Chapter 211. Battle of the Kasten Plains (1)

"Great Chieftain! We have to get rid of the Evil God Worshippers! They're pure evil!" 

The Troll Champion, Shakara, tried to give Razul some genuine advice. However, his heartfelt advice didn't get through to his leader at all.

"He's an alliance spy! He's trying to tear apart our alliance!"

On the contrary, Shakara was accused of being a spy and was imprisoned.

"He'll be executed immediately. He shall serve as an example so that this doesn't happen again!"

Shakara's life was at risk like a flickering light amidst a breeze.

However, the tattoo-faced warrior, Turkavan, broke Shakara out of prison, and the two disappeared without a trace. 

"Grr! There may be more traitors out there. Track them down!"

Razul's order caused an uproar.

Innocent trolls were being falsely charged and killed. Meanwhile, some trolls actually planned to rebel and/or become actual traitors. Things were getting worse and worse.

"Hmph. Killing the alliance will fix everything." Razul was trying to get them to direct their grievances towards the alliance, not him. "All troops, charge!"

Razul's monster/troll army advanced.

* * *

"Hoo, hoo. Everything's going as planned," the smile mask man said. He, like his mask, was smiling.

"Razul is completely under our control. We'll use him to conquer the west, mobilize the tribes, and invade the Great Temple of Rakan." The beast mask man couldn't hide his excitement.

"If all goes according to plan, then we'll finally reclaim Lord Jaila's sacred treasure, Nemeth's Skull."

"Yeah, we'll finally reclaim it!"

This plan was created for the sole purpose of reclaiming Jaila's sacred treasure.

They heard that the Great Temple of Rakan housed Jaila's sacred treasure.

However, the Rakan Church was the most powerful church in all of Arth, and received a lot of support from the continent's largest city, Altein.

Which meant that they couldn't attack the temple without a plan. They couldn't face off against both the Rakan Church and Altein.

But what if they were to use the trolls to attack Altein? While Altein was occupied with the trolls, the Evil God Worshippers would assault the Great Temple of Rakan.

It was certainly a worthwhile plan.

Thus, they'd kept tempting Razul. If he joined forces with them, then they'd give him power. However, he hadn't gone along with them.

But his great willpower crumbled when he failed to realize his ambition, so he was easily seduced by Jaila's whispers. 

In the end, the Great Chieftain, Razul, had been bewitched by the Evil God.

Now was the time to put their great plan into motion.

"Hoo, hoo, hoo."


The two mens' wicked laughter went on for quite some time.

* * *

The Anti-Ingrit Alliance had become the Destroy the Evil God Worshippers Alliance. 

'Destroy the Evil God Worshippers' was a strong justification that could draw all of the western tribes under one banner.

After all, every single one of their ancestors had been killed by the Evil God Worshippers. Plus, their brutality angered them all, and was something that they couldn't ignore.

Thus, the alliance's numbers had swelled to a record high, totaling 120,000 members.

They had even more soldiers than the Ingrit Trolls had at their peak. 

The Orc Great Chieftain, Asuka, was the leader of the alliance. 

He brought more than 20,000 troops with him, for a total of 50,000 troops. Thus, the orcs made up the majority of the alliance's troops. 

Asuka was skilled at commanding troops during large-scale battles, and unlike most orcs, he was extremely powerful. Therefore, no one had any issues with him assuming command as supreme commander. 

The Orc Great Chieftain knew that forcing the troops into one, unified force was foolhardy.  

Thus, he left the 50,000 orcs to Mumugul, the 20,000 elves to Doran, and the 20,000 mercenaries to Balduk. 

The remaining 30,000 troops, which was nothing more than an undisciplined mob, were put under his direct control and were named the Warrior Squad.

Anyhow, Asuka, Mumugul, Doran, Balduk, and the other higher ups gathered in one place.

Balduk had strongly suggested that Kang Oh be allowed to join the meeting, so he was there too. 

"They've finally begun to advance," Doran said. He was responsible for their information gathering too.

"How many are there?" Asuka asked.

Asuka was quite different from a normal orc.

Most orcs had fat, pudgy bodies, but Asuka's body was robust, strong, and flexible.

If not for his brown skin, his pig nose and protruding tusks, then no one would be able to tell that he was an orc. 

It only made sense. He was a half-blooded orc. However, no one knew what his other half was.

There were rumors that he had elf or ogre blood, or even the blood of some ancient species, but in the end, it was nothing more than rumors.

"There are 50,000 trolls and 20,000 monsters."

"A lot more than we anticipated."

"It looks like they've brought out any troll that can handle a weapon. The monsters must've multiplied by sacrificing the nearby tribesmen," Doran said.

"120,000 versus 70,000... It'll be a tough fight."

Normally, the side with such a huge numerical advantage would win.

However, the enemy's army consisted of trolls and monsters. In pure combat ability, the trolls were the most powerful in all the west. 

In these circumstances, a numerical advantage didn't really matter.

"Fortunately, they're coming to us," Balduk said.

"Then we have to get ready for them."

"Will the Kasten Plains be the location of the final battle?"

The neutral zone, Kasten, was a village located in the middle of the Kasten Plains. 

"That's right." Asuka nodded his head.

"The plains will run red with blood," Balduk said.

"There's no helping it. Now then, let's form a detailed plan."

After that, they continued their war council, discussing matters such as where the troops would be stationed, what the enemy's strategy might be, etc.

