Chapter 222. Kang Oh vs. Draka (1)

Kang Oh was wearing completely different equipment. If he went around wearing the Baramut set and Demon Sword Ubist, then too many people would recognize him. 

'The problem with being famous...'

Since his face had been revealed, Kang Oh walked through the crowd with his face covered with a beginner helmet. Obviously, no one recognized him. Of course, that went for the auction house as well.

Kang Oh sat down on a corner sofa, opened the auction interface, and began looking through the items.

He spent around... 10 minutes there?

There weren't any items on sale that would help him hunt Draka; for example, items that granted him an extraordinary buff, allowed him to fly proficiently, etc. 


'This is the best of the lot.'

He picked the best item he could find.

[Brave Myul's War Hammer]

The War Hammer that the Nedav Warrior, Myul, used.

It's said that Myul was strong enough to rip a Kruger in half with his bare hands.

+ Strong Body: Allows you to use the Nedav Tribe's Strong Body technique. Increases your physical abilities by continuously spending MP. 

+ Myul's Herculean Strength: For 30 minutes, strength and all strength-related abilities are doubled. Cooldown: 1 week.

Rank: S.

Abilities: Attack Power +310, Physical +50, Mental +20.

Minimum Requirements: Level 250, Physical 500. Alternatively, possess the title, Nedav Warrior.

The Nedav Tribe was considered the bravest and most powerful tribe within the Great Forest! Kang Oh had dueled the current chieftain, Aman, and had also fought the Snake Queen with him. That's why he knew so much about the Nedav Tribe's skill, Strong Body.

Strong Body.

It was a pretty strong buff. Of course, it required a constant supply of MP and didn't increase his power as much as Gluttony, but it was a better than average skill.

Moreover, Brave Myul's War Hammer possessed another ability: Myul's Herculean Strength. This ability would double his strength and all strength-related abilities!

Not only that, but the item was S-rank, so using it as fodder for Gluttony would allow him to use both effects at once. Using both of the item's effects at once would surely be beneficial during his fight.

'The price wasn't bad either.'

The buy now price had been a little over 1,000 gold. When compared to the price of other level 250 items, it wasn't cheap, but it wasn't expensive either.

Kang Oh immediately bought Brave Myul's War Hammer and left the auction house.

* * *

The next day.

Kang Oh visited the Tower once more. 

"I have what you want right here." Grano passed him three magic scrolls.

"Three of them? Waterfall, Ice Bind, and Giant's Fist..." Kang Oh looked over each scroll.

"Individually, the scrolls aren't that powerful. But if you use them in the right order, then they'll be two, no, three times as powerful," Grano said.


"Use Waterfall first. Then, use Ice Bind. You see, using Ice Bind after a water spell increases its damage and strengthens the freezing effect."

"Ok." Kang Oh was all ears.

"Then, all you need to do is use Giant's Fist. Giant's Fist deals physical damage, and if someone bound by Ice Bind is hit by physical damage, the ice breaks and deals additional damage."

"Thank you very much." Kang Oh carefully placed the scrolls inside his inventory.

"Then, I wish you luck on your hunt."

"Thank you."

Kang Oh left the Tower and bought plenty of HP and MP potions from an alchemist. He visited a blacksmith too, and had him perform maintenance on his armor and demon swords.

'I'm ready.'

He was finally ready to hunt Draka. There was nothing more he could do.

Kang Oh headed for Bernice Canyon.

* * *

A thick, tall stone pillar stood within Bernice Canyon. The top of the pillar was obscured by the clouds. 

Kang Oh silently waited for the right moment.

How much time had passed?


Draka's cry, which evoked a sense of fear and terror in his enemies, resounded throughout the canyon. The roaring Draka forcefully flapped his wings and rose into the air. 

"Let's go, shall we?"

Once Draka was out of eyesight, Kang Oh began to move. 

As they say, if you want to catch a tiger, then you need to get into the tiger's den. Thus, if he wanted to hunt Draka, then he needed to get into his nest. 

Devil Trigger!

Kang Oh transformed into the Red Demon and stretched out his wings.

"Tasha, please fly me as high as possible."

"..." She silently controlled his wings. 

Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap!

The stronger the flaps, the faster he flew into the air. 


Kang Oh soared into the air! Nothing really stopped him.

While Draka was flying, the other wyverns would, for a certain amount of time, stop flying. That's why Kang Oh had chosen to fly up at this time.

"Your time's up," Tasha said.

"Alright. I'm going to fly again later, so rest up."


Kang Oh hung onto the pillar and deactivated Devil Trigger. He needed about 5 minutes before he could start flying again.




The wyverns began flying again. A few of them discovered Kang Oh, an individual who dared to intrude upon the king's nest. 

Kang Oh used Darkness Chain and began killing the incoming wyverns. Once he finished killing the last wyvern, he transformed into the Red Demon again and began flying up once more.

