Chapter 213. Alliance vs. Evil God Worshippers


A total of 10,000 Volcaines, Mukargas, and Helparas exited the portal. With their addition, the monster army had more than 20,000 troops. 


"More monsters are coming out!"

"There are too many of them!"

The alliance's warriors blanched and their morale drastically fell. It didn't feel like they could win against the monster army, no matter what they did.

General Asuka stepped forward. 

"Kuhaaaaah!" he roared. A red ring rippled outwards. 

Gunther's Roar!

Gunther was a legendary orc hero, who is widely considered to be the greatest orc in history. It was said that his roar would bring victory.

[You have heard Gunther's Roar.]

[Your Courage stat has increased.]

[Your Indomitable stat has increased.]

[Your fighting spirit has increased. Fight the enemies before you!]

The roar resulted in these system messages. 

'He really is amazing.'

The effects of Asuka's roar were tremendous.

With the addition of the Ingrit Trolls, the alliance's forces went from 50,000 to 70,000 troops. 

Asuka's roar affected all 70,000 of them, increasing their courage, fortitude, and fighting spirit. 


"My Warrior Squad and Mumugul's troops will take the center! Balduk's mercenary squad will take the right flank. Doran and the elves will take the left flank. Don't be afraid. Charge!" Asuka yelled.

Large-Scale Command!

The alliance's 70,000 troops followed his orders and moved as one.

"Mercenary squad, follow me!" Balduk snorted.

"Orcs fight, and Orcs win!" Mumugul slammed his mace onto the ground.

"For our home!" Doran, Echo, and Kuyol stepped forward. 


70,000 warriors charged at the monster army like a huge tsunami.


They weren't facing off against any normal enemies.

"Hmph. Don't let a single one of them live."

"For Jaila!"

The beast mask and smile mask men directed the monster army.


Helpara! Mukaruga! Volcaine!

These were the three monsters that formed the monster army! They began to show just how powerful they really were!

* * *


A hideous tongue, covered in fine hairs like a venus fly trap, pulled in an anthromorph warrior. 

Gulp. A Poisonous Toad, or Helpara, ate the warrior in a single bite!

"You bastard!" An anthromorph warrior swung his sword at it. He had come from the same village as the just eaten warrior. 

The Helpara's skin released poisonous purple mist. Spurt!

"Ugh." The warrior's face began to burn.

"Adol!" an Elvish Warrior desperately yelled.

His little brother's tattered body stood before him. 

In the previous battle, his little brother had fought valiantly and died... And yet, his little brother's body was charging at him. This had to be the work of a Mukarga. 


Adol's sword pierced through the warrior's heart.

"Ado..." The Elvish Warrior pitifully stared at his younger brother's body and died.


A Mukarga flew over and stung the fallen elf's body.

A short while later...

The fallen elf's body rose from the ground and began attacking his fellow elves.


Meanwhile, a Volcaine indiscriminately swung its four thick arms! It then grabbed one of the orcs and pulled it into its stomach. Crunch!

"You monster!"


"Don't get too worked up!"

The enraged orcs charged at the Volcaine. Their Orc Commander tried to stop them, but it was no use.


The Volcaine unleashed a blazing fireball from its stomach mouth.


The Orc Warriors writhed in pain as the fireball swept through them. Then, the Volcaine stomped on the burning orcs with its four thick legs.

That was the end of it.

"Bow before Jaila!"

"Offer Him pain and suffering!"

The Evil God Worshippers swung their whips and ran amok. 


"Uahk, why are you doing this all of a sudden!?"

The Evil God Worshippers brainwashed the alliance's warriors into attacking their comrades. 

It was hell.

The same thing was happening all across the battlefield.

But there were those that carried their weight and more throughout this melancholic, gruesome battlefield.

Doran, who swung the Spirit's Sword and unleashed a Mother Nature's Aura, as well as the Nigel Knight Order!

The elite orcs that Mumugul commanded!

Asuka's tremendous Command ability!

The golden horned Balduk and his gold rank mercenaries. The more they contributed, the more they would be rewarded.

Of course, Kang Oh was here too. 


Kang Oh leapt high into the air. As he descended, he swung Demon Sword Ubist downwards.


The giant-bodied Volcaine was split in two.

[You have defeated the gruesome monster, Volcaine.]

[You are under the effect of the Potion of Explosive Growth.]

[You have acquired more experience points than usual.]

Kang Oh smirked. 'There's tons to eat here. It's practically a buffet.'

He quickly drew a Gladion's Dagger and threw it!


A Mukarga, which was already on its last legs, was struck by the dagger. 


Lightning fell from the sky, burning the Devil Mosquito to a crisp. 

Kang Oh went across the battlefield, finishing off any enemies that were on the brink of death. 

Because of that, he'd killed more monsters than any other, and received a ton of experience and proficiency as a result. 

Kang Oh personally pulled the dagger out of the mosquito's body. 

Since it'd be a while before the battle ended, his belt's Automatic Return feature didn't work. Thus, he had no choice but to bring it back himself.

Kang Oh quickly scanned the battlefield.

'Good. You're next.' His next target was a low HP Helpara. It was low enough for him to land the killing blow!

