Chapter 206. Final Defense Line

"So the higher ups tell me that I can't spend anymore money, but when they hear that GBS got your footage of the Evil God's Disciple, they blame it all on me! Can you believe that!? Ah, this pisses me off!" Hye Rim kept complaining.

It looked like she'd been chewed out by her superiors for losing his footage to GBS. 

"Anyhow, if the footage is good, then I'm going to buy it! I call dibs! If you pass it on to GBS or another network, then you better be prepared!"

"I'll have to sell it to whichever network offers me the most."

"If they don't back me up this time, then I'm seriously going to resign and go to another network! That's a promise!"

It seemed like she had a lot of problems with TGN's upper management.

"Anyway, how is the footage? Is it amazing?" Hye Rim asked.

"I haven't gotten it on film yet. But I think a huge fight will break out soon. It'll be a battle for supremacy!"

Jae Woo wasn't lying. The Ingrit Trolls and the Anti-Ingrit Alliance. The victor would determine the future of the western region.

"Alright, fine. When you've gotten the footage, send it to me first."

"Sure. But I'll probably send it to Mr. Jin Cheol about 3 seconds later."

"Tch." She clicked her tongue. 


"I'll be looking forward to it."

"It'll be worth the wait."

* * *

The mercenary squad was named after the president of the Kasten Mercenary Association, Balduk. Thus, it was formally named the Balduk Mercenary Squad.

The squad, which consisted of 15,000 members, wore an overcoat with an ox insignia. 

There were 10,000 mercenaries in it, and another 5,000 non-human warriors that sought to stop the trolls' conquest. The number of warriors would only increase from now on. 

"Our objective is the trolls' main base, Ankaro Fortress!" Balduk yelled from the front. It was as if he were making a declaration!

The reason he was making this official declaration was simple. They wanted to spread rumors that the trolls' main base was in danger.


A short while later...

The 15,000 strong Balduk Mercenary Squad were marching in an unending line. 

The gold rank mercenary, Kang Oh, was also in this line. 

He was in-between the normal mercenaries, not with the commanders.

It wasn't that he wasn't qualified for the task, but it was because he wanted it this way.

Honestly, Balduk wanted him as an adviser, but Kang Oh had replied with 'No thank you. I'd rather fight on the frontlines.'.

Balduk asked him to be an adviser two more times, but Kang Oh kept refusing.

'Are you crazy? Why would I want to be an adviser?'

His objective was to fight at the center of the battlefield, so much so that he'd get sick of it!

'I have to pick up some loot too.'

It didn't matter whether they invaded the Ankaro Fortress or they just fought against a ton of trolls; he'd pick up as much loot as he could to feed Demon Sword Ubist.

'And get some fantastic footage!' Kang Oh recalled what Hye Rim had talked to him about.

She said that if the footage was good, then she'd buy it at the highest price! He had someone willing to pay him, so all he needed to do was get some amazing footage and he'd make a ton of money!

That's why he was so excited about this coming fight.

Kang Oh grinned.

* * * 

Splash, splash.

The Troll Warriors kept advancing forward.

Since the river didn't have a fast current and it wasn't very wide or deep, the trolls didn't have much problem getting past the river.

Of course, that'd only be true if the elves weren't involved.

"Ready." Doran's voice rang out. 

Notch, notch, notch!

The Elvish Warriors grimly notched their arrows and drew their bowstrings. 

"Infuse the spirits' power and fire!"


Whizz, whizz, whizz!

Countless arrows flew into the sky simultaneously, and then began to descend onto the river.

"Raise your shields!" Nergal, who was crossing the river, yelled.

The trolls that were halfway submerged in water raised their shields.

A rain of arrows descended upon them.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Bzzzzt! Bzzzt!

The lightning spirits' arrows emitted sparks. 

Once the water spirits' arrows touched the water, the river transformed into a fierce wave that swept through the trolls. 

"Shamans, get in there!" Razul, who'd been watching atop his rhino, yelled.

Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle.

"Eummusuwak, Eummusuwak!"

