Chapter 224. Kang Oh vs. Draka (3)

Large, beautiful bird wings stretched out of his back. The Cassio Ring's special ability was activating!

[You have been revived.]

[HP and MP have been fully restored.]

[For 10 minutes, all abilities are increased by 20%, and damage taken is reduced by 50%.]

[Cooldown: 30 days.]

"Hoo." Kang Oh stood up. He hadn't let his guard down. Draka was just that freakingly powerful.  

'It can't be helped, I suppose.'

Kang Oh had fought Draka with incomplete information. Now that he knew about Draka's Ray of Destruction and Lightning Breath, he wouldn't be caught with his pants down next time. 

'I paid a hefty price for that information.' 

Kang Oh had no insurance left. After all, he'd already used Wind Shield and the Cassio's Ring special ability. Death was fast approaching.

'I'm going at it at full power.'

He had nowhere to hide. Kang Oh had no choice but to use everything at his disposal. 

Kang Oh pulled out Brave Myul's War Hammer. "Eat it, Ubist." Ubist's darkness consumed the hammer. 

[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed Brave Myul's War Hammer.]

[It is an S-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 25 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities are tripled.]

[You may use two of the consumed item's abilities.]

[Strong Body and Myul's Herculean Strength have been chosen.]

Draka gawked at Kang Oh's sudden revival, but snapped out of it once he saw how powerful Kang Oh had become. 


You cockroach!

Draka furiously shrieked and his horns lit up. A bolt of lightning fell from the sky. 

Kang Oh rushed forward with his tripled speed. Lightning struck his previous location, completely scorching the area. 

Strong Body!

As he charged, a haze arose from his body. All his physical abilities had increased, but keeping it active would cost him a certain amount of mana per second! 

Myul's Herculean Strength!

An insignia of Myul's War Hammer appeared on the back of his right hand. It was like Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. For 30 minutes, his strength and strength-related abilities would be doubled. 

He couldn't leave out Devil Trigger! 

A beast mask shrouded his face, pauldrons covered his shoulders, and a tail protruded from behind, which glimmered like starlight. The Jet-Black Demon had arrived!

Perhaps it was because he'd used Strong Body and Myul's Herculean Strength beforehand, but a haze arose from his blackened form, and the insignia on his right hand glowed red.

Kang Oh instantly reappeared at Draka's side, and began launching attack after attack.


Demon Sword Ubist danced gracefully in the air. Each and every attack bore a considerable amount of force. 


He finally managed to cut Draka's wing.  


Draka screamed in agony, and shards of light burst from the wing. 

Fang Bearing Blade!

His attack had been powerful enough, reinforced as it was by all of his buffs, but Fang Bearing Blade, which disregarded all defenses, had activated as well. The attack was powerful enough to cut through Draka's wing in a single blow!

Kang Oh didn't stop there.

Abyss Claw!

The black aura, which boasted power unseen thus far, raked Draka's wing. 

Abyss Transfer.

Kang Oh teleported behind Draka, and persistently aimed for his wing. This all happened in the blink of an eye! Draka's wing was riddled with wounds; it was so badly damaged that he wouldn't be able to fly anymore! 


Draka's eyes glowed red. It unleashed a frightening roar, one that'd make you go weak at the knees!

How dare you! To Draka, the Wyvern King and Ruler of the Azure Sky, his wings were akin to a dragon's reverse scale. Ripping off his wing was like touching a dragon's reverse scale!

[Wyvern King, Draka, has lost his ability to fly, and has become the Incarnation of Rage.]

[All of Draka's combat abilities have doubled.]

[The cooldown of Draka's combat skills has been reduced significantly.]

[In his angered state, Draka's power grows the more time passes.]

[Draka will continue to follow you until he can swallow you whole!]

'The final phase, huh.' Kang Oh tightly grabbed his sword. The Wyvern King, Draka! It was time to end this, one way or the other.

* * *

Clang! Clang! Clang!

It was chaos.

The piles of rocks, which lay on one side of the nest, were turned to dust by Draka's Lightning Breath, and Kang Oh's Abyss Claw had ripped through the pile of Draka's prey.

Although the nest was made of thick wood, Draka and Kang Oh's destructive attacks made it fly everywhere and/or blow up. But neither of them cared about the nest. It made sense. Draka had become the Incarnation of Rage, so his only thought was devouring Kang Oh. 

Anyhow, Draka opened his mouth, unleashing another lightning blast at him. 

Lightning Breath!


He dodged, rather than take it head-on. Boom! The Lightning Breath scorched the area. Kang Oh didn't wait for the aftermath; he immediately dashed towards Draka. 

Furious beyond belief, Draka stretched out his wings, or what's left of them anyway, and unleashed a Ray of Destruction! Draka's red pattern glowed red, unleashing beams that went in every direction. 

'It scorches everything around him, but he can't control where it goes.' Kang Oh figured out what Ray of Destruction's weakness was. He wouldn't fall prey to a skill he'd been killed by before. After all, he was a top-notch gamer.

Kang Oh dodged, tilted his sword, parried, dodged again, and then cleaved through another beam! He managed to pierce through the beams. 

'My turn.' Kang Oh attacked.

Thrust, cut, slash, spinning slash!

Swish, slash, swish, slash!

All of his attacks were extremely precise. None of them missed or went off target. There was no need to mention how powerful they were. However, Draka didn't falter; he took Kang Oh's relentless assault head-on.

He shot a Lightning Breath from his mouth, and his wings unleashed a Tempest Blade. Draka also used Dragon's Wind (surging, spiraling wind), and called down lightning too! Draka used all of his skills simultaneously!

