Chapter 220. Wyvern Hunt

Kang Oh used Darkness Chain in order to fight the wyverns midair! He remained in constant danger too.


Kang Oh, who hung from two of the wyverns via Darkness Chain, was attacked above and below simultaneously. Hyper Intuition warned him of danger, but instead of a chill, he felt goosebumps run across his entire body.

'There's nowhere I can go!' Kang Oh slightly furrowed his brow.

If he decreased the length of the chain and went up, then he'd been eaten by a wyvern. But if he lengthened the chain and went down instead, he'd be gobbled up just the same.

'If that's the case, then...'

"Huahp." Kang Oh bounced through the air and then let go of the chains.

Darkness Chain turned to dust and disappeared. Kang Oh's body remained in the air for but a second, and then gravity forced him down to the ground.

'4, 3, 2...' Kang Oh counted down.

Darkness Chain had an 8 second cooldown. Kunta's Ring reduced all of his cooldowns by half, so he'd be able to use it again in 4 seconds.

'Now!' He extended the chain, trying to wrap it around a wyvern's neck, but his target avoided the chain and rose into the air. With nothing to grab onto, Kang Oh began to plummet to the ground. 

'Tch, you clever bastard!'

Wyverns were quite intelligent monsters. They quickly realized the disadvantages of Kang Oh's midair fighting style and reacted accordingly. 



The wyverns shrieked as Kang Oh plummeted to the ground. They were sneering at him, as he was incapable of flight. 


Kang Oh wouldn't have attempted such a risky play if he didn't have a backup plan.

Devil Trigger!

Demon Sword Blood erupted in scarlet energy, which completely engulfed Kang Oh's body. After that, large, beautiful bat wings protruded from his back.

"Tasha, please get me in-between those lizards," Kang Oh said. He could somewhat control his wings now, but he wasn't as skilled as Tasha yet.

"Fine." Tasha's voice resounded in his mind.


His larger pair of wings flapped forcefully, while his smaller wings supported him.


Kang Oh soared through the air.



The wyverns seemed shocked by Kang Oh's sudden ability to fly. However, they soon exhibited their brutal nature once more and began attacking him.



"We're going to fly at top speed, so keep your wits about you," Tasha said.

"Ok." Kang Oh focused his eyes, and tightly gripped Demon Sword Blood.

Flap, flap!

With a mighty flap of his wings, the nearby environment changed. It was as if he were riding a rollercoaster. 

A wyvern's head grazed his lower body, but Kang Oh maintained his focus and swung his sword.

Fresh Blood Wave!

Upon impact, the blood red energy ripped through the wyvern's wing. Kang Oh quickly launched blood spears at it, perforating the wyvern's remaining good wing.


With both its wings nonfunctional, the wyvern plummeted to the ground!


The wyvern landed on the ground with a hard 'thud'. Its bone must've been ground to dust!

[You have defeated a Wyvern.]

Kang Oh smirked.

Fighting the wyverns midair. It was a truly dangerous task. He fought so high up that if he fell, he'd die instantly. Moreover, wyverns were flying monsters that were called the Rulers of the Azure Sky.

However, there was one upside to fighting in the air. Like Kang Oh, if they fell from this height, they'd die instantly! Thus, if he managed to make them fall, then even they would die easily.

"Above!" Tasha said urgently.

A wyvern high above him swooped down at him.


His wings fluttered violently, pushing Kang Oh forward.

"Haahp!" As soon as the wyvern passed him, Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Blood.

Tempest Tiger!

The golden aura devastated the wyvern's back.


It fainted from the tremendous impact, and plummeted to the ground. Just in case, Kang Oh launched a few blood spears and perforated the wyvern's wings. If it awakened before it hit the ground, then it would start flapping its wings and survive!

"1 minute's gone," Tasha said.

While assuming the guise of the Red Demon, Kang Oh could fly for a total of 2 minutes. After that, he'd lose his ability to fly and slowly descend to the ground. Which meant that he couldn't fight the wyverns in the air indefinitely. That was the reason he was forced to rely on Darkness Chain, even though he had the ability to fly!

"Thanks. I'll take care of the rest."

"Be careful."

"I will."

A wyvern came flying at him. Kang Oh got on top of its back and then deactivated Devil Trigger.


The wyvern violently struggled, as if it were saying 'How dare you get on my back!?'.

Kang Oh tightly grabbed hold of it with one hand, and repeatedly thrust his sword into its back with his other.

Kya! Kyaa! Kya!

The wyvern struggled even harder. What's worse, it began to spin its body like a top. However, Kang Oh stuck to it like a leech. Moreover, he kept up his attack as if he were draining its blood dry.

At some point, Kang Oh took a look around. There were a few wyverns around within range of Darkness Chain. But he knew throwing the chains directly at them wouldn't work.

'Then let's give 'em a show. That'll distract them!' Kang Oh raised Demon Sword Blood. 15 red stars shone upon its snow-white length!

Blood Bomb!


Red energy exploded with a giant 'boom'! Any wyvern caught in the explosion let out a cry of pain and plummeted to the ground.



Kang Oh let loose a Darkness Chain, which wrapped around the body of a nearby flying wyvern.


