Chapter 214. Overbuffed (1)

"Hahahaha. Jaila has given me the power to control the world!" Razul laughed crazily.

By becoming one of the Evil God's Disciples, Razul gained a completely new power. 

Annihilation, the power to destroy everything!

Whenever he swung his scimitar, a creeping black energy flew out of his blade. It was like a swarm of locusts that devoured everything in its path.

If that ominous energy made contact with a living being, then they would disappear without a trace. The result would be the same if it touched one's shield or weapon too.

"Mm." Shakara gritted his teeth and tried to stop Razul no matter what.

He used techniques that he'd perfected and even tried aura attacks, but nothing worked against the power of annihilation. 

"I'll help you out."

"Please let us help you."

Realizing that things were taking a turn for the worse, Turkavan and some other Troll Warriors surrounded Razul.

However, their actions only increased the death count. 

"Die, you traitors!"

Whenever he swung his sword, the power of annihilation would be released, killing several trolls at once.


Shakara gritted his teeth.

His brothers were dying right before his eyes. However, he had no way of stopping Razul, now that he'd become a disciple of the Evil God.

But then...


It was time for Kang Oh to take on Razul.

In his hand, however, he held priest vestments that glowed with dim light. 

* * *

The day that Kang Oh's victory over the Evil God's Disciple, Trambo, was shown… 

Arthtory and the other community sites went crazy. 

It was the first appearance of one of the Evil God's Disciples!

Though Rondark, who appeared at the end of the Tarnatose Prison, was indeed one of them, he was merely a remnant of the past and wasn't alive anymore.

However, his fight against Trambo was the first showing of a living disciple of the Evil God.

Obviously, information posts regarding the Evil God Worshippers and the Evil God's Disciples filled the message boards, and Kang Oh had carefully looked through them.

He knew that as Valan's successor, he would have to fight against the Evil God's followers in the future.

Thus, he memorized as much information as he could.

However, he found something particularly interesting when looking through the posts.

Hello, I am a paladin that serves the God of Light.

If you're a Paladin or Priest, then I'm sure you already know this, but there are times during battle that the god that you serve grants you their blessing.

I coincidentally received a god's blessing while fighting an Evil God Worshipper. But I found that when fighting against them, the god's blessing was far more powerful than normal.

You're also capable of using extremely powerful skills or spells related to the god you serve... In my case, I was able to use a skill called Light's Judgment.

In conclusion, the post stated that when fighting against an Evil God Worshipper, a blessing's effects would be amplified, and would also allow a player to use skills/spells that were previously unavailable to them.

Therefore, Kang Oh had bought these priest vestments prior to the battle with the Evil God Worshippers and their monster army. 

[Rakan Devotee, Langhel's Priest Vestments]

The priest vestments of the Rakan devotee, Langhel, who was renowned for killing the man-eating monster, Ummout.

+ God's Blessing: For ten minutes, the God of War and Victory, Rakan, will bless you. (Cooldown: 1 week).

Rank: AA.

Abilities: Defense +100, Divine Power +200, Mental +50.

Minimum Requirements: Level 250, Divine Power 300, Affiliated with the Rakan Church.

This item would allow him to receive a god's blessing!

Equipment with the 'God's Blessing' effect were incredibly rare. He was barely able to procure a piece with Man Bok's help.

Of course, Kang Oh couldn't equip it. 

Instead, he could use Gluttony on it.

Now that Razul had become one of the Evil God's Disciples, it was time to use it!


Demon Sword Ubist's darkness consumed the priest's vestments.

[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed Rakan Devotee, Langhel's Priest Vestments.]

[It is an AA-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 20 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities triple.]

[You may use one of the consumed item's effects.]

[God's Blessing has been chosen.]

"Hmph, you worm!" Razul swung his scimitar at Kang Oh. The power of annihilation crept towards him like a black mist.

Due to Gluttony, Kang Oh was three times as fast, so he avoided the attack and retreated.

Then, he activated God's Blessing.

A pillar of light descended from the sky and shined on Kang Oh.

[You have received the blessing of the God of War and Victory, Rakan.]

[You have killed countless followers of the Evil God, and will kill countless more in the future.]

[Rakan is pleased with your actions and bestows an extremely powerful blessing upon you.]

[All combat-related stats increase significantly.]

[HP and MP have increased significantly.]

[Your Stamina is infinite.]

[Your attacks deal additional holy damage. You deal more damage to the Evil God's followers.]

[Rakan's blessing protects you against the worst curses and spells.]

[You may now use Great Sword of Victory, Shield that Prevents Defeat, and Righteous Roar of Victory.]

[Rakan's blessing will remain in effect until the end of this battle.]

A dim light enveloped Kang Oh's body. It was a sign that he had received Rakan's blessing!

'This is huge.' Kang Oh was amazed by the effect of Rakan's blessing. To think that a god's blessing would be this amazing!

Above all, Rakan's blessing, which would normally only last 10 minutes, had been extended, and would last until the end of this battle.

"Now, let's fight for real!" Kang Oh grinned.

* * *

The beast mask man's name was Helga!

He was the Evil God's Fifth Disciple, the Demon Ruler, Terror Helga!

Helga stretched out both of his hands. Then, they transformed into several tentacles, which resembled an octopus's legs.

Demon Fusion. This power was bestowed upon him by Jaila! He was currently fused with a tentacle monster, a Buggles.

Anyhow, his tentacles extended, and wrapped around the alliance troops.


"S-Save me!"

