Chapter 223. Kang Oh vs. Draka (2)

Head, wing, foot, and tail! Draka repeatedly attacked Kang Oh. 


Hyper Intuition, coupled with his extraordinary evasion, allowed him to avoid Draka's attacks without much difficulty. Counterattacking wasn't too hard either.

It looked like Draka was overwhelming him, but Kang Oh was actually winning out on each of their exchanges!

Ultimately, Draka halted his assault and seemed content to just stare at Kang Oh. Kang Oh observed Draka's movements and remained still. 

Draka's torso swelled. He then unleashed a roar, which crackled like thunder. 


[You have heard the Wyvern King, Draka's roar.]

[You feel weak at the knees, and are filled with a sense of terror and dread.]

[Your high Mental, Indomitable, and Courage stats, have allowed you to overcome your fear.]

Kang Oh let loose a ferocious roar of his own. Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, and a roar for a roar!


Baramut's Roar! A roaring tiger silhouette shined behind him. 


Draka began flapping his wings, and lifted off of the ground. 

Dragon's Wind!

A wild, spiraling wind came for Kang Oh. In response, Kang Oh horizontally swung his sword. 

Abyss Claw!


The two mighty forces clashed head-on! They were at an impasse, neither side gaining traction. Then, the two attacks disappeared simultaneously.

Kang Oh rushed forward. Draka had given up on physical attacks, opting for long-range bombardment instead. Thus, Kang Oh didn't waste any time and closed in. After all, close-range combat was his domain. He was sure to have the advantage. 


Draka swung his wing, attempting to push him away. 

"Huahp." Kang Oh ducked, avoiding the wing, and extended his sword.


Red shards of light burst from Draka's body. That tiny, almost insignificant wound that Kang Oh had left on Draka's wing... He hit the wound precisely. What incredible concentration!


Draka wailed furiously, and then forcefully rose up into the air. 

'The 2nd phase!'

Kang Oh quickly used Darkness Chain. The chain wrapped around Draka's tail, and his body began lifting off the ground. 

* * *

As soon as Draka began flying, dark clouds began to gather around him.

'This doesn't bode well.' 

Kang Oh quickly reduced the length of Darkness Chain and tried to get on top of Draka's body. However, Draka kept him away by violently swinging his tail. 

'Tch.' His body kept shaking, but he managed to swing his sword anyway. 

Abyss Claw!

Draka's flying ability was unparalleled, allowing him to easily dodge the jet-black aura. Then... the horns on his head began to shine. 


Lightning fell from the sky, striking Kang Oh from above. This all happened in the blink of an eye!

"Ugh." Kang Oh's body tingled, as if it'd been shocked by static electricity.

[You have been struck by lightning.]

[You have taken a significant amount of damage.]

[You have been electrified, so your actions are limited.]

He couldn't maintain his grip on the chain. Ultimately, his body began to plummet to the ground. All the way down!


Draka's horns shined, and lightning came for him once more!

Danger, danger!

Hyper Intuition sent him a cold reminder! The Baramut set began to shine.

Wind Shield.

This skill, which nullified fatal damage to its user, was a welcome sight! With it, Kang Oh was able to survive. The paralysis had finally worn off. 


Kang Oh swapped Ubist with Blood. At the same time, he naturally transitioned from the Jet-Black Demon to the Red Demon. 


"I just need to get you to him, right?"

"Be careful of the lightning."

"Hmph. There's nothing to worry about."

Kang Oh, who'd suddenly gained four wings, began to soar into the sky. 


Draka's wings shone with white light. 

Tempest Blade!

Sharp wind, shaped like a crescent moon, flew outwards. In response, Kang Oh swung Blood. 

Fresh Blood Wave!

He also created some blood spears and shot them.

Bam, bam, bam!

He completely countered the howling wind! But then, Draka's horns shined and lightning struck. 

Boom! Crackle! Boom!

However, Kang Oh was flying too fast, so the lightning repeatedly missed. 


Draka approached him!

"Haahp!" Kang Oh quickly grazed past him and sliced Draka's wing.


Shards of light burst out! 

"We're going in again!" Tasha said. Kang Oh circled around, and then flew towards Draka once more. 

Fresh Blood Wave!

The blood red aura descended upon Draka's head like a waterfall.


Draka angrily shrieked. His wings unleashed a raging wind, and lightning fell indiscriminately. 

"Careful!" Kang Oh yelled.

"Hmph." Tasha folded his wings and flew between the lightning.


Kang Oh got another hit in.


"You only have 30 seconds left," Tasha said.

"Got it." 

Kang Oh pulled out his magic scrolls. First, Waterfall!


Kang Oh ripped the scroll. Then, the blue text on the scroll glowed, and a torrent of water doused Draka from above!

Kyaa, kyaa!

The sudden downpour of water caused Draka to shake his head.

'Next.' Kang Oh ripped the second one. The scroll with sky blue text split in two. 

Ice Bind!

The snow-white sphere flew towards Draka and then 'bam'! White powder flew through the air like a dandelion puff. This dust was actually magic crystals that contained the power of ice! Upon contact, ice began to cover Draka's body.