The wyvern widened its eyes. It was as if it were saying, 'Huh?'.

"Huahp!" He quickly reduced the length of the chain and rode a wyvern once more. 

After that, a similar sequence of events continued again and again. No longer able to fly, the wyverns plummeted to the ground!


The final wyvern hit the ground head first. Its massive body created a dust cloud, and Kang Oh was forced to make an emergency landing!

His battle with the wyverns was finally over.

Kang Oh transformed into the Red Demon, and slowly descended to the ground with his wings outstretched. More than twenty wyverns were sprawled across the ground, covering the entire area like cracked eggs.

"Nice." Kang Oh grinned. He was satisfied with the result.

* * *

GBS Producer, Han Eol, got back to him. He was responsible for GBS's coverage of the western war. 

They were willing to buy his footage of the Battle of the Kasten Plains for 40 million won ($40,000 USD). If viewership ratings exceeded 6%, then he'd receive an additional 5 million won ($5,000 USD). They'd also give him another 5 million won if he was willing to have an exclusive interview with them.

Jae Woo was speechless.

The way they spoke to him, what they offered, their conditions, etc. were ridiculous. It was clear that they were looking down on him and were trying to bargain with him.

'Did Mr. Jin Cheol not properly explain what I wanted? Or did they just ignore what he said? What do you take me for?'

Kang Oh was in a foul mood. Obviously, he responded quite roughly. 

"Is this the best you can do?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said, is this the best you can do?"

"Wait, that's..."

"I'm not selling it to you." Jae Woo hung up immediately.

Han Eol called him again. However, Jae Woo wouldn't pick up. Then, Han Eol sent him a message, stating that if he had a difference of opinion, that they could come to a compromise.

"He still doesn't get it."

Compromise? What a load of bull. Even if he offered something else, he wouldn't accept. Kang Oh replied with a 'No thank you.' and threw his phone away.

With this, his negotiations with GBS's Han Eol were over.

* * *

Jae Woo and Hye Rim met at a nearby cafe. 

They say that old things are better than new ones. He'd done business with Hye Rim a few times already, so he got through to her easily.

"I'd like to buy your footage and your name for 80 million won ($80,000). If you take the deal, then I can deposit the sum into your bank account immediately," Hye Rim said.

Buying his name meant that she wanted to do a program centered around 'Kang Oh'. After all, his name had become extremely well-known from the Ranking Show!

"80 million won, huh..."

Jae Woo covered his mouth and 'thought it over' while smiling underneath. It was double what Han Eol had offered him! Plus, it was a much larger sum than he'd expected.

"I'm offering you much more than what your name and the footage are currently worth. Normally, I'd offer you somewhere between 60 to 70 million won," Hye Rim said.

"Then why..." Jae Woo stared at her.

"Why am I offering you more?"


She always told him that she wasn't a pushover. So why was she offering him more money?

"It's a present."

"A present?"

"I, as well as my coworkers at TGN, believe that you will become one of the Numbers someday. So we wanted to score some brownie points with you by offering you more than what the footage is worth," Hye Rim said.

Jae Woo smiled in satisfaction. 'As expected.'

TGN had realized how valuable Jae Woo would be in the future. They knew how to handle him too. As expected of the #1 gaming network.

"And as I said before, I was wondering if you'd be willing to do an interview or star in a show after this program. Of course, we'll pay you the proper price."

"I'll consider it."

'When I become one of the Numbers and my name actually becomes worth a fortune!'

"Then would you be willing to sign the contract? I've heard rumors that GBS's offer was quite poor. I'm absolutely certain that this is your best offer!"

"Alright." Jae Woo had no problem with the sum. He signed the contract right then and there, and sold her the footage.

* * *

Kang Oh, who'd finished his business in the real world, returned to hunting wyverns. 

He used the same method he'd used prior; he would use Darkness Chain and Devil Trigger in tandem to fight the wyverns in midair!

Kang Oh kept putting himself in dangerous situations, which he then overcame, and killed wyvern after wyvern. He also made sure to gather as much info on the Wyvern King as he could.

At the center of Bernice Canyon, there was a stone pillar so tall that it reached the clouds. Draka's nest lay at the top of this giant pillar.


Draka's roar resounded throughout the canyon! His body cast a giant shadow on the surface of the ground.   

'He left his nest at the exact same time as last time.' Kang Oh thought things over as he watched the giant wyvern fly through the blue sky.

He always left his nest at the same time. After an hour or so of flying around Bernice Canyon and some areas around it, he would return to his nest. Perhaps it was his way of marking or proclaiming his territory.

'He's alone this time too.'

A Wyvern Leader led a flock of 100 wyverns, but there weren't any wyverns behind the Wyvern King, Draka. It wasn't because he didn't have enough charisma or didn't have control over the other wyverns.

Draka must not allow them to fly with him! As evidence of this, when he roared, the other wyverns would hurry back to their nests or cling onto the pillars.

'The weather's changing again.'

Dark clouds gathered around Draka. Was he able to control the weather? There was definitely a chance of that.

'He must be able to summon rain, wind, and lightning.'

Kang Oh watched him until he was out of sight. Once he completely disappeared, Kang Oh forcefully clenched his fists.

'It's almost time to take you down!'

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