'Asuka's amazing.' Kang Oh, who'd been watching with his arms crossed, was in awe. 

There was one word that one thought of when they saw Asuka. Charisma. He was the very definition of the word. Kang Oh had never seen an orc as capable as him.

All of a sudden, Balduk singled out Kang Oh. "Kang Oh. Do you have anything to add? Do you have any amazing ideas like last time?"


Kang Oh wasn't a superb strategist, so he wasn't capable of coming up with extraordinary plans.

But he had come up with something beforehand, as he'd assumed things would go this way.  

"We should split the Evil God Worshippers and the trolls apart."

"Hoh, how?" Asuka looked interested.

"Most people wouldn't want to be friends with Evil God Worshippers. The trolls shouldn't be any different. There has to be some trolls that don't agree with them."

"Keep going."

"Win them over and split the trolls into two factions. Those who support the Evil God and those who reject him. If that happens, then we'll split the trolls' power in two, and those who reject the Evil God will join our cause. The enemy will become weaker, and we will become stronger."

"It won't be easy, but it's worth trying. Do you want to try it?" Asuka stared at him and asked.

"It's impossible for me. I'm an outsider after all."

'We have to fight! That's all I care about!'

Mumugul raised his hand. "Great Chieftain, no, Supreme Commander. Let me handle it. I'm close to the Remgard Trolls. With their help, I should be able to convince the Ingrit Trolls to join our cause."

Though the Remgard Trolls were completely separate from the Ingrit Trolls, they shared the same ancestors. In other words, they grew from the same seed, but were different branches of the tree.

It'd still be trolls communicating with each other. If things went well, then this could be huge.

"I got it. But your main duty hasn't changed. You're responsible for commanding your troops first and foremost. Don't put too much effort into this."

"Yes, sir!" Mumugul forcefully replied with a deep voice. 

Asuka nodded his head and turned his head around. "Does anyone else have any other ideas?"

"I have something I'd like to say. I think we need to know more about their supplies..."

Several individuals raised their hands. The war council went on and on, but it wasn't an insubstantative meeting. 

* * *


A cold wind blew. The green plains were sparsely covered by grass.


A monster with four legs, each as thick as pillars, made an indentation in the ground as it moved. 

It was a Volcaine, one of the three monsters created by the Evil God Worshippers. 

This was the Kasten Plains.

It was the name of the land that the Ingrit Trolls, the Evil God Worshippers, and the monster army had just entered.

"Don't stop. Kill them all with pure strength. Bring this land to me!" Razul said atop his personal mount, a rhino.

His face was gaunt, and there were bags under his eyes. He looked like a sick person, or a madman.



The monsters shrieked and crossed the Kasten Plains.

There were all sorts of Troll Warriors that followed behind them.

Some of them had a crazed look in their eyes and their tongues darted in and out, licking their lips. Others were dragging their feet on the floor, as if they were forcing themselves to move. Then there were trolls that laughed as they ran across the battlefield, while others kept their mouths shut with stiff faces. There were even young trolls that looked across the battlefield in fear.

It was undeniable that morale wasn't high. It was likely because they were joining forces with their mortal enemies, the Evil God Worshippers. 

"Listen up!" Asuka yelled. He was riding a large, bulky black horse. "I'm afraid."

His statement disturbed the troops. 'He's afraid?'.

"I'm afraid of those monsters ripping my brothers apart, eating my children, and desecrating my family's bodies!"

As expected of the incarnation of charisma! Asuka's words instantly entranced the soldiers.

"So I stay brave, brave enough to overcome my fear. Courage comes from our brothers, our family, and our children! So brothers, be brave!" Asuka raised his axe into the air. 

"Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!" The soldiers ardently cheered. They all shouted as one.

"Let's give them a warm welcome. Ranged attacks!" Asuka ordered.

"Ranged attacks!" Balduk, Mumugul, and Doran yelled.

Whizz, whizz, whizz!

Bam, bam, bam!

Arrows, various projectile weapons, spells, and spiritual power covered the sky.

"Volcaines, let them have a taste!" the Evil God Worshippers yelled, cracking their whips. 

The Volcaines unleashed fireballs from their stomach mouths. 

"Avoid the incoming fireballs. Elementalists, shamans, if anyone nearby catches on fire, then heal them immediately!" Asuka yelled.

'Ah, c'mon. Hurry up.'

In the midst of all that, Kang Oh's body itched. He wanted to just charge forward.

It was 120,000 versus 70,000. When would he get a chance to fight in such a huge battle!?

But then, a fireball came right at him.

Kang Oh switched weapons, and cleaved through the fireball with Demon Sword Ubist.


A fireball that was more than 2 meters wide was instantly absorbed by his sword.

'Man, you really have such a big appetite.' Kang Oh grinned.

However, he couldn't block all of the fireballs.




"Water! Water!"

Fire began to spread across their ranks.

As the two sides shot arrows, fireballs, and all sorts of spells at each other, they slowly got closer and closer to each other. 

And finally...!

"Brothers, onward to victory! Charge!" Asuka yelled.

That's what Kang Oh had been waiting for. 

'Ok!' Kang Oh rushed out first. Though he hadn't used Baramut's Roar or Gluttony, his body brimmed with power.

The reason was simple.

Asuka had used a Large-Scale Command skill!

His command skill was powerful enough to strengthen every single one of their troops. 

The alliance, which was empowered (increased abilities, courage, and morale) by Asuka's Large-Scale Command skill, attacked the troll/monster army with incredible ferocity.

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