The Troll Shamans, which were lined up near the river, began reciting a bizarre chant, and simultaneously shook their staffs.

Then, green energy flew over the heads of the Troll Warriors like ghosts. 

Heal Life!

It was a Shaman's AoE healing spell!

Those hurt by the arrows and the spirits' power quickly began to heal.

"Anraduraku! Anraduraku!" The shamans didn't stop swinging their staffs around.

Forebears' Power, which Overcame Lightning!

Then came a spell that increased their allies' lightning resistance!

A faint, light barrier wrapped around the Troll Warriors.

"Keep going! We'll become great conquerors!" Razul yelled.

Unwilling to be outdone, Doran said, "Elementalists, drown those mad trolls in the river!"

Elves wearing primarily white robes, but with yellow-green cross stripes on them, raised their hands into the air. 

Rather than learn how to use weaponry, these elves furthered their ability to wield spirits instead.

Normally, spirits didn't show themselves and merely lent their power, but Elementalists could actually manifest and control spirits.

"Water Spirit, Amic. Punish the wicked!"

A fish radiating blue light jumped into the water. This was the Water Spirit, Amic!


A tsunami formed at each end of the river.


A silver weasel appeared, which emitted lightning. This was the Lightning Spirit, Ramic! It charged at the Troll Warriors. 

"Champions, step forward! Shamans, cast your spells!" Razul yelled.

The Troll Champions kicked their saddles, and their warthogs leapt into the air. 

They swung their weapons in midair, releasing aura attacks. 

Their auras dealt with the tsunamis, causing water to go everywhere.

"You bastards!" The Troll Champion, Shakara, held a javelin in either hand.

Thwock, thwock!

Just one of his javelins pierced through two Elementalists.

The Troll Shamans dealt with the Lightning Spirit, Ramic.

"Sumakua, Sumakua!"

The Troll Shamans trapped the lightning spirit inside a clear barrier.


Ramic unleashed its mighty lightning in an attempt to get free, but it couldn't break through the barrier.

"Troll Champions, use your javelins!" Shakara drew another javelin from his back and yelled.

The Troll Javelin Squad, which was halfway submerged in the water, forcefully threw their spears.



The spear spun as it flew through the air, piercing through an Elvish Warrior and Elementalist. 

"Keep shooting your arrows! Shieldbearers, block the javelins! We have to protect the Elementalists!" Doran roughly ordered.

Since the Elvish Warriors were well-trained, they followed commands well. 

The Elvish Warriors continuously shot arrow after arrow.

The shieldbearers raised their shields and formed a wall in front of the Elementalists.

"Make them regret stepping foot into our forest!" Doran yelled even louder in an attempt to raise morale. 

"We're conquerors. We must plant our great flag onto this land!" Razul yelled boomingly.

Trolls and elves.

One side wanted to do whatever it took to break through the final defense line, while the other tried to do whatever it took to defend it!

Warriors died one or two at a time amidst this bloody battle. 



A Troll Warrior's spear pierced through an Elvish Warrior's stomach!

The Elvish Warrior grabbed onto the spear that protruded from his stomach, and used his other hand to swing his sword. However, there wasn't any power behind it. The Elvish Warrior fell to the floor.

"Ugh, there are too many trolls!"

"Hold out! We have to hold out no matter what! If they get through here, then the village is in danger!"

"Kill as many of them as you can!" 

The elves yelled desperately. 

They had definitely fought well. However, the trolls overwhelmed them with sheer numbers. The final defense line began to slowly crumble. 

* * *

More and more trolls began to cross the river. The elves no longer had the ability to hold them back.

"Lord Doran," Kuyol called regretfully.

"The orcs aren't coming," Doran said expressionlessly. 


"In the end... we have to use our last resort."


"Initiate Operation Sangria!" Doran yelled as loudly as he could.

"We're initiating Operation Sangria!" Kuyol did the same.

When the trolls invaded their original home, the Romande Forest, and burned it down, there was an elf that led the survivors out of the forest. His name was Sangria.

"Everyone move!"


The Elvish Warriors looked grief-stricken, but began retreating nonetheless. They ran in every direction!

