Chapter 215. Overbuffed (2)

Frick and the Evil God Worshippers were in a heated fight with Doran's Nigel Knight Order and the Elvish Warriors.

Frick stretched out his hand.

Jaila's Flames of Eternal Suffering!

A giant, 4 meter wide scarlet fireball flew from his hand.

Doran quickly swung his Spirit's Sword.

Mother Nature's Aura!


The two respective energies clashed head-on, resulting in a shockwave that spread in every direction.

Frick raised his head and stared at Razul. "Haha, Razul. You heard the great Jaila's voice, didn't you? You've become one of our brothers." Frick welcomed him.

"That's right. I serve Lord Jaila now." Razul nodded his head.

"Razul!" A furious voice resounded throughout the battlefield. The voice belonged to Doran!

Razul was his mortal enemy, the one who burnt his people's village to the ground! He swung the Spirit's Sword, aiming for Razul's neck.

"Hmph." Razul swung his scimitar in turn. The power of annihilation spread outwards.

Doran quickly borrowed the spirits' power to create a shield.

However, the power of annihilation too easily shred through the barrier. No, it completely destroyed it.

"Damn." Doran quickly retreated.

The power of annihilation devoured the ground and air where he once stood. Seeing that, Doran pressed his lips into a thin line.

"Mm." If he'd been just a little slower, then he would've been in trouble.

Doran and the Nigel Knight Order couldn't approach him recklessly due to the power of annihilation.

"Hoh, so that's the power that Jaila bestowed upon you," Frick said.

"That's right. This is the power of annihilation!"

"It's powerful. By the way, why were you asking me to save you just now?" 

The first thing Razul had said when he got here was 'Save me.'.

"There's someone I can't contend with," Razul said, looking completely furious.

"Even with the power of annihilation?"

"That's right."

"Impossible. The power was granted to you by the great Jaila, yet..."


"Hey, are you done running now!?" 

Kang Oh arrived.

"It's him." Razul pointed at Kang Oh, and Frick briefly looked him over.

"I see, a follower of a false god. You've just received your power from Lord Jaila, so he's too much for you to handle."

The Evil God's followers believed that Jaila was the one true god. Thus, any god aside from him was a false god.

"The power of annihilation didn't work on him."

"That's because you haven't learned how to use it properly yet," Frick said.

"It seems that way." Razul nodded his head.

"Alright. I'll take care of him. You slaughter the elves. It seems like the power of annihilation works on them."

Frick confidently walked in front of Kang Oh. "Follower of a false god, prepare to die."

"Who the hell are you?" Kang Oh asked.

"I am Submission Frick, one of the disciples that follow the great Jaila!"

"That so? Then let's go!"

Words were no longer necessary.

Kang Oh and Frick clashed.

Sometime later...

"Why are you so weak?"

Bam, bam, bam, bam!

Kang Oh was whacking Frick with Ubist's wide blade.


Frick's smile mask fell off, revealing his glamorous face; at the same time, he screeched like a pig as Kang Oh pummeled him.

* * *

When he first met Frick, Kang Oh assumed that the battle would be a tough one.

Not only was he one of the Evil God's Disciples, but he was strong enough to simultaneously engage both Doran and the Nigel Knight Order.

Their fight, however, resulted in Kang Oh's overwhelming victory.

Kang Oh was Frick's natural enemy!

Frick's specialty lay in mind control or mentally confusing his targets, but these were completely ineffectual on Kang Oh.

The Demonic Swordsman class possessed extremely high resistance to curses and mental attacks. To add to that, Kang Oh's Mental stat was really high, and Rakan's blessing was further protecting him from mental attacks as well.

Frick's other specialty, the Evil God's wicked magic, was nothing before his magic absorbing demon sword!

How surprised must he have been when he saw Ubist absorbing Jaila's flames!?

His only other option was swinging his whip around, but Kang Oh was overbuffed, so it didn't even phase him.

As a result, Kang Oh easily overpowered Frick and whacked him again and again.

"Die, you punk!"

Bam, bam, bam!

The sound of his sword bashing on Frick's body resounded throughout the battlefield.



The Evil God Worshippers that bore witness shook, while the alliance's warriors exclaimed with joy.

'As expected.' Kang Oh grinned.

There was a reason he hadn't finished Frick off, content with just beating him again and again. To make his enemies fear him, and to raise the morale of his allies!

"What the hell are you doing!? Save Frick!" Razul yelled.

Only then did the Evil God Worshippers regain their composure and begin attacking Kang Oh. The nearby monsters began to gather around them as well.

Then, Doran stepped forward. "Kang Oh has defeated Frick! Protect him! Push the Evil God's followers back. The spirits' blessing is with us!"

"Uoooh!" The alliance's warriors charged at the Evil God Worshippers and their monsters.

The battle looked completely different now. The alliance's warriors were overwhelming the Evil God Worshippers and their monsters.

Seeing one of the Evil God's Disciples, Frick, get beaten down like a dog had raised their spirits tremendously.

On the other hand, the Evil God Worshippers had lost their commander, so they didn't know what to do.

"Grr, don't panic and get back into formation! Our main priority is rescuing Frick!" 

Razul quickly took command over the Evil God Worshippers in place of Frick. He'd once been the Troll Great Chieftain after all.

