Chapter 225. Joining the Numbers


The world went back to normal. The Lightning Breath had disappeared, and Draka was dead. 

"Haa... haa... haa..."

This was a first. Never before had he ever felt completely empty in his entire gaming career. He couldn't help but drop his demon sword onto the floor. 


He knelt down to pick it up, but he instead plopped onto the floor. 

[You have used Transcendent Blade.]

[You have surpassed your limitations.]

[As a price for surpassing your limitations, all of your MP and Stamina has been consumed.]

[You cannot move or take action of any kind.]

[You have completed the quest, Transcendent Blade.]

[You have learned Burkan's secret technique.]

'So that... was Transcendent Blade.'

Burkan had said it before. When put in stressful situations, people's concentration shot up. And Transcendent Blade was a skill usable in this state of 'hyper concentration' if you will. 

He'd been in real danger. Kang Oh, in this heightened state of focus, had surpassed his limitations and executed Transcendent Blade.

Achieving that level of concentration and surpassing his limitations was truly a mysterious experience. It felt amazing, like he was the only one who could move fast in a world that moved still.

In any case, his Stamina gradually replenished itself, and his body regained his strength.

Kang Oh clenched his fists. 'I did it!' He'd killed the Wyvern King, Draka, and learnt Transcendent Blade!

A feeling of excitement spread throughout his body. 

"Uwaaaaah!" Kang Oh raised a hand into the air and yelled happily.

* * *

"Breaking news."

"This just in."

"This is huge!"


TGN, VG, GBS, and other gaming networks stopped their scheduled broadcasts and quickly showed the breaking news.

"We've finally gotten a new member of the Numbers!"

"There's a new member of the Numbers in town!"

"A legend has been born."

All of the gaming networks said the same thing.

"That man is... Kang Oh!"

Kang Oh, who'd previously been known as Oga (also known as the Black Beast or Red Wing under his Oga persona), had just pushed Setinel's Sage, Shion, out of the Numbers!

Not only that, but Kang Oh was ranked 7th; he'd pushed rank 7 and 8 (Hernandez and Arthand) down by one rank. 

"Now, let's take a look at Mr. Kang Oh's clips and interviews."

"Mr. Kang Oh was ranked 11th before, but he suddenly shot up to rank 7 today. What do you think happened?"

"It's been a year since someone joined the Numbers."

The gaming networks kept talking about Kang Oh's entry into the Numbers, as well as information about him.

Obviously, Arthstory went crazy too.

[Kang Oh finally joined the Numbers!]

[He's already rank 7.]

[Is he the best there is?]

[New Number's ranking chart and explanation.]

[God Oh!]

[Kang Oh (Oga) highlight video. Watch it twice. It was dope.]

[The Ranking Show saw ahead.]


* * *

Kang Oh read the rest of the system messages. 

[You have defeated the Wyvern King, Draka.]

[Draka is a unique boss monster.]

[You defeated a unique boss monster all by yourself, despite the huge level disparity. What a tremendous feat!]

[Fame has increased significantly!]

[Draka drops items that bear his name.]

[You have defeated a unique boss monster. Fame and combat-related side stats increase.]

[You have acquired the title, 'Ruler of the Azure Sky'.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[Congratulations. You have reached level 300.]

'I've finally reached level 300! And as I thought, Draka was a unique boss.'

As said, unique bosses leave behind items that bear their name. 

Kang Oh immediately looked over the items. He examined the cheapest looking item first, the horn. 

[Draka's Horn]

The horn of Draka, the Ruler of the Bernice Canyon. It contains power over rain, wind, and lightning.

Material Rank: AA.

'Power over rain, wind, and lightning... I may be able to sell it to Mr. Grano for a lot of money.'

Kang Oh thought of Grano, who was busy trying to make a rain-making device, and placed the horn inside his inventory.

Next, he picked up a black, red-spotted egg. It was larger than an ostrich egg.

[Wyvern Egg (Rare)]

A wyvern egg. However, the egg's color is unique, so there is a high chance that it will spawn a mutant wyvern. It is a precious ingredient, but can also be bred by a high-rank Monster Tamer.

'You could get two cartons out of this.' Kang Oh placed the Wyvern Egg inside his inventory too.

"Now then..." Kang Oh's lips curled upwards.

There were five items left; a hat, a top, bottoms, gloves, and shoes, all of which were made of leather. 

He picked up the top first. "Appraise!"

[Draka's Cold-Blooded Heart]

The Ruler of the Bernice Canyon, Draka, left behind this top. It is part of the Draka set. 

It is made entirely of Draka's skin. It is mostly black, but has a gammadion cross pattern running through it, giving it a mysterious feel.

The armor is both light and tough, and also protects against magic. A masterpiece with defensive capabilities equal to that of metal armor!

A leather armor set of the highest quality. 

+ 3 set effect: Power of the Wind. Slightly increases the wielder's speed. Greatly increases one's speed when flying.

+ 4 set effect: Reduces damage done by lightning skills/spells by 90%. Also reduces the damage done by fire, water, wind, ice, and earth skills/spells by 30%.

+ 5 set effect: Lightning Breath. Unleashes a destructive lightning cannon. Costs 3,000 MP. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Rank: S.

Abilities: Defense +550, Physical +90, Mental +55, Charm -20, Lightning Damage (Skills/Spells) +10%.

Minimum Requirements: Level 400, Physical 600, Magic 300, Lightning Resistance 70%. Alternatively, possess the title, 'Ruler of the Azure Sky'.