He kicked off the floor and rushed at the Helpara.

Switch. Kang Oh swapped to Blood and attacked. 


Shards of light burst from its body, but it wasn't dead yet.

Kang Oh avoided its outstretched tongue, and thrust his sword into its mouth.

Darkness Strike!

A red wave pushed into its mouth. The Helpara's body swelled like a balloon and burst.

'Next...' Kang Oh turned his head in search of his next prey.

Then, he saw...

"You traitor!" An angry Razul charged at Shakara! 

"You're the traitor, Razul!" Shakara met him head-on. 


Thus began the battle between the Ingrit Troll's fallen hero, and a newly born hero, one who sought to save his people.

* * *

The smile mask man's name was Frick. 

He was the Evil God's Seventh Disciple, Submission Frick!

"Submit to Jaila!"


He was leading the Evil God Worshippers, and was mind controlling several of the alliance's warriors. 

"Ugh, my head!"

"My head feels like it'll break!"

The alliance's warriors tore their hair out. 

"Submit! If you do, then your pain will turn into sweet pleasure!"


Frick and the Evil God Worshippers yelled.

The alliance warriors kneeled down one or two at a time and began to bow.


"Don't lose to their wicked magic!"

"The spirits' blessing be with you!"

The Nigel Knight Order, led by Doran, entered the fray. 

Because the elves were blessed by the spirits, they had a strong resistance to mental attacks or curses. Thus, they weren't affected by Frick's AoE mind control.

"Hmph, kill them all," Frick ordered.

The Evil God Worshippers swung their whips or used Jaila's Flame against them.

"Tempest Charge."

The Nigel Knight Order charged simultaneously.

A short while later...

The Evil God Worshippers and the Nigel Knight Order engaged in a fierce battle. No one could predict the outcome of the battle. That's just how intense and brutal it was.

* * *

The Great Chieftain, Razul, was powerful.

Nevertheless, he was being pushed back by Shakara.

"Why!? Why!?" Razul looked completely stunned. "Why can't I call upon the souls of our ancestors anymore!?" Razul yelled.

He specialized in two things. 

Being the wielder of the white flame, which allowed him to use White Flame Tiger or White Flash Slash to burn anything to cinders.

He was also able to wield his ancestors' strength as his own, a right given only to the Troll Great Chieftain!

However, he couldn't use his latter ability.

"It's only natural. Since you're no longer the Great Chieftain!" Shakara said, thrusting his spear nimbly like a snake.

"I am the Great Chieftain! I am!" Razul grimaced as he swung his scimitar. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't call forth the souls of his ancestors anymore.

"You're nothing more than an Evil God Worshipper now," Shakara said coldly.

"Grr!" Razul angrily swung his scimitar. 

White Flame Slash!

White flames arose from his blade.

"Hoo, hoo." Shakara took a deep breath. Then, blue energy enveloped his spear.

Fabico Killing Spear!

It was said that Fabico was a mysterious cat that had nine lives. This skill would allow the user to kill Fabico in a single blow.

Bam, bam, bam, bam!

In a single breath, he struck nine times. Shakara's white flames were extinguished. 

"Razul!" Shakara threw his spear.

Spear throwing was one of his specialties!

Lightning Spear!

His violently spinning spear flew through the air like a streak of lightning. 

"Tch!" Razul swung his scimitar and quickly blocked the spear.


The moment the spear was deflected, however, Shakara rushed forward.

They clashed again and again. 

However, Shakara gained the upper hand in this exchange. 

"Die, Evil God Worshipper." 

Shakara aimed for Razul's throat. Razul gritted his teeth and backed off.

'Impossible! How could I be losing!?' 

He felt like he'd go crazy.

After all, he'd joined forces with the Evil God Worshippers, which he despised, and had been betrayed by his men.

Moreover, he was stripped of his position as Great Chieftain, and as proof of that, he could no longer call upon the souls of his ancestors.

Razul couldn't use his full power in this situation, and he wasn't exactly sane right now either.

Thus, it made sense that Shakara, who only wished to save his people, was beating him!

"I can't accept this. I can't accept this!" Razul said, struggling. 

However, Shakara's spear only got stronger, making it difficult to stop.


'Razul! Razul! I will give you the power to control the world,' a voice sweetly whispered into his ear.

It was the same whispers that he'd heard from the bronze gargoyle; the whispers of the Evil God, Jaila.

'The power to control the world!'

Razul's consciousness dimmed.

"Grant me the power to control the world, great Jaila!" He opened his arms wide.



Shakara's spear pierced through Razul's heart. Not only did the spear completely destroy Razul's heart, but it made a giant hole in his body.

"Rest in peace, once Great Chieftain." In a last act of respect, he said his farewells to the lord he'd once respected and served.


A wicked energy suddenly spewed out of Razul's body. That power restored Razul's heart, and healed the rest of his body as well.

That wasn't all.

Razul's eyes radiated red light, and his entire body was covered in bizarre characters.

"I'm no longer the Great Chieftain. I'm far greater than a mere Great Chieftain now. I am the great Jaila's Eighth Disciple, Annihilation Razul!" Razul said. 

An Evil God's Disciple had been born. 

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