Kang Oh dodged the Lightning Breath and quickly retreated. He then nullified the Tempest Blade and Dragon's Wind with Slash and Abyss Claw. And the lightning, well, it just missed, so he didn't have to worry about that.

Draka ended his Lightning Breath and charged at him.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

'You use skill after skill, and then you go for physical attacks?'

Kang Oh took him head-on. After all, he specialized in melee combat! 

"A-ta-ta-ta-ta!" Kang Oh repeatedly swung his sword. However, the pattern that lined Draka's body began to glow. He was getting ready to use Ray of Destruction!

'You bastard.' 

He acted like he was switching to a physical assault, but in actuality, he was trying to use Ray of Destruction at close range! 

Abyss Transfer!

Kang Oh disappeared within the darkness, and the red beams endlessly shot at his previous position. 

He suddenly reappeared. However, lightning fell from the sky. But there wasn't just one lightning bolt waiting for him. Draka had called lightning all around him, anticipating all the places that Kang Oh could reappear. 

The Wyvern King, Draka!

He was much different from any monster he'd fought thus far. Draka was definitely skilled in the art of battle.

"Ugh." Kang Oh's body tingled. He'd taken a considerable amount of damage.


His legs wouldn't move.

[You have been electrified.]

[Your legs have gone numb.]

[Movement speed -80%.]

Draka's mouth emitted spark as he gathered energy. 


Lightning Breath!

The massive beam came straight for him, like a drill that dug through the ground. His legs were numb, so he couldn't avoid it. He couldn't use Abyss Transfer either.

'Go for broke!' Kang Oh gritted his teeth and swung Ubist downwards.

Everlasting Darkness!

[Stolen stats have been consumed as a price for using Everlasting Darkness.]

[Sense -3]

Everlasting Darkness was the only skill in his arsenal that had any hope of stopping Draka's attack. A massive amount of darkness spun through the air, flying straight towards the Lightning Breath. 

The Wyvern King's finishing move, Lightning Breath!

Kang Oh, the Demonic Swordsman with overpowered abilities, was contesting it with Everlasting Darkness!

The two massive energies clashed head-on! However, there was no explosion or even the sound of one. The two attacks began to push against each other in a contest of strength!

Demon Sword Ubist maintained Everlasting Darkness, and Draka likewise didn't let up on his Lightning Breath.


It was like a tug of war. One side would get pushed back, but then the other side would push back harder. This would happen again and again.

There wasn't anything Kang Oh could do for the time being. The only thing he could do was watch and wait.

Moving or doing something else would cut off Everlasting Darkness's power supply; without it, he'd be obliterated by Draka's Lightning Breath. 

Draka was the same. He wanted to use his horns or wings, but keeping his Lightning Breath up was hard enough. It's not like he could stop using his Lightning Breath either; if he did, then he'd be engulfed in the darkness. 


The lightning slowly began to overtake the darkness. 

'It did say he slowly gets stronger as time passes!' Kang Oh furrowed his brow. The system message had definitely informed him of this. This meant that his Lightning Breath was steadily getting stronger.

'Is there anything I can do?' Kang Oh began to think. 'I can't move. That means the only way I can increase Everlasting Darkness's power is...'

A light bulb went off in his head. He had a way of amplifying the skill's power.

'I'm not sure it'll work, but I have to try!' 

Kang Oh immediately tried it. "Go, Tempest Tiger!"

Would Tempest Tiger work when he's already using Everlasting Darkness? The answer was a strong 'yes'. Everlasting Darkness was an item effect, while Tempest Tiger was a skill.


Gold and black mixed together. 

A short while later, the black and gold energies intertwined like a twisted bread stick, and immediately began pushing the Lightning Breath back. 

Draka grimaced. He gave his Lightning Breath even more juice, unwilling to give in just yet. 


The fusion of Everlasting Darkness and Tempest Tiger completely overpowered his Lightning Breath.


The golden/black energy swept through Draka.


Resulting in a huge explosion.

Kang Oh didn't let down his guard, and gave it everything he got. Draka was quite sturdy after all!


Abyss Claw!

He threw all four of his Gladion's Daggers. Then, he switched to Blood, and unleashed a Fresh Blood Wave and Blood Spears. Kang Oh had used everything in his arsenal.

"Haa, haa." Only then did Kang Oh begin catching his breath.

'Is he dead?'

He couldn't tell yet... or maybe he could. Bam! Draka pierced through the dust cloud, his entire body riddled with wounds.

[The Incarnation of Rage, Draka, is unleashing his final attack.]


Draka's eyes dimmed as he fired his final Lightning Breath. 

Kang Oh gritted his teeth. A close range Lightning Breath! He couldn't dodge it. But he didn't have any skills that could block it, or any abilities that'd keep his life intact. 

He was in a critical situation!

'I can't give up!'

All of a sudden, the world slowed. The Lightning Breath came at him in slow motion! He could clearly see the electrons being bumped off.

'Swing your sword! Swing it!' Kang Oh mentally yelled. 'The only thing I can do is swing my sword. I have to at least give it a try! I can't die like this!'

His body began to move extremely slowly.

'Faster. Even faster!' Kang Oh wished for strongly.

At that moment, he felt as though his body had gotten slightly faster. Kang Oh focused even harder and wished for his body to move.

'Even faster! Swing even faster!'

His body moving faster was no illusion.


Only he was moving quickly in this slowed world.


Demon Sword Ubist bisected both the Lightning Breath, and the world itself.  

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