"Let's go, Lord Doran." Kuyol led Doran away. 

"We'll definitely pay them back for this."

"Yes sir."

They tried to leave, but the Troll Champions, Shakara and Nergal, rushed at them.

"Where do you think you're going!?"

"If you want to go, then leave your head behind!"

Doran swung the Spirit's Sword.


The sword emanated a large, powerful blast of energy. 

Mother Nature's Aura!


Shakara and Nergal protected themselves with their weapons, coating both their bodies and weapons in energy. 


A 'boom' rang out, and a dust cloud rose. 

"Haahk!" Nergal screamed and pierced through the dust cloud, his entire body riddled with wounds. Shakara followed him out soon after.

However, Doran and Kuyol were already gone.

"Damn it!" Nergal furiously stabbed his sword into the ground.

"Tch." Shakara clicked his tongue and took a look around.

The elves were climbing the trees like monkeys and making their escape.

The forest was the elves' domain.

There was no way for the trolls to catch them. 

"They're like rats. So quick when they run."


Nergal and Shakara said. Another Troll Champion that had taken part in the battle, Turkavan, approached them.

"We won," he said.


"We have to gather our troops immediately and either attack the elven village, or return home."


Nergal and Shakara nodded their heads.


When they thought everything was finished with, something happened.

"An enemy!"

"Enemies are coming!"

The trolls yelled.

"Where?" The Troll Champions simultaneously turned their heads.

Elves riding white horses charged at the Troll Shamans and Razul, who were across the river!

"Shit. The Great Chieftain is in danger!"

"Everyone get across the river! We have to protect the Great Chieftain!"

"Hurry up!"

The Troll Champions feverishly ran. The exhausted Troll Warriors followed behind them with their heavy bodies.

* * *

These newcomers were a part of the Nigel Knight Order. It was created to combat the Troll Riders, and the original idea stemmed from the humans' knight orders. 

There were only 1,000 of them.

However, the Nigel Knight Order consisted of only the most elite Elvish Warriors. 

In other words, they were the best of the best!

They were originally led by Doran, but after he became the supreme commander, the vice-captain, Echo, took his place. 

Echo was a fine warrior, one that was on par with Doran himself. If Doran hadn't existed, then Echo would have become the supreme commander.

But where did they come from? This was all a part of a larger plan that Doran had constructed.

Because the Nigel Knight Order boasted exceptional attack power, Doran had ordered them to not take part in the defense. Instead, they would hide in the forest until they got the opportunity to attack the trolls from behind!

"Kill the Troll Great Chieftain," Echo, who was fully covered in shining silver armor, said.

"For our fallen brothers!" one of the knights added right after.

"For our brothers!" the knights yelled.


Their white horses fiercely charged at the trolls, creating a dust cloud. 

"Tempest Charge!" Echo yelled.

"Tempest Charge!" the knights repeated.

Tempest Charge was a skill that increased the speed of their charge via wind spirits.

Dim, transparent yellow wings appeared around the horses' sides.

"Stop them!" the Great Chieftain, Razul yelled.

He was surrounded by around 1,000 troll bodyguards, and the Troll Shamans were forming a wall in front of them. 

Jingle jangle. Jingle jangle.


The Troll Shamans completed their spell, forming a fire wall in front of the incoming knights.


The Nigel Knight Order didn't even bat an eye, and passed through the fire wall with ease.

Tempest Charge!


The Troll Shamans flew into the air as if a car had just rammed into them. Some of them were trampled on by the horses' hooves, flattening them like pancakes.

The Nigel Knight Order violently swung their swords and spears, piercing through the center of the trolls' formation like Moses parting the Red Sea. 

"Do whatever it takes to stop them!"

"Protect the Great Chieftain!"


The troll bodyguards threw themselves at the elves in an attempt to protect Razul. However, it was all pointless.

The Nigel Knight Order cut their way through the bodyguards and eventually, Echo found himself in front of Razul.

"You bastard!" Razul's voice echoed through the forest. 

Echo swung his sword with blistering speed. Right at the Troll Great Chieftain, Razul!

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