Those stabbed by the tip of his tentacles began to swell.


They let out a bizarre sound, and were transformed into flesh monsters!


Boom, boom, boom!

The flesh monsters began their showy, 'explosion show'. To the alliance, however, it was no show; it was more like a catastrophe. 

Ultimately, some of the alliance's strongest members decided to intervene. 


"Protect our comrades!"

Balduk and his gold rank mercenaries, as well as Mumugul's army and his commanders, tried to stop him.

"Haha. You're free to attack me all you want, you worms!" Helga mocked. He gathered various monsters around him. 

There was a two-headed Volcaine, a spotted Helga with even stronger poison, and a more agile, female Mukarga!

"Let's go!"

"Fight, and win!"

Balduk and Mumugul took the lead. The warriors and mercenaries followed behind them. 

Sometime later...

The alliance forces fought bravely, but they were beginning to lose. Helga and the monster army were much too powerful.

"Grr, we can do this!"

"Fight back-to-back and work together. We're stronger together!"

Balduk and Mumugul desperately yelled as they struggled against Helga.

"Haha. Struggle more for me. Suffer more for me." Helga relentlessly attacked Balduk and Mumugul with his tentacles.

It was written all over their faces; Balduk and Mumugul knew they were going to lose.

But then...

They found a sliver of hope, as if the heavens themselves had come to aid them. 

"Warrior Squad, follow me!"

The Alliance General and the Great Orc Chieftain, Asuka!

He and his men had come just in time. 

* * *

"You bastard!" Razul's face twisted violently. His eyes were downright murderous. 

Snake of Annihilation!

Razul swung his scimitar, unleashing a wave of annihilation as thick and long as an anaconda. A snake that would annihilate everything and anything!

Kang Oh swung Ubist as if he'd been waiting for this moment.

Great Sword of Victory!

A long, horizontal golden energy shot out of his sword, bisecting the power of annihilation with ease!

"Grr!" Razul angrily stomped on the ground. 'How many times has this happened already!? The invincible power of annihilation is being blocked so easily!'

"Oooh!" The Troll Warriors gaped and marveled at the sight. Who exactly was that great warrior!?

"He's amazing. To think he'd be able to cleave through that power."

"He's doing so repeatedly at that."

Shakara and Turkavan couldn't hold back their astonishment.

It didn't matter what the peanut gallery thought; Kang Oh focused entirely on Razul.

He was dealing with Razul's power of annihilation via the Great Sword of Victory, but he couldn't afford to be careless.

Kang Oh rushed at Razul.

Perhaps it was because he'd blocked the skill several times already, but Razul used a different skill this time.

White Flame Tiger!

A white flaming tiger dashed towards Kang Oh.

Though he had lost his right as Great Chieftain and could no longer call upon the souls of his ancestors, Razul could still use the skills he'd perfected as a warrior, White Flame Tiger and White Flame Slash.

Kang Oh looked a bit surprised. An aura attack, which was quite similar to Tempest Tiger at that, was coming towards him.

His astonishment lasted but a moment. 

Shield that Prevents Defeat!

A golden, circular shield manifested over his left arm.


The white flames rose over the shield, but that was all. Kang Oh was completely fine. He placed the shield in front of himself and pierced through the flames.

"Impossible!" Razul was in disbelief. His power of annihilation didn't work, and his White Flame Tiger didn't work either! "H-How is this possible!?" he yelled desperately.

"I'm overbuffed!"

He was three times as strong with Gluttony active. Not only that, but Rakan's blessing had further increased his strength. Overbuffed was definitely an apt term for his state right now!

Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Ubist. Shield that Prevents Defeat had worn off, and had disappeared automatically.


His jet-black blade cleaved through Razul's chest, which was covered in bizarre letters! The sword wound shined with golden light.

It must be a result of Rakan's blessing, or more specifically, the added holy damage he dealt.

"Kuahk." Razul grabbed his chest and quickly retreated.

"Where do you think you're going!?" Kang Oh quickly followed him.

Razul swung his scimitar. As they say, an old eagle is better than a young crow. His attack was quite sharp.

Kang Oh momentarily stopped and raised Ubist.


A metallic 'clang' rang out.

'I can't die here. I have to survive no matter what and rule the world!' Razul turned around and suddenly started running.


'I can't believe he's running away!'

"Stop him!"

"Don't let him get away!"

Shakara and Turkavan, who'd been watching how things unfolded, quickly yelled, and chased after Razul.

Kang Oh chased after Razul too with fire in his eyes. 

He was clearly faster than Razul in his overbuffed state.

Razul was fated to be caught by Kang Oh. If those two were alone, that is.

"Stop him! I said stop him!" Razul screamed while running at top speed. 


A Volcaine blocked him.

"Out of my way!" Kang Oh furiously swung his sword. 

Great Sword of Victory!

The golden energy sliced through the monster, causing it to fall over backwards.

Then, Helparas and Mukargas came rushing at him. 

"Get lost!" Kang Oh swung horizontally.

Tempest Tiger!


The tiger aura ripped the monsters apart. 

He'd cleared the way forward.

Kang Oh didn't waste any time and ran forward. Monsters came rushing at him from every direction, but he kept chasing after Razul whilst avoiding them or deflecting their attacks.

"Stop him!"

"Stop right there!"

Shakara and the Troll Warriors followed them too, all the while cutting through the monsters.

They'd suddenly become involved in a running fight.

But at some point, Razul stopped running.

"Frick, save me!"

He finally reached the smile mask man, Submission Frick. 

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