"Please take me to the top."

"Got it," Tasha replied.


Kang Oh began soaring into the sky once more.

To the top!

* * *

Kang Oh pierced through the clouds.


There was a Wyvern Leader and a hundred wyverns following him. He'd been caught by them while he was ascending! Fortunately, he'd almost made it to the top.

"Do you think we can make it?" Kang Oh said, essentially asking 'Do you think we'll have enough time to make it to the top?'.

"Just barely."

"Just take me to the top. I'll take care of the rest."

Tasha did her job to the best of her ability.


Kya, kya, kya!

The wyverns followed him like a swarm of bees, but were ultimately unable to catch him as he safely reached the top.

Kang Oh landed atop the pillar, immediately deactivated Devil Trigger, and hid within a pile of rocks.



The wyverns hovered around Draka's nest, but wouldn't dare approach it. 

'As expected.'

The Wyvern King, Draka.

Draka was so proud and aloof that he wouldn't allow anyone else to fly while he was. It follows that he wouldn't allow anyone near his nest either. Draka's nest was essentially a restricted area, even though Kang Oh was hiding within it. 

That's why they didn't come down to the nest, content with merely hovering around it. 



The Wyvern Leader gave up on Kang Oh and turned its head around. The other wyverns followed its lead. 

"Hoo." Once they left, Kang Oh caught his breath and took a good look around. 

Kang Oh was in the middle of a wood nest, which largely resembled a bird's nest. He didn't see wyvern eggs or baby wyverns here. However, a pile of giant monster corpses lay on one side. This was likely Draka's prey. 

Kang Oh smiled. The pile of monster corpses gave him an idea; he then came up with an impromptu plan. 

* * *

Draka would leave and return to his nest at set times. This time was no different; he returned to his nest at exactly the same time as last time.

Flap, flap, flap, flap.

Draka mightily flapped his wings and slowly descended into his nest! His body was mostly black with a red pattern running through it, and two horns protruded from his giant head. 

He seemed hungry, as he headed for his prey first. Draka began ripping apart the ogre corpse!


All of a sudden, the pile bobbed up and down. Kang Oh popped right out of it. He had hidden himself within the pile in order to surprise him. His opportunity came to him sooner than he'd expected.

Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Ubist.

Everlasting Darkness!

[Stolen stats have been consumed as a price for using Everlasting Darkness.]

[Magic -3]

A violently spinning 'drill' of darkness struck Draka's body and exploded!


Everlasting Darkness's power was tremendous. 

"Keeeehk!" Duraka wailed.

Duraka didn't counterattack, most likely due to the force of his attack. To Kang Oh, this was the best possible start of the battle. He followed up with another attack. 

Tempest Tiger!

A tiger-shaped golden aura dashed towards Draka. 


Direct hit!

Clear shards of light exploded from Draka's body. Despite that, Draka hadn't yet regained his composure. 


A whirlwind raged.

'He'll snap out of it soon and attack me.' Kang Oh quickly moved away, and hid between the rocks. Then, he transformed into the Jet-Black Demon.


As expected, Draka ripped through the whirlwind.


Draka gave off a goosebump-inducing cry and began looking around his nest. However, he couldn't find the worm that had caused him so much pain. Nevertheless, he kept looking, his eyes filled with murderous intent. 

'Now!' Sensing that Draka had come closer, Kang Oh rushed out like gushing water. 

Abyss Claw!


The three-lined aura, which was as black as ink, cleaved through the air and raked Draka's skin. This time, Draka didn't just sit there and take it. He stretched out his neck, like a snake capturing its prey, and attempted to devour Kang Oh in a single bite.

'As expected.' 

Kang Oh waited and waited, and then used Abyss Transfer at the last possible moment.


Draka didn't feel anything inside his mouth, so he quickly turned his head and looked for Kang Oh. Kang Oh reappeared at Draka's side.


He aimed for Draka's wing! Disabling his ability to fly was like taking his greatest weapon away from him. 


His sword left behind a small cut on the wing. Then, Draka stretched out his wings; his wings began glimmering with white light. 


The white light surrounding his wings transformed into a sharp, crescent moon shaped wind that flew in every direction.

Tempest Blade!

'That bastard! He's controlling the wind!'

Kang Oh quickly used Abyss Shield and protected his vitals with Ubist. The crescent moon shaped wind began clawing at his shield.

Swish, slash, swish.

Eventually, the sharp wind broke through and grazed Kang Oh's cheek.

[You have been cut by howling wind.]

[The sharp wound has caused you to bleed slightly.]

That was fortunate. By the time the Abyss Shield had become next to useless, the wind had died down. Of course... only the wind had died down.

Draka tried to stomp on Kang Oh, as if it were stamping something. Kang Oh retreated quite a distance away, but Draka wouldn't let him go; he chased after him. Draka was faster than he could possibly imagine.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

He was like a brakeless runaway engine. 

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