Chapter 219. Burkan's Secret Technique

Kang Oh watched Draka until he disappeared.

'A normal wyvern's wingspan is about 6 meters long, but his wingspan is more than 10 meters long.'

Draka's body was unique. Befitting his title as 'king', his body was humongous.

'His skin is dark red. I guess it's more black than red. The pattern on his body is red, but he's mostly black.'

Having a pattern on his skin was another unique feature. Most wyverns' skin was completely plain. 

'And... horns!'

Draka had two horns on his head like a dragon. They probably weren't decorations; they must have some special use. 

'Pretty sure his level is... over 400. Maybe 450? He's not level 500, is he?'

That's all he could find out from a single glance. He only skimmed the surface! It couldn't be helped. He'd only got a brief look at him, so he could only make some assumptions. 

'I should gather more info on him while I'm killing the wyverns.'

Kang Oh's heart pounded. He'd finally met prey worth hunting! Of course, calling Draka 'prey' was extremely misleading. He was a predator, not prey! An apex predator at that! 

But Kang Oh was an apex predator too. A predator that killed countless monsters, stole their stats, and 'ate' dungeons!

'Let's see who the better predator is.' Good timing. Fighting him would be great practice for his fight with Valan!

Of course, he needed to prepare first. 

'Yeah, let's prepare thoroughly.' Kang Oh took out a return scroll from his inventory.


He returned to Altein.

* * *

Kang Oh immediately headed to the Holiseum.

"Brother! Brother!" He couldn't find Burkan anywhere within the underground arena. "Did he go out for another drink?"

Kang Oh walked through an underground corridor, searching for Burkan, when the handsome Darion came walking over to him.


"Mr. Kang Oh. Master went to a pub," Darion said. His speech and behavior were well controlled; Darion wouldn't allow Kang Oh to find any faults that he could exploit.

"Which pub?"

"He's been frequenting Dora's Bar, which is located in Altein's North Street. He was saying how pretty the owner was."

"Really? Alright, I got it."

A pub with a beautiful female owner. It was definitely a place that would pique an old bachelor's interest.

"Take care."

"You don't need to say goodbye. I'm coming back here with him anyway."

"I see. Then, if you'll excuse me."

"Hey, let's spar next time."

"Understood." Darion left.

"That punk." Kang Oh felt slightly disappointed. It didn't feel right unless he gave him a hard time. 

He began walking in a different direction.

Dora's Pub.

It was noisy, and there were a shocking number of men inside. The owner was indeed beautiful.

'Let's see here... Oh, he's over there.' Kang Oh found him immediately. Burkan was sitting at the bar, clearly staring at the owner.

"Brother." Kang Oh patted his shoulder.

"Oh, Little Brother. Why are you here?" Burkan asked uninterestedly.

"I've been through countless battlefields and dungeons in order to prepare myself for Master Valan's test, yet here you are, having a good time and staring at a beautiful woman. You sure are lucky," Kang Oh said half-jokingly. 

"You'll do well. I believe in you." Burkan grinned.

"Don't just say 'I believe in you' and actually help me out." 

"Help you out how?"

"I got Demonic Swordsmanship up to high-rank."

"Hoh, already? You're fast." Burkan was amazed.

"I'm pretty talented, you know," Kang Oh said haughtily. 

"Have you come to learn my secret technique?"


Burkan had promised to teach him his secret technique when he reached High-Rank Demonic Swordsmanship.

"Mm. Sure, I'll teach it to you." Burkan stood up, and left some money beside his empty glass.

"You're leaving?" the female owner came over and said disappointedly. She was a kind-looking, red haired beauty; she had a beautiful figure too. 

"Ah, yes. I'll be back. Ahem." Burkan avoided her gaze, seemingly embarrassed.

'Huh?' There was something weird going on between these two. Perhaps...

"Ahem. Let's go."


Kang Oh and Burkan left Dora's Bar.

"Are things going well with her?" Kang Oh asked.

"M-Ms. Dora and I don't have that kind of relationship!" Burkan hurriedly said.

'So her name is Dora, huh.'

"Why not? You both seem interested in each other," Kang Oh said. 

"Ahem, ahem." Burkan kept his mouth shut.

Kang Oh didn't ask any other questions. After all, it was someone else's love life. He was sure Burkan would...

"I haven't asked her out yet," Burkan said abruptly.


"Well, it's kind of embarrassing, so I haven't gotten the chance to bring it up." Unbefitting his giant stature, Burkan was wiggling his fingers.

'Jeez, so naive!' 

Where the hell did his charisma, dignity, and confidence go? Now he knew why Burkan had been a bachelor for so long.

"Brother!" Kang Oh grabbed onto him.


"You're the Invincible Gladiator, Burkan! You're a superstar! I'm sure there are countless women in Altein that want you."


"That's who you are. Go in there and ask her out like a man."

"No, wait. That's..."

"If you don't then I'll give you a kick in the ass."

He wasn't sure how he'd gotten involved in an NPC's love life, but Kang Oh couldn't just watch from the sidelines. What a dumb brother!

"No, like I was saying..."

"If you don't ask her out, then screw being Guardian of the Continent."

He was obviously lying. Kang Oh wouldn't give up Demon Sword Ubist or the adamantium gemstone no matter what!

"Hey! Why are you acting like this all of sudden?" Burkan had no idea what to do.