However, Ice Bind wasn't capable of completely freezing Draka's body. After all, the magic didn't have that kind of power to begin with. Still, a portion of his body and wings were frozen solid.


Draka struggled violently, flapping its wings in wide motions. It was trying to dust off the ice!

'Last!' Kang Oh ripped the Giant's Fist scroll.


Two shining, yellow fists appeared in the air and began striking Draka's body. The fists themselves were rather slow, making them incredibly easy to dodge. But with Draka's body and wings partially frozen, he wasn't able to dodge them.

Whack! Whack!

Bam! Bam!

Upon contact, the ice covering Draka's body shattered, inflicting additional damage to him. Waterfall, Ice Bind, and Giant's Fist; he'd completed the three hit combo!



Draka's horns shined, and lighting came out of the dark clouds.


The lightning struck the fists, causing them to fade from existence.

"Tch." Kang Oh disappointedly clicked his tongue.

"10 seconds left!" Tasha's voice resounded through his head.

"Drop me onto him." Kang Oh planned to finish what the Giant's Fist started; that is, break the remaining ice.


Kang Oh landed on Draka's back! He then switched between Blood and Ubist, transforming him into the Jet-Black Demon once more. 

"Huahp!" Kang Oh swung Ubist downwards. 


The ice splintered into pieces! Giant, clear shards of light exploded like firecrackers.

Whack, whack, whack!

Kang Oh didn't let up. He began crushing any ice that he could see.


Draka's angry eyes began to shine. The fact that Kang Oh was riding his back angered him far more than the damage that he'd sustained.

Divine punishment!

His horns glowed once more. Kang Oh noticed it right away. Thus, he stopped what he was doing and threw himself off.


Lightning struck where he'd once been. However, Kang Oh had gotten away in time, so Draka had hit himself.

But Draka didn't let it get to him. Not only was he skilled at using lightning, but he had high lightning resistance as well. Thus, getting hit by lightning wasn't something he had to worry about.

What was important was that an insect was putting their dirty feet on his back!

Boom, crackle, boom!

Lightning repeatedly fell from the sky. Kang Oh was just barely dodging the lightning.


Draka suddenly spun his body around. Kang Oh hadn't expected that at all, so he lost his balance and was flung off!

'This guy!'

As expected of a clever wyvern!

However, Kang Oh had Darkness Chain.


The chain flew through the air and wrapped around Draka's body. Kang Oh swung like a pendulum, using Draka's body like a swing. He spun through the air and then landed on Draka's body. 


This insect! Draka's scream pretty much said it all.

Anyhow, it seemed like Draka had decided to take matters into his own hands, as he twisted his long neck around and thrust his head at Kang Oh.

"Huahp!" Kang Oh stabbed his back first.

Tempest Tiger!

Which was amplified by Darkness Strike!


The golden tiger and jet-black beast ripped through Draka's back. Draka's face grimaced in pain.


His body suddenly glowed with light. More specifically, the gammadion cross pattern on its body began to glow red!

'The 3rd phase!' 

Kang Oh felt cold from head to toe. It was his Hyper Intuition warning him. However, the extent of it was extraordinary. 

'I have to dodge this one!'

Kang Oh immediately acted. He guarded his vitals with Ubist and immediately used Abyss Transfer. However, he was a little too late.

Ray of Destruction!

The pattern, which covered Draka's body, fired red beams. The red beams instantaneously turned the sky red. Of course, Kang Oh wasn't left unscathed.


The red beam struck his demon sword; he could feel how powerful the attack had been. Kang Oh was pushed far, far back, and was forced off of Draka's body.

'Tch. I didn't think he'd have such an unbelievable attack.' Kang Oh gritted his teeth and tightly grabbed onto his chain. Fortunately, the chain hadn't been severed, so Kang Oh was able to hang from it without falling to the ground.


Once the bombardment was over, Draka turned his head towards Kang Oh and opened his mouth. 

Once the bombardment was over, Draka opened his mouth towards Kang Oh. He was gathering lightning energy inside his mouth. Kang Oh could see the sparks crazily dancing within it. 

Lightning Breath!


A massive lightning beam came flying at him.

'Shit! You've got to be kidding me!' Kang Oh deactivated Darkness Chain and shielded himself with his sword. Then, he quickly used Abyss Shield.

Abyss Transfer was a no-go, as it was still on cooldown. He'd already used Wind Shield, so that was out too. So this was the best he could do at the moment.

All he could rely on was Abyss Shield. Normally, it'd absorb his opponent's attack like a swamp. However, Draka's Lightning Breath wasn't something Abyss Shield could handle. It instantly broke through the shield and struck Kang Oh.


Protecting himself with Ubist didn't really help him here. The lightning would travel up his sword and electrify him anyway.



The Lightning Breath pushed him away, causing him to plummet to the ground.


Crackle, crackle!

Kang Oh's face embedded itself in the ground, and sparks danced across his body. The unpleasant odor of burnt flesh also wafted through the air. 

Draka landed on his nest and stretched out his wings. 


He cried out in victory. The sound of thunder and lightning resounded throughout the canyon like a gun salute.

Draka, drunk on his victory, hadn't yet realized. Kang Oh's unmoving hand, or more specifically, the red egg embedded ring on his finger, began to glow.

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