Chapter 216. War's End

"Use him well." Kang Oh passed Frick to Asuka. 

Asuka slightly nodded his head. Then, he grabbed Frick's head with one hand and forcefully raised him into the air.

"Everyone, look here! This is one of the Evil God's Disciples!" Asuka yelled.

The warriors exhaustedly looked at Asuka and Frick. Their unfocused gaze made him realize that he needed something with a little more impact. 

"I'll be short. This is the future of all Evil God Worshippers!" Asuka tightened his grip on Frick's neck. 

"Kueek..." Unable to breath, Frick grimaced in pain; his eyes were wide open and bloodshot. This would be the last thing he ever said. 


Asuka twisted Frick's neck like a water bottle, turning it at a strange angle. He died instantly.

This was the message he was trying to convey to his troops.

That they could eradicate the Evil God's Disciples, the source of evil, terror, and the monsters.


It was a shocking sight. The warriors couldn't even breathe, and their hearts pounded in their chests.

Asuka looked around strongly, and dropped Frick's body onto the ground.

"Let's fight!" Asuka charged into battle, his back in clear view to the warriors; seeing that, the warriors' blood boiled.

'Let's see it through to the very end!'

"Aaaaaaahk!" the warriors shouted and followed Asuka.

This was the beginning of the final battle!

* * *

"Let's enjoy this till the very end, shall we?"

The battlefield was the best hunting ground he could've asked for. He received experience points, proficiency, and loot; it was like killing three birds with one stone!

But he had a hunch; this would be the war's final battle. 


Neither the alliance nor the monster army had the troops or the energy to fight anymore than this. After all, both sides were putting everything they had and more into this final battle. 

'We're at the end of the road, so let's enjoy it while it lasts!' Kang Oh decided to give it his all.

"For honorable victory!" A ring of light spread from his body, rippling outwards. A halo would shine behind any warrior that was touched by it. 

Roar of Honorable Victory!

This skill would greatly increase HP, MP, and Stamina regeneration. Of course, it also affected him as well.


Baramut's Roar! A tiger's silhouette briefly appeared behind him, and just as quickly disappeared. He swelled with the power of a tiger!

Finally, Devil Trigger!

Ubist's darkness engulfed his form.

Rakan was the God of War and Victory, so he didn't reject the darkness element. Because of that, he was capable of using Devil Trigger in tandem with God's Blessing.

A short while later...

He reappeared with a beast mask on his face, a tail protruding from behind, and pauldrons over his shoulders. The Jet-Black Demon had risen!

Even so, the dim light that surrounded him before, which was indicative of a God's Blessing, remained. 

Abyss Transfer!

Unwilling to waste any time, Kang Oh used Abyss Transfer, and reappeared right in front of a Volcaine. 

Abyss Claw!

He unleashed a black aura from his sword, which split into three separate lines, and raked through the Volcaine.

"To finish!" Kang Oh swung downwards.

Great Sword of Victory!

The golden energy devastated the monster. The Volcaine fell over backwards like a giant tree.

Thud! It was dead.


Kang Oh moved unceasingly, and relentlessly swung his sword. He made sure to use his skills as much as possible too.

Abyss Claw, Throw Projectile, Slash, Abyss Transfer, Shield that Prevents Defeat, Tempest Tiger, Great Sword of Victory, and Abyss Shield!

Kang Oh had become an apex predator.

He ripped apart a Mukarga, and burst through a Helpara. Kang Oh then cleaved a Volcaine in two, and sent an Evil God Worshipper to hell.

Kang Oh continuously roamed the battlefield, killing anything he could get his hands on.

However, he wasn't satisfied.

More! More! More!

* * *

Kang Oh's contributions on the battlefield were tremendous. No, even 'tremendous' wasn't good enough a word. He did so much that he essentially determined the course of the battle.

He was overwhelming! 

Kang Oh clearly stood out, even when compared to the likes of Doran, Balduk, Asuka, etc.

Ultimately, the Demon Ruler, Terror Helga, stepped forward to stop him.

"Razul! Command the troops! I'm going to take care of him!"

"Understood," Razul said immediately, as he believed he had no chance against Kang Oh.

A short while later...

Helga stood before Kang Oh, his arms transformed into those disgusting tentacles of his.

"Die!" Helga combined his right arm's tentacles into a single mass, and swung downwards. The power behind the attack was tremendous.

Kang Oh quickly avoided the attack, his jet-black tail flapping in the wind.



The bundled up mass of tentacles struck the floor, creating a crater in the ground and causing dirt to fly everywhere.

Then, Helga swung his left arm's tentacles. Five tentacles with pointy ends came flying at him, aiming for his vitals.

Kang Oh didn't dodge this time.

Great Sword of Victory!

Demon Sword Ubist unleashed a golden ray of light.


Three of the five tentacles were sliced off immediately. Kang Oh avoided the remaining two and closed in on Helga.


Abyss Claw!

The jet-black aura came flying at Helga.

Helga immediately protected himself with his tentacles.


The aura raked the tentacles without much success.

As if it were his turn now, Helga swung his tentacles once more.

But all of a sudden, several portals the size of watermelons appeared, and his tentacles passed through them.


The tentacles came flying at Kang Oh from behind.

In no time at all, a portal had appeared behind him, which was how the tentacle had reached him.


At the same time, he felt a chill. Kang Oh quickly turned his body and avoided the tentacle. 

This time, a tentacle came flying at him from above.

Kang Oh immediately swung his sword.


Swish. The tentacle writhed on the floor. Kang Oh then forcefully stomped on it. Thud!

"Let's see how long you last."

Helga continued his assault. Portals appeared everywhere, and tentacles came out from every direction.