"I'll be waiting for you at the Holiseum. Don't even think about coming back before you ask her out." Kang Oh strode forward.

"Haa." Burkan sighed.

He wasn't sure what to do. Burkan would walk over to Dora's Bar, and then turn around and walk towards the Holiseum. Rinse and repeat. 

Eventually, he mustered up the courage and headed for Dora's Bar.

* * *

"Hahaha! Little Brother, I'm here!" Burkan entered the underground arena. His expression made it clear that he'd successfully asked her out.

"See, what did I tell you? Asking her out was a good idea, wasn't it?"

"Mm. Thanks, Little Brother. You're the best!" Burkan hugged him tight.

"I hope things work out for you. You have to think about marriage soon."

'How long do you plan on being a bachelor?'

"Oho, Ms. Dora and I have just started dating. It's too early to think about marriage."

"I got it already, so please teach me your secret technique."

"Got it."

The two came to the gladiator training ground, which was lined with training dummies.

"The technique I'm about to teach you is called Transcendent Blade."

"Transcendent Blade? What a cool name."

"Of course it is. I named it after all." Burkan grinned.

"So what kind of technique is it?"

"Let me show you." Burkan stood before a training dummy, and then drew the gladius at his waist. "Watch closely!"

The look in his eyes changed.



It felt like something had flashed, but that was it.  

"You saw it, right?"

Kang Oh was completely confused. "I didn't see anything. I just saw something flash."

He then approached the scarecrow. "This is..." There was a sword scar on the training dummy. When did it...? "Does Transcendent Blade raise your speed to the limit?" Kang Oh asked.

"No. It transcends your limit. Hence the word 'transcendent'. And it allows you to surpass the limitations on your power too, not just your speed."

"It's an amazing technique."

'This is tremendous!'

"It's a trump card."

"I really want to learn it."

"If you want to transcend your limitations, then you need to fully concentrate. People subconsciously exhibit this when they're put in an extreme situation. If you can consciously focus hard enough, then you can use Transcendent Blade," Burkan said.

A quest popped up. 

[Transcendent Blade]

The Gladiator Master's secret technique! A trump card that allows your weapon to transcend the limitations on its power and speed!

Use this technique on your own! If you do, then you'll gain the skill permanently.

Transcendent Blade (0/1).

Difficulty: Unknown.

Minimum Requirements: High-Rank Demonic Swordsmanship.

Reward: Transcendent Blade.

Failure: None.

[You have automatically accepted the quest.]

"That's all I can do for you. You have to do the rest yourself," Burkan said.

It truly was a 'secret technique'. Unlike other skills, it couldn't be learned by reading a book.

"Understood." Kang Oh nodded his head.

"I'll give you a hint. Keep putting yourself in extreme situations. If you do, then you'll find the right answer eventually." Burkan patted his shoulder. He was basically saying, 'Do your best.'.

"Then, I'll get going now."

"Take care."

Kang Oh left the Holiseum.

His mind was racing. He only had 14 days until his match with Valan.

Was there a way for him to learn Transcendent Blade and kill the Wyvern King, Draka, in that time?

'Burkan told me to put myself in extreme situations... If that's the case, then...!'

Learning Transcendent Blade, killing Draka, and overcoming Valan's trial; as always, he planned on killing three birds with one stone!

* * *

Bernice Canyon.

The wyverns' nests lay atop countless stone pillars. Baby wyverns and unhatched wyvern eggs lived within the nests.

But what would happen if someone climbed up a pillar and headed for the nest?

The wyverns would go bat shit crazy.

Like right now!



Twenty wyverns flew around Kang Oh and shrieked.

What was the punishment for threatening their nests?


The wyverns attacked Kang Oh.

Kang Oh, who hung from the stone pillar, couldn't counterattack, let alone pull his hand off. If he did, then he'd plummet to the ground. Nevertheless, Kang Oh let go. Kang Oh's body was forced down by gravity.

'Now!' Kang Oh stretched out his hand.

Darkness Chain!

The chain wrapped around one of the wyvern's necks.

Kang Oh reduced the length of the chain and climbed atop the wyvern's back.


The wyvern twisted its neck in an attempt to kill him.

However, Kang Oh was faster.

Tempest Tiger!


The wyvern reeled from the impact. Both it and Kang Oh plummeted to the ground. 

"Huahp!" Kang Oh forcefully leapt off the wyvern, using its body as a foothold. Then, he wrapped the Darkness Chain around another wyvern's neck.

But then...!

The other wyverns attacked him.

Kang Oh relied entirely on a single chain to keep him afloat while fighting several wyverns off. He looked like he was in great peril.

He was in a dangerous situation indeed. Kang Oh felt like his focus was increasing.

'I'll use the chain's recoil to avoid the first wyvern, and then immediately counterattack.' Kang Oh took advantage of the chain's recoil, which allowed him to avoid the wyvern's bite. 

'Now.' He took advantage of that split second, and thrust his sword.

'Next... Shorten the chain to avoid the poisonous mist!' He shortened the Darkness Chain as quickly as he could.


A green mist spread underneath his feet. At the same time, the wyvern that'd unleashed the mist passed by his side.

He took advantage of this opportunity once more, and landed a hit on its wing.


Kang Oh continued to fight the wyverns while performing acrobatic feats. 

The extreme situations kept going on and on. 

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