"Huahp!" He unleashed the power of annihilation at Kang Oh once more.

However, Kang Oh used the Great Sword of Victory to cleave right through it.

"Grr." Razul stomped on the floor.

"Nigel Knight Order, protect Kang Oh!" Doran said, and the Nigel Knight Order completely surrounded Kang Oh.

"Grr! Grr!" Nothing was working out for him. As of right now, rescuing Frick was impossible. "Everyone, follow me. We're joining up with Helga!"

Ultimately, Razul chose to gather up their remaining troops and join forces with Helga. He had no other choice.

"You're running away again!?" Kang Oh mocked.

Razul gritted his teeth, doing his best to ignore Kang Oh's jeers. With no other choice, the Evil God Worshippers followed after Razul.

"Please take care of him," Doran pointed at Frick and said.

"Understood." Kang Oh nodded his head. Doran then turned around.

After all, they'd gone through so much to win this battle!

They had to seize this opportunity.

"Follow them. Kill them all!" Doran forcefully yelled.

"Uwaaaah!" the alliance's warriors exclaimed, and pursed the Evil God Worshippers.

"Umph, I should go too." Kang Oh grabbed Frick's wrist, and began dragging him across the ground. 

It was still too soon to kill him. He could still be of some use; they could use him to raise morale!

Kang Oh strode forward.


The wind blew.

The winds of victory, that is!

* * *


The tentacle pierced Mumugul's neck. Spurt, spurt. Some kind of liquid flowed through the tentacles and injected itself into Mumugul's neck.

"Ugh." Mumugul's eyes turned inside out.

"Mumugul!" Asuka cried out. However, he couldn't afford to go out and help Mumugul. After all, he was surrounded by the two-headed mutant Volcaines.

"No!" Balduk didn't have that problem. He rushed forward like a mad bull and swung downwards with his spiked mace.


His mace cut deep into the tentacle. However, he couldn't cut through the entire thing.


Another tentacle came flying at Balduk, but he didn't retreat.

Pulverize! Pulverize! Pulverize!

He swung his mace, deflecting any tentacles coming at him, and finally managed to cut the tentacle off Mumugul.


Mumugul's body, which had noticeably swelled, fell to the floor. He didn't get back up.


Balduk snorted, carried Mumugul on his side, and got out of the tentacles' range.

"Mumugul, Mumugul! Are you alright!?" Balduk slapped his cheek a few times, and shook his body.

"Huah, huaah."

Fortunately, Mumugul had survived. However, he wouldn't be able to fight anymore.


"Yes, sir."

As soon as he called for him, the gold rank mercenary came over. 

"Move Mumugul to a safe location. If we can't end the war here, then we'll need his leadership skills in the future."

"Understood." Vasera draped Mumugul's fat body over his shoulder and left the battlefield.

"Thanks, Balduk!" Asuka said as his axe embedded itself in a Volcaine's stomach.

"The situation's not looking too good, General," Balduk said while striking the face of a Helpara. 

"Mm." Asuka was well aware of that fact.

The orc army, Balduk's mercenary squad, and his own warrior squad were struggling.

However, things were worsening by the minute. At this rate, their forces would be annihilated.

'We have no choice.' 

Asuka made his decision.

"All forces, retreat!" Asuka yelled sorrowfully.

"Retreat. Retreat!" Balduk quickly repeated. He agreed with Asuka; retreat was the best option here.

"Uhahaha. Where do you think you're going!?" Helga laughed crazily and extended his tentacles in every direction.


"Hurry up!"

Asuka and Balduk did their best to repel the monsters in order to save as many warriors as they could.

The Destroy the Evil God Worshippers Alliance escaped like an ebbing tide.

At that moment...

Razul and the Evil God Worshippers appeared.

"Ooh, Razul. Our new brother. You came at a good time." 

Razul's sudden appearance made him extremely happy. He was hoping that Razul and the Evil God Worshippers would cut off the alliance's escape.

"This isn't good. Run even faster!"

"Run away. Don't look back!"

Whereas Asuka and Balduk became desperate. If Razul and the Evil God Worshippers cut off their escape route, then they'd be finished.

However, the situation quickly turned around.


The alliance's warriors that were chasing after Razul and the Evil God's followers had arrived!

"General Asuka, what's going on?" Balduk stared at Asuka.

"The tides are turning!" Asuka's eyes glinted. He then turned around. "Don't retreat! Reinforcements have arrived! Form up around me!"

The retreating warriors stopped. Hearing of reinforcements gave them confidence once more!

They were empowered by the reinforcements' cries as well.

"What is going on?" Helga grimaced, though no one could see it underneath his beast mask. "Razul!" Helga yelled, as if scolding him.

Razul and the Evil God Worshippers quickly gathered around Helga. Meanwhile, the reinforcements, led by Doran, joined up with the main force.

"They've captured Frick," Razul said.

"What?" Helga said furiously. 

"A follower of a false god defeated him. The power that Lord Jaila gave me didn't work on him. And Frick was captured by him as well," Razul quickly explained.

"Is Frick dead?"

"When I tried to save him, he was definitely still alive, but right now... I'm not so sure."


However, they were soon able to ascertain Frick's condition.

"Uooooh!" the alliance forces exclaimed.

Helga and Razul turned their heads. They could see it. 

Kang Oh dragging the severely wounded Frick. 

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