'I just need one hit!' If he hit Kang Oh just once, then it'd be game over. 'I'll turn you into a flesh monster and blow you up!'

However, Kang Oh didn't get hit even once. He either avoided or blocked every single tentacle.

"You rat. You sure are good at dodging! Then how about this!?"

Ten tentacles came at Kang Oh all at once. There was nowhere to run to. He couldn't cut down all of the tentacles either.

Helga was sure that this was the end.

However, Kang Oh grinned.

He'd been waiting for Helga to do just that. 

Abyss Transfer!

Kang Oh's body disappeared, and then reappeared behind Helga. 

He had no reason to hesitate. Kang Oh quickly swung Demon Sword Ubist.

Tempest Tiger!

Helga could neither dodge nor block the attack. All of his tentacles were still through the portals after all.


The destructive, tiger-shaped aura struck Helga head-on.


Helga had taken a significant amount of damage.

'I have to seize this opportunity!'

The tentacle/portal attack was really difficult to deal with.

Plus, his Abyss Transfer tactic wouldn't likely work a second time. Thus, he needed to make the most of this opportunity.

"Huaahp!" Kang Oh relentlessly attacked Helga like a madman.

He didn't lose momentum; he didn't let down his guard either.

Bam, bam, bam!

Kang Oh cut both his tentacles and his HP down to size.

'No! I'll die at this rate!' Realizing that his life was in danger, Helga used his last resort. 

Shed Skin!

His body divided in two. 

One of them was Helga, while the other was the tentacle monster, Buggles. 


His sword cleaved through the sea anemone looking monster.

The reason he'd been able to use tentacles was because of the power that Jaila had given him: Demon Fusion. 

Shed Skin was a skill that allowed him to separate from the demon, and use it as bait to escape.

Anyhow, Shed Skin had allowed him to just barely escape Kang Oh's ferocious assault.

'It's unfortunate that I've lost the Buggles, but... It's not over yet!'

He planned on getting away, fusing with another demon, and then fighting Kang Oh again.

Helga quickly opened a portal.


"Sorry, I ain't letting you leave." Kang Oh suddenly appeared. He'd used Abyss Transfer to instantly close the distance.

"Grr!" Helga quickly jumped into the portal. However, Kang Oh grabbed him and pulled him out.

Thud. Helga fell on the floor. 

"Become my experience points!" Kang Oh swung his sword.

Great Sword of Victory!

"Aah!" Helga groaned as he saw the golden light coming towards him. He knew that this was the end of the road for him.

"Lord Jaila..."


The golden light consumed the disciple.

[You have defeated the Evil God's Fifth Disciple, Terror Helga.]

[You are under the effect of the Potion of Explosive Growth.]

[You have acquired more experience points than usual.]

[You have leveled up.]

"The Evil God's Disciple is dead!" Kang Oh yelled.


"L-Lord Helga's been killed!"

The Evil God Worshippers were greatly perturbed by the news.

"Helga's dead!?" Razul, who'd been fighting the alliance's leaders, was shocked.

On the other hand, Asuka's face brightened, even as he dealt with the power of annihilation. 

"Another one of the Evil God's Disciples is dead! Brothers, hang in there for just a little bit longer!" Asuka yelled.


The alliance's troops attacked even more fiercely than before.

"Fight! I said fight!" Razul yelled.

'I can't let my ambition go unfulfilled!'

"You've lost, Razul. Just surrender already," Asuka said.

"Surrender? Surrender, you say? I can't do that. I'm Razul, the one who will control the world!"

Razul, the Evil God Worshippers, and the monster army fought until the bitter end.

They began to die one or two at a time.

Razul, who'd withstood till the very end, was forced to kneel at the hands of Shakira's spear and Doran's sword.

"I am Razul... the one who will... control..." He couldn't give up on his hopeless ambition till the very end.


The lengthy, dreadful war had finally come to an end!

Asuka raised his hand into the sky. "We've won! Everyone, go home!"


The Kasten Plains were filled with the sounds of victorious cries.

[The Battle of the Kasten Plains is over.]

[The Destroy the Evil God Worshippers Alliance has come out victorious.]

[Your actions were invaluable during the battle. You are a hero!]

[You have acquired the title, Hero of Kasten.]

[Reputation and fame in the west has been maxed out.]

[You may now visit any tribe, village, or fortress. Wherever you go, the non-human species of the west will welcome you with open arms, providing you with food and drink.]

[The western people will now give you more difficult quests.]

[Receive your reward from the Mercenary Association.]

"Tch." Though the battle was over, Kang Oh looked disappointed. It was only natural. He'd lost his precious hunting ground after all.

At least he'd got his money's worth. 

He'd risen two whole levels from this battle. Thus, he was level 293!

There was so much dropped loot that his inventory was completely full. Thus, he'd bundled it all up and carried it on his back.

His proficiency in Demonic Swordsmanship had gone up to 99.51%, so just a little more and it'd be at high-rank. Obviously, his proficiency in his other skills had gone up too.

It was quite the enjoyable battle!

* * *

The west was busy dealing with the aftermath.

Shakara and the Ingrit Trolls had returned home safely.

That didn't mean they got off scot free; after all, they'd started the war and had burnt down the elven village.

The Ingrit Trolls decided to pay a large sum of war reparations.

They'd paid so much that the Ingrit Trolls would have it hard for quite some time. Of course, it was quite cheap considering everything they'd done.

The orcs returned to the Ruman Mountains, while the elves began to rebuild their village.

The mercenary squad was disbanded, and the Mercenary Association reopened for business. But because it was so soon after a huge war, there wasn't much mercenary work available.

Thus, the west had entered a state of peace.

A very short state of peace at that.   

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