chatted amicably and then parted ways.

* * *

The neutral zone, Kasten!

Kang Oh came wearing a mask over his face. He was wearing Draka's leather armor set, so no one recognized him. 

He immediately headed for the Mercenary Association. When he entered, he saw the Chewbacca look-alike. 

"I'd like to hire a mercenary..." Kang Oh took off his mask and showed his face.


"Yeah, it's me." Gold rank mercenary and the Hero of Kasten, Kang Oh.

"Hum-hum. What rank mercenary are you looking for? Or do you have a specific mercenary in mind?" 'Chewbacca' asked.

"I'd like to hire the gold rank mercenary, Bart. Tell him that it's me."

One of the Numbers and a gaming genius, the Crazy Highschooler, Bart! Getting his help would be huge in taking down Eclipse.


"Then, if you'll excuse me." Kang Oh put his mask back on and left the Mercenary Association.

"Oh, it's been a while." Bart smiled as he came over. His face was as cute as ever.

"It's been a while." Kang Oh nodded his head.

The two of them had met during the fight between the Black Dogs and the White Cats. It'd been several months since!

"Do you want to fight?" Bart said abruptly.

"Sure, but in exchange... the winner has to do the other a favor." Kang Oh grinned.

"Whatever." Bart shrugged his shoulders. He didn't think he'd lose.


Sometime later...

"Holy crap." Bart was stunned. The tip of Demon Sword Blood was touching his throat.

"I didn't see what you did... What did you do?"

'What do you mean? I used Transcendent Blade at the start of the match.'

"You lost, right?" Kang Oh slightly shook his blade.

"Yes, I lost. You really do deserve to be a part of the Numbers." Bart nodded his head, looking refreshed. 

Kang Oh withdrew his sword and said, "I'm going to hunt Lich Eclipse. You're coming with."

"Sounds fun." Bart smiled.

'I got someone big.' Kang Oh smiled satisfyingly. 

* * *

Kang Oh exited the intercity transfer gate, arriving in the small, quiet town of Snowprim. He'd come here several times before, so he followed the road to the Witch's Forest. 

Knock, knock.

The door to the guild's headquarters opened, and a cute player's head peeked out.


"Hello, I'm one of Asu's friends. My name is Kang Oh."

"Ah, I see. But Ms. Asu isn't here right now."

Kang Oh knew that too. After all, she hadn't even logged in. 

"I didn't come here to see Asu today. I came to see the guildmaster." Kang Oh smiled politely. "If the guildmaster is in, could you please tell her that 'Kang Oh' has come to see her?"

"One moment please." The girl was about to close the door, but then suddenly opened it again. "Did you just say Kang Oh?"


The girl looked him over. "Oh my gosh, it is you!" Kang Oh, the newest member of the Numbers!

"Yes, that's right."

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Please give me a minute." The door closed. Then, he heard her rushing away from behind the door. 

A short while later...

Kang Oh was able to have a private meeting with the Blood Witch and Witch of Annihilation, Helena.

"Congratulations. You joined the Numbers," she said formally. The red haired woman wore mage's robes and round glasses. 

"Thank you."

"So what did you come here for? Did you... manage to find the third illusion grimoire?" Helena asked.

"No, that's not why I came. I came with an offer."

"What is it?"

"Do you know of Lich Eclipse?"

"I do."

"I'm going to hunt him. I'm in the middle of recruiting some people."

"I know what you're asking of me. You want us to work together to take him down."


"Eclipse, huh... It's quite an enticing offer. I heard that he has several rare grimoires in his possession. So... what's your team look like as of now?"

"Just two people thus far. Me and Bart."

"Bart. That Bart?"

"Yes, that Bart."

"Just two. But the two of you are Numbers... Can I get back to you?"

"Of course. You can just let me know through Asu."

"Alright, I'll do that."

After that, Kang Oh waited for Helena's reply. Eventually, he got a message back!

- Oppa.

- Hmm?

- The guildmaster asked me to give you a message.

Gulp. Kang Oh swallowed as he messaged her back. 

- What is it?

- Her answer is 'Yes'!

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