Jackpot! He'd struck gold!

The Draka set was tremendous. Abilities, special effects, etc. It had it all. Plus, it was a leather armor set. His character, which focused on evasion, not defense, was much better suited for leather armor than metal armor. 

The only reason he'd been wearing metal armor all this time was because of how amazing the Baramut set was, but he didn't need to anymore!

Kang Oh carefully looked over the other items too.

Draka's Ferocious Face (Hat).

Draka's Wings, Which Cut Through the Azure Sky (Gloves).

Draka's Powerful Legs (Pants).

Draka's Steel Claws (Shoes).

Adding Draka's Cold-Blooded Heart to this would complete the set!

Kang Oh immediately equipped the new armor set. By killing Draka, he acquired the title, Ruler of the Azure Sky, which allowed him to ignore the item requirements and equip it right away.

"Mm." Kang Oh looked down and carefully inspected his body.

He was garbed in a twin-horned hood, a black top/bottom with a red pattern running through them, gloves with the insignia of a wyvern's wings, and wyvern talon shoes. 

The Draka set was both simple and practical. 

Above all...

'It's light.'

He'd worn the heavy Baramut set for so long now. Once he switched to the lighter Draka set, he felt like he'd be able to fly. Kang Oh was completely satisfied!

After that, Kang Oh searched Draka's nest for treasure, but he couldn't find anything of value.

"Hoo, let's go home."

Kang Oh returned to Altein.

* * *

- Congratulations, Oppa.

Asu had sent him a message.

- For joining the Numbers?

As soon as he returned to Altein, Kang Oh knew that he'd entered the Numbers. After all, he overheard several people talking about him, so there's no way he wouldn't know.

- Yes.

- Thank you. 

Kang Oh was a little embarrassed; nevertheless, he added a heart emoji at the end. Ahem, ahem. Then, Asu sent an emoji of her own; one of a cute doll awkwardly passing out hearts.

She quickly sent another message, the embarrassment seemingly catching up to her.

- Oppa, you'll become famous worldwide now. Aren't you going to become more famous than me?

Arth was enjoyed worldwide. Thus, joining the Numbers would increase one's worldwide fame. 

- Please try harder.

Kang Oh joked.

- Worry about yourself.

Asu responded.

- 'Worry about yourself', huh? Something about that sounds nice.

It'd feel so good to say that to people who pointlessly interfered with his business.

- This is a line from an old movie. 

- Hoh, is that so?

- Yes. There are a lot of good old movies. Let's watch one together next time.

- Sounds good to me.

The two of them all alone in a quiet area... Ahem!

* * *

- Ah, I'm so jealous. 

He got a message from Sephiro too.

- Are you that jealous?

- Yeah, so much so that I should get hospitalized.

- Should I find you a good hospital?

- Ahem, it doesn't matter. It's a disease that can't be cured at a hospital. Anyhow, I should be congratulating you. Congratulations on joining the Numbers. You'll make a ton of money now.

Out of all the players in Arth, the Numbers made the most money by far. Going on TV just a few times would make him a ton of cash.

- Yes, I'll be making a ton of money.

Now that he'd become one of them, he'd use this power and influence to the fullest.

- Ahem, ahem. I need to use the restroom. Excuse me.

Sephiro couldn't help his jealousy, and tried to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

- What rank are you, Mr. Sephiro?

Kang Oh sent the message with an impish expression. He didn't get a reply back.

- Congratulations, Mr. Kang Oh.

This time it was Man Bok.

- Thank you.

- Do you have anything you need?

- No, not at the moment.

- I see. Anyhow, congratulations.

- Thank you.

That was the end of their conversation. Or it was supposed to be, but Man Bok sent him another message.

- Mr. Kang Oh. Could you please tell me what your level is?

- I'm level 300. Why?

- Mr. Eder was curious. Then, I'll always be rooting for you!

- Thank you.

Jin Cheol was up next. 

- Congratulations on joining the Numbers. And I genuinely apologize for what Mr. Han Eol did.

- It's alright. I'm not going to be working with Han Eol or whatever his name is from now on, but I don't have any hard feelings for you or GBS.

Jin Cheol and GBS were a good negotiating tool. Obviously, he couldn't lose a customer like GBS just because one of their producers sucked!

- Thank you very much.

- Oh, right. I have some really amazing footage for you.

Footage of him hunting the Wyvern King, Draka! The clip lived up to the term 'amazing'.

- If you send me the clip, I'll watch it and then offer you a sum worthy of the Numbers.

Kang Oh grinned. As expected, he could actually get through to Jin Cheol.

- Understood.

- Let's meet face-to-face sometime and have a meal together. I'll pay.

- Sure.

Hye Rim messaged him too. He also let her know that he had some amazing footage for her. 

He was satisfied with her response, as it echoed Jin Cheol's response. She would watch the clip and then offer him a sum befitting the Numbers. 

'This'll probably be the most expensive video yet.'

Not only was he a part of the Numbers now, but the quality and impact of the video was insane. Kang Oh was excited to hear back from them.

* * *

"Mr. Kang Oh." Eder suddenly came looking for him. 

"Oh, it's been a long time."

"I heard that you reached level 300."

"Yeah." Kang Oh nodded his head.

"Finally!" Eder looked deeply moved.

"What is it?"

"Have you forgotten? You said that when you hit level 300, you'd